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No Awkwardness by CharliesRose
Chapter 3 : Hufflepuff of the Bumblebees?
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So this is starting right where the last one left off, as usual it does not belong to me and the Harry Potter world is most definitely JK Rowlings. I hope you enjoy and please leave a review, I love to hear what you think!!

As soon as Aurora had slid open the compartment door, and, dragging her trunk along with her, disappeared off down the train I rounded on Char.

‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ I demanded, furiously.

‘What?’ she asked, innocently, however I could quite easily read the flickering of her eyes as hiding something.

‘Don’t even try to deny it, what the bloody hell were the cuts on Rory’s arms?’ I said, slamming shut the door, she didn’t respond, ‘Charla, you’re sister is like my sister, did you not think I would care she was hurting? Do you think I would have not wanted to help?’

‘How could you have helped her James, she didn’t even talk to me about it, she didn’t talk to anyone, no one would have noticed if I hadn’t visited over the holiday and caught her doing that to herself in her room!’ She pushed my chest fiercely, ‘what could you have done.’

‘Something, anything... It’s killing you Char,’ I stepped forward again and enveloped her in my arms, until her shaking from the tears had stopped.

That, of course, took quite a while because Charla, in guess you’ve forgotten, is a girl and girls do tend to cry a lot more than normal people...

However, we hadn’t quite reached Hogwarts by the time Charla had wiped her eyes dry and was even managing a (ridiculously poor attempt at a ) smile as we sat eating more chocolate and bitching about the bitches in our year. Ah how I missed my Char.

‘James where you been?’ the door slid open again (bloody people can’t leave me alone with my best mate when she needed me?) and Dominique flounced in. Then she abruptly stopped, squinted her eyes, and squealed delightedly at the top of her lungs.

‘OH MY GOD CHARLA HONEY IT’S BEEN TO LONG I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!’ She pulled Charla up for a girly squealy hug while I watched the entire scene bemused and Charla pulled a face then kissed Dom’s cheek.

Once upon a time they had been close too, I supposed Dom was just as happy to see Charla again as I had been and I hadn’t actually thought of going to find Domi and reuniting the two girls... and it has nothing to do with the fact Char’s suddenly become ten times prettier.

‘James,-’ (more people, really?) ‘- I see you’ve found Charlie-poo!’ both Charla I gave Freddie and extremely unimpressed face but he didn’t seem to catch on that it was not a nickname Char answered to. Ah well, Fred Weasley was not the brightest spark.

In our family, Fred took after his name-sake, most of us did; I got the awesome Marauderness, Albie got the incredibly oversized brain (mind you Rose is smarter), Lillers got her dead Grans supposed strong will, Molly (II) got the cooking talent... and Fred got the knack for running a joke shop... I think he needed it since he lacked so much in other talent involving intelligence. Maybe I’m being cruel, he’s not as dumb as I make him out to be... he just has blonde moments... can you have blonde moments if you’re brunette?

‘Fred you have lipstick on your cheek!’ Charlie laughed and reached forward to smudge it out. Dominique burst into a fit of giggles.

‘Fred’s got a girlfriend,’ she teased, kissing his cheek fondly and planting more lipstick. Fred looked from her to Char neglected.

‘That’s not possible Dom, Fred only ever has flings!’ I raised my eyebrows and searched both cousins faces for an explanation.

‘Apparently this girls different.’ Dom sighed, running her hand through her shoulder length blonde hair, ‘now I have a date to get to and a heart to break honey-buns so see you!’ she blew a kiss from the door and skipped off to go and tragically end and happily begin a relationship with some poor blokes who had no idea what was coming.

I turned my attention back to Char and Fred who were having a close hushed conversation only to catch the end of it and watch as Freddie too left to go and make-out with his new dearly beloved. I chuckled softly to myself as he went.

‘Claire Palmer?’ I shook my head, ‘poor guy won’t last with her for five minutes!’

* * *

We arrived at Hogsmeade Station, as usual, an hour exactly after the sun had disappeared and left us with night. I loved Hogwarts... and Hogsmeade, but the station was unbareably; so many loud and ghastly noises that rattled through, echoing off everything, every person and pillar and horse drawn carriage sans the horse.

Charlie slipped her little fingers through mine and pulled me with surprising force, knowing my hatred for the station, so we reached the carriages and were off before anyone had time to board alongside us.

It took us nearly half the journey to figure out we were not alone on the carriage.

A tiny blonde person that was vaguely recognisable poked her head over the top of her magazine and smiled slightly.

‘Hey James,’ she said quietly, ‘Charla.’

Lucy Weasley is the youngest Weasley Potter, though around about the same age, and in the same year as Victoire’s brother Louis, and Fred’s sister Roxanne. She was also the ‘Odd One Out’ Weasley. Lucy was quite a lot smaller than her cousins, and anyone in the same year as her (second year), and had dusty blonde coloured hair. She took after her godmother Luna, who was the mother of her best friends Lysander and Lorcan.

Lucy had also managed to become the first and only Weasley/Potter child in Slytherin. You would not believe the shocked faces when the hat called out Slytherin. The whole great hall went quite.

‘Hey love,’ I grinned, and ruffled her hair, ‘where’re the cousins? And Lorc and Ly?’

‘I thought I saw a Nargle in the carriage,’ Lucy smiled and looked round, ‘so I went on ahead and lost them... they’ll be at the feast though!’

All the while me and Lucy chatted family talk, Char sat smiling. That was the cool thing about Char, we could have a conversation and blank her existence completely for ten minutes without awkwardness.

