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Mischief Managed by Keira7794
Chapter 9 : Second Year: Instinct
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“Reg!” I called down the corridor; I’d just seen him disappear round the corner. “Reg!” Behind me, James was cursing and Peter’s feet were slapping the floor in their attempt to follow me. I skidded round the corner, pushing Benjy and Caradoc out of my path. Simon was further in front, he squeaked as he saw me approaching. His dark eyes widening behind his rimmed glasses as he dived into the wall.

I bared them no second thought as I continued to race after my little brother, though I heard James snort behind me. Regulus was nearly at the door to the Great Hall and I could instantly tell something was wrong; the other Slytherin First Years were crowded round him – his small frame making him much smaller to the others. His body seemed to shake whilst his eyes darted to the side; as if searching for someone to help him.

I didn’t pause as I ran straight at Cortner and Toadsby. Their parents were friends of ours’ which meant I knew the two boys well enough. Both boys normally held a degree of respect for us, the pure blood hierarchy possibly ingrained within their minds, but they were away from their parents now and could act differently. Any concerns over my conclusion disappeared as I neared the group of Slytherins and noticed tears running down Regulus’ face.

Instinct took over as I sought their attention. “Oi!” I yelled, metres from the group. They all turned at once; their eyes blank with surprise. My stomach tensed as I realised Cortner was smiling and I dove forwards; my only thought on punishing the gits that were tormenting my brother. Cortner and Toadsby fell under by weight; both lacking the speed that Regulus used instinctively.

Yet before I could even decide on what I would do next, two pairs of arms grabbed each of my arms and heaved me away from the stunned Slytherins. I instinctively surged forwards but the pair of my arms on my right released and instead latched around my waist; pulling me away from the First Year Slytherins.

“Let me go!” I roared, my sole focus on the stunned boys inches away. How dare they bully my brother! He’s twice as good as any Slytherin scum – they swore! They knew he’s higher status then either of them put together – the traitorous tw-

“Sirius!” Regulus yelled in my ear; his full weight pushing me away from the bullies. Was he hurt? I relented from pulling forwards and immediately fell backwards – on top of the person with their arms wrapped around my waist, who I highly suspected was James.

My suspicions were confirmed as James let out a loud ‘humph’ as my full weight landed on his chest. “Bloody hell, Sirius.” James gasped, pushing me onto the floor. “What the hell were you doing?”

“R-Reg,” I stuttered, my eyes landing on my brother’s furious face. “T-they were bullying him.”

“I,” Regulus replied angrily, “was not being bullied.”

“Yes you were! They were st-”

Regulus sighed loudly, shook his head and walked back to the Slytherin First Years. “Garrick, Bernard – you okay?”

Garrick Cortner nodded, giving a hand to Toadsby to help him up. “Yeah – we’re fine. Reg, what’s your brother’s problem?” Cortner scowled in our direction, his blonde hair flicking into his dark eyes.

“Sirius?” Regulus paused, throwing me a similar look. “He’s just wound up – look I’ll meet you at breakfast. Save me a seat?”

“Sure,” Bernard Toadsby nodded, “but is he alright?” The boy flicked his dark skinned hand by his head. “You know, mentally?”

Cornter snorted. My stomach tensed as I heard Regulus reply. “Yeah – I wonder sometimes. Look, I’ll meet you in the Great Hall.”

“Sirius,” Peter said quietly, “they’re First Years – if McGonagall found out then you’ll be in detention for the next two weeks.”

“And you’d miss Quidditch try-outs.” James added importantly.

“So? He’s my little brother, I was just-”

“Just what, Sirius?” Regulus had walked back to join us. “Did you even consider for a moment that I could have handled myself?”

“But they were ganging up on you.” Regulus just looked at me blankly; Peter and James swapped uncertain glances. “Y-You were crying.” I added desperately.

