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Catching James Potter by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 1 : First Meeting
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A/N: Hey guys! This is my first fanfiction and I hope you like it! I'm writing chapter 7 now but I keep having to go back and change things on chapter 2 as its not working well. I know this is a bit of a dull chapter and im sorry to say the next one is a bit too, but after that, it gets better! It's one of the best stories I've written as my sisters keep reminding me, so I really hope you like it as much as they do! Keep on reading guys!


When I noticed James Potter for the first time, I developed an immediate crush. He was the most beautiful boy had ever seen. As well as rich, popular within school and famous out, he was the perfect package.

I remember in my second year, when I was a complete nobody, seeing James and his pack of followers walk by. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. The way his dark hair was stood artistically in every direction, how his eyes were a the most amazing molten gold, ever. The real problem was with this boy, I didn’t know who he was. I worked continually over the next week trying to figure out who this gorgeous boy was. I didn’t have many close friends to ask as I was always working on my homework. Though when Albus Potter, his younger brother in my year, approached James at the Gryffindor table for lunch and asked where his owl was, I figured it out. This boy was James Potter. The James Potter. I had heard stories about James. He was the most popular, sort out boy in the school. James had had more girlfriends than most people of the seventh year, threw parties for the most elite members of the school, and apparently supplied alcohol to all these events. He was also known for his troublemaking skills of getting into Hogsmeade and the school kitchens for food. But of course James Sirius Potter was famous because of his parentage, Harry and Ginny Potter, and his uncle and auntie, Ron and Hermione Weasley. The Golden Trio who defeated You-Know-Who. James Potter was the top of the school, and this was only in his third year.

By the end of my second year, my crush on James had grown. All I thought about was James Potter, Lessons, Homework and James, James, James. I watched him in the Gryffindor common room, the Great Hall, Quidditich and when I was saw him in the corridors. When his younger brother Albus, who was in my year, talked out his family or mentioned James I was listening. But not once this whole time had I uttered a single word to James. I realized though, if I didn’t talk or introduce myself to him, how will he know I exist? I knew that I had to somehow pluck up the courage to talk to him. I spent weeks planning on talking to him when I came with the idea to ‘accidently’ bump into him in the common room. I’d say sorry, introduce myself and leave. Then I would have actually talked to James Potter. But, my self-conscious wasn’t letting me. Sometimes I’d be within feet of James when I’d walk in the opposite direction, being too nervous to bump into him. Why?

One day, late in the common room, I was writing an essay for Professor Binns on the International Warlock Convention, when someone lightly tapped me on the shoulder, saying, “Excuse me?”

I turned around hoping to find someone like Lucinda Grey, first year that was incredibly shy, and had come into the habit of asking me for help on all types of her homework, I was practically her tutor. She wasn’t the smartest cookie in the cookie jar. Hell, I should be getting payed for the hours I was putting in with her. But it wasn’t Lucinda when I turned around, it wasn’t even a girl. It was James Potter. A quiet gasp escaped my lips as I looked up at the perfection of his face, the angles of his cheekbones and the thickness of his eyelashes. I was completely breath taken. Suddenly, I realised that James was talking to me and I hoped that I wasn’t making a fool of myself. So I took a deep breath and mustered my courage to say,


“Hi I’m James Potter, Albus’ brother,” he said leaning against the back of my chair and offering me his hand.

“Oh, hi! I’m Mae, Mae Flick,” I squeaked out taking his hand.

“Nice to meet you Mae, I was just wondering…” he began. In that little second I was hoping that he would ask me out or something along those lines. Then I thought, why would he ask a second year that he doesn’t know?

“Have you seen my brother, Albus? He borrowed my parchment but I gave him my Defence essay instead.” He explained. Albus? Why would I know where Albus is? I’ve talked to him like 3 times.

“Uh… no sorry,” I muttered sourly. I wish I had bloody well known where they were, I could have actually been a help for someone that wasn’t to do with homework.

“Ok, sorry to bother you then Mae,” he said turning around. I felt like slapping myself in the face, I should say something else! Get up you idiot! I quickly stood up, knocking over my essay in the process and ran to James.

“James!” I said to his back. He turned around, surprised that I had scrambled after him from my beloved homework.

“Yeah?” he said, studying me in a weird look.

“Check the library, him and his friends are pretty much always there,” I whispered to him.

“Oh, thanks Mae!” he smiled, scrambling towards the portrait hole.

Eventually, I got my legs to slowly walk back to my homework, wondering why he had looked at me with that vacant expression. I tried to push it from my mind, but eventually, it grew too much, so I packed up and ran up to the dormitory. I chucked my books down on the bed, still full of curiosity on James’ vacant expression. Oh no, I suddenly think, please, please not again!

Rushing towards the full length mirror in the bathroom, I realise my worst nightmares really had come true. I had split ink all over my skirt. This happens on the worst of days. But it was right in the centre, dripping down the material. To make matters worse, today I had left my ugly poop brown hair in its overnight braid, and half of it had fallen out creating a fizz ball. Somehow, my skin looked sunburnt and my school shoes were childish. How would James Potter ever ask me out? I was ugly. James only dated girls who were beautiful, I’d seen the girls he dated.

I then realised what I had to do, it would take a while but I knew that James Potter had to notice me before I even got near being his girlfriend. Quickly I ran to find my quill, spare parchment and ink pot, then I began,

Step One: Transforming the ugly Mae Flick, into the girl where everyone stops and stares… 

A/N: So thats the end of the first chapter! Just a heads up guys that this story maybe changed to a Novella or Novel later, it really depends on how it flows. Chapter 2 will be up soon! I'm just re-reading and changing a couple of bits. As soon as 2's up, 3 will be up too because I actually think this story has a boring start and chapter 3 is soooo much better! I've got up to chapter 6 written and almost finished 7! 

Please review if you like my story! Its a really good feeling when you get a review from a reader saying something on your story!

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Catching James Potter: First Meeting


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