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Albus Potter: The Journey Begins by Phoenix_feather123
Chapter 2 : To Hogwarts
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The scene at the platform 9 ¾ is from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (last chapter) I just borrowed it and wrote it from a different angle. 

Disclaimer: I don't own anything in Harry Potter.


Sorry for the late update, My computer had some problems.  I hope it doesn't happen again!

Albus was really annoyed. The Hogwarts express is going to leave in half a hour and James just woke up. And he didn't even pack his things yet. Albus wouldn't be surprised if they missed the train. Albus sighed. Typical James. He put the last of his breakfast toast in his mouth and went to see if James was done yet. It turned out that James fell back to sleep. He pushed James off the bed and told him to start packing or else he would hex him with the first curse he learned. After that James grumbled and got started. As James stuffed his last sock into his trunk they had to leave or else they would miss the train.

“JAMES POTTER! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Mrs. Potter shouted at James, who was trying to sneak something into Lily's pocket.

“ Just giving Lily a surprise.” He replied innocently.

Lily took out the thing James gave her. It was bright red wrapped taffy. Lily said “Ooooo” And plopped it in her mouth. A few seconds later she started floating and turning around in circles.

“JAMES!” Mrs. Potter yelled. “WHAT DID YOU GIVE HER?!”


“ Floating Twirling Taffy, Teddy gave me some last week. He got it at Uncle George's. Shop.” James replied. “It's new. He wanted me to test it out to see if it's safe,” James shrugged, “But I hate taffy.”




“ It will wear off, See.” James pointed at Lily, who finally came down, though looking kind of green. James looked at Lily thoughtfully “Yup, I think it safe. Remind me to tell Uncle George.” After he said that, Mrs. Potter looked like she was about to explode with anger.


“Well, Ginny, as much as I know you would want to punish your son, I think we should get going.” Mr. Potter said.


“Oh, well... lets go.” Then she looked at James, “Your in big trouble mister!”


Rose got out of her parents car at Kings Cross train Station. On her Hogwarts letter it said to go on platform 9 ¾. At first, she thought it was a joke. But when she asked her mother to check to see if there was any problems, but her mother looked over it and said it was in perfect order. Okay, so there is a platform called 9 ¾. Rose looked around for the barrier between Platform 9 and 10. After she spotted it, she turned to her mother, Hermoine, who was chatting to a random wizard family and said “ Mom, the platform is over there, I think we should get going.” Then she turned around and ran toward the barrier. Her dad told her just to go right through it, but the wall looked to solid for her liking. She decided to listen to her father and ran through it with her eyes closed, getting ready for her trolley to hit the wall. It never came. Instead, Rose opened her eyes and saw a magnificent sight. A big scarlet engine with golden letter that read “Hogwarts Express” was in front of her. She “wow”-ed and went to go look for the Potters. She spotted Uncle Harry talking to a worried looking Albus not to for away, and a few feet farther James and Lily arguing about something. And then her mother came and said “There you are Rose, don't go running off like that” After that her mother went over to Aunt Ginny to say hello. Rose went up too and stood next to her dad. Her dad pointed at the Malfoy family and said : “So that's little Scorpius. Make sure you beat him in every test, Rosie. Thank God you inherited your mother's brains." (Quote from harry potter and the deathly hallows) Rose looked at the family. They looked like mean fellows and Rose hoped she didn't run into them. Then Rose said goodbye to her mother and pushed her trolley to the train to wait for her cousin. A calmer looking Albus came a few minutes later, and they said one last goodbye to their families as the train started moving forward. They both hopped on as it got faster. Lily starting chasing after it, tears running down her face. Soon Lily disappeared and the train pulled out the the station.

 “Come on Rose, lets looked for a empty compartment before they are all taken” Albus said to Rose, who nodded. As they walked town the corridor of the train they bumped into someone with light blond hair, gray eyes and a pale, pointed face.


Scorpius. Scorpius Malfoy.

 He looked up and smirked. “ So, the Chosen one's son finally came to Hogwarts. I wonder when he is going to get his scar.”


“ At least his dad his famous for better reasons then yours, how is your dad doing at the ministry Malfoy?” Rose shot back.


Scorpius looked at Rose and said with a slight sense of anger. “ Did I give you permission to speak mud blood?”


“Hey, Roses parents are both wizards.” Albus said angrily.


“Well, I guess. But she is the daughter of a Mud blood and a blood traitor. So I guess that makes her half mud blood half ultimate blood traitor. Wow, I didn't think that was possible.” Scorpius smirked again.


That’s it, he asked for it. Albus just took out his wand when Rose tapped him and said “ Ignore him, He is just a Git.”


“Oh, saving your wittle cousin are you? I thought the boy-who-lived son would be braver then that.” Malfoy said.


