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Finding Love: The First Year by HPluvergirl
Chapter 2 : Hogwarts Express
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"Oh sorry." I say. I look up. I see a red headed boy.

"It's ok. My name is Ronald Weasley, but I'm called Ron." He says.

"Pleasure to meet you. My name is Alicia Black, but I'm called Ali." I say. 

"Are you new here?" 

"Yes. I have been home schooled and trained in the art of sword fighting."

He looks at me. "Would you like to sit with me and my friends?"

"Sure." I follow him to the train. I don't really know whether or not I can trust him, so I keep one hand on my sword. "By the way, I'm also called killer." I tell him. 

We step onto the train and I look out of the window. It's 11:00 and the train starts to move. I wave to Al and Stuct, give a curt nod to my mother until the train rounds the corner.

"Come on." Ron says. He starts walking down the corridor and I follow him. This is the first time I've been away from Allen since I was seven years old.

We keep walking until we get to a compartment. There's a boy with black hair and glasses, and a girl with brown hair who's reading newspaper.

"Ronald, where have you been?" says the girl.

"I've met someone on the platform and I was showing her around." Ron says.

"Hello." I say. 

"Hi, I'm Hermione." says the girl.

"And I'm Harry." says the boy.

"Hi Harry, hi Hermione." Hermione offers me a seat next to her, and I sit next to her, after taking my sword off of my belt. 

We talk for a good thirty minutes, about my life, about Ron's, about Hermione's, and about Harry's. Then we are interrupted, by whom I am told is a boy named Draco Malfoy and his cronies.

"Hey look, Weasley has himself a girlfriend." Malfoy says.

This really rubs me the wrong way. "I'm warning you right now, unless you want to be sushi, you should shut up." I say calmly. I slide a hand onto my sword and get ready to draw it.

"Oh, what are you going to do? Claw me to death?" In one quick and simple movement, I'm standing up with my sword drawn and at his throat.

"No. But I could easily cut off every piece of your body and force you to watch before I kill you. I have a very short temper. So either walk away right now, or your family will get your body one piece at a time." I say. My hair is now red, my eyes have a burning fury, and I'm very close to drawing the first drop of blood from his throat. "And you two buffoons, don't think I won't do the exact same thing to you."

I look Malfoy square in the eyes, and he smirks. "Why are you hanging out with them? You need better friends, and a better choice of boyfriends." He says. He puts his hand on my waist. Is he really hitting on me right now? My breath comes to a halt, as his hand sends warm tingles through my body.

"Because I don't hang out with assholes and people who are such momma's boys, they fuck them to be happy." I say, concealing how much I love his hand on my waist. I make another quick movement and slice a small cut in his arm. 

"Shit! You're a bitch!" He says.

"Better not forget it. And if you tell anyone about this, I will slit your throat in your sleep." I say. I push him out into the corridor, then slam the door in his face.

I sit back down and they all start laughing.

"Alicia, that was prime! He looked scared as shit!" Harry says.

"He pissed me off, and he is very lucky that my sword isn't sharpened. He would be dead by now if it were." I say.

They all gape at me. "That's not sharp?!" Ron asks.

"Not as sharp as it can be. It was once so sharp, that I touched a man's arm with it, and it cut the rest of the arm off." I tell them. They all gasp.

For the next hour, we talked about my many accounts with a sword. Then we are interrupted again, but this time it was by two red headed boys. Twins. They're Ron's older brothers.

I look at one. He's different than the one on his right. He looks at me, and I smile slightly.

"Hi." He says. 

"Hi." I say. 

"I'm Fred and he's George." He tells me.

"Pleasure too meet you Fred. I'm Alicia." I look at his red hair. It was longer than most, but it suited him and his brother. I look at his brother, George. He is different. Handsomely different. They're both handsome, but George is… more. Wait, what am I thinking?! I'm a fighter, a killer, not someone who thinks these things! Right? I shouldn't be thinking them! It's Allen's fault! His little emotional performance has turned me temporarily soft! Damn it Allen! 

