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Reputations Expectations by countrymusicfanatic
Chapter 6 : Mr. Know It All
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 Summary: She was Hogwarts' Bad Girl. He was Hogwarts' Golden Boy. All of her teacher's complained about her. All of his teacher's loved him. She stayed stayed away from the limelight as much as possible. He smiled for all the cameras. They're both stubborn, have a knack for trouble, and are training to become Aurors. Has the Ministry met it's new Auror power couple or will their differences lead to the destruction of their lives as they know it?

Mr. Bring Me Down

Well you like to bring me down, don't ya?

But I ain't laying down

Baby I ain't going down

Disclaimer: Lyrics belong to Kelly Clarkson and anyone else involved in the production of her song. All of the characters recognizable belong to J.K. Rowling and all of her co-workers/investors.


Flying is an interesting concept. When I was little I always wanted to fly. I watched the birds that flew freely in our neighborhood and I envied the way they could go wherever they wanted to. When I went to work with my mum I envied their ability to be outside and be independent. They could sing as loudly as they wanted to, they could set up their home in any tree available, and they always seemed to migrate in large packs, offering each other unyielding protection.


When we moved in with the Davenports I felt as though I could fly. I had new freedoms. I was allowed to go outside whenever I wanted to, talk to whoever happened to be around, and make creations out of whatever plants I found. They still kept an eye on me when they were working in the garden or hanging clothes on the line but I felt as though I was allowed to do whatever I wanted. I was able to run around on the farm, play with the animals, and get as dirty as the pigs. When I learned how to ride a horse it brought everything to a whole new level.


When I envisioned flying I always imagined the adrenaline rush. The ability to be completely in control and yet never really know what was going to happen. I pictured flying into a beautiful sunset with a gentle wind that would keep me at the perfect temperature. My mum was never into flying and the Davenport’s are Muggles so I didn’t have a chance to learn when I was little but riding gave me the same feeling of freedom that I always wanted.


In all actuality, flying and riding a horse are two completely different things but in my delusional little mind they seemed amazingly similar when I started being allowed to take the horses along the trails without Mr. Davenport or one of the farmhands leading me. It provided me with the same rush of adrenaline when I went fast and the same feeling of calmness when I slowed the horses to a walk and just enjoyed the view. Eventually, the idea of flying was nothing more than a distant memory that flitted into my mind every few months when I would once again become entranced by the birds.


When I got to Hogwarts we had flying lessons my first year. Had I gone to Hogwarts only three years earlier I probably would have been ecstatic about our first flying lesson but as it was I didn’t really care all that much and when I watched Madame Robins start to rise in the air I suddenly came to the realization that flying is a really bad idea for a person who is afraid of heights and I wondered briefly how I had never realized that particular problem before. Never the less, I wasn’t about to chicken out in front of the 30 or so other first years so I stood firm and ignored the way my knees started to shake as I watched our professor go higher and higher into the air. When she finally landed back down on the ground she instructed us to follow her lead and straddle our brooms.


To put it simply, the flying lesson was a complete disaster and all my previous imaginary scenarios (that ironically rarely included a broomstick) were completely destroyed. I wasn’t the only one to make a fool of myself, about half the class wound up in the infirmary, but most of them just had a broken arm or twisted ankle. I took a few falls without sustaining any major injuries but when Madam Robins instructed us all to go higher I made the mistake of looking down which caused me to completely spazz out. And dive-bomb back to the ground.


The only good thing that can be said about that lesson is that I gained a friend out of it. Natasha and I both ended up soaking wet and in the hospital wing with a permanent hatred for broomsticks and anything associated with them. This included, but was not limited to, flying, Quidditch, the Three Broomsticks, traditional gypsy weddings, superstitious people who used broomsticks to ward people away, stupid broom-mate jokes, and cleaning. Really, I blame it all on that first flying lesson. It might seem weird that in eight years I never got over that fear but the truth is I’ve been scarred by far less; such as gross bathtubs in cheap hotels.