“ What going on here?” A Ravenclaw Prefect asked.


“Nothing.” Everyone said in a unison.


“ Then get back to your compartment!”


Malfoy turned around and sneered at them before entering his compartment.

“Lets not sit in there.” Rose suggested.





“ I hate him!” Albus said after they got seated in a empty compartment “ Did you hear what he called you?” He asked to Rose.


“Yes, and I don't like him either. But that doesn't mean.....”


“ So you think he didn’t mean to say that?”


“No... Albus. Listen. What he said was bad, I admit that. But what if he is worried about his dad, and mad at your dad for accusing him for those things. And thats why he was mean today.”


“ Well his dad did do those, plus, my dad saved his dad in the battle of Hogwarts! He should respect us.”


“That doesn't mean you have to hate him on the first day!”


“Fine, I will hate him tomorrow.”


Rose rolled her eyes and cracked open a book to read. A few minutes later, a pale skinny boy who looked kind of sick opened the compartment looked in and asked “ Can I sit here? Every where else is full.”

Albus and Rose nodded and the boy sat down. He had sand-colored hair and bright blue eyes. He also looked kind of shy and stared out the window.

“ Er... Hi, My name is Rose, Rose Weasley. And this is my cousin Albus Potter. Nice to meet you.” Rose said, trying to end the awkwardness. The boy looked at them and said

“ Weasley and Potter? Your families are famous!”


“ Um, I guess.” Albus said. He hated attention, and when people said his family was famous. It always attracted stares, especially since he looked so much like his dad, Harry Potter. Only James liked the attention, and got it most of the time too. “ What's your name?”


“ Luke, my name is Luke Dodge. Nice to meet you too.” The boy said. Albus took a good look at him. His hair was curly and he had a light spray of freckles one the bridge of his nose. His arms was covered in scratchs and bruises. His clothes looked old and had a few patches. Albus thought he got attacked by a dog or a cat. Or even a big, angry hamster. After they got to know each other they started talking about the sorting. Again. Albus was getting more and more nervous about being in Slytherin and talking about the sorting made it worse. But he wanted to get to know more about his new friend Luke and starting a conversation was a nice way to begin, he thought


“ Well,” Luke started, losing his shy-ness. “ My mom was in Ravenclaw and my dad was in Gryffindor. Personally I would like to be in Gryffindor, but I think my mom hopes that I in the same house as she was in. Which I highly doubt, since my grades were horrible at school.” he added.


“ Well, I wouldn't mine being in Ravenclaw.” Rose said. Of course you wouldn't, Albus thought, Your a genius! It's me who has to worry! “But I would rather be in Gryffindor, since my whole family was there.


“Oh... By the way, how do you get sorted--”


Before Luke finished talking, the compartment door opened again. Another boy and a girl who supposedly was his sister came in. The girl asked in a bossy manner “ Can my brother sit here? He can't sit with us any more, he is way to annoying.” Before any of them could answer, the girl left leaving her brother in the compartment.


“ Um...Hi?” Luke said looking at the boy, whose face was bright red. He was on the fatter side and had light brown hair and brown eyes. He was also pretty tall.“ Do you want to have a seat?”


“OK.” The boy sat down. “I am not that annoying you know” He said to all of them.


“What?” Albus said, surprised by the thing he just said. The boys face got redder, but he said “ Never mind. My name is Mike Smith.”


And that's how the four friends started to be. Albus just hoped that they could be together by tomorrow.



“The lunch trolley is here, do you want to get anything?”


“Of course, I am starving!”

The four friends went out and bought hand fulls of Bertie Botts every flavor beans, Chocolate Frogs and a few other cakes and bread. After dumping every thing on the one empty seat left (their pockets incredibly lighter), they started eating everything and trading Chocolate Frogs cards.

“Oh.... I got Merlin and I got ten of him. Who wants it?” Mike said, opening his seventh Chocolate frog. “These candies are good in the wizarding world” He added after giving the card to Luke, who wanted one for a long time now and never got it till now.


“Are you muggle born?” Rose asked, eying a deep red jelly bean carefully before eating it. It seemed ok to her and she plopped it in her mouth only to be spat out a moment later. “ Ugh, Blood flavor. And I thought it was cherry.” Mike looked at the spat-out bean in disgust and nodded. “ I got my letter last month. My parents got quite a shock when a wizard knocked on the door.” He laughed, as if remembering the look on his mother's face when he claimed he was also a wizard. His parents expected his sister to be one only.“Anyways, the stuff here is great!”


“ You should see the stuff in Honeydukes.” Albus said.


“ Honey-what?” Mike said, looking confused.


“Honeydukes, its a candy shop in Hogsmead, a wizarding town. It has all the candy and sweets you can imagine!” Albus told him.