James snorted which quickly turned into a cough as I elbowed him sharply in the stomach. Regulus’ cheeks burned red and smoothed his hair down in habit. “I was laughing. Bernie was telling us about what his sister saw at the Slug Club in June. Then you tackled him to the floor!”

I paused; remembering how he was shaking whilst surrounded by the other First Years. “Oh.”

“Yes – oh! Now I look like a fool.” Regulus paused and bit his lip; the lines between his eyes disappearing and he once again became an eleven year old boy. “Sirius, I’m just trying to make friends – like you said.”

James snorted behind me again and Regulus immediately tensed, his eyes narrowing in James’ direction. “James,” I said sharply, “go stand over there.”

“What?” he replied, outraged. “I haven’t done anything!”

“Yeah, but I need to speak to my brother,” I paused before grinning, “and the smell of cabbages is making me sick.”

James’ face split into a grin, “alright – I know you’re still delicate.” He winked cockily, “only a man can carry this aftershave.”

“Oh?” I laughed, “tell me when you see one, right Peter?” Peter snorted and nodded enthusiastically. “Besides, the clue’s in the name – aftershave - you need to actually shave to use it. Otherwise, you’re just putting on perfume.”

James scowled, “I could shave!”

“Shave what?”

“My face!”

“Yeah, course you can - but I’m all out of microscopes.”


“James!” Peter interrupted. “I thought I just saw Snivellus.”

“Where?” James asked enthusiastically, I saw Regulus roll his eyes.

“Dunno,” Peter said uncertainly, “think he was talking to Lily.”

“Come on then,” James hurried Peter, “let’s see what they’re talking about.”

Peter winked as they ran towards the Great Hall and I turned to face my brother.

“Reg, I’m sorry.” The mask slipped easily from his young face and he looked at me uncertainly. “I just saw those Slytherins crowding round you and I… jumped to conclusions.”

Regulus paused, my words calculating through his mind slowly. “Those Slytherins.” He repeated. “Look – Sirius – I get it. You want to protect me. But… I’m fine. I can look after myself.” He paused once more and looked at me carefully. “I’m a Slytherin, Sirius.”

I immediately looked to the ground and felt my shoulders tense. “Well – you… you know… you had the longest sorting out of your entire year. You could easily be in another house.”

“Sirius.” Reg said sharply, his grey eyes flashing in agitation. “You don’t understand - I’m glad to be a Slytherin.

I jarred my neck as my head shot to face him. “You’re glad? But Reg-”

“Regulus?” I was cut off by a high-pitched voice from behind. My teeth grinded instantly and I struggled to refrain from rolling my eyes. She walked around me swiftly; her heeled shows tapping loudly against the stone floor. She brushed her blonde hair over one shoulder and reached around Regulus so her manicured hand hung by his chest. “Sirius.” Cissy said sweetly, his tongue dragging out the ‘s’; resembling a snake. “You’ve been speaking to our newest Slytherin, I see.” She tightened her grip on his shoulder. “That’s everyone in the family.” Her icy blue eyes darted to mine. “Well, everyone that counts.”

“Cissy! I almost forgot you could speak – don’t you normally stick to drooling and giggling, or is that just reserved when Malfoy is around?”

Narcissa gasped, she pushed Regulus away and pulled her long wand from her pocket. “You insolent little brat! How dare you!” Her eyes were narrowed and she waved her wand before I could make a movement. “Livarto Mev-”

“Miss Black!” A sharp voice echoed down the hall from behind. “What on Earth do you think you’re doing?” Cissy’s eyes widened before abruptly turning into a scowl as she stored her wand in her pocket. Professor McGonagall stepped forwards, subtly putting herself between us. “You’re a Sixth Year student – and a prefect! Ten points from Slytherin.” Cissy’s mouth gaped like a fishbowl and Regulus watched everything with wide eyes. “You’ll be seeing my for two weeks detention – starting tonight in my office. Now, disperse.”

Narcissa stood still, glaring at the Professor, and then at me. “Aunt Walburga will be hearing of this.” She hissed, grabbing my brother’s shoulder and pulling him towards the Great Hall.

