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Her Reason to Stay by kitty_kat9211
Chapter 27 : A Silent Confession
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Like everything else, the celebration had to come to an end and the only thing left to do was to send the newlyweds off to their honeymoon. As everyone gathered, whispers spread around the group with curiosity to how the couple would make their exit. But with Ginny being a Weasley, things, of course, was going to be big.

“Why am I not surprised.” Hermione whispered to herself as she saw none other than the Weasley’s flying car with a just married sign on the rear.

As Harry and Ginny came up through the crowd, Hermione was afraid that they wouldn’t see her and she wouldn’t have a chance to say goodbye before she left the next morning. Right as Ginny was about to get into the car, she caught a glance at Hermione standing in the crowd and quickly ran to her side.

“Don’t be a stranger, ok?” Ginny asked through tears.

“I won’t.” Hermione said trying not to cry.

With one more hug, Hermione said,

“Now, what are you waiting for? Go have fun with Harry.”

“Ok. Have a safe trip home.”

“I will.”

“Don’t forget to write.”

“I will Gin…”

“And visit!”

“Ginny Potter he’s waiting.”

“I love you Hermione Granger!” Ginny said before finally going back to the car.

“I love you too!” Hermione said now through tears waving.

“Thank you again…” she whispered as her two best friends flew off into the sky of fireworks.

Oh no…I still have to finish packing at the apartment… Hermione thought to herself before getting lost in the fireworks.

But as she turned to head back to the Burrow,

 “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to bump into…”

“Hermione…” Draco said shocked to have bumped into her.

“Um Draco… long time no see.” Hermione was never good at small talk.

“Since the dinner at my place… if I remember correctly.” Draco wasn’t good at small talk either.

Tell him Hermione…you don’t have much time left. Hermione thought to herself.

“So…where did Astoria run off to?” Hermione asked instead.

Tell her Astoria canceled the engagement… Draco thought to himself.

“Um…she’s off talking to some friends…”

After a few moments of them both regretting their word choices, Draco couldn’t help but ask,

“So now that the wedding is over, are you going back to America?”

“Yes…” Even though Draco knew what her answer would be… he still hoped that her answer would have been different.

“How soon?”


“Already? What time does your plane leave?”

“9 pm.” Hermione said.

Now Hermione knew that she told Draco the wrong time, but she didn’t want Draco to know that.

You already made your choice Draco. Go be happy.

“Well…can I see you before you leave tomorrow?” Draco asked.

“I still have a lot of packing to do before the plan leaves…I’m sorry.” Hermione said half lying. She still did have a lot of packing to that she needed to go finish.

“I understand… Can you at least stand and watch the fireworks with me then… The Weasleys really do know how to put on a show.”

“But Astoria…”

“Astoria knows that we are friends…and if she has a problem with us standing next to each other watching fireworks, she can bring it up with me.” Draco really wished he would have just told her.

“…please Hermione for me.” With the way he asked, she couldn’t say no.

“Fine… but if I’m late for my flight tomorrow… I blame you.”

Packing is just gonna have to wait longer I guess…

“Maybe it’s a good thing I asked you to stay a little then.” Draco said half jokingly.

Trying to ignore Draco’s little comment without getting embarrassed; Hermione went back to the fireworks. Watching them with Draco, Hermione couldn’t help but to think back to their time at the hillside.

“It is beautiful.” Hermione said looking out in amazement at the yellow flowers covering miles and miles of hills. For the first time since she came back, Hermione felt calm and at peace, like for a moment she could forget about everything that was going on and just relax.

But watching the fireworks months later didn’t make Hermione feel calm at peace. She felt the total opposite.

I’m sorry Draco. I knew telling you the wrong time was horrible of me but I can’t have you holding me back, and I can’t hold you back from being with your fiancé. You need to go be happy with Astoria and I need to just get out of your life. But before I go… I have to tell you one last thing. I love you Draco. You’re the most caring, loving person and I know you’ll make Astoria the luckiest girl ever. Thank you for telling me your feelings. I’ll never forget the time we spent together this summer, and I’ll definitely never forget you. Goodbye Draco.

“Where are you going?” But before Draco could say anything more, Hermione was already gone leaving Draco alone to watch the finale before going home.

Back inside the Burrow, Hermione couldn’t help but to let out all of her tears while gathering her things.

It’s for the best Hermione…she kept repeating to herself. But no matter how many times she repeated it to herself, reassuring herself that it was the best thing for her situation, it still couldn’t stop the pain and sadness she was feeling. She had her chance to tell him her feelings. Right there and she blew it. She had exactly what she wanted to say… she recited it a dozen more times than just at the moment. But even if she had the courage to tell him her feelings, she knew she could never truly tell him as long as he’s engaged to Astoria.

In Hermione’s heart, a silent confession is worse than no confession at all.

“Goodbye Draco…” as she apparated once again to the apartment to finally pack up her things.

 *Wahoo for Chpt 27!!! I still can't believe HRTS is soo close to being done!! June and July are big months for me... It was a year ago during the end of June/early July that I started writing HRTS... and now look where we are a year later.. almost done!  I know I do this a lot.. but I really want to thank you guys for reading and reviewing! I don't know what I would do without you guys! But back to the chapter.. what do you guys think? Do you think Hermione was wise when she told Draco the wrong time for her plane flight? Tell me what you guys think by reveiwing! Well you don't have to.. but you can review anyways :)). Next chpt is another big day.. the day Hermione goes back to America! But until then... see you in Chpt 28!! -kitty_kat9211** 

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