They say that young children have a selective memory, meaning that when you are little your mind decides what to remember and what to push to the back of your brain. It’s still there; it’s just harder to reach it. It comes into play when you are handed a plate with Brussels sprouts and you decline it. Your parents ask you if you’ve ever tried it and you say yes. They ask you when and you can’t remember. It happened at some point, you just don’t remember. But you know, without a doubt, that you do not like Brussels sprouts.

The other part of your brain that is influenced greatly by your selective memory is the part that deals with your Fight and Flight (no pun intended) instincts. It happens when you are at a big family gathering and your parents introduce you to your Great Aunt Marilyn who you haven’t seen since you were three. She smiles at you and you immediately come up with an excuse to get away from her. You don’t really know why you’re so desperate to get away but as soon as you saw the blue bubblegum she was chewing, you knew you had to escape.


The problem with choosing Flight, at any point and time, is that you can only run for so long. Your predator just has to follow you, wait for you to make one little mistake. The prey, on the other hand, is one mistake away from being forced into a conversation about their Great Aunt Marilyn’s 3rd husband who mysteriously died, leaving her with a fortune and an endless supply of gum. Therefore it is up to the prey to figure out how best to handle the situation. They can either stop to set up shop and ready themselves for a fight or they can find a safe place to hide. The problem with hiding is that if the predator finds you…You’re screwed.


* * * *


“Are you ready to start boot camp?” Kyle asked me a week later which just so happened to coincide with The-Day-I-Realized-I-Should-Start-Planning-My-Funeral.


“Yeah,” I shrugged, not that worried about it.


I had heard about boot camp from multiple people. My dad mentioned it a few times, Teddy explained the process a few weeks earlier, and everyone else in the office had been making sly comments about it for the past week or two.


“It’s brutal,” Kyle said warningly and I shrugged again.


“I’m sure I’ll be fine,” I said. Kyle looked skeptical but didn’t argue with me.


“Well the schedule is posted on the bulletin if you want to see it,” he informed me. “The hours are going to be different than usual.”


“Alright,” I agreed, standing up and following him to the opposite side of the hall where a bulletin stood with updated information.


I skimmed over it, taking in the mornings we were supposed to arrive early, the trainings that were likely to end late at night, and all the various activities and instructors we were supposed to have. I was going back up the list in an attempt to cement the dates in my memory when I suddenly got tunnel vision and the red alert went off in my mind. On Tuesday we were signed up for defensive flying lessons. In the first paragraph, the one that contained all the background information that I skipped over, was the one word that always makes me turn and run: broomstick.


* * * *


“Do you have this in blue?”


“No, sorry.”


“Can you make it in blue?”


“No, it’s on sale so we’re done producing them.”


“Well do you know where I can find it in blue?”


“I don’t know of anywhere else that sells them. They were created here.”


“Then how do I get one in blue?”

“I don’t know.”


“But I really need one—”


“We don’t effing carry that headband in blue, okay?” I finally exclaimed, throwing the last hairband without a price tag into the purple box I was carrying and storming over to the counter where I slammed the box down in front of Natasha who looked at me with raised eyebrows. I ignored her and glared at the lady who looked affronted. She met my eyes before huffing in indignation.


“Come on Penny,” she said to her daughter. “We’ll get you a headband at a store that has better customer service.”


“But I want that one,” Penny wined as her mother forced her out the door.


“You’re in a cheerful mood tonight,” Natasha commented dryly. I sighed but didn’t argue.


“It’s been a rough week,” I muttered, letting her re-price the headbands without protest even though I normally liked to do it myself because she always put the tags on crooked.


“Want to talk about it?” Natasha asked sympathetically. I sighed and took a headband out of the basket as well.


“I have to learn how to fly,” I told her.


“How to fly?” Natasha repeated, looking confused. “I thought Voldemort was the only Wizard who has been able to fly.”


“Not like that, you dipshit,” I said, already getting irritated. “I have to learn how to ride a broomstick. You know, the magical devices that take people off the ground and in the sky?”


“Ew,” Natasha said, wrinkling her nose in distaste.


