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Blossoming by ohmymerlin
Chapter 4 : four
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“Okay, so I’m going to need you to hold on tightly,” Louis warned when he finished tying my blindfold up.

“Alright, where are you so I can hold your arm,” I groped thin air until I hit something.


I think it was his stomach.

He had abs.

I like abs.

I pressed against them and then took my hands away. “That wasn’t your hand was it?” I feigned innocence.

“No,” he chortled. “That was my very strong abdominal muscles.”

I tried to roll my eyes but I remembered that he wouldn’t be able to see that.

“I’m rolling my eyes at you right now,” I grinned.

“So am I, now I’ll take your hand and we’ll go?” I nodded and he held my hand. Immediately I tightened my grip and held it with my other hand as well.

Hey, you can never be too safe.

“You don’t need to cut my circulation off, it’ll be fine.”

I shook my head. “I’m blindfolded, I have no idea where I’m going and we’re apparating; I can’t hold it tight enough.”

“Okily-dokily!” I snorted but didn’t say anything. “Three, two, one.” He spun on the spot with me and I felt like I was being squeezed through a tube of toothpaste.

When we had finally landed, I asked him, “Can I please take the blindfold off now?”

“Nope! We have to catch a taxi and then I can take the blindfold off.”

I didn’t dignify that with a response and he led me into a car. “Louis, I swear, if I end up in a dark alley by myself, I will haunt you for the rest of your life.”

“Ah, don’t say that. Nothing will happen to you,” Louis said cheerfully.

I shook my head and turned to (I’m guessing) him. “So are we just going to have a conversation and me feeling like a complete duffer?”

“Yup.” Even though I couldn’t see Louis, I’m sure he was grinning like the Cheshire cat.

“So…” I said after a few awkward pauses, Louis copied me so I decided not to start a conversation.

“We’re here!” Louis exclaimed after a few more minutes of silence.

I grinned and lifted my arms to take the blindfold off, but before I could, Louis pulled my arm down. “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking the blindfold off! Can’t I take it off yet?” I pouted.

“No! I have to do it when we’re about to enter.”

“Okay…” I let him lead me out of the taxi and hovered awkwardly while he paid. I wonder if people are thinking he’s taken me hostage.

But with one look at Louis, I doubt that he’d take anyone hostage. Girls would probably take him hostage.

He held my shoulders and made me walk to – wherever we were going.

“Sorry! Louis! Stop making me hit people!” I said after I’d accidently run into three people.

“No, it’s hilarious!” Louis laughed.

“Eyes are rolling. It isn’t hilarious for me, so please stop?”

“Okay,” he agreed and then rammed me into another person.


“I lied,” he admitted with another laugh. “But I promise that was the last one because we’re here!”

“Hallelujah!” I waited for him to remove the blindfold and I was attacked by the bright sun.

“Argh! It’s so bright!” I squinted and put a hand over my eyes.

“I may as well have kept the blindfold on you,” Louis remarked.

I rolled my eyes (he finally saw it! Yay!) and looked at the sign which read Waterworld.

“Wow! You’ve taken me to Waterworld?” I asked excitedly.

He nodded and grabbed my hand to lead me in. After we were granted entry, I tugged on his hand. “Let’s go to the slide first!” He agreed and led me to the line.

I think this will be the best day of my life.




“Thank you so much for bringing me here! It was actually one of the best days of my life,” I grinned at him.

He beamed back at me and said, “I’m glad you had fun, Pheebs.”

We were sitting back in the taxi to drive us back to the apparition safe spot and smelt strongly of chlorine. The man in the front kept glaring at us through his mirrors.

Keep your eyes on the road buddy!

We sat in silence for the rest of the trip, but it wasn’t awkward. With Cameron, he never liked silence so he would always talk and talk, but this is nice.

Wait, no. I don’t want to think about him. He wasn’t any good for me; I should keep my thoughts for bigger and better things.

Like Louis shirtless.

I think that was why it was one of the best days of my life. I saw Louis shirtless. And boy, did he have a good body.

His genetics did lots of favours for him and I definitely was not complaining.

Suddenly, Louis turned to me and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Your shirtlessness.

“Er… nothing really, why?”

“Because you had a very distant look on your face,” he grinned cheekily at me. “What were you thinking about?”

“Nothing, I swear!”

