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Enchantress by Zyii
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three - As Luck Would Have It
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Chapter Three - As Luck Would Have It

“Ronald Weasley how dare you treat Hermione this way! I am absolutely disgusted. You’re just lucky you don’t work for the Ministry or you’d find yourself jobless. And you Harry, I thought you had more sense. Hermione was your best friend and you’ve just ripped everything from her. I want you both out of my house right now! I can’t even bare to look at you. Don’t you are show your faces here again till you’ve made things right with Hermione!”

The Prewitt family temper had come out in force when she’d read what her son and Harry had done to poor Hermione. Hermione who she thought of as one of her own children, she couldn’t believe the deceit her boys had put her through. Idiots both of them and she had thought she’d raised Ron better. If there was one thing molly couldn’t stand it was a liar and a cheat. She was still a loving Mother by heart but even this was too big a situation to overlook.

As Hermione made her way to breakfast she wasn’t the least bit surprised to see Lucius, Severus and Sirius waiting for her. They had become her family of late, Sirius coming into the fold upon his return. Without the influence of James Potter, Severus and Sirius had formed an unlikely friendship and let bygones be bygones.

Their eyes betrayed their caution as their Gryffindor Lioness strolled in for breakfast. It was a rare moment to find these three dominating men unsure of what to say. Somehow the traditional lines of ‘It’s going to be ok’ and ‘there are plenty of better people out there’ wouldn’t help Hermione in her situation or her mood. So instead they’d opted for comfort food and soppy films. Lucius had helped Sirius install a TV system that morning claiming that if Hermione was to live with him he’d need it. Clearly he was speaking from experience; with the film choices came a mound of delectable food:  chocolate, ice cream, biscuits, sweets, it looked like they’d raided the inside of Honeydukes just for her. She smiled sweetly at them; she didn’t want to cry, not anymore. She just wanted to mend herself and forget about it. Severus would pursue his lips at her refusal to talk about things. He was forever trying to get her to open up about things but she continued to remain ever stubborn.

Severus was like her Father figure, while Lucius was the Mother hen. Sirius filled his role as the funny Uncle who was slightly inappropriate but Hermione never took him seriously.

She had the day off today and knew she could take some sick leave but she didn’t want to appear cowardly or fragile in this situation, she didn’t want to let Ronald or Harry win. Besides if she hid herself away the rumors and whispers would only get worse. She was sure her partner would drop off any work that needed doing. Lucius had probably told him where she was hiding. Perhaps she’d be able to persuade him to stay for a film or two. Although he’d probably grumble all the way through about the absurdity of it all like he usually did.

Starring off in space she seemed to be watching the film and not watching at the same time. Severus had been left in charge of her, both Lucius and Sirius having duties to attend to. Severus worried for Hermione, bottling up ones emotions were never a good thing to do.

“Miss Granger, Hermione. Talk to me” he commanded in that velvety silk voice of his.

“About what?” she asked disinterested.

“I don’t want to talk about it” she replied shortly.

“You shouldn’t bottle things up” he reprimanded.

“I’m not. Just because I’m not willing to talk doesn’t mean I’m bottling things up. It just means I’m not ready. I don’t have to share everything to be ok” she huffed.

Severus dropped the subject after he felt several items start to shake from the force of emotional magic she was producing. It wasn’t good to anger an emotional witch; emotional flaring magic could be dangerous to deal with. Severus vowed not to push he again and simply wait till she was ready herself.

Sirius was not having a good day, the hall of records had not been as helpful as he’d thought and some old crotchety maid from the births office had refused to give him any information because he wasn’t of any family relation. Sirius was not happy; his famous charm was doing nothing to secure the information he needed. He wished he had some Slytherin cunningness to help him but alas he was merely a Gryffindor with some Ravenclaw thrown in. It was as if this Isabella Knight had never existed, there wasn’t even a beginning of a trail for him to follow. Somehow he hoped Lucius was having more luck than him.

Lucius wasn’t having much luck either. He wanted to find Mother Nature’s own and offer her protection as per the vows he took but finding her was proving incredibly hard. He didn’t have a name or an appearance to go on, just the magical signature he’d felt but a short while ago. The last recorded descendant of Mother Earth disappeared over 1,000 years ago having been driven into hiding by over-zealous men and continuous demands.

Draco stopped by in the afternoon carrying an armful of work that couldn’t wait and relieved a stressful Severus from his charge.

“Are you the one responsible for Severus’s frown” said an amused Draco.

“Perhaps” replied Hermione.

“He’s only trying to help” said Draco.

“I know, that’s what makes me guilty” she mumbled.

“What are you watching?” asked Draco.

“Just some romcom” she replied happily.

Draco placed the work down on a table briefly wishing he hadn’t bought it and studied the Hermione in front of him. She was hiding her sadness very well but it was obvious to Draco how broken she was when her smile didn’t touch her eyes.

“Draco will you sit and watch with me?” she asked her eyes shining unusually bright.

