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Internal Rebellion by matchmaker29
Chapter 2 : Faded Purple
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JK Rowling owns everything that you recognize!!!!

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beautiful chapter image by charme. @ tda!!!!!



Oh. So it must be morning if Dom is getting ready. Not that this is out of the ordinary: Our dorm is awakened by her every bloody day.
Not that I slept a wink anyway. I kept having flashbacks of the night before. Potter. Me. Snogging. It was all to much to handle. I mean what the hell was he playing at kissing me like that?! And why in Merlin’s name did I kiss him back!?

My head hurt and I couldn’t think straight. I felt nauseous thinking about what I did last night. I ran to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face trying to soothe the nausea. And once again the memories came flooding back to me.

After Potter closed the gap between us, it was like something inside of me snapped. I couldn’t pull away and I didn’t want to. We started full on snogging and he pushed me farther into the wall of the Astronomy Tower. He lifted me up so that my legs were around his waste and his hands were on my butt. I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled his closer to me. Our hands were everywhere and it was like electricity was pulsing between us. Never in my life had I had a kiss like this. His shirt came off and he started kissing my ear, then my neck. I was losing control fast, but for some reason, I didn’t really care. His hand slid under my shirt. Fuck, James really knew what he was doing.

And then it hit me. James Potter was the person I was snogging. Shit.

I immediately pushed myself off of him mortified.

“What the fuck Potter?!”

For a moment it looked he was a deer caught in the headlights and I knew what had happened scared him just as much as it scared me. But, almost instantly he regained his cool and smirked.

“You know Baker, I never deemed you for a late night snogger.”

I growled. “That’s because I’m not you git. What in the hell were you thinking?!”

Potter shrugged nonchalantly. Git. “Who knows, but right now I’m thinking that you might want to get back to the room before Filch finds you.”

And with a smirk, Potter grabbed his shirt and ducked under his invisibility cloak and was off into the night leaving me with nothing but my thoughts and memories.

I shuddered at the memories. And Filch almost had caught me! If my parents hadn’t enrolled me in that stealth class (don’t ask) I would have detention!  I was going to get Potter back for that.

“Why do you look like you got a hit by a bus Bryny?” Dom was so very delicate with her words.

I shrugged. “I just didn’t get much sleep last night.”

Dom narrowed her eyes at me and she knew I wasn’t telling the whole truth. She is seriously going to be the most on-guard mother one day.

“It looks like we have two choices,” she said smiling “either you can tell me what happened, or I’ll be forced to put my unfinished ‘Domnifique’ concealer on you because the bags under your eyes are huge. Your choice.”

She was crafty that one. Since there was no point in lying to her I told Dom exactly what happened last night. At first she was shocked, but then a sly smile crept onto her unfairly gorgeous face.

“Oh my Merlin you two are soooo going to get married! Can I plan the wedding?! Will I be the maid of honor? No wait Lexi probably will be…well I get to be head bridesmaid! Now personally everyone loves a lavender wedding so we can do that theme with—“

Hell no. “Dom stop! Potter and I are not getting married. I hate his guts and he hates mine! I wouldn’t be with him if he were the only man left on the earth! And besides even if I wanted to marry him (which would never ever happen), you know my situation.”

Dom pouted and huffed. “Fine. Well, what are you going to do about the kiss?”

“Nothing,” I said “I’m just going to pretend it never happened. And if Potter wants to talk about it, then I will, but if he doesn’t…well it doesn’t matter.”

Dom looked at me with pity for some weird reason and went to retrieve the regular concealer for my bags. I was completely on-board with my decision, but why did part of me want to talk about the kiss with Potter?



"I am officially going to fail Transfiguration." I buried my head in my hands on the library desk.

"Come on Bryny! You said the same thing about charms last year and now look at you!" Nick, my personal motivator.

"Easy for you to say Nick! You're top of the class and head boy. Everything comes easy to you!"

"Not everything." He said distracted by something behind him. I followed his gaze and saw Dom snogging some Raveclaw up against the bookshelves. Poor Nick.

"She'll come around eventually Nick! I know she will."

Nick shook his head. "Girls like Dom don't go for guys like me Bryn. I mean look at me! I'm a nerd with glasses that would rather read a book than watch a Quidditch match. I'll be in the friend-zone for the rest of my life."