“Exactly,” I agreed. “I knew that being an Auror was dangerous but I was thinking more along the lines of dueling dangerous where as long as I was able to keep my wits I would have a pretty decent chance of staying alive. The fact that they send you to your almost certain death while still in freaking training is something they should mention on that pamphlet.”


“I thought you didn’t read the pamphlet,” Natasha said with a frown.


“Of course I didn’t read the pamphlet,” I said, rolling my eyes. “When have I ever read something a teacher told me to?”


“So really you don’t know whether or not it was on there,” she said reasonably.


“Okay, when did you switch from supportive best friend who understands the major screwed-upness of this problem to logical soon-to-be ex-best friend who cares whether or not I read the stupid pamphlet?” I demanded. I wasn’t looking for a lecture here!


“Sorry,” Natasha said, holding her hands up in surrender. “I was just asking a question. But look at it this way, there will only be five people to throw up in front of this time which means that the likelihood of it hitting anyone in the face is much slimmer. On top of that, you won’t have the lake to dive-bomb into so if you do lose control of your broom then you’ll dive-bomb into the ground and die so you won’t even have to worry about how badly you humiliated yourself.”


“Gee thanks,” I said sarcastically. “I feel sooo much better now.”


“Only here to help,” Natasha said smiling brightly at me.


I groaned and let my head fall onto my arms.


“Are you coming to the Davenport’s for Meg Ann’s birthday?” I asked her, desperately wanting a change of subject.


“I’ll try,” Natasha replied. “But I told your mum I would take care of the store. I might close early Saturday so I can make the dinner. Are the boys coming?”


“Ty can’t, he has to sit in on his first surgery,” I said. “I don’t know about Scorp. I haven’t seen him in ages.”


“Me neither,” Natasha agreed, frowning slightly. “He hasn’t even come by the shop. Do you think he’s okay?”


“I hope so,” I said, hating the uncertainty that was overly apparent in my words. “How about we stop by his house tomorrow? I’ll need something to cheer me up after being in a room full of broomsticks all day and a breather before I get accosted at the farm would be nice too.”


As it turned out, I didn’t have to wait until Friday to see Scorpius because he was waiting when I got back to the apartment. Natasha stopped to pick up the takeout we ordered from a nearby Chinese restaurant. I would have gone with her but she had a thing for one of the waiters and I was still in a foul mood. She didn’t want me to ruin the vibe and I didn’t feel up to laughing at her while I hid behind a menu.


The apartment was unlocked when I turned the handle and I jumped in surprise when I saw a dark figure sitting on our beat up old couch.


“Merlin, Scorp!” I exclaimed. “Way to give someone a heart attack!”


“Sorry,” Scorpius shrugged, not looking sorry at all.


“Why didn’t you at least turn the lights on?” I asked irritably. “It would have been nice to know that someone was here.”


When I caught sight of his stony face I immediately stopped berating him. After dropping my things in my room and peeling off my heels I sat down beside him, curling my legs underneath me.


“What’s up?” I asked. He didn’t say anything for a few minutes and I waited as patiently as I could.


“My parents’ house got searched night before last,” he finally said monotonously. “They didn’t find anything of course but mum wasn’t there so dad had to deal with it. He got pissed off when one of the guys tried to search my room. The MLE fired a spell at him and dad retaliated. They took him in and wouldn’t release him until the next morning.”


“Merlin Scorp, I’m sorry,” I said quietly, reaching out my hand to squeeze his arm gently.


“They’re not pressing chargers,” he went on. “Everything’s been dropped since the other guy fired first but mum was pretty mad and they wouldn’t release him for fourteen hours even when mum showed up ten minutes later after she heard what happened. They were trying to figure out what to charge him with but there was nothing they could do so they had to let him go. Two Hundred Galleon fine for us and the MLE worker though; dad for handling it himself and the other guy for improper use of power or some shit like that.”


“I’m sorry,” I repeated. “You should have owled us. We would have come Asap.”


Before Scorpius could reply a red-faced Natasha burst in.


