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Cross My Heart by cherryblossoms
Chapter 1 : The Morning
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insanely perfect chapter image by Chocolate_Frog @ TDA. (:

Chapter One: The Morning.

Sunlight stabbed at my closed eyes, interrupting my sleep. Groaning, I forced my eyes open and peered up at the white ceiling, willing my vision to clear.

Ugh. My head is fucking killing me. Like a million hypogriffs are playing poker on my skull, stomping their hooves up and down in excitement.

Bringing my fingers up to my temple, I massaged for a second and then stopped, stretching out my arms above me. Holy hell, my muscles were sore.

I let my arms drop and then yawned, rolling over in my bed-

and coming nose-to-nose with none other than James Sirius Potter.

I froze, staring at the boy sleeping inches away.

Black lashes cast light shadows along his tan cheeks, lips slightly parted as he breathed. A trace of freckles dusted his nose and his tousled hair was as dark as ever.

I frowned at him, cocking my head in confusion. How the hell had James ended up in my bed? Sure, we had shared beds before but it was just a tad odd of him to come in the middle of the night and-

And just like that, I could recall the events of last night.

Getting ready for Tyler's party with Rose. Teenage bodies writhing on the dance floor, sweating and laughing as the music shook the walls. Drink after drink in my hand, the burning in my throat of firewhiskey. James approaching me, slurring his words, eyes smoldering and grin in place. His hand wrapped around mine as he led me away, up the stairs to his dormitory...

His tongue on mine... his skin on mine.

I blinked, staring at James' face, taking in his tousled hair and swollen lips. He looked almost angelic, like there were no worries in the world. The stupid part of me wanted to reach out and stroke the side of his perfect face, kiss his eyelids and-

I am pathetic.

I sat up slowly, the sheets falling from my grasp and exposing my naked chest. I blinked once, and then twice- and reality bitchslapped me, hard.

I just had sex with James fucking Potter.

Oh, Merlin.

Bloody hell.

Okay Vita, breathe. Oxygen. You need it. You can panic (and daydream) about this later. Just get out of here.

I cautiously drew back the curtains around the bed, peeking outside and taking in the surroundings. The boy's dormitory was messy as usual, clothes piled everywhere and candy wrappers littering the floor.

Alright, I couldn't say much about their room- mine would be the exact same way if Rose wasn't such a clean freak.

I glanced around in search of last night's clothes, spotting the shirt and skirt laying within a few inches of eachother in the middle of the floor. My bra appeared to be MIA- I would worry about that later.

Sitting back, I drew a long breath. Okay, my clothes weren't that far away. All I had to do was make a run out there, being as quick and quiet as possible, and pray that none of James' roommates were awake yet.

Sounds simple enough.

Pushing back the curtains once more, I swung myself out of bed and crossed my arms over my breasts. I tip-toed quickly to my clothes, dodging any candy wrappers that might have rustled under my feet. If there was anything that woke up a couple of teenage boys, it was the sound of food.

I bent down and snatched up my clothes, clutching them to my chest. Relieved, I turned on my heel.

And met the gaze of Fred Weasley, sitting up in his bed and looking at me with wide eyes.

My stomach flipped around as we stared at eachother, my heart beating frantically against my chest. Of course. There just had to be someone awake; the universe hates me.

Fred broke the silence first. "Vita? What the-"

I pressed a finger to my lips quickly, warning him to be quiet. As if Fred seeing me try to sneak away naked wasn't bad enough- we did not need anybody else.

"Shh!" I hissed, fixing him with one of my trademark glares. He fell silent, staring again before he seemed to realize the predicament we were in.

He turned away and covered his face, calling softly, "Vita? Please put some clothes on."

Thanks. Definitely couldn't have thought of that one by myself, Freddy.

I rolled my eyes, although I couldn't stop the blood from rushing to my cheeks. He will probably never, ever let me live this down.

I shoved my shirt over my head, fixing the blasted itchy sleeves and stepping into my skirt. Fred looked back as I finished, a frown on his dark face.

"Did you and James...?" He whispered, trailing off and lifting his eyebrows suggestively. There was no trace of humour on his face, just a serious expression.

I looked around the room, taking in the sleeping boys. Tyler was sprawled across his bed, blonde hair sticking up at odd angles and mouth open in a snore. On the bed next to him was Roland, dark curls just barely visible under his blankets.

I need to get out of here before they wake up. Or worse, James does.

"You can't tell anyone!" I whispered frantically, turning to Freddy with what I'm sure would be called crazy eyes. "Not a soul!"

Fred crossed his arms, frown deepening. "What do you-?"

"I mean it, Fred!" I snapped, cursing myself quietly as our words got louder.

Tyler's snore stopped, and he rolled over, snuggling deeper into his pillow. I stared, holding my breath as he wavered between awake and asleep, until his snores started up again.

I turned my attention back to Fred, who seemed to be having some sort of internal debate. He looked up at me, brown eyes guarded and curious, and I whispered one of the words I hated most.


And with that, I high-tailed it out of the room.

I hurried down the steps, readjusting my skirt as I ran. The Gryffindor common room was deserted and spotless, no sign of the raging party that had gone on just a few hours ago.

I sent a silent thank you to the heavens that there was no one awake to witness my walk (or run) of shame. I'm sure I looked like quite the sight, red hair knotted and last night's makeup on my face, hurrying down from the boy's dormitories at the crack of dawn.

I crossed the room and began the ascent up to my own dorm, taking two steps at a time in my rush. The stairs seemed to last forever, spiraling up and up as I ran out of breath.

Finally reaching the 7th year dorm, I swung the door open and dashed inside, shutting it behind me quietly.

"What the hell?" Someone exclaimed, and I looked up as Rose tossed her book to the side.

"Where have you been?!" She rounded on me, getting up from her bed and stomping over. Her blue-gray eyes blazed with fury, wrinkles forming between her eyebrows. "I have been worried sick. You're lucky I didn't call for a search party! What are you doing sneaking in at this hour in the morning? Bloody hell! Were you off shagging someone?"

There was a pause, in which Rose tapped her foot impatiently and I cracked my knuckles. It's a habit, something I mostly do when I'm nervous. Which Rose makes me, all the bloody time.

Whatever. Be cool.

I smiled, tossing my frizzy hair and leaning against the door. "Hey Rosie," I said pleasantly.

Then I threw up all the alcohol I had drank last night- right at Rose's feet.

Classy as always, Vita.

And what happened next? I could tell you, though I'm sure at this point you're already lost. Who am I, who is James, what the bloody hell is going on here?

Let me take you back, then, to the end of the summer. When everything was simple, and nothing hurt. When best friends were best friends and we never forgot it, when promises meant everything and nobody lied.

Back to the beginning of seventh year.


A/N: Hey there. <3 So this is my first story! I know it seems kind of confusing right now, but this is Cross My Heart. Next chapter I'm jumping back in time- we will get back to this part of the story, but it's crucial you know what happens before. I'll try to make this story go as smooth as possible, but I'll need encouragement! So.. favorite? Review? I'm excited to tell you about Vita, and I hope you all end up liking her. Lots of love!
x Ria.
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