“Mr Black,” McGonagall’s stern voice seemed to soften slightly, “are you o-”

“I’m fine, Professor.” I interrupted quickly, my eyes focused on the ground. There was a pause; I felt her hand rest on my shoulder lightly before she pulled it away.

“You best go to breakfast – I’m sure Mr Potter will have found something to amuse himself.”

I nodded and walked into the Great Hall; ignoring the Slytherin table where my brother now sat. He never looked back.


My eyes were strained in the brightness; there were black shapes above me that seemed to swing in and out of my vision. The ground was uncomfortable, sharp objects were pressed in my back. I moved my head to the left slightly and a spasm of pain instantly ran down my back. I could taste blood, its familiar iron taste flooding my mouth.

My muscles ached and I could distinctly smell a combination of mud and forest water. It took me a full three seconds of lying on the ground and listening to the squawks of birds and rustles of nearby creatures before my vision cleared into sharp focus and I leapt to my feet.

“No, no, no,” I muttered, turning round on the spot, “I’m in the forest. No! No, no, no…”

I could see parts of the castle through the trees; I was close to Hogwarts. How the hell did I get out? I could have killed someone, unless… My neck jarred as I quickly looked in the surrounding area for signs of blood or bodies. There were none. I swayed slightly as the adrenalin faded and was instead replaced with exhaustion; my knees hit the floor heavily.

My eyes focused on the rough pair of hands resting on my thighs; the nails were outlined with dry blood and two long scratches ran along my left arm. My tongue could feel a large cut on my lip and my back ached in a way that I knew it would be covered in bruises. My right ankle twinged with sharp pain when I attempted to move it; a clear sign that it had been badly sprained. What happened last night?

My mind always worked slowly after a transformation and slowly I began to put random images together. I was in the Shrieking Shack. The fur on my arms was slightly darker than before – it was itchier. The room seemed smaller. I needed air. There was a crack in the door. The wood splintered under my claws. I was outside.

I kneaded the side of my temples as my mind attempted to make sense of the images. There was… a rabbit. It was a brown rabbit. I followed the rabbit to the nearby trees. Part of me wanted to leap and tear, but there was another part that just wanted to follow. To see where the rabbit went. It was black from then on.

I’d never escaped before; the door was always too strong to break and I was perfectly happy in my wooden room. It was like I was stronger… bigger somehow. Was it a special moon? Not for the first time I wished that I knew another werewolf to ask them questions.

There was a rustle to the left and a large brown rabbit hopped from the foliage. Huh. It survived. Strange. I watched the rabbit apprehensively, slightly unnerved by its calm persona as it nibbled on the grass. I stepped away carefully; desperately trying to ignore the dull throbbing in my thighs. My clothes were slightly ripped, though there was nothing that couldn’t be easily fixed by Madam Pomfrey. I’d need to go see her as a priority; to collect my school robes, to take some pepper-up potion and to inform her of the broken door – it would need to be fixed and strengthened before next month.

But as I slowly reached the castle, dragging my body along the worn path and my eyes staying open by sheer willpower, the fragrant smell of bacon and the warmth of the Great Hall caught my attention and left me unable to do anything other than walk towards the ancient doors.

I was immediately hit by the loud chatter of excited students, scraping benches, munching food and clanging cutlery. I cringed as the loud wall of sound flooded my ears; they were still sensitive. Strange. It normally fades within minutes. I didn’t have to look far to see my friends; James’ untidy hair was moving erratically as he gestured towards the Slytherins. Peter was rolling his eyes and Sirius was focused on the plate in front of him. Peculiarly, the new Gryffindor First Years kept sending them nervous glances.

Luckily they were sat at the top end of the table; I doubted my legs would carry me much further. I collapsed onto the wooden bench and didn’t hesitate to reach across and grab some bacon. There were a few fried eggs left simmering on a hot plate in the centre of the table and a couple bowls of baked beans in reaching distance. My instincts seemed to outweigh my exhaustion as I piled my plate with food, working on auto-pilot. It was a while before I realised the table around me was quiet.

