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The Other Reality by FeltonLewis
Chapter 14 : The Modeling Project I: Don't Let Me Fall
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Hey readers :) The tragic incident is over and so with that, we move on to the modelling part :) Something A LOT of you have been waiting for judging by the reviews- ever since Announcements came out :D So here goes. It'll either come in two parts. Firstly, Ive starting this chapter with Hermione describing herself as almostr Draco's height. I know that's not what happens in most fics but I wanted it this way so dont mind guise.

Enjoy xx ;)

ps: IN CASE anyone wants to try something new, maybe you do, maybe you dont- up to you- During the modeling section on the real event- Ive A/N ed it as to where- go to youtube and type in "Mar Jawan- Fashion" it's the third option in the list. You can play it and let it go on while you read. It really is a nice song- well, i think so any way and i found it very fitting as it's from a movie based on Fashion too. I'd advise you to play it :)
Citation is needed so- Fashion is a film co-produced, co-written, and directed by Madhur Bhandarkar


Hermione turned from side to side, studying her profile. She had her towel wrapped around her body and her hair hung in wet curls down her shoulders. She needed a haircut considering her hair had been cut at odd angles by the St.Mungo healers so that they could treat her wounds properly. She didnt have a bad figure. Curves in the right places and a slender form. She wasnt short, in fact she was just a little shorter than Draco. Sighing, she stepped away from the mirror and turned the doorknob.

The first thing she saw as she stepped out was Draco standing in front of her wardrobe.

"Must I see you in this very position every morning?" She asked, her eyebrows arching. Draco turned to her, looking her up and down and smirked. She immideately felt a bluch creep up to her cheeks and she pulled the towel firmly around herself.

"Must I see you in that very attire every morning?" He responded, that stupid smirk not leaving his face.

"Well to be fair this IS my room and this IS my bathroom while you have both down the corridor for your own. So I dont see why you're here. I get to wear what I want when I want", She said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"This is my room too, you know", He shrugged, turning back to the wardrobe.

"What're you looking for anyway? You're dressed and Ive got my clothes ready for once so you dont even have to pick for me", Hermione asked, walking up to stand beside him.

"I need a solid dress and heels for you to practise in today", Draco answered. Realization suddenly hit Hermione.

"No! No!" She exclaimed, "For the modelling thing?"

"Damn right, babe", He answered nonchalantly.

"First, dont call me babe. Ever." She glared at him when he turned to wink at her. "And second, how can you sound so bloody casual about it? Ive never walked down a ramp in my life. Hell, Ive never walked in a proper set of heels before either!"

"You need to chill, Granger", Draco said, stepping forward and moving around the hangers a bit, "We're going to our company today by the way. They called in and asked us to come in for Saturday's event. So we're leaving in some time."

"I need a haircut!" She said, slipping her fingers through her hair, "Im not going out with this mess."

"I'll do it for you", He said, closing the wardrobe doors and moving to leave the room.

"Excuse me?"

"I'll cut your hair for you", He said, "I used to do Pansy's hair at one point too. After the war that is. Before that, I used to do my own hair."

"You mean empty a bottle of gel onto it?" She smirked a smirk worthy of a Malfoy. He narrowed his eyes at her.

"Very funny", He commented sarcastically. "No seriously. Trust me, I wont mess you up." With that, he left the room without waiting for a response.

She huffed and closed the door and locked it. She slipped on a loose creme blouse and a black pencil skirt, adjusting it to fit her growing her stomach but covering any signs of a bump up too. Putting up a glamour charm to cover up her scar, she placed a towel on her shoulders so her wet hair wouldnt ruin her shirt and left the room.

Draco had a high chair set up in the living room and scissors and all a bottle of some hair product set out on the coffee table. She raised her eyebrows at him and he simply gestured for her to sit at the table. She took a deep breathe and sat down. He placed a black cloth around her neck to prevent her outfit from getting ruined. Draco waved his wand over her hair and it magically half-dried up. He took the scissors from the table and went to her left side. With careful fingers he expertly began snipping at her hair.

