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To Catch A Keeper by DawnPotion
Chapter 1 : Chapter One: Have A Nice Trip?
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 Ok so I started writing this a year ago and completely forgot about it but I’m writing like a crazed thing on caffeine to stockpile some chapters so I can update it more regularly. This chapter and the next are from my original pre-A-level time so they are pretty clunky but I’ve tried to make them a little less terrible.

Obviously anything you recognise from HP is totally all the property of the goddess J.K. Rowling. I own the sketchy plotline and terrible misuse of grammar.


"Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a keeper by the toe. If he squeals, let him go."

"If not, hold on for your life and hope you don’t get thrown across the pitch?" My best friend Angelina Johnson interrupted from the other side of the dorm, where she was hanging up her Puddlemere United poster.

"Not quite Angelina, but I suppose that is probably a much more sensible end than ‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe’, if you are going to take it literally."

I can’t tell you how good it was to be back joking about with my friends after two months of ‘bonding time’ with my family, *cough cough* boring time more like...

 And now we’re all back together, killing time until the dreaded NEWT exams in the summer. The year spread out ahead of us, with the promise of midnight feasts and snowball fights and looong chats and we were going to make the most of it, because any time not spent studying is time wasted if you're not having fun obviously!

"So Blair, did you have a particular keeper in mind?" Alicia Spinnet, my second best friend, teased me, smirking as my face turned a delightful shade of beetroot.

The downside to sharing a dorm room with three other girls? You mention someone in your sleep once and all of a sudden you’re in love with them...  For this reason the girls seemed to think that I had a crush on the Gryffindor quidditch captain - as if! Just because he thought he was Merlin’s gift, we were all supposed to swoon? I don’t think so!

"Oh yeah, sorry did I not mention it to you guys? I am madly in love with Miles Bletchley. I didn’t want to tell anybody until it was official, but you guys- I think he’s the one!" My cheeks ached from my efforts to keep a straight face, but one look from Katie Bell, my third best friend, and I was laughing so hard, real and actual tears were cascading down my face.

"Well, I’m not sure Oliver would approve of any of us dating the enemy, especially a Slytherin, but if it’s meant to be, who are we to tell you what to do? I’m just surprised it took you this long to admit it! We’ve all seen the way you two drool over each other when you think we’re not looking, it’s positively sickening. But what a face to look at! Tell me, is he troll on his mother side or his fa----?"

Angelina’s question was cut off by a flying pillow hitting her face, a face which turned to me, an expression of thunder brewing beneath her almond shaped eyes.

“So that’s what it’s like? Five minutes back and you’re already assaulting me? I’d have been better off staying at home if I’d known I be subject to such dissident behaviour. SO unbecoming of a young lady...”

Another rogue pillow made its way across the room, courtesy of Katie.

“Shut up Ange! You sound like my mum...”

With a wicked smile Angelina grabbed one of the pillows from the floor launched a counter attack- needless to say that within minutes all four of us, the floor and all our belongings were covered with feathers.

“A minute’s silence for the first victims of the year, may they rest in peace in bedding heaven, with all the other little cushions and duvets.”

"Erm, quick question anyone know a good spell to clean this up?" I asked after our solemn send off of the defunct pillows. Hopefully one of us had bothered studying over the holidays.

"I guess we could try making the feathers disappear, but you’d have to do it- the last time I tried that Warrington was in the hospital wing for a week..."

While she is a bloody fantastic chaser, it’s safe to say charms are not Katie’s strongest point. That girl should come with a warning sign.

After five minutes and several attempts at different spells we more or less had the feathers cleared up, but the room was in absolute disarray. Who would have thought that four girls could make such a mess in just half an hour? At least it looked more like home now; I always say that a room is not complete without an assortment of old socks sort of wriggled into all the odd little crevices.

‘Tidying’ the room mainly consisted of shoving clothes into any spaces in the dressers and distributing stationary and books around any spare surface, once the majority of my stuff was out of my trunk I considered myself to be suitably organised. Being well and truly settled into our last year at Hogwarts was cause enough for celebration, which meant a little trip to the kitchens to delight in the splendour of the leftovers from the feast. And of course who drew the short straw and had to go fetch it all? Only little old me of course.

Skidding down the stairs and into the common room, I immediately tripped over a coffee table and fell head first into the lap of a seventh year boy lounging on one of the plush crimson sofa. I looked up and wished the ground would swallow me whole.

I had just literally thrown myself at Oliver Wood. Great way to start the year Blair....

"Well, I’m used to girls falling at my feet, but this is a welcome improvement." Oliver smirked, looking down at me, as I turned from girl to gibbering pink blob. I swear, I am so good at this transformation, I’m practically an Animagi.

"I, uh, well the thi-, erm, see, the coffee table and ......... I’m really sorry" I struggled my way through the sentence as I clambered off of his lap. Annndd there went all the scraps of dignity I had left. Not that there were many to be honest.