“Really?” he asked disbelievingly.

“Yes, really,” I said, not quite meeting his eyes.

“You’re lying!” he announced. “Seriously, what were you thinking about?”

“Why do you want to know?” I ducked my head to cover my blush.

“Because it may have been about me,” he waggled his eyebrows up and down. “And my dashingly good-looks.”

I snorted and ignored the part of my brain that was vehemently agreeing with him. “Okay, whatever helps you sleep at night, buddy.”

Louis leaned over and said in a low voice, “Was it about my abs?” He looked up through his lashes and I was momentarily stunned at how pretty his eyes were. They were this grey-blue framed with thick blonde lashes.


I swallowed noisily and shook my head a fraction. He smirked and leant even closer that I could feel his warm breath on my cheeks.

“Really?” he looked up at me slyly.

I didn’t move but instead stared at the way his teeth dipped into his bottom lip when he smiled. He leaned over and just as our noses touched, the driver said boredly, “We’re here.”

I jumped away from him, like I’d been electrocuted whereas Louis leaned back (like a NORMAL person), looking disappointed. “Thanks, man.” He handed the guy some money and followed me out.

“Um, are we just apparating to my place? Or are we going somewhere else?” I asked.

“I didn’t have any other plans, unless you want to go to dinner somewhere?” he asked, looking hopeful.

I tried not making a face but Louis noticed. “Oh, if you don’t want to do anything that’s fine, I mean we’re still on for Saturday right?”

“It’s not that, it’s just I haven’t been home in a while, maybe we could just make dinner instead?” I asked hopefully.

He grinned and said, “Sure. Can you cook?”

“Not very well, but I can do some things,” I admitted.

“Damn, I can’t cook either, so you better have two minute noodles in case,” he winked at me.

“Oh don’t worry, I have a heap of those, time tends to be quite spare when you’re in Auror training and have a waitressing job,” I smiled.

Louis shrugged and grabbed my hand to apparate.

Should I find it creepy that Louis knows where I live?


Should I care?


Do I care?

No because he’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever met.

When we arrived in my apartment, I said, “I might have a quick shower, feel free to make yourself at home.”

He nodded and started going through all my cupboards to find food. I’m glad he doesn’t know where I keep everything yet because that would be super creepy.



After I quickly dried my hair, I walked out to see Louis had made spaghetti bolognaise. I froze.

“I thought you said you couldn’t cook?” I accused him.

“Come on, everyone knows how to make spag bol,” he gave me a look and I flushed. “You don’t know how to make spag bol?” he asked incredulously.

I shook my head. “Nope, I know how to make pizza though.”

He rolled his eyes. “Like actual pizza or microwave oven pizza?”

“Microwave oven,” I admitted with a grin.

He laughed and shook his head. “I’m just going to have to teach you then,” he winked and I blushed again.

I nodded and sat down. “So, it looks good, but does it taste good?”

“I made it, it’s going to taste good,” he said confidently.

I nodded and picked up a fork-full. As soon as it was in my mouth, I wanted to spit it out again. But I didn’t want to offend him so I tried to hide my grimace and said, “It tastes great, Louis!”

He beamed and I had to take another bite.

Holy Helga of Hufflepuff. It was horrible. I have no idea what he used, but there was something very wrong and I sincerely hope I can keep this down.

It was like a cabbage and vomit flavoured Bertie Botts bean mushed together with sour milk.

Yeah, it was that bad.

Louis took a bite of his but then promptly spat it out.

“Merlin, that’s horrible! You don’t actually think that’s good, do you?!” he asked while wiping his tongue on a napkin.

I shook my head and spat out what was in my mouth into my napkin. “No, I just didn’t want to hurt your feelings,” I explained.

He rolled his eyes good-naturedly. “Typical Hufflepuff,” he sighed with a grin.

I grinned again and he asked, “Do you want me to throw it out?”

“Nah, I’ll just vanish it. I don’t want that stinking up my apartment,” I teased.

He grinned and waved his wand over the plates. “I don’t even know why it was that bad; did you have stale ingredients or something?”

“Probably,” I waved my hand nonchalantly. “I mostly eat take-out.”

“Well, luckily you have two minute noodles!” he grinned and started raiding my pantry.

“Aha!” he said as he pulled out two packets of noodles. “Let’s just check the date first. Okay, okay. They’re all good!”