Draco didn’t really have a choice but to comply with her wishes, he didn’t want to be the one to rid her face of that smile, even if it was a fake one.

He sat with his usual grace until he felt her move his arm and snuggle against him. He made no move to dislodge her but rather welcomed the warmth her body created next to his. At least Severus could enjoy quiet afternoon with him here. Their friendship had blossomed over the years and Draco had become the one Hermione leaned on most. At times their friendship was kept secret from those now not mentioned because they couldn’t forget old prejudices. But Hermione and Draco needed one another; they needed the companionship and assurance of always being there for each other. They enjoyed the lack of judgment and acceptance of pass mistakes.

Draco knew that however much Hermione was trying she was struggling with the pain inside her head. Draco attempted to get her mind off it.

“Have you read the letters yet?” he asked.

“No” she replied softly.

“Don’t you think it’s time you should?” he persisted.

“No” she replied her voice equally as stiff.

“Hermione it’s been over two years don’t you think it’s a bit cowardly not to read them? It was her wish for you to know the truth” he told her.

“She lied to me Draco” she responded.

“I know but wouldn’t you like to know why?” he countered.

She sighed.

“Read them Hermione, if not for yourself then to get your mind off other things” he said looking at her knowingly.

Hermione huffed angrily as Draco left later that afternoon. It was none of his business after all, why did he have to bring it up? It wasn’t a topic she wanted to talk about. She’d been luckier than most she supposed, neither of her parents had died during the War. Her Father had up and left them when Hermione was fourteen and Hermione’s Mother had quietly passed away after an illness some years ago. But her Mother had lied to her, that’s why Hermione was so angry. The Father that she’d loved and then hated when he left wasn’t her Father at all but a mere substitute posing as someone he wasn’t. That’s why her Father had left, because Hermione’s Mother had admitted that Hermione wasn’t his. She hated her Mother for that and she hated him for walking out on her.

She had left some letters upon her death for Hermione to read and Draco was correct it had been over two years and she was yet to read them. Perhaps it was time, what better way to remove sadness from the heart than to fill it with anger.

My Darling Girl,

If you are reading this then my time is up. I want you to know that I loved every minute that you were in my life. I know you are very angry with me and have been hurt by my actions. I’d like to say I had your best interests at heart and that’s true to a degree but I was also scared. The letters I’ve left will explain things to you as will my diary. I hope that when you’ve finished reading you won’t judge me too harshly. The things I kept secret I did for a reason, I needed to keep us safe.

I’ll love you for a million more days.

You’re Mother.

Hermione sighed; it was just like her Mother to make things as soppy and heartfelt as possible. Well her tone of phrase wasn’t going to melt the hurt she’d caused Hermione, she resigned herself to reading at least one letter. The letters seemed to be inserted into the diary at certain points; obviously there was a certain order to read in. Hermione opened the first letter carefully it was already crumpled and worn with age.

My Dearest Angel,

With every passing moment away from you my heart only grows fonder. I long to be able to hold you in my arms again, my nights are torturously empty without you here to comfort and love me. These are dark times, my family expects certain things from me but I would run away from it all if I knew you were there to take me away from it.

I am alone here now my brother has gone. I wish I hadn’t acted so stupid and had let him take me away as well. I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of society and expectation. I want to marry you; I want to spend all my days with you. I want to declare my love for the entire world to hear. My dearest girl I count the days till I can see you again, your beauty is like the nights sky that sends me peacefully to sleep.

Forever you’re avenging knight,

     I send you all my love.

The letter trembled in Hermione’s hands, whoever this person was they’d obviously loved her Mother very much. Hermione wondered if the write of this letter was her Father.

The alarm went off way too early for Hermione’s liking. Her dreams disappearing as she woke. She had work today yet she’d loathed going in, she knew putting it off would only come to bite her in the bum later.

“Are you going to work Princess?” asked Sirius.

“Yep, so don’t try to stop me” she replied.

“Wasn’t going to, I know how you like to keep busy” he teased her.

She smiled as she bit into her morning toast.

“Say Princess, if you were trying to find a person and only had a name to go on, how would you do it?”

“I’d check the hall of records and the births office. If that didn’t work I’d widen my search to the muggle world: Hall of Records, Police department, birth and death office. You could check the muggle phone directory, failing all that I’d hire a private investigator, perhaps a Wizard and a muggle one. Why?” she asked curiously.

“I’m trying to find someone and it’s proving very difficult” he replied.

“Well if you need any help ask me”.

“Have fun at work!” he said as she stepped into the floo.

“You know I will!” she chuckled. 

I once said that 'Queen of Gorgeousness' was the best story I'd written so far and my favourite. Now I think I'm getting a new favourite. Enchantress makes me giggle ridiculously and makes my Mum wonder if I've lost it. Let me know what you think!

P.S. for any of you who get confused, this is a heads up. All written work that is in italics means that it's a letter or a diary entry from Hermione's Mother. AKA the words her Mother left for her. Hopefully ya'll have worked that out, but this is a reminder just in case (: ~ Zyii

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