"Sorry I didn’t quite catch that; can you try again. In English this time?" His voice was so infuriatingly smarmy, he wasn’t going to let me just laugh this one off.

Clearing my throat, I tried again.

 "I was running down the stairs and there was a table in the way and I fell and I would’ve landed on the sofa but you were on it so I landed on you and-"

 Wow, so first I can’t say anything, now I’m not capable of shutting up? Probably time to get out of here before I start crying or something equally horrifying.

"Right, well I didn’t ask for your life story hen. But since I’m such a great guy I’m going to mark this one down as an accident. Next time we might not be so lucky, there could be broken bones, or worse, broken furniture... I don’t fancy facing the wrath of McGonagall.”

Forcing a fake laugh I eyed the portrait hole. If he’d just stop talking for a minute I could make my escape.

“So, where were you headed in such a hurry eh, got somewhere important to be? Not in trouble already, are you?" He chuckled to himself, while I sort of cackled nervously.

"No, not at all, I was, uh, just going to the kitchen to get some snacks for me and my roommates." My voice steadily rose in pitch, reaching a sort of helium highness that even a chipmunk would be proud of.

"Wandering about the castle alone at this time? We can’t have that can we boys?” He turned to the guys that were draped over the assorted sofas and armchairs, who laughed and nodded, some of them exchanging sly grins.

“You could run into an unsavoury character or worse, a Slytherin." Wow, so apparently he was really into laughing at his own jokes...

"No really I’m sure I’ll be fine, really, it’s just a quick trip to the kitchens, and I’ll be fine." Annnndd now I’m repeating myself, well aren’t I just little miss clever today?

"Oh no, I insist you allow someone to accompany you, for safety reasons of course, nothing more..."

 God, he just wasn’t going to give up was he? Any other girl would probably already be halfway to the nearest broom cupboard with him, sadly I doubt I’m quite up to his usual standards, being neither 5”6’, blonde or a double D.

Letting my mind wander I suddenly noticed that our painful conversation was attracting quite a lot of attention from the lower year girls. Oh god- his fan club had arrived- a gaggle of first to fourth year girls, with the exception of that spotty kid, Eloise Midgeon, who was in fifth year. I could feel their glares on me, especially that of Ellie Cattermole, the ringleader. That kid was like a pit-bull terrier, once she got her fangs into something, she just would not let go.

I sincerely hoped I wasn’t her next victim.

"Well, I guess that’s a yes then?" I heard Oliver say. What the hell was he on about? Oh shit yeah, the whole chaperone thing.

"I suppose so? We’d better hurry though; you know how Ange, Katie and Alicia get when they’re hungry.”

 How the bleeding hell had this happened? One minute I was just chilling with my friends, and now I was being accompanied around Hogwarts like a child with one of the most sought after guys in the school? Who I had largely managed to avoid any sort of communication with for my two years here. I doubt he even knew my name. Wait, does that make it worse? No, nothing was going to happen. NOTHING.

As we walked to the entrance to the common room I glanced over my shoulder. Angelina, Katie and Alicia were all leaning over the banister of the balcony leading to the girls’ dorms, staring at me and Oliver.

Well this was going to be fun to explain to them...

“You know it’s weird. It’s like I know your face, but I have no clue who you are. Not in a bad way or anything, just I like to think I know the female population of Hogwarts pret-ty well you know? But you? I got nothing, what did you say your name was?”

“Ha, I didn’t. But it’s Blair. Blair Aubrey. I’ve only been here since the beginning of fourth year, so yeah.”

Well if this was Oliver Wood’s famous ‘charm’ then the girls at Hogwarts must be properly deprived of any sort of romantic notions. He wasn’t exactly sweeping me off my feet or anything.

“Wait, I feel like I should know you from somewhere. Like, not just lessons but somewhere else?"

 He looked at me, an adorable little crinkle on his forehead. Wow, what? Adorable? Back right up, where did that come from?

"I don’t think so. Look, we’re basically back at the common room so thanks for the company and all but..." Ok, now I was really struggling, any minute now and he was going to-

"No, I do, you tried out for Quidditch last year, so it’s Aubin right?"

 Oh god please stop talking ok. Just stop talking right now and you can go back to your friends and I’ll go back to mine and-

"You’re the kid who fainted, right? Man that was fucking hilarious!"

 And there it was. Like you’d have thought in the long history of quidditch at Hogwarts someone else would have fainted at tryouts but apparently not. Just my luck.

"Um, yeah. I kind of prefer not to talk about it, if you don’t mind. It’s not exactly something I’m proud of." I tried so hard to fit in at Hogwarts and I was so close, and then one stupid accident and my so called life was over. I will forever be ‘the kid who fainted’. Great, just great.

Ok so obviously this is my first ever attempt at writing fanfiction or anything of that nature so don’t judge too harshly...
On the other hand, please hit me with any comments or criticisms or I’ll never get any better!

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