"Do you trust me?" He asked, suddenly stopping.

She turned to him, "What do you want to do?"

"I want to give you a new look", He said and he sounded so genuine that Hermione found herself nodding and giving him permission to try out what he wanted.

"Just dont make me look like shit", She said, a little weary still.

"Wouldnt dream of it", He said as he flipped over the front section of her hair from the right side. He proceeded in cutting her hair rather professionally and then moving to the back after clipping the done-section on top of her hair in a pile. He looked at her long hair and then releasing a breathe, he began working at the back.

Once he was done, he flicked his wand at her hair, muttering a quick incantation and moved in front of her and undid the clip on top of her hair. He fixed the front, massaged some kind of gel into her hair and then took a step back to admire his work.

"Gorgeous", He said. She was a little taken aback at his direct compliment and was suddenly very curious to know what he had done. She stood up, the cut hair falling to the floor. She unclasped the black cloth and made her way to the first floor bathroom. She stepped inside and not knowing what to expect, stepped in front of the mirror.

Her mouth fell open at the sight that met her eyes. The front of her hair was now in two seperated halves, one side having more volume than the other but both falling in bangs on the two sides of her face, framing her face perfectly. She turned to the side and saw that her hair now reached a little below her shoulder blades. Though she was a little sad that her long hair was gone, she was in awe at how she looked now. Draco had really done well and she had been right in trusting him.

"Like it?" A voice said from the doorway. She turned to him and grinned.

"I love it. I feel so beautiful." She beamed.

"You look it too", He smiled at her.

"Draco Malfoy is complimenting me way to many times now days", She said, brushing past him, a spring to her step. He only rolled his eyes and headed to the fireplace. He was dressed in black slacks and a white collarless shirt on with a smart black blazer on top of that.

"Let's go. We have work to do today."

"Do I bring anything?" She asked, suddenly aware that this was the first time she was going to "work" since they had come to this other reality.

"Nope", He shook his head, "We'll get the dresses there and the heels." She groaned and entered the fireplace. He waved his wand and non verbally fixed the wards in the house in place and stepped in with her.

"Tristan & Sparks Office building", Draco said, placing his arm around Hermione's shoulder and throwing in floo powder. The two were immideately engulfed in green flames and felt like they were being sucked through a narrow tube. Draco stepped out of the fireplace and lead Hermione out, his hand on the small of her back. She stepped away from his touch and he looked down at her with a questioning look but when he saw that she was just looking around, he put his hands in his trouser pockets and began walking forward. Hermione was looking around, fascinated.

They were standing at the end of a corridor with marble flooring and as she trailed her fingers along the walls, she found they were soft and velvetty to touch. They walked down the corridor and entered a much larger area where the floors were carpetted with a dark, royal blue and the walls were made of black, shining marble. It seemed to be about one section of a floor of some building but she guessed it was much better-expanded through magical means.

"We're located in a muggle building. The fifth floor to be precise. Half of it is used for normal shops and this is the other half. If someone enters, they'll see this place and it's a private company so no one asks questions really. But this isnt it. It's been magically expanded", Draco explained, confirming her thoughts, "There are I think twenty floors above this but those arent visible to muggles. There's the designing department that takes up the first five floors. Then there's the marketting department then the modelling agency which employs new models then the training department where I'll be taking you now and then I think there are the created designs on the next few floors and then offices on the top few floors. It's really very brilliant."

"Why do they need so many floors though? Why not just have one or two floors for each department?" Hermione inquired as he took her past the recpetion.

"Morning Mister and Mrs. Malfoy", The lady at the desk said. She had short blonde hair with pink streaks and she was smiling at the two of them. She beamed at Hermione and said, "I dont know if Im allowed to say this because you know, Im new and all but from previous pictures Ive seen, you've got a new look. And it's lovely, ma'am."

Hermione smiled at the young woman who was about 19 and said, "Thank you-"

"Linda, ma'am."