The truth was, as much as I made fun of Nick for his crush on Dom, I really wanted the two of them together. Nick was the nicest guy I knew and he would treat her the way she should be treated. But the reality was that at the moment, Dom only dated jerks that broke her heart and made her eat her way in toffee crunch ice cream. Provided by Nick. The kid had it bad.

"Nick you are the sweetest, funniest, and smartest guy I know! And Dom will see that just as soon as she's through with this...phase."

Nick smiled grimly. "Maybe, but I think it may be time for me to start trying to get over her. I mean it has been over 6 years. But, enough about my sad love life, what's this I hear about you snogging a certain Mr. Potter?"

"Dom told you!?" I should have known...

 "Dom tells me everything." He smirked. "But seriously Bryn, you need to be careful. I don't want you to get hurt and if you fell for Potter...well given your situation--"

"Please Nick that is the last thing you need to worry about. It was a one time snog and I hate Potter to the core. He is the most annoying, self-centered prat on the planet! I would rather be locked in a cage with wild animals than be with him any day!"

Nick chuckled. "You always were one for the dramatics Bryn. Now that that's settled, lets study some transfiguration!"



Please complete four feet on the importance of animal Transfiguration. Don't forget to include the 5 primary properties an animal must have.

My life is very glamorous I'll have you know. It was 12 at night and I was the last person in the common room writing (or lack of writing) an essay. I was dressed in baggy sweats and a tee shirt that was 3 sizes too big for me. My reading glasses were on since I was too tired to put my contacts back in and my blonde hair was thrown haphazardly into a messy bun on the top of my head. In essence, I looked damn fine. My mother would probably drop dead if she saw me. I had been trying to write this essay for the better part of 2 hours. So far, I had nothing. This was becuase all I could do at the moment was plot James Potter's death. Did I see the git today? Yes. Did he talk to me? No. He smirked at me and then whispered something to Madison who was smiling evilly. He didn't even acknowledge what had happened the night before, let alone talk about it. His death would be quite painful. First, I would drop him in a vat of poisoness snakes mixed with his Great Aunt Muriel's bloomers. Then, when--

"You know Baker, the way to get guys isn't dressing like a fat, homeless Muggle. Or didn't you know?"

Two can play that game.

"You know Potter, the way to get on a professiona Quidditch team isn't to throw like a girl. Or didn't you know?"

Potter's eyes flared. "So Baker, what's it like to have a Duke for a daddy. Or to be the richest and most spoiled kid in London?"

He had hit a nerve and he knew it. I didn't discuss my family life with anyone and there was a reason for it. It was much more sinister and complicated than it looked on the outside.

"Shut it Potter" I hissed.

Potter smirked. "Struck a nerve there did I?"

"Don't act like you know me at all!" He was crossing a line.

"Oh but I do Baker, you're like an open book! You think your life is so hard living in that mini-castle, getting everything you want. 'Look at me, I'm Bryn Baker and my life is so tou--'"

I don't know whcih curse I fired first, but Potter dodged it effortlessly and sent another my way. Before we knew it, curses were being thrown all over the common room. This was what we did. We fought. And with that mess of the kiss it was nice to finally have something normal happening in my life again. The fire and exhilaration I got from dueling with Potter was something that always thrilled me. And I knew he felt the same way. Soon enough though, Professor Hilch stopped the fun.

"Stop this instant!" He roared and Potter and I reluctantly ceased fire. "This behavior is completely unacceptable you two! Look at the example you're setting! Detention tomorrow night in the trophy room at 11. Be thankful I'm not giving you more."

I glared at Potter. Trouble always seemed to follow me when I was with him.

"But, Professor" Potter protested "I have Quidditch practice tomorrow night!" He really must be a nutter Quidditch captain to have practice at 11.

Professor Hilch was unforgiving. "Perhaps, Mr. Potter, you should have thought of that before you decided to engage in a duel with Ms. Baker. I'll see you both at 11."

And with that, the Professor was gone. I could tell Potter was furious with me, but his face was calculating. Oh no. He was going to say something to make me uncomfortable.

"You know Baker, you really should wear something else tomorrow night...if you're planning on ever getting any action." The git winked at me and my cheeks flushed from embarassment.

It's on.

I smirked at him. "Well Potter the only reason I'm wearing a shirt so big, is becuase I'm not wearing a bra." I was wearing one...but he didn't know that.

And with that I climbed the stairs up to my dorm leaving him with a half shocked, half dazed expression on his face.



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