“Wow.... I wish I could go there!”


“ You can, when your in your third year. You can visit the whole town! It is great there! I like the bar 'The Three Broomsticks' the best. You can buy a drink called 'Butterbeer' there. It tastes really good and warms you up on a cold day. Maybe I could ask my cousin Fred to bring us back some from the village. He is in his fifth year.”


“ That sounds awesome! How many cousins do you have Albus?” Mike asked.


“ A lot. About nine or ten. And then I have sort of a half cousin/brother named Teddy. My dad is his godfather so I don't really know what to call him.”


“Wow, you have a big family. I only have my sister and one cousin that's like ten years older than me.”

Then Albus turned to Luke and asked “Weren't you going to ask us a question?”

“Oh.... right. Well, how do you get sorted?”


Rose looked at him and asked “You don't know?”


Luke's face reddend. “No. My parents didn't feel like telling me.”



“Um... Because they thought I was a... Squib.” Rose didn't think he was completely telling the truth, but ignored and a said “Oh, what ever. Sorting is simple. All you have to do is put on the Sorting Hat, it sorts you, and done!”


“Really? And my sister said you had to do a test. All that worrying for nothing!”


“What's a sorting?” Mike asked.


All four of them where having a good time explaining Hogwarts to Mike in till the compartment door for the third time with somebody less welcome entering.


Malfoy and his gang.


Well this is a pleasant sight Albus thought with sarcasm. Standing in the door was Malfoy and two bury (not to mention ugly and dumb looking) boys behind him.


“ Got kicked out of your compartment, Malfoy? I wouldn't be surprised, with the awful smell coming from you, not to mention the way you look.” Said Rose coldly.

Malfoy looked pretty angry for a moment before putting on his sneer and said. “Well well, what do we have here? A compartment filled a mudblood and blood traitors. And one of them seems to be in a bad mood.” He looked at Rose when he said that. “ Rock, Goyle,” He appered to be talking to the boys behind him. “ Lets teach this girl to be more polite in front of us, shouldn't we?”


“Of course.” The both said at the same time.


All of a sudden, every one one was standing with their wands out. Then it hit Albus. They didn't even start school yet! He surely didn't know any hexes. But Malfoy might. Knowing their family's reputation. All of a sudden, all three of the boys fell over, with weird things growing out of their faces.


“Albus! Are you guys alright? I should of warned you about these three.” James said, coming in.

“Looks like you made friends already. Told them you would be in Slytherin?” James laughed, then said to his to friends, Matt and Jake and his cousin, Fred. “ Well, this is taken care of. Lets go Sytherin hunting!”


“Oh, I don't think you should do that.” Said Rose.


“Rose, you aren't prefect yet, you can't boss me around. Albus, if those three bother you, tell me. I've been wanting to hex Malfoy even since dad mention he would be starting this year. But I need a good reason, or else mom would get madder.” Albus was sure he would hex them without a reason anyways, but he was right about mom. She would only not get as mad as she would if he was protecting him. Without further ado, James and his friends left to go 'Slytherin Hunting'.


“So... That's your brother?” Luke asked.

“Yup. And the red haired one is my cousin Fred.”


“I wish I had a brother to stick up for me. Instead I've got a bossy sister that might like it if I got hexed. Especially if I got a silencing charm done on me.” Mike said, eating his last Jelly bean. “I've got to admit,” He said while chewing the bean, “ As disgusting as some of the things are, wizard food is amazing! I wish my sister would of told me earlier, but she wouldn't say a thing and stayed at her friends house pretty much the whole summer.”


“Mean sister. By the way, what year is she in?” Luke asked.


“Starting her second. Mom was even more shocked when she got her letter. When the professor said that I would probably not be a wizard, since I was muggle born, she calmed down. You won't believe the look on her face when he came again this summer.” Mike laughed again.


“Albus?” Roxanne, Albus's cousin came in. She, like all weasleys, had red hair with freckles. She was in her seventh year and was Head Girl for Gryffindor. “I just wanted to tell you that you should get changed. We are almost there.” After that she left, probably to keep an eye on her younger brother Fred.

Albus looked out the window. It was dark except for the train lights. Luckily, it was a clear night. James told him about first years going across the lake. He shuddered to think what would happen if it was raining. Then, all of them changed into their robes and waited for the train to arrive at the Hogsmead station.



And that's Chapter two! Thanks again to Gryffin_Duck for the insperation   Please review and tell me what you think! And if you have any suggestions to which house Albus should be in, tell me in a review too. Keep reading! :)

Thanks to Gabriella Hunter for the FIRST review on this chapter.

I also have a few new One-Shots, One of them is Super Funny! You can check them out on my Authors Page


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