"Thank you, Linda. And please, it's Hermione", She said. Linda nodded and sat back down after a polite nod towards Draco. She was visibly blushing when he nodded back in greeting.

"Do you do that to all women?" Hermione asked as they made their way to the elevators.

"All except you", Draco said, pouting like a little boy. She laughed at his antics. "And in response to your previous question, they need so many floors because this is Tristan & Sparks. The biggest modelling and design agency in the Wizarding world. We're also one of the biggest brands, though the ones I mentioned before are much bigger. Some of our designs are also famous in the muggle world." He smirked, a proud look on his face, "There are different floors for different levels of models and designers."

"What do we both do?" Hermione asked as they stepped into the elevator and Draco hit a button reading '13'.

"We're both models, obviously. And we also work under reviewing- which means that we review designs and ask for changes if they're not up to standards. We sometimes do other things like command around the departments."

"No. YOU must command around the departments", Hermione said.

"You know me too just too bloody well", Draco grinned. The doors opened and they stepped out.

Almost immediately a woman walked up to them and Draco quickly muttered in Hermione's ear, "She's our training department secretary Julietta Mason."

"Morning, sir. Morning, ma'am!" The lady said, coming up to them. She was dressed in a black pencil skirt and a purple blouse and she had golden brown hair tied up in a neat bun at the nape of her neck.

"Good morning, Julietta", Hermione smiled.

"Lovely haircut, ma'am", Julietta said. Hermione was about to tell her not to call her ma'am when Draco hurriedly said.

"We need a training room."

"Ramp included?" Julietta asked. Draco nodded and said, "We also need a floor length dress- any style. And high heels. Make sure nobody comes near that room today." Julietta nodded and hurried off.

"You can't ask people not to call you 'ma'am'", Draco said softly to Hermione as they walked to their right, "It's their job. You have no idea how strict board members here are. The receptionists are okay but you can't ask it of people who work for you." Hermione nodded, though finding it quite illogical but not saying anything. Suddenly they realized that there were several pairs of eyes on them. Both looked around the bust department. Everybody had fallen silent and were stealing glances at them.

"Is there a problem?" Draco asked loudly. Everybody shook their head and went back to their work.

"Call Ginny- see if she can make it here." Draco said as Julietta joined them again and gestured for them to follow. Hermione nodded and sent a quick text message to Ginny, asking her if she could make it to their office. She responded with a yes and Hermione sent her the details.

"She says ask Narcissa to come too", Hermione said, as they entered the training room.

"That will be all, Julietta, thank you. And make sure nobody comes this way. We will call you if we need to. Oh and do you have any idea why everybody was gaping at us a minute ago?" Draco said, addressing the young girl.

"Uh... I do, sir... The thing is... The Daily Prophet printed something today morning about you both. Did you not read that?" Both shook their heads, eyes wide and she continued. "It spoke about an... Accident day before yesterday night. There was yelling at a restaurant, in brief, followed by a car crash. The writer says you both are... Uh... Fighting and Mr.Malfoy, you were speeding..." Julietta finished, a nervous expression on her face.

Hermione covered her face with her hands tiredly and Draco grit his teeth with anger. "The bloody media just cant leave you alone. Thank you, Julietta." The young assistant nodded and after telling him that the dressed would arrive shortly, she left.

"Call mother?" Draco asked, turning to Hermione.

"Yes, she says that Narcissa would be able to help better than Ginny would. Apparently she won't even ask questions", Hermione explained.

Draco nodded after a few seconds of thinking and said, "Call her then."

"She has a mobile phone?"

"I assume she would, having a muggle born daughter in law would have taught her to at least have the basics", Draco shrugged. Hermione agreed and searched through the contacts till she found Narcissa's name. She hit the green button and when she picked up, Hermione requested her to come. Narcissa agreed almost immideately.

Within five minutes, both women appeared there, Julietta having shown them the room.

"How come you needed us?" Narcissa asked, after a lot of hugging and making sure that they were alright.

"Hermione and I have a modeling event on saturday for three days. Hermione is... Uh..." Draco stammered, looking to Ginny nervously. What if his mother asked why Hermione needed help?