“That guy,” she said angrily. “Is the biggest scum ever to walk the earth. Apparently, he only likes girls with curly hair and since I’ve had my hair curly the last two times I was there he assumed I had curly hair and now apparently because it turns out that my hair is straight, he doesn’t like me. And he actually had the audacity to suggest that I just keep my hair curled regularly. Like seriously? I left without paying.”


“You also left without the food,” Scorpius commented, looking at her empty hands pointedly.


“Damnit!” Natasha exclaimed angrily. “I knew I forgot something!”


“I’ll go get us dinner,” Scorpius offered. “I’ve been needing to talk to you guys anyway. What do you want?”


“Anything but Chinese,” Natasha said, still pissed off.


Once he was gone I filled Natasha in on what Scorpius had said which only wound up making her even more pissed off.


“When are these people going to grow up?” she demanded.


I agreed, of course, but I didn’t say anything. The truth is Natasha and Scorpius experienced something with their heritage that I couldn’t completely understand. Natasha’s wasn’t as bad since her grandfather was the deatheater and not her dad but she still dealt with it from time to time and with her dad in and out of prison since she was little she understood the court system and knew that, in the beginning at least, people were harder on her dad than they would have been had he had a different last name.


Of course, the truth is he would have been in Azkaban no matter what his last name but he wouldn’t have been treated as badly as he was in the beginning. He joked now that he liked to keep going back just to see how much his treatment would improve because they seemed to go easier on him each time. Sure, he had embezzled loads of money and all the goblins hated him but as the people who worked in the prison system started to get to know him for the funny, if a bit crazy, guy he really is, the prejudice against him lessened and his treatment got better with every stint.


“Your dad’s okay?” Natasha asked when Scorpius got back and we all dug in.


“He’s fine,” he said through a mouthful of food. “But the house has been tense. I needed a break and this is the first place I thought of.”


“Aw, we beat a make out session with Rose,” Natasha said, nudging me with her arm. I laughed but noticed Scorpius shifting uncomfortably again.


“Did you guy’s breakup?” Natasha asked bluntly, obviously noticing his uneasiness as well.


“No!” Scorpius exclaimed. “Why is that always the first thing you guys jump to?”


“Sorry,” I said, holding my hands up in surrender. “We’re still getting used to this whole lasting relationship thing when we don’t even know the girl. It’s weird.”


“That’s actually what I wanted to ask you about,” Scorpius admitted, playing with his potato. “Do you think you could, I dunno, make an effort with Rose? You know, make her feel like less of an outcast with all of us?”


“You mean you want us to get to know her?” Natasha asked, her eyebrows furrowing together.


“Well, yeah,” Scorpius said slowly. “I mean you don’t have to become best friends or anything but just so, you know, she’s more comfortable with it all.”


“Is she pressuring you not to be friends with us?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at him. Scorpius sighed but shook his head.


“She hasn’t said anything,” he assured us. “It’s just that there are times when it seems like we really live in two different worlds. You guys are my best friends, I want you to like her and I want her to be alright hanging around you.”


“You really like her, huh?” Natasha finally said, breaking the tense silence. Scorpius blushed and rolled her eyes.


“It’s not that,” he said.


“Yeah right,” I cut him off. “Scorpius is in lurvvvvve with a Weasley.”


“I haven’t even met her family,” he said defensively. “It’s not like that. At all.”


“Oh but it will be,” Natasha grinned.


“You do realize this is the first time either you or Ty has actually cared whether or not we like the girl you’re dating, right?” I asked him. “That means something right there. I don’t know what, but it means something.”


“So you’ll do it?” Scorpius asked hopefully. I caught Natasha’s eye and she made a face. I knew she didn’t like the Weasley’s but I also knew she wasn’t going to say it straight out so I answered for the both of us


“Yeah we’ll do it,” I said feeling a bit weary about the whole thing but unable to say no after the crap few days he’d had.



As it turned out our agreement to get to know Rose better came into effect much faster than I was expecting because I ran into her Friday after narrowly surviving the torture of finding the “right broomstick.” I thought that it would be okay. I talked myself around to it the night before and I was cool, calm, and collected when I walked into the Ministry.