I give a curt nod and a small smile (and I mean small smile, like hardly there at all!) towards George. They are both intrigued by me, that's obvious. Seeing a girl with a sword was a rarity, especially if I'm as lovely as I choose to believe. 

"Hi George." I say. His ears turn slightly red, and I make a mental note to do say things to him, because it's quite cute. 

"Hi." He says. 

"Are you nervous?" I ask. He looks like it. He shakes his head. 

They invite me to come to their compartment, and I accept. What's the harm? I mean they seem nice, and I don't sense any danger. I walk with them and I see Malfoy. He smirks and winks at me. He doesn't take no for an answer does he? Apparently not. I run my finger across my throat and he turns away quickly.

We get to a compartment with another person in it. We walk in and I sit next to George.

"Hey Lee." Fred says.

"Hey Fred, George. Where have you been and where'd you find this foxy lady?" Lee says. I blush slightly.

"Hands off, I do believe she's after Ron. Her name is Alicia." George says.

"Actually I am not. I have no romantic emotion in my body whatsoever. All romantic thoughts and/or emotions have been replaced with skills of a crafted killer." I say.

"Is that why Malfoy went by here talking about a girl with a sword who could've killed him?" Lee asked. I nod. "Prime."

"So, why don't you have a romantic emotion in your body?" Fred asked.

"I was just being dramatic, because I don't like Ron. But I haven't really found anyone whom I like." I say.

"Oh. Have you found anyone that you think is hot?" George asks.

I blush instantly. "Yes, but not many. Two at most." By two I mean George and Malfoy.

"Who are they? Can I guess?" Lee asks. I nod. "Fred, and myself."

"You almost got someone correct."  I say. Blushing is something that shows how I feel.

"Just tell us." George says.

"George is one of them." I say softly. But apparently they heard me.

"George has himself an admirer." Fred says. I blush so intensely that my cheeks are the same colour as a tomato. I barely glance at George. He is grinning proudly.

"A hot admirer at that." Lee says. Ok, my cheeks are hot and they're candy apple red. How can three guys make me act like this?

"So how old are all of you?" I ask, trying desperately to keep my voice calm.

"We're all sixteen."  George says.

My cheeks turn even redder. I don't really know why, because it isn't embarrassing.

"So, have you had your first kiss?" Fred asks me.

"I don't believe that any of your concern." I say. My cheeks go back to their normal colour.

"She hasn't. George, you could fix that for her." Lee says.

"Either you all shut it, or I will get my sword." I say.

"Fiesty. Ok we'll stop." Lee says.

"Good. I'd hate to cut those pretty faces into little bits of mouse food." I say. They all go wide eyed and I laugh. "Calm down. Mice will eat big bits of food too. They aren't picky."

"Ok, that's sick." Fred says.

"Don't cross me and you won't have to worry about that." I tell him. George looks at me and smiles.

"Nobody has ever made Fred say that." He tells me. This makes me feel proud. He leans down and whispers in my ear. "I'm sorry about that little scene earlier." His breath sends shivers down my spine.

I turn to him and whisper. "It's okay. I'm just glad they finally dropped it."

"Yea. Just so you know, you really are beautiful." My cheeks turn a little pink again.


"Okay, if I can interrupt you two love birds, I have to tell you something." Fred says.

We separate and I blush a tad more. Did Fred really just call us love birds?

"What is it?" I ask. Lee and Fred look at each other, then nod.

"We dare you two to kiss each other." Fred says. What?! Do I want my first kiss? Yes. Do I want it to be because of a dare? Not so much. I raise an eyebrow at Fred, and he nods. The thing is if you don't do the first dare, you have to do a worse dare.

I'm speechless. I don't know what to do. Should I? It wouldn't hurt would it? No, I don't think so. I turn to George. I don't really know why, but I always thought my first kiss would be with Allen. Is that weird? Yea, it's definitely weird.

I lean in slightly and he leans in the rest of the way. Our lips meet and I nearly gasp. It sends electricity through my lips. He licks my lips and I part them. I wrap my arms around his neck and he puts his hands on my waist.

"I thought I said kiss, not snog." I hear Fred say.

"Let them have it. Alicia hasn't ever kissed anyone, and neither has George." Lee says.