"Hermione needs help getting her basics right again. She hasn't modeled in a long time and she's a nervous wreck." Ginny completed for him, addressing Narcissa.

Narcissa looked at Hermione for a few seconds, then her son, and then said, "Alright. Let's get on with this then."

A dress suddenly appeared on the desk and they walked towards it. Draco handed it to the Ginny.

"Help Hermione get dressed", He said, "We'll get the heels on when she's ready."

Ginny lead Hermione to a small connecting dressing room behind the ramp and stage.

"Did you see the prophet today?" Ginny asked as Hermione began unbuttoning her shirt.

"No, actually", She answered, "Julietta told us about it."

"It's terrible how they follow us everywhere", Ginny said. "What happened when you went home?"

Hermione pulled off her shirt and moved to unzipping her skirt.

"He refused to speak to me or even look at me-"

"He blamed himself."

"Probably still does but I talked to him and made sure he listened and I-", Her voice became relatively squeakier as she pulled her skirt off, "-I told him I couldn't live without him."

Ginny's jaw dropped open and she began grinning. "And what did he say?"

"He said 'right back at'cha" ", Hermione said, watching Ginny unzip the dress' back.

"And then?"

"And then we fell asleep in comfortable silence".

"Woah what?" Ginny spluttered, handing her the dress.


"Are you sleeping with him?"

Hermione turned to her, horrified, "Ginny, no! I'm... Sleeping next to him."

"Weren't you both enemies just a few weeks ago?"

"We both get nightmares."

"How many nights have you spent in each other's arms already?" Ginny asked, a mischievous glint in her eye.

Hermione slipped the dress on and turned for Ginny to zip it up. It was a red halter neck that reached several inches above her knees.

"Firstly, we weren't in each other's arms", She looked positively disgusted. "We were quite far apart. And second, a few nights here and there. Third, isn't this a bit short?"

"Welcome to the the fashion world, sweetie", Ginny laughed, zipping it up. "You look gorgeous."

Hermione looked at herself in the mirror, spinning around. Surprisingly, the dress didn't fly at all.

"It's been magicked so that there aren't any malfunctioning incidents", Ginny explained. Hermione nodded, impressed and headed towards the ramp.

" 'Mione?" Hermione turned around and raised her eyebrows questioningly. "Do you have feelings for him?" She was taken aback by her question but shook her head, honesty in her eyes. Ginny nodded, deciding not to discuss the matter.

Both went out and Draco and Narcissa looked up at them. They had been discussing the prophet while the two ladies were gone.

Draco smirked at Hermione when the latter began tugging down at the bottom hem of the dress. Her baby bump was just slightly visible but the dress was flowly enough to cover it up.

"Let's get this started then." Draco said, getting her to sit down at the edge of the ramp. Draco handed her a pair of four inch heels. Hermione pulled a disgusted expression but slipped them on any way.

She hopped off the edge of the low ramp and steadied herself by grabbing Draco's shoulder.

"Injured man here." Draco said, wincing. Hermione apologized, suddenly remembering he had gotten majorly injured.

"Did you change your bandages?" She asked, spinning to face him.

"While you were in the shower", Draco nodded. "Don't care about me so much."

Hermione rolled her eyes and stood up straighter, releasing Draco.

"Right, so let's begin with general walking." Narcissa said, clapping her hands so that attention was on her.

"Oh, let's!" Hermione exclaimed in a voice dripping with sarcasm. Everyone chuckled at her but that was the last of the jokes. Intense training began from that moment onwards.

* * * *

Two she had changed into a floor-length gown and higher heels. Narcissa had somewhere to be and had left half an hour earlier and Ginny left twenty minutes after that.

But it was alright. Why? Because there indeed was a reason Hermione had turned out a top model in the Wizarding world. By the end of those two hours, she was perfect.

She sat down on the floor, cross-legged and her gown stretched awkwardly. Her heels had been discarded beside her.

Draco stepped out of the washroom there and seeing her, he shook his head.