Okay, that’s a lie. But I looked fine. I went to the Seventh floor instead of the second this time and walked around in circles for a few minutes. Whether it was because I didn’t know where to go or because I didn’t want to face the brooms is up for debate. On the one hand, I really didn’t know where I was going. On the other hand I took turns that I knew would probably lead me astray with the justification that I didn’t really know it wouldn’t be over there.


Eventually I had looked in nearly every possible nook and cranny aside from the section with a large sign over the archway declaring BROOMSTICK REGULATIONS AND CONTROL in bold and gold letters with two snitches on either side. The background of the banner was red and I wondered briefly whether the person who had made the banner was a Gryffindor as they seemed to be biest to Gryffindor colors.


The Seventh floor looked much different from the second. It was more airy than the stuffy area with the Auror cubicles and the temperature was a few degrees cooler. There was a big open area when you first walked out of the elevator instead of the annoying little hallway that greeted you on the second floor. The majority of people had desks out in the open with a total of four cubicles apparent that appeared to be occupied by people who ran the various departments on the floor.


When I finally walked under the broomstick banner I sighed at the sight of the double doors that had what looked like the stakes used when a person was selling strawberries on the side of the road except that it said Broomsticks in blue letters instead of Fresh Strawberries: $3 per bag.


“Taylor’s here,” Teddy announced as soon as I opened the doors.


I had been expecting something like a storage shed but instead it was a square room with broomsticks stacked from floor to ceiling. I could tell by the shiny handles that some were better than others but they all looked equally foreboding.


“Finally,” Kyle exclaimed. “I was starting to think you were scared of broomsticks!”


“I didn’t know where I was going,” I said raising an eyebrow at him coolly as though he hadn’t just hit the nail on the head.


“The banner is huge,” James said skeptically but he was ignored by the rest of the room so I merely shrugged, opting to act as though I barely heard his comment while I watched Kyle run around in excitement, pulling out different brooms and taking them for a spin in the air.


“How’re we doing here?” A matron asked brightly, walking in through the doors and sending Kyle an apprehensive look as he landed.


“What’s the latest broom you have in stock?” he asked. The lady sighed and turned to Teddy.


“Teddy, be a dear and go get Charlie to help these two out, won’t you?” she asked him. “I don’t think I can handle two customers on top of him.”


“Sure,” Teddy grinned at her, standing up from the floor and leaving the room. When he walked back in both my eyebrows shot up.


“Taylor this is my good friend from Hogwarts, Charlie,” he introduced. Charlie smiled at me.


“I don’t think we ever met properly,” he said, holding out his hand.


“I’m Taylor,” I said, shaking his offered hand.


“Nice to meet you,” he said cordially before shaking James’ hand as well.


“So you work in Magical Transportation,” I said, stating the obvious.


“Yep,” he said, grinning.


“And you went way past your stop because…” I trailed off.


“Last I checked it’s not a crime to spend five more minutes in an elevator because you meet a pretty girl,” he said. We flirted for a few minutes but I could tell it was making James and Teddy a bit uncomfortable so I changed the subject to broomsticks as soon as I could.


“Alright, so what are you all looking for,” Charlie asked.


“Something for the field,” Teddy said immediately. “Speedy but reliable.”


“Any model you have in mind?” he asked, looking at me. I shrugged.


“Not particularly,” I admitted.


“It doesn’t need to be the latest,” Teddy said. “But we want as many kinks worked out as possible. Good balance will be important.”


“Alright well I’d stick within to the 2000’s,” Charlie said, walking over to the left side of the room. I followed, not knowing what else to do, and watched as he took out three broomsticks that looked identical. “These are probably your best options. Any preference?”


“Err, I like that one,” I said, pointing to one randomly.


“You have to try riding it,” James whispered in my ear when Charlie held the one I pointed to out for me to take.


I glared at him and he smirked back as I summoned the little bit of courage that must have gotten me into Gryffindor, taking the broom from Charlie and reluctantly putting a leg over so that I was straddling the broom.


Step One: Complete.


