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Love, and Other Things in My Rubbish Bin by Irobbedgringottsandgotaway
Chapter 5 : A Dissection of What Has Passed and is to Come
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Disclaimer: Anything recognizable belongs to JK Rowling.




A/N: I completed this chapter 7/23/12, so this is the finished version. Enjoy, and please review!



There's a limit to you care
So carelessly there
Is it truth or dare
There's a limit to your care...

There's a limit to your love

                  Limit to Your Love by Feist





My father is perhaps the stupidest man alive.

Not only did he marry my mother for no apparent, relevant reason, but he's a good guy.

As much as I dislike him, I want to like him. I want his approval. For some reason, I crave his trust.

Which is why I had to cut him off.

I relied on him being there for me, when everytime I asked him to be there, he sided with my mother.

I have no idea how such a stupid, nice guy ended up with someone as hard-arse cold as my mum.

Phychiatrists often say that girls will end up with someone like their fathers. Boys will end up with someone like their mothers.

This means that I am going to end up with an idiot with nothing between the legs. Not to mention that it makes sense, as my dad's mum is total bat-shit crazy physco bitch.

But this is not going to happen. I will not marry a spineless turd.


Because if i'm going to spend the rest of my life with some numskull, he better be able to stand up for himself. Obviously he should be nice, but if he's just some wimp who won't stand up for his own daughter, then he can beat it. He better keep me from being crazy as well.

If I'm being a controlling freak, or just plain stupid, I would like to know.

Penny knows this, as well as Louis and most of my brothers. The guy I marry better have balls, but be a nice guy too, like my father. Not to mention attractive, compassionate, a good cook, interested in Quidditch, decent with spells, tall, passionate, attractive, a good foot massager, a decent human being, and... oh shit, I used attractive twice.

Anyways... so, I'm not really asking for much here if you ask me.

Just that the guy I marry someday better not be a coward.

Which is why being in Hufflepuff is such a turn-off.

Fred and Aaron's Hufflepuff Joke #13: You know you're a Hufflepuff if you look between your legs and there's a Hedgehog down there.


So crude, but hilarious.

Not to mention true.


I am walking to the sound of Pachabell's cannon down a long aisle strewn with white rose petals. Rows of people on either side of me are staring right at me. I spy my parents right up front, my mum's expression is a forced smile, while my father's face is beaming, looking proud.

I am beginning to panic. I'm at a wedding, that much is obvious. But I think I'm the bride... which is what scares me the most.

Not to mention that I'm pretty sure that I've been in this tent before, and i have the strangest sense of bubbling anticipation.

I'm panicking, and I look towards the front automatically, where I see my three brothers in a line, with another couple of blurry faces. The groom is tall, handsome, wavy blonde hair, the total package. Except it's my brother.

This can't be right...

I look down.

I'm wearing perhaps the most sparkly gold dress I've ever seen.

I sigh inwardly, relieved.

Definitely not my wedding. I'm just a bridesmaid.

But it's my brother Jaques' wedding for sure.

And I've definitely been here before.

This white tent, laden with white lillies, lilacs, and roses. And those pillars are familiar too.

And I'm pretty sure some of these people were even there.

I'm just glad this isn't my wedding.

I continue walking down the ridiculously long aisle, stopping at the front and turning to find the blushing bride looking straight past me to my brother.

It's the girl my brother's infatuated with, Monique.

He always talks about her in his letters, but I've never actually met her.

Wow, she's pretty...


My eyes open to Penny's face.

"Charlie! Are you all right? You seemed kind of stressed for a while there, what was your vision about?" She asks, knowing the drill for my visions. She's known since the fifth year, so she knows when to steer me clear of other people and give me space.

"My brother's getting married." I explain.

Penny smiles, and gets all excited. "Oh, how exciting! I bet you're a bridesmaid! Was I there?"

"Er, not sure, but you're officialy invited." I look around the empty corridor and stand up, fixing my hair back into a ponytail and picking up my stuff. Penny helps, brushing dirt off my back from where I was leaning agianst the cold stone wall.

She squeals with excitement. "Do you know when it is?"

"No, but it's sometime soon." I say distractedly. Where had I seen that tent before?

"Yay! Is something else bothering you?" She asks, relizing my distracted state.

"I just- That tent felt familiar, like I'd had another vision there, a really important one about something really important." I explained.

"Well, it'll come to you eventually." She said somewhat soothingly. "It always does. So, did you see the bride's dress?"



Dear Charlize,

My name is Astoria Malfoy, and although you may not know me, I have heard of you through my daughter who attends Beauxbatons Academy. She says you were an excellent Quidditch Player when you attended such school, and you were the most promising player at that school in the past three decades until you transferred. I hear you are not playing Quidditch at Hogwarts, but my son is a dutiful Quidditch player in sixth year, Scorpius. He is looking for a sort of personal trainer, and I was wondering if you would be interested, as it would not interfere with the Quidditch Team. I am willing to pay you...


Holy shit that's a lot of money.

You know what? I don't think giving some kid random pointers on the pitch would really go against my whole, 'i don't do Quidditch' mantra.

Especially for that much money.

This way I can live on my own right out of school and I won't have to depend on Penny for the first months out of Hogwarts.