"You have the elegance and charm of a princess, Granger", He drawled. Hermione grinned at him. "Could you be more attractive?"

"I'm going to pretend there's no sarcasm in your voice", She said, leaning behind, her arms stretched supporting her back.

"Imagine you, up there, walking the ramp and suddenly you decide that you've had enough of this girly business and resort to your unlady-like ways and-" She didn't get to find out what she did after that and he didn't get to finish as a shoe was thrown unceremoniously his way, hitting him in his stomach.

He "humph'ed" and doubled over. "Injured man, Granger!"

When he didn't straighten up, she hurried to her feet and went to him.

"Sorry! I keep forgetting!" She said, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Are you okay? Can I help in any way?"

"Merlin, no. You'll just make it worse", He groaned, clutching his stomach.

"Oh god, I'm sorry! I didn't realize! It was a mistake! Shit! I didn't think!" Hermione panicked, her hands flaying about, trying to place them somewhere to help.

"Damn, Granger, you just can't watch what you're doing, can you?!" He asked, collapsing to his knees.

"Gods, Im sorry, Malfoy! I didn't mean it!" She said, kneeling down beside him, a worried expression on her face.

And then he looked up at her and smirked.

Her jaw dropped open and she shoved him backwards, causing him to fall on his back ungracefully.

"You jerk! You had me so worried!" She cried, outraged at his little act.

"Yes, well", He smirked, sitting up properly and rubbing his back. "Don't shove me next time."

"I didn't hurt you did I?" She asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Don't get sarcastic with me now, Granger", He smirked. She narrowed her eyes at him and sat back down, cross-legged.

"And she's back with the attractive sitting position", Draco commented, making Hermione pick up her other shoe, aiming it at him. He held his arms up in defense and she put it back down, rolling her eyes.

"You're so easy to tease", He laughed. "You really hate me, don't you?"

"Yes! I do!" She exclaimed.

"And I love that!" He grinned. The next moment, a shoe was thrown at his face.

* * * *

"I cannot do this!" Hermione panicked, pacing the area outside Draco's private dressing room. He emerged a second later, dressed in a smart black tuxedo with a yellow bow tie. She looked at him and gave him a genuine smile.

"Although I'm not a big fan of bow-ties or yellow, you look quite nice", She said.

"Nice?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, it means-"

"I know what it means!" He snapped, "I was actually thinking along the lines of- 'Nice? I don't look nice, I look hot.' "

"If you say so." Hermione. "On to more important topics here- I cannot do this!"

"Yes you can, Granger!" He said, looking over her shoulder to make sure the door was closed. "You've trained best you can and you're born to model. Okay?"

"No, not okay! I am going to trip or fall or something disastrous like that!"

"You are not! You aren't even dressed yet- go!" Draco said, gesturing at the dress package hanging by the door.

Hermione groaned and trudged up to it and unhooked it, turned around and trudged back to the dressing room.

"Do I HAVE to-"





Ten minutes later, she opened the door and stepped out. Draco looked up from his fiddling with the mobile phone and his eyebrows shot up, almost disappearing into his hairline. She was looking down at the floor, fidgeting with her fingers.

The strapless dress was a yellow floor-length gown that had a tight bodice but flowed freely beyond that. There was a lighter yellow thin layer of fabric over the skirt of the gown and it had a slit at the side of the dress that reached mid-thigh.

She looked up in time to see him giving her a slow once-over. How ironic, she thought dryly.

He smirked at her and stood up from his seat in front of the dressing table.

"Ill go call the stylist", He said, leaving the room and coming back shortly after with a lady in her thirties. Hermione was still standing there, unsure of herself.

"Sit, Mrs.Malfoy", She said. Hermione did as she was told and sat in front of the mirror at the dressing table. Draco leaned against the wall beside her, watching the older lady working on his 'wife'.

Hermione was instructed to close her eyes and mechanically just did what she was asked. Forty-five minutes later, the lady was done with both of them though Hermione still had her eyes closed.