We don't pay any attention to them though. At least I don't. I'm too busy. Even though I'm kissing George, my mind kept drifting to Allen and fight school. Right now, I'd be eating dinner with Allen. Laughing slightly, watching the girls check him out, and listening to him rant about how disgusting they were. It makes me think about when we were thirteen.

I'm walking to the Dinner Hall with Allen. He's wearing his guy tank (that's what he calls it anyways) and his jeans.

"I don't get it! How can a tiny, small, skinny girl like yourself, beat me?!" It's surprising, considering his body build. He's strong and muscly. His biceps are a large size, and he has abs. Rock hard abs. I can throw a coin at them, and it'll bounce off. 

"Al, you get distracted to easily. I stay focused."

"Well, it's not my damn fault! Sasha and her gang keep staring at me, it's weird." We get in line, which is quite long. Today is orientation, which means new seven year olds coming, and parents getting all emotional.

"Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have decent parents?" I ask. His parents shipped him here as soon as they could, with no good byes or anything. My dad left when I was one, and well, my mom is a whore.

"Oh, I do have decent parents sorta. It's because of them I have you as a best-friend."

"Haha. I guess my mom is. If you count sleeping with every guy so she can raise money as decent." Sloppy joes again! Ugh!

"I'll trade you my bun for your meat." He says. Our normal deal for sloppy joe days.

"Deal." I also get mash potatoes, peas, and rolls. "They definitely want us to get fat, feeding us all of these carbs."

He shrugs. Ok so I've got a small crush on him. I bite my tongue though to keep it, less awkward (?) between us.  So when he shrugs I smile.

We walk over to our table, and start swapping food. My rolls for his peas, and my meat for his bun. Haha, weird. We are down for this routine all the time. 

"Hey Allen, why don't you come and sit with us? Ditch that freakizoid, and hang with someone who can give you a life." Sasha says as her and her gang pass. When she first got here, she had such a heavy accent, that people thought she said "Slasher" when she said her name.

"Actually what I'm hearing is you saying this. Ditch this awesome girl for someone who is a whore. Thanks but no, I'd rather hang with Killer."

Sasha glares at me. "Killer? You don't seem like you could harm a fly."

I stand up and draw my sword. I'm the only student who has ever made their own sword, or who carries it around all of the time. "Try me. I'll put you six feet under. Well, at least what they can find of you."

"She's not kidding either Slasher."

She glares at me again. "You'll regret this Alicia!"

"Alicia!" Fred says. I snap back to reality and look at them.


"You were acting really weird. You moved your hands all weird like, drew your sword, and then put it back." Lee says.

"Oh." I turn a little pink. Had I fallen asleep during the kiss and dreamt of home? I certainly hope not. That would be extremely rude. "Sorry." 

"It's okay. Where were you thinking of?" George says.

"Home.  My teacher.My best friend."  I say. 

"What's your best friend's name?" Lee asks. I think that they believe that my best friend is a girl. If they do, they will be in for a rude awakening.

"His name is Allen Goodman."

"Oh." George says.

"What does he look like?" Fred asked.

"He's got brown hair and green eyes. He is sort of muscly and he has abs. His smile can light up the whole room. He's the most well liked boy in the school."

"It sounds like George has some competition." Fred said.

"Nothing romantic as ever happened." I say. "He's just my best friend. He's comforted me when I'm sad, been there for me when I'm sick, and made me laugh when I'm angry."

"So basically, he was your boyfriend." Fred said.

"No, my best friend." I roll my eyes. I stand up and go back to the compartment that Ron, Hermione and Harry are in. I sit beside Hermione and sigh.

"What's wrong?" Ron asks.

"Your brothers and Lee." 

"What happened?" Hermione asks.

I tell them all of the story, including my memory. They all look at me with their mouths agape.

We spend the rest of the train ride talking about Allen. I get my things and walk out into the corridor. I'll be a fourth year, but I have to go to the Headmaster's office to be sorted privately. It'll be after the feast. Harry helps me with my trunk and I thank him. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, George and I get a carriage together. 

When we get to the castle, I look at it in awe. 

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