“Er… Remus?” Peter’s unmistakeable voice asked carefully.

I barely managed a grunt as I stuffed a piece of bacon into my mouth, my taste buds much more sensitive than normal.

“Mate, are you alright?” James asked after a moment’s pause.

I was suddenly struck with the notion of how thirsty I was. The food lay abandoned on my plate as I dove forwards to grab the glass jug full of pumpkin juice. The jug was topped with an odd hog’s head which opened if you ran your hand past its ears. Strange. There was a glass beside my plate and I filled it to the top with the juice. After discarding the jug on the table, I gulped the entire glass down.

“Er… steady there, Remus.” Sirius said carefully, “have you just got back?”

I didn’t answer as I refilled my glass, and swallowed the entire thing once more. Why was I so thirsty? The smell of my remaining breakfast suddenly wafted past my nose and I dived back into the last scrapes of my plate.

“Remus?” Peter asked more urgently.

My plate was empty and I began realise just how tired I really was. My eyes began to droop, but I was interrupted by the familiar stern voice of my head of house. “Boys, here are your timetables for your Second Year.”

There was a scuffle of papers being handed out. “Transfiguration first two.” James said happily.

“Yes, Mister Potter.” The Professor replies sternly, though a smile was evident in her voice. “And I expect you to be punctual and well-behaved, boys. You’re setting an example now; is that clear?” There were muted responses, and my lids slipped lower. “Mister Lupin? Where are your school robes?” I didn’t reply. “Mister Lupin?” The professor repeated. “Madam Pomfrey did remember to give them back, correct? Mister Lupin? You have been to see Madam Pomfrey?” Her voice seemed to become more urgent and I hadn’t a clue why.

“Madam Pomfrey?” James repeated. “Why would she have his robes? He’s been home for his Uncle.”

Uncle? Strange. “I-I don’t have an uncle.” I said as clearly as possible, but instead my voice seemed to squeak strangely. I was vaguely aware that the others were looking at me; Peter with his head tilted to the side, Sirius with an eyebrow raised and James with his jaw hanging open. It must have been the peculiar squeak. I tried to speak again. “What are you looking at?” Strange. My voice squeaked once more.

There was a thundering of footsteps behind me. “Minerva? Oh thank goodness – Mister Lupin.” The breathless voice of the resident nurse said. “I went to find you and you were… come along, Remus.”

“Wait.” Sirius stopped her. “Where are you taking him?”

“The hospital wing, dear.” The nurse replied immediately, my limbs feeling heavier than before. “For the shock – his Uncle has slipped into a long Muggle sleep.” She paused as she shifted some of my weight onto her. “Come along, dear.”

“Uncle? Bu-” James started.

“That’s enough Mister Potter.” Professor McGonagall butted in quickly. “Mister Lupin is in good hands with Madam Pomfrey, and as I was saying, I expect you all to be punctual to class. Understood?”

I faintly heard James and Peter argue back as the Nurse pulled me out of the Great Hall. I was barely aware of the Gryffindor Seventh Years passing me, questioning the Matron if I was alright. Strange. I pondered absentmindedly. The rabbit survived.


“Peter!” A voice called after me. My back tensed and I was immediately on edge; it seemed that I couldn’t walk through the school halls without the Slytherins finding me. But it was as they often pointed out; you’d have to be blind to miss me. I swallowed thickly as the footsteps hurried to catch me up. Before sighing with relief; it was Mary.

Her familiar mousy-brown hair flying behind her as she ran towards me. “Peter,” she gasped, “I thought everyone had already gone.”

“Nope.” I smiled at my freckled friend. “Amelia said she was going to show the Hufflepuff First Years where Charms was, Remus is in the hospital wing, James and Sirius ran ahead to get the best seats and Lily’s waiting for Sn-Severus.” I noticed Mary looking at the number of bags draped over my arms, “James said it’d slow them down, and I don’t know if Remus is coming or not.”