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"Granger, open your eyes", Draco said and she jumped. His voice was surprisingly close to her ear. She opened her eyes and gaped at the sight in the mirror. Her face was covered with a layer of foundation and powder. Her eyes had been done with thick eyeliner, her eyelashes accented with mascara and her eyelids had been covered in a very visible yellow shade that stretched out even beyond her lids. She had a light pink shade of lipstick on and her cheeks were rosy with blush. Her straight hair had been left open, a yellow hairband fixed into place. Draco stood behind her, leaning forward, his hands resting on either side of her against the top edge of the back of the chair. A light layer of make-up covered his face but that was all.

"We have six minutes", He said. He, just like her, was unable to tear his eyes away from the sight in the mirror. They really did look brilliant.

"I never thought yellow could look so good", Was all she managed to say. He chuckled and went to the side to bring her a pair of heels. He set them down in front of her and she looked at them, dread filling her eyes. She slipped on the strappy yellow five-invh heels and stood up slowly. Draco offered his arm to her and she looped her arm through his.

He lead her out to the area backstage from where the models entered. Today, they both would start the walk, opening the three-day event and then the other models- each a man and a woman- would model their outfits. Draco and Hermione had only one walk for that event and the next day, it was Hermione who would come out first, followed by the other female models and then Draco and Hermione would close the days' event. On the final day, Hermione was show-stopper and would bring an end to the three day event with Draco. To say she was nervous was an understatement.

"Malfoys up in 20", Someone called from their side. They went to stand in the area they were to walk onto stage from. She gripped his arm tightly, her nerves getting the better of her.

"Granger, relax".

"Seventeen-" The lady called.

"I can't, Im so nervous..."


"Look at me", Draco said, turning to her. She looked up at him. "This is easy. All you have to do is hang on to me, look ahead- shoot dazzling smile after dazzling smile, use the routine we practiced and we're done. Okay? Its going to be fine."


"Yeah, okay", She squeaked. "Don't let go of me."

"Wouldn't dream of it."



"Not quite."


"And you're up!"

Draco moved forward, Hermione on his arm, moving with him. They stepped out on to the stage and immediately they were blinded with flashed from cameras.

"Damn, we're a hot couple", Draco murmured in an attempt to make Hermione smile. Mission accomplished. Hermione broke into a massive grin and the cameras pretty much went while.

Draco began moving forward, Hermione going with him.

"Don't let me fall", She said softly.


The confidence in his voice transferred to her own self and soon, she was walking down the ramp, confidence radiating from her walk. Elegance radiating from her movements. Beauty radiating from both of them as their steps synchronized and their smiles didn't leave their faces.

They walked to the front of the ramp, moving just as they were trained and turned, moved to the middle of the ramp and showed off their profiles. Hermione was practically holding her breathe. She had never had so many emotions running through her mind before- nervousness, excitement, confidence. She was scared she would mess up yet she knew the owner of the arm she was holding on to would never allow that. Today, they weren't two individuals walking beside each other, claiming the stage. Today, they were one. And it wasn't just that she needed him there- she wanted him there too. She wanted his sarcastic comments, his bragging self, his radiating confidence, his everything. And he was there for her. And for that very fact, she knew that she could do this. Draco Malfoy wouldn't let her fall. He wouldn't let them fall.

Draco, on the other hand, had similar thoughts but they weren't as conflicting. He was a little nervous, yes. But he refused to let it show. Malfoy pride and all. But that was an almost-excuse. A half-lie. The other bit of it was that he didn't want Hermione to panic. She was in a right state as it is and he needed her to know that he was confident- that he would not let anything go wrong. And as the walk proceeded, he watched as she grew more confident. The grip on his arm did not slacken, but her steps told her that she could have done it without him. But he knew that more than needing him there, she also wanted him there. She had shown that through his eyes. It was desperation for him to stay- for need, and want. He wasn't being selfish, no. And he didn't feel his ego inflating either. He was happy. Why? Because someone wanted him. And he wouldn't let her down in any way. He wouldn't let her fall. He wouldn't let them fall.