Productive day, I say.

"What'cha reading there Charlie?" Louis asks, sitting down besides me at the breakfast table.

"Nothing." I say hastily, crumpling up the letter and shoving it into my lap.

"Doesn't sound like nothing." Aaron comments from across the table.

"Don't worry about it Pumpkin." I say teasingly. "It's none of your business."

"Well then." He huffs. "Pass me the butter will you?"

The letter remains in my lap until it's time for me to begin the long walk to Divination.

"See you guys later. I have to go to Divination." I say, shoving the letter in my pocket.

"Oh, I'll come with you. I have that class too." Louis gets up, grabbing his bag from underneath the table.

"Why?" Aaron asks. "Why would you take that class?"

"It's fun." I say sarcastically.

"My mum thinks it's important." Louis explains shyly.

"So it's not about the fact that Trelawney thinks you have a 'gift' is it?" Aaron asks. He grins.

Louis laughs. "No, but that just makes it more entertaining."

"Yeah, watching you fail is very entertaining." I comment.

"You're just jealous that you Trelawney says you have the Apptitude for Divination of an Elephant." Penny says pointedly.

"Maybe so. All right, let's go." I say to Louis.

"Don't worry about it, love, I'm sure you'll do just fine." Aaron says from behind the Daily Prophet.

"Thanks, I usually do." I say, finally leaving the table with Louis.



As Louis and I enter the warm, fragrant divination room, I automatically feel more relaxed and at bay with the constant pressure in my head that I've been dealing with since my last vision. We choose a table near the window in the middle of the rows.

We seem to have just made it in time, as immediately after we sit down, the bell tolls and Trewlawney begins.

"Welcome my most captivating pupils to N.E.W.T. level Divination!" She exclaims in her distant dizzy voice. "You sixth and seventh years are my most valued and accomplished pupils, here to continue your discovery of your inner eye! Alas, I can see that many of my most natural talents have returned. Louis, I see you still posess a natural connection with the inner eye, it will be an interesting year for you, I see, very interesting indeed..."

I roll my eyes. Louis is beamingly oh so charmingly.

"Now, for our first lesson, we are going to jump right on in to our tea leaf readings, everyone, please get the necesary supplies for you and your partner and begin, looking for special aspects about their feelings on the new year, and the prospects for them."

Louis and I collect the cups and leaves, and make the cups of tea, drinking them before opening our textbooks to the 'Interpreting Tea Leaf Symbols' page.

We trade cups and begin to decipher.

In his, I spy a number of symbols, which I write out the explanations on a piece of parchment, which is the normal course of action for this practice.

Louis finishes shortlly after I do, and reads his prediction off his parchment.

"Okay, so, first I saw a cross, for trials and sufferings, so, ouch. Sorry about that. Then next, a meeting with someone important, significant, with romantic interest. Ha, that can't be right, but anyways... you're going to come across some gold, that's the acorn, and then you're going to go on a journey on a ship, across the sea." He concludes. "Not bad, if you ask me. But I think I'm wrong about the whole romantic thing, No offense, that just doesn't sound like you. allright, you go next."

I read off my prediction. "First, you will experience, pain, jealousy, desire over someone. Then you will come across a discovery, which will lead to your untimely happiness. You will be faced with confrontations, you will learn a secret, and reveal your own. And finally, this year is going to be one of ultimate surprises for you."

Louis thinks for a couple of moments, before saying, "Interesting, but I really think you should rethink some of those symbols. Some symbols will often look like others to those who are a little less experienced." He gives me an encouraging smile, trying to make this all seem nicer.

I want to punch him so bad.

Instead I roll my eyes, and say, "Allright, all-wise and knowing seer of Hogwarts. I will pay more attention in class."

I look away as Louis continues explaining various mistakes that people often make when it comes to tea leaf symbols. I scan the classroom of sixth and seventh years.

I spy Scorpius Malfoy, which reminds me of his mother's request. I knew that I wanted to accept, but I also knew it would be hard to find a good time to practice with him. I decided to catch him after class and arrange some preliminary lesson times.

The bell finally rang, cutting Louis off on his rant (I love him, he's an honorary brother to me, but sometimes he tends to go on forever plus five days). I told him to go on, I had to meet Penny in the library for our free period anyways, and hung back, following Scorpius out of the room. He was walking alone, which is what I was hoping for, when I confronted him.

"Hey, Malfoy!" I shouted. He turned, saying, "Yeah?"

I walked up to him and explained. "Your mum wrote me saying that you were looking for a Quidditch trainer, and asked me to do it. I know I'm not on the team or anything, but I know enough about the sport, and enough about training to help you. What do you say to meeting a couple of times the next couple of days?"

He pondered this. "Sounds okay. I want to get in great shape for try-outs, do you think you can meet tonight maybe, and a couple more times this week if it goes well?"

"Sure, how about half past seven on the pitch?" I ask. "Dress for a good work-out."

He nods. "Sure, thanks."

Well, how about that. I'm a real life Quidditch trainer now.

"Oh, and Scorpius?" He turns aroung again. "Would you mind not telling anybody about me doing this whole thing?"

He seems confused, but agrees anyways.


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