“Oh – is Remus okay? His Uncle isn’t… you know.” Mary gestured around herself; her face flushing slightly.

“No.” Didn’t Remus just say that he hadn’t got an Uncle? “He’s gone into some kind of Muggle sleep – Pomfrey said he needed to take something for the shock.”

“Shock?” Mary repeated, her brows furrowing as she glanced towards me. “He- well – he looked ill at breakfast. Are you sure she said shock?”

I shrugged, we’d already discussed this at length. Whatever it was – Remus obviously didn’t want anyone to know. “Well… he probably caught something at the hospital, it’s like you said – Remus is just really unlucky.”

Mary frowned for a moment before shrugging. “He sure is. So, did you have a good summer?

We were walking through the second floor corridor, I just spotted Malfoy and Rosier walking ahead but they luckily went down the staircase before I was spotted. “Erm… yeah. It was alright. Dad works a lot, so it was just me and mum most of the time.”

“And Sarah?” Mary prompted.

I jolted, briefly recalling mum’s owl delivering her drawing after Quidditch back in March. “Yeah, Sarah.” Mum pointed to her picture many times of the holiday, yelling out ‘Saree’ repeatedly. Dad always sighed and on several occasions I’d walked downstairs in the middle of the night to see him just staring at some old pictures. “She was definitely around.”

Mary smiled, “I guess you’re really close to them.”

I nodded, how much further to the classroom? It was always dangerous territory when my family were brought up. “Yeah – so, what did you do over summer?”

Mary frowned again; noting the quick change of subject. “It was good – I just got back from France with my Grandpa Turpin.”

“Just you and your grandpa?” I asked curiously. “Where were your parents?”

Mary looked at the floor, her shoulder-length hair covering her face momentarily. “We… er… I spend a lot of time with my Grandpa.” She looked up, taking in my confused expression. “He’s a wizard as well. But my parents are just… Muggles. I guess I have more in common with him.”

“How’s that work? If your Grandpa’s a wizard then surely one of your parents must-”

“My mum’s a squib.” Mary said simply.

I sensed there was more to it, but decided to change the topic, as Mary had allowed with me. “Did you do anything else?”

“I went to the Fizzing Fangs in July. You’ve probably not heard of them, they’re a pretty old band but-”

“Are you kidding? They’re my favourite group - Spider’s Spell and Danger Dots are just classics!”

Mary stared at me with wide eyes, her jaw hanging open. “Really? I’ve never met someone who likes them as well. Danger Dots is alright, but my favourite is Wormtail Wretch.”

“I haven’t heard that one.” My mind desperately sped through the Mecho disks in my mother’s old filing cabinet. “When did they bring that one out?”

“Er… it was after Mat Milk, so… 1968?” Oh. The year of the accident. Mum wasn’t able to collect any of their mechos – besides, we didn’t have the money to buy the new songs anyway. “I’ve got some of the disks with me – you can borrow it, if you want?”

“Really? That’d be good – though I haven’t seen a pl-”

“There’s a Mecho Player in the common room, though the Sixth Years always hog it to play some muggle disk – the falling pebbles - or something like that.” Mary said, her nose scrunching in distaste.

“What was the concert like?” I asked eagerly; mum and dad had apparently gone to see them on their first date. “Did Lisa Lindsar play the Exploding Tuba?”

Mary nodded enthusiastically. “She did in the encore. It’s still banned and there were a couple magical law enforcement guards there to make sure that she didn’t play. But at the end, one of them had already left and the other was really drunk, so she brought it out! It was amazing!”

“Did she blow anything up?” I asked, my sole focus on Mary.

“Not really – Uncle Lyndon said they must have put protective spells over most of the equipment – but there was massive flames out the end and the edges of the tuba were all melted at the end. The fire was brilliant – there were even purple flames!”