They moved back to their original place at the back of the stage.

They stood there as they were told until the next pair of models took their place. They walked off the other end of the stage, opposite from where they entered from. As soon as they were backstage and away from everyone else, Hermione let go of Draco's arm and he stumbled behind a few steps as she flung her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He stood there awkward and uncomfortable for a few seconds before relaxing in her embrace and, though a little hesitantly, wrapped his own arms around her back.

"You did it", He said, searching for something to say and deciding upon that.

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She pulled back, her hands still on his shoulders and shook her head. "We did it." She grinned at him and he couldn't help but smile back at her, his hands resting lightly on her hips. The next pair of models that had taken their place earlier entered and they broke apart, both looking away suddenly. Awkwardness filled the air as they made their way back to their private dressing room in silence.

Hermione had just realized what she had done and began fidgeting with her fingers as she did when she was nervous. She had just hugged him.

She had just bloody hugged Draco Malfoy.

"I just hugged you", She blurted out without thinking.

"Brilliant observation, Granger", He drawled, resisting the urge to smirk. "No wonder they call you the brightest witch of our year."

She fell silent again before he spoke. "But yes, indeed you did. Was there a reason?"

She turned to him. They were right outside their room now.

"I was happy so I did. Albeit without thinking." She said. "But really, Malfoy, is there a reason one needs to hug someone else?" He shrugged. "Have you never hugged anybody?"

"There was my mother..." He said and Hermione had to cough to cover her laugh. He caught it and glared at her. "There was Pansy. There was that girl I dated long ago. I hugged Lovegood the other day. Hayley hugged me too..."

"You've never hugged anybody before we came here?!" She exclaimed, laughing. "Seriously? Just Pansy and that girl and your mother?"

"I wasn't a very... touchy type of person." Draco said, highly uncomfortable with this topic. "And plus, Im a guy."

This caused Hermione to laugh even harder. "So what?! You're a guy! Big deal!"

"Didn't you hear the first bit?" He asked, annoyed. "Im not a touchy type of person."

She elbowed him lightly in the side and smiled teasingly. "What kind of a person are you then?"

He allowed himself a smile before pushing the door open and entering. Hermione followed him and closed the door behind them.

"Do we need to go back again?"

"We have two more days of this, so no, this isn't the last time they're seeing us."

"No, as in do we go back today again?"

"No, we can go home, relax, and get the hell back here tomorrow."

"Why are you being so snappy?"

"Im not."

"Are to. You're no fun, you know that?"

"I'll have you know that Im a lot of fun."

"Im sure."

"I am!"

"Prove it."

"I don't have to prove anything to you."

"Fine... boring old Malfoy."

"I am not boring! Or old! Okay Ill prove it to you once this modeling business is done."

"Good. If you can prove it, I'll give you another hug", She grinned.

"Yeah, Im re-thinking proving anything." Draco cringed.

Hermione stuck her tongue out at him before retreating into the changing room. Draco smiled once she was safely inside and not able to see him. That crazy bint was going to be the end of him.

* * *


So this definitely isn't the end of the modeling bit :D As you can see, there are two more days remaining and the second day is going to be quite a mess- why? That you'll have to wait and see! I was overwhelmed by the number of reviews I got for the last chapter so Id like to say thank you guys so so so so much for your reads and reviews :) I really appreciate it. I don't know if I did the modeling section justice but i tried as hard as i could and i hope the descriptions and all were alright :/ The next chapter should be better and Ill try typing it out as soon as i can because school starts on the 11th and so ill be loaded with work pretty damn soon :'| BUT i won't stop writing and Ill get it up asap like i said. And i KNOW Ritch wasn't mentioned in this one- she will be, in the next one! And alas, hell shall break loose.

The line- He laughed. "You really hate me, don't you?"
"Yes! I do!" She exclaimed.
"And I love that!" He grinned.- was inspired from the trailer of a bollywood movie Im dying to watch called Cocktail under Illuminati Films :)

Please do review as usual! PLease please!

Love always,
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