‘So Charla how was France, I hear there’s an infestation of Glumpy Worms in the Alps?’ Lucy said after a moment.

‘Um, yeah I heard that too, the Department for the Control of Magical Creatures was sent out last week, there was one in our house too according to Uncle Rolf.’

I leant over inconspicuously to Char and whispered in her ear. ‘What’s a Glumpy Worm?’

‘No idea!’

* * *

We reached the castle and waved good bye to Lucy who took her place among the trickle of other second year Slytherins.

‘Ah Miss Wood, so glad to see you back,’ Professor Longbottom smiled encouragingly as we seated ourselves at the table clad in red and gold decorations, as had become the tradition at the start of term feast.

We watched as more students filed through the doors of the Great Hall. I watched as Dominique’s Strawberry Blonde curls bobbed around her shoulders as she glided across towards us, attached to tall and blonde Ravenclaw Head Boy. I didn’t even remember his name, he was some snob or another, didn’t even see what Dom thought was attractive in him.

‘He’s actually pretty hot,’ Char smiled, flicking a gold bead across the table so it hit.

‘No his isn’t,’ I snorted, suddenly feeling rather weird, I was definitely hotter than that prat.

‘You’re a dude Jam, if you though he was hot I’d be worried.’

I snorted again but words failed, how could she find the HEAD BOY hot, firstly he was attached to Dom, secondly he was HEAD BOY which clearly equals NERD! And thirdly she was sitting next to ME.

‘Not jealous are we Jamesie?’ she giggled, ruffling my hair.

‘Obviously not,’ think of a new topic James! I urged myself, ‘have you seen Rory?’

That took Charla’s mind off the head boy, she sat up straight and looked around, her eyes searching the crowd. ‘maybe she’s with the first years?’

‘Relax Char, she’s fine, I was just wondering if you knew where she was.’

However Charlie didn’t relax, she sat staring at the double doors, waiting for them to open and the ickle firsties to come in.

This was the first year that a Weasley cousin was not joining Hogwarts, the sorting hat would probably be relieved. But I suppose Aurora counted.

Rory hadn’t been to Hogwarts before she left for France, so she would obviously need to be sorted and she sort-of counted as a Weasley, she was just as close to me as any of my cousins.

‘D’you think she’ll be in Gryffindor?’ Charla whispered as Professor McGonagall (seriously that woman was ancient, she really needed to hurry up and die already!) stood up and greeted us all with the same kindly face she’d used for the past six years I’d been here. I had learnt not to be fooled, her old age didn’t change any feelings she had towards handing out detention and homework.

‘Probably not!’ I admitted, Rory wasn’t really the brave and courageous type, she was a bit of a nerd really. Charla looked distraught.

‘She can’t do it without me, she has to be in Gryffindor James!’ Char whispered again, mortified.

‘Relax Char, Rory isn’t a baby anymore,’ all the same I slipped my hand into Charla’s and waited patiently to see the new set of “babies” march in, staring in awe at the ceiling. Rory was in the front, not taller than the others though, blushing and keeping her head down.

‘Welcome to Hogwarts,’ Teddy stood up at the front of the hall and grinned down at the firsties, running his hands through his blue hair, a couple of girls giggled and Tante Gabrielle (our Charms teacher) rolled her eyes. ‘So before you sit down for the enormous feast that you’re all probably dying to eat, we’re going to bore you to death sorting you into different houses.’

‘I wish he wouldn’t,’ I heard Fred complain from opposite me, ‘I’m starving.’

‘There are four houses and you’ll belong in one of them,’ Teddy continued, ‘Gryffindor of the Brave, Ravenclaw of the wise, Huffelpuff of the Loyal and Slytherin of the Cunning.’

‘Huffelpuff of the bumble bees more like,’ Dom snorted.

‘Shut up Domi!’ Charla snapped, that wasn’t like her.

‘Normally the hat would sing, but today he’s supposedly got a sore throat, he said he’d grace us with a song some other time, and I assure you he will before the end of the year, instead will just let the sorting commence, when I call your name, sit on this stool and I’ll put the hat on your head and if you’re fast we can eat soon!’ Ted finished, ‘Abbot, Elsie.’

And so that was it, we watched as about forty students made their way up the steps onto the platform, some literally quivering in their fancy new school shoes and robes. A few marched up looking quite proud of themselves, most of that pompous bunch ended up in Slytherin. And Sophie Weston became the last child sorted, into Gryffindor.

That was good, I thought happily as I reached into my pocket and pulled out my newly received Quidditch captain badge, she looked like a seekers build.

Only Aurora stood left and Teddy smiled down at her, beckoning her to join him. ‘Wood, Aurora.’ Rory nodded shyly and sat upon the chair.

‘No need to be nervous kiddo, we do have new kids come at the wrong ages sometimes.’

The whole hall fell silent and Charla stared hard at the hat, as though wishing it to scream Gryffindor. Char honey, I felt like saying, you know staring won’t change the hats mind, you’re sister will be happy wherever. Rory had a personality like that, happy wherever.

‘I think,’ The rip at the brim of the sorting hat opened and I squeezed Charla’s hand tight, ‘HUFFELPUFF!’

Charla smiled at her sister, almost in relief, then turned to Dom and sneered as Dom clapped wildly for Aurora. ‘Huffelpuff isn’t full of Bumblebees now is it!’

With that, she leapt to her feet and stormed out of the Great Hall, ignoring all the shocked looks to follow.

I had never in my life seen Charla be rude to Dominique, and Dom looked like she was going to burst into tears!   


Well thanks for reading, and please please please leave a review telling me what you think, would really appreciate it!!


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