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How to be Succesful and Not Do Anything Embarrassing at the Same Time by Asteroid_of_Gryffindor
Chapter 2 : Lou.
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A.N. I'm dying. I think I am going to explode with heat. It's like 100 degrees. I feel like I'm in a microwave. At least I have my mango popsicle.

I'd like to thank my reviewers so far! You reminded me I needed to write the next chapter. So, here we go! 


Lou and Scott: She only owns us! Nothing else! 




I screamed at the computer screen.

Why do they even let wizards and witches have computers.

"I can't believe the little bastard did this! Wait, I can!" I screamed at Hugo, who was making an imprint of himself on his seat.

Albus Potter had made a fool of me by getting a picture of me getting soaked on by water. The little fuck was going to get it.

"ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER!" I burst into the great hall and it fell dead silent. Even the teachers looked scared.

Everyone looked over to the Slytherin table, where Albus Potter was smirking.

"Lou!" Fred Weasley i's ghost burst in behind me and then looked at everybody, then turned on his heel and floated out of there as fast he could. 

It wasn't that fast.

He managed to float through James, then Hugo, who was slowly trying to exit before James grabbed the collar of his uniform.

James was pissed to. Wonder why? 

Scott's hands were clenched then I realized that they were trying to protect me.

How so unnecessary!

"What?" He asked innocently as he took a bite of his crumpet with melted cheddar cheese.

The little fuck, he's ruining my favourite food.

 That's where I draw the line.


Rose Weasley we are so having a talk about this.

I walked up to Albus Potter, and punched him so hard I heard a crack.

"HULK SMASH!" James roared.

Did he want to yell that any louder? I don't think Canada heard him...

"James. I think you're going to be the Loki, to my Hulk fist." 


"Captain America, he's just so, ugh!" Lily sided with James. Really, Lil? After all I've done for you, you're siding with the dumb ass? 

"Smart, billionaire, Playboy for men..." Rose trailed off. "And women." 

At least Rosie's siding with me.

In a weird, twisted way. 

"Yeah," I nodded, showing my agreement.

"We should make a school poll!" James exclaimed. He smiled at his idea and nodded like he finally understood some words that came out of his mouth.

Then I realized he was tapping his foot and that meant he had to go pee.

"For merlins sake..." I waved him off and he gratefully ran out of the room.


Potions class was now officially hell.

Teddy Lupin was our teacher, not what most people would expect that, but he was.

From the first potions class in my third year, when I met James, Theodore Lupin has hated me.

Maybe it was because I showed James Marvel, maybe it was because I threw a potion at his face.

Accidently of course.

I was not aiming for Albus at all.

So, I was all alone, no friends, because they were either older, wiser, or younger than me and I was just a lone Gryffindor.

Well, James, Hugo, and Fred are Gryffindors, but going back to the earlier statement of older and younger...

I only put the wiser in there for Rose and Lily.

Now, he had paired me up with Scorpio Malfoy, Rose's long time, James Potter i type, crush. As soon as she laid eyes on him she loved him.

She's so weird.

"Oh, hello, Louise," he smiled nervously.

"You call me Louise and we're going to have some problems," I growled.

He gulped.

"Sorry, that's the only thing I hear-" He stopped dead. Then I looked over and saw Albus glaring at him. His hands were-


"I'm about to go all Hulk-smash on you, Malfoy."


"Why is Scorpius in the hospital wing?" Rose cried as she looked at me.

I just leaned back in my chair and smiled.

Let the little people come to me.


"What the hell did you do?" 

That did not come out of Rose's mouth.

We all turned and looked to see...



The battle for Capt. and Iron Man is still going strong! 

I put Loki in this chapter a bit more.

So, I managed to finish this short chapter with a mango popsicle and two crumpets with freshly microwaved cheddar cheese on them.

Eating like a king.

Total count so far: 

Captain America: 1

Iron Man: 1







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