I gasped; mum had always wanted to see purple flames. “But, I thought the purple flames were really rare?”

“They are! But Uncle Lyndon said they must have got a massive donation because the purple rocks cost a lot.”

“Woah.” I shook my head in disbelief. “I wish I was there – it sounds brilliant.”

Mary nodded feverantly. “It was! You should come with us next time.”

I smiled faintly. “Sure.” Though I knew I’d never afford to go.

We pushed open the door to the room and were immediately met by the stern faced professor. “Mister Pettigrew. Miss McDonald. I’m so glad that you decided to grace us with your presence.” Avery and Wilkes snorted from their table, each gesturing towards their emerald badges as if they were trying to scare me. Idiots.

“Ah. I see you have Mister Potter and Black’s bags – please remember that Mister Pettigrew is not a carrying donkey and you would be correct to carry your own bags from now on. Five points from Gryffindor for lateness and sheer laziness.” Sirius and James groaned as I passed them their bags, each glaring at Snivellus as he held back a snort to avoid arising Lily’s attention; though he still managed to look towards us gloatingly.

“Sit down, please. You’ve disrupted my class for long enough. Yes, there.” She gestured towards the desk behind Lily and Snivellus and in front of Wilkes and Avery. Great.


Just for the record; it wasn’t my fault. The Swarp nest could have come from anywhere. Granted, I was the one to take it – but it was a dare! I couldn’t refuse!

“Potter!” A furious Amelia screamed, causing some of the older years to watch in surprise. Jack, Frank and Fabian were under a nearby tree and I distinctly saw Jack bury his face within his hands. Amelia approached at an alarming pace and Remus turned to me with an accusing expression on his face.

“What did you do?” His eyes darted between Amelia and me, noticing how Sirius seemed to be watching the ground guiltily. “James?”

I looked at my friend, noticing how much better he looked then when he returned a couple days previously. The dark rings around his eyes seemed to have become lighter, there was colour in his pasty cheeks and the scratches covering his arms had faded. As soon as he had reappeared from the hospital wing, we had obviously ambushed him with questions. But he had an answer for everything; it was his great-uncle and he’d just gotten confused, he’d been awake the entire night so was exhausted, it’d been a shock to see his Uncle Hopper in a Muggle hospital, his cat had gotten scared and clawed his arms when Remus attempted to pick it up, his parents didn’t want him to miss any more school and although all the answers seemed to add up… there was just something odd about it all.

Like that time my guinea-pig, Pogo, ‘ran away’. All the facts were there; a letter in his cage saying he was going abroad to New Guinea to hunt for his family, a photo of the two of us with the caption ‘Friends Forever’, an abandoned guinea-pig sized map by the backdoor with arrows pointing to New Guinea and his favourite green wellington boots left by the green inkpot, from which he wrote his letter, as he wouldn’t need them in his warmer climate.

The facts were all there; Pogo had run away. I was upset for a while – in a manly way, of course. But I moved on; Pogo was searching for his family – he needed this; I didn’t want him to be depressed. But I refused to lock the guinea-pig flap in the door, in case he returned home with his new siblings and couldn’t get in. Then Easter came. And with it came the traditional Easter Hunt.

It was one of the only Muggle celebrations that I had on a yearly basis; my dad had a Muggle friend when he was young and enjoyed it so much that he demanded I had the same experience every year. Though, my dad insisted that it have an element of magic so he would release a bag full of chocolate frogs into the garden and then I would have to catch them.

It was fun, but then a letter came and dad went inside to read it. I was crawling under the hedge to catch a particularly good jumping frog when I saw it; the edge of a box. Thinking my dad had gone one step further this year and had also buried chocolate underground, I immediately started digging. Yeah, I found Pogo – or at least his remains. Trouble was, I didn’t realise what it was at first; Pogo was in New Guinea after all, so there I was, holding the remains of my loved guinea pig and shaking it to see if any chocolate galleons would fall out. I was just about to take a bite when my mum stepped outside to see if I was doing okay. She screamed so loud that my dad came running. It took a lot of explaining that one did. I guess the signs were there; Pogo wrote me a letter in his favourite colour. Pogo just couldn’t do that! Guinea Pigs are colour-blind, obviously.