It was an improvement from first year when Natasha tried to step over and tripped, taking me down with her since I was on one leg. I swallowed the lump in my throat and readjusted my sweating hands on the handle. Feeling like an idiot I carefully pushed off the floor. I felt uncomfortable and was sure the broom would malfunction and I would hit the floor as result of gravity but to my surprise I didn’t crumple back on the concrete and when I opened my eyes I realized that I was hovering about a foot off the ground.


Step Two: Complete.


Last time I was on a broom, step two resulted in me pushing off a little too forcefully and accidentally tumbling off my broom. Thankfully I was only a few inches in the air and others were still having trouble getting off the ground so only Natasha seemed to notice my fall. She was wobbling so badly on her broom that a piece of grass caught her attention she fell off as well. She had been higher and wound up with a bump on her head. She still accuses me of being the reason she fell and I may or may not be guilty but either way she got what she deserved for causing me to trip earlier.


My stomach started to flip-flop and my heart was speeding up so I landed quickly, skipping step three and going straight to step four. That was the biggest improvement from first year since I landed both on my feet and on solid ground instead of dive-bombing into the Black Lake.


“Okay, I like this one,” I said quickly, trying to ignore the nauseous feeling in my stomach.


“Great,” Teddy said, looking relieved that it didn’t take me long to decide.


“Just sign out the model and the year on the sheet of paper by the door,” Charlie told me with a crinkly smile. “I’ll get you all the maintenance supplies you need. James, do you know what broom you want?”


“That’s a Firebolt,” James told me. “It was made in 2005.”


“Thanks,” I said in relief.


I had been staring at the list for five minutes, trying to figure out what kind of broom was at my feet. I had let go of it as soon as I got the chance. As silly as it is, it felt like betrayal to my 11-year-old self to be holding a broom so casually. Let alone a Firebolt broomstick. Even if I had no idea what that meant, it sounded important and I was not ok with that.


“See you around Taylor,” Charlie called out as James and I left. I smiled and waved at him but was still too worried about throwing up to do much else.


“It’s okay to admit you don’t like broomsticks,” James said as we walked, him with the broom casually hanging over his shoulder, me holding it with two fingers as though it was a bag of dung. “You admitted you didn’t like Quidditch the first day I met you.”


“That wasn’t the first day,” I said, ignoring his point. “I met you at Hogwarts we just never talked to each other.”


“You always do that,” James said, shooting me an annoyed look. “Ignore the point and never answer any questions with a real answer.”


“I’ve never lied to you,” I informed him, ignoring his unasked question mostly to annoy him even more and if his murderous glare was any indication it seemed to work.


“Where’re you going?” he asked with a frown as I started to move past the Auror hall.


“To the bathroom,” I said rolling my eyes. “And yes, I really am going to pee.”


James’ annoyed comment was stopped by the two Auror’s that were behind him, both shooting me strange looks. His face immediately changed from irritation to trying not to laugh.


“Hello boys,” I greeted them. “There’s no need to look so shocked. Everyone does have to pee at some point and time in their lives. Even you will have to eventually.”


They gave me an even stranger look and hurried through the doorway.


“You’re something else,” James muttered, shaking his head with a smile.


“My mummy always told me I was special,” I teased.


I splashed some water on my face and drank a glass of water slowly, waiting for the nausea to pass. When I finally felt like I could talk without puking I stood up from my seat on the floor and walked out.


“Sorry,” a girl and I said at the same time as we bumped into each other.


“Oh, hi Taylor,” Rose said, giving me a soft smile as she moved to continue inside.


“Hey Rose, wait up,” I said suddenly, making a snap decision to keep my promise to Scorp now instead of waiting to see if another opportunity came our way.


“Yeah?” she asked.


“Um, listen,” I said, not sure what I was supposed to say. Natasha and I had planned on rehearsing it but I wasn’t expecting to run into her so soon. “Natasha and I were wondering if you’d want to hang out sometime. We could tell some of the real stuff about Scorpius instead of making it up.”


“Oh, um,” Rose said uncertainly. “Sure, that sounds nice.”