So it was like that; all the reasons and explanations added up that Remus’ great-uncle Hopper was seriously ill – but I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was missing something important.

“Well, you know that plan we had, on the train?” I said quickly, but Remus’ face remained blank. “About the First Years?”

Remus’ expression cleared and he looked a cross between amused and exasperated. “The one about scaring the new Gryffindors? That I told you was a rubbish idea?”

“Er, yeah that one. Anyway, we decided to go ahead even through you weren’t there and it worked well, really well… a little too well. It turns out that they’re a gobby bunch this year and have told the… the other First Years that they’ll all be… er… punished if they don’t do what we say.” Remus raised his eyebrow in silence. “Well, we had to go through with it, didn’t we?”

“Through with what?” Remus asked curiously.

“Potter!” Amelia shrieked, her blonde hair pulled into a tight bun. “What the hell do you think you were doing? Swarps can be poisonous!”

“They’re not deadly!” Sirius butt in. “They only make you-”

“-break out in huge yellow lumps which explode with fire every couple minutes. Yeah, I got that when my little sister came running up to me with her face on fire, you idiots!”

“But it doesn’t hurt – the person can’t feel any of the fire! Your feet go numb-”

“-causing the victim to tumble over as they can no longer stand. Yeah, got that one to.” Amelia snarled.

“How did you cover her sister?” Remus asked, his eyes darting between us all.

“Oh no, not just my sister – the entire First Year!” Amelia’s blue eyes were narrowed, she looked furious. “The hospital wing is full, meaning there are terrified children having to wait in the hallway for their turn whilst their faces explode.”

Remus’ jaw hung open and Peter who had cleverly remained quiet throughout the situation spoke up quietly to fill Remus’ need to be informed. “We found the nest laying outside the Gamekeepers hut. So… we… took it and James rolled it down the fourth floor corridor when all the First Years were leaving Charms and Astronomy.”

“Do you have any id-” Amelia started before being interrupted by muffled yells from the castle.

“Ah.” I said quietly, “that’ll be the next stage,” I swapped guilty looks with Sirius. “Your lips grow to eight times their size.” I added sheepishly when Amelia glared for information.

“Oh for heaven’s sake!” Amelia growled, turning round and heading back to the castle. “I’ll deal with you later!” She yelled over her shoulder.

I took a deep breath, attempting to ignore Remus’ look which always made me feel slightly guilty. I was about to tell him that it was in fact a dare, and you can’t ignore a dare, when a large shadow stepped over us, blocking out the sun.

His hands were as large as a bludger. His hair was wild and unruly. He stood at three times my height, at least. It was the gamekeeper. Hagrid.

“Yeh stole me Swarps nes’,” he growled, his beetle-black eyes scanning over us.

Woah. An Update.
I'm so, so, so sorry for the ridiculously long wait for this update - it's been... a month?! Woah. There are so many reasons and excuses for this; exams, holiday, revision and a broken laptop. But the main one is I've had serious (I had to try so hard to avoid the pun there ;) ) writer's block!

I hope this make's up for it - an adolescent werewolf going through puberty wasn't exactly in my plan! But somethimes the characters just tend to write themselves! Then there was Sirius with his brother, Peter with Mary and James... with Pogo.

What did you think? I've spent the last week finalising some more of Peter's plot... and I'm so excited to write it! Alyssa asked me who I thought had the best storyline and I can confidently say Peter (for now). There are a few clues hidden in here - if you can find them, then why not try and give a guess on what might happen? xD

Anyway, this is a really long author's note... so I'm just going to go now. Oh! It was my birthday this week and my sister published this story for me! In a hard cover book - how awesome is that?!

Right... really going now... please review!

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