“Okay, wait,” I grabbed her arm as she started towards the stalls again and closed my eyes for a moment, steeling myself for what I had to do. Rose was the daughter of two very influential people and I knew she had to learn how to appease people. Too bad for her I wasn’t fooled that easily.


“Look,” I said, crossing my arms and deciding to give it to her bluntly. “The truth is Scorpius is one of my best friends. I’ve known him forever and while I was surprised when you guys started dating, and even more surprised when you stayed together, I want him to be happy and for whatever reason, you seem to do that. I don’t want to see him get hurt and your family makes me ten times wearier than I would normally be. But,” I went on, holding up my hand to stop her from cutting me off. “They haven’t done anything yet and Scorpious means a hell of a lot more to me than your family does.


“I’m not asking you to become my best friend or spill your guts about your relationship but you mean a lot to Scorp and he wants us to get along. I promise we won’t have as much chocolate as we did the day we met you so we’ll be slightly less crazy and we won’t drag you out to a club or anything but I don’t want it to be awkward between us all. Just think about it, okay? Natasha even promised to stick with real stories about Scorp to freak you out. Trust me when I say we know enough to make him hide in a cave for a hundred years,” that at least got a smile out of her so I kept going. “I’m not going to force you to do anything and I’m not going to pretend like this is our idea but it would really mean a lot to him and that’s good enough for me.”


“Hey Taylor,” Rose called as I started to leave. “Um, as long as we don’t do anything that will make the papers the next day hanging out sounds nice. I could really use some time to chill without my family around.”


“It’s my sister’s birthday this weekend so I’m we’re going to her dad’s family’s house but we’ll finalize everything when I get back, okay?”


“Sounds good,” Rose said, looking relieved.


Whether it was because she actually wanted to know us or because she had a week to ready herself (my bet is on the latter) I couldn’t be sure. I could tell she was still nervous but it was a start. And Scorpius owed me soooo bad. And I would have to actually get Natasha to agree not to make up anything about Scorpius. I sighed. Unfortunately, it looked like I had just finished the easy part.

A/N: I'm not so sure how I feel about this one. It's definitely a filler but it's the beginning of more Scorpius/Rose and it sets the stage for more of the Auror training so it was necessary. Still, I had a hard time with it and I'm just not happy with it. I definitely want to edit it and re-work it a bit but I wanted to get it out so let me know what you think and any suggestions are welcome.

And as always, my stream of questions: How do you think Rose and Scorpius’ families are going to react when they come face to face? Can anyone else see a Slytherine (more specifically Theodore Nott) being an embezzlement professional? How about the periodic search of the Malfoy's home? And what, oh what, will Taylor and Natasha have in store for Rose?

Please review, they really mean the world to me!

And as always, your preview:

“It’s funny,” I said, leaning back in the chair. “During the school year I want birthday Meg Ann and during her birthday I want school Meg Ann. Why can’t she just find a balance between being your stereotypical thirteen-year-old and the creepy genius one?”

“Mum is Taylor here yet?” Meg Ann called right on cue.

“I’m here,” I yelled up. “And I’m tired so if you’re going to start nagging me about tomorrow night forget it.”

“I’m not going to nag you,” Meg Ann said, appearing in the kitchen in record time. “I just thought you might want to know that Grandma and Grandpa hired a new farmhand who is majorly hot.”

“Is he working now?” I asked, sitting up a little straighter.

“No,” my mum laughed. “But he’ll be here tomorrow night. Eleanor and John are already trying to set you up with him.”

“Oh great, what’s wrong with him?” I asked suspiciously.

“In their eyes, nothing,” my mum said calmly. “He’s good looking, he’s going to University, he works hard, he’s got a good family, and he’s smart.”

“But,” I pressed.

“Well, Luke was here yesterday and he thought that Michael was gay. Whether he is or it was just Luke’s wishful thinking I’m not really sure. I’ve only seen the boy a few times and I haven’t talked to him.”

“That’s so not fair,” I huffed. “Why does Luke get all the good guys? Besides, he already has a boyfriend.”

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Reputations Expectations: Mr. Know It All


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