Igrinned sheepishly and put the kettle on the boil. I turned to see Louis staring at me with an odd expression.

“What?” I asked self-consciously.

“I’m just looking at your hair, it’s really pretty,” he said, twirling some of it around his index finger.

“It’s the same as all the others in your family,” I pointed out.

“No, no. Yours has a copper-ish tone to it; my family’s is just like tomato sauce.”

I nodded and self-consciously smoothed it down. He grinned, “Am I making you feel uncomfortable?”

I shook my head and he leant down. “Now?” I shook my head again. He kissed the base of my throat. “What about now?” he whispered huskily.

It took every ounce of self-restraint to not jump his bones then and there. Good grief, was that his tongue?!

I started to tremble and I felt him smirk against the hollow of my throat. “Now?”

I didn’t move but he wrapped his arms around my waist and dragged me closer. I still didn’t move, wanting to make him wait.

“Are you going to be difficult, or will I have to take my shirt off?” he grinned wickedly.

“I think you’ll have to take your shirt off,” I gasped, having him this close was not good for my endocrine system.

He grinned even wider and pulled his shirt off. “Is this better?” he asked, feigning innocence.

I nodded and ran my hands down his stomach.

Oh my gosh he was perfect.

He then picked me up and put me on the counter. He kissed the corner of my mouth and asked, “Am I still making you uncomfortable?” The kettle boiled but neither of us paid any attention to it.

I shook my head and finally brought his lips to mine. His lips were warm and still tasted slightly of that horrible pasta, but I didn’t care. I was finally kissing Louis Weasley.

His tongue licked the bottom of my lip, but before I could open my mouth to let him in, a loud crack resonated through the room.

“Argh!” Ellie screamed and she then decided to run around like a headless chook for a few seconds before muttering, “I’ll be in your room. Sorry!”

I jumped off the counter and threw Louis’ shirt at him. I tried not to whimper when he pulled it back on, but I don’t think I succeeded. He grinned at me, “I don’t think we can catch a break.”

I bit my lip and grinned back at him. “I’m sorry, that’s my best friend. She has trouble dealing with simple tasks such as door-knocking.”

“Ah, it’s okay. I’ll see you on Saturday right?” he asked eagerly, his eyes shining.

I nodded and he beamed like he’d won the lottery. “Okay then, I’ll pick you up at 7:03.”

“7:03?” I raised my eyebrows.

“Just wanted to be different,” he shrugged and leant down towards me. “See you soon.”

He pressed his lips to mine and Ellie interrupted yet again. “Is it okay for me to come out, yet?”

I groaned and apologised. “I’m so sorry.”

He shook his head and grinned. “Doesn’t matter. I’ll see you Saturday?” I nodded and he gave me a quick peck on the cheek before disapparating with a loud crack.

“Ellie, come out you blithering fool!” I called out and started to pour the boiled water into the noodles.

She came out with a wide smile. “Was that Louis?!”

I nodded. “Yup, and he would probably still be here if you hadn’t of interrupted,” I said pointedly.

“Sorry! I didn’t know he’d be here! I thought you were at work!” she defended.

“Yeah, my boss let me off early,” I told her, leaving out the bit where Louis confunded her.

She nodded and said, “So… are you going to tell me all the details?”

I shrugged and checked to see if the noodles were ready. “Sure, Louis and his family came to work, he asked if I had the afternoon free so I asked McOwens if I could have the afternoon off, she said yes so then we went to Waterworld because he and his mates had planned it but they had all dropped out at the last minute. Then we came back here, he made spaghetti bolognaise and it was awful, so we decided to have noodles but then we started kissing and then you came in.” I finished and took a bite of the noodles.

Ellie’s eyebrows were raised so high, they were in danger of disappearing in her blonde fringe.

“Phoebe, you can not only give me those details,” she warned.

“Well, Danielle,” I also used her full name, “What do you want to know?”

“Please don’t call me Danielle, it’s a slut name,” she shuddered. “I can’t believe my dad let my mum call me that.” She made a face. “Anyway, I want to know everything! What did you say, what did you do, what did you wear, what-”

“Okay, okay, I get it. You want the insignificant details,” I rolled my eyes and started the whole story again.

Ellie listened carefully throughout the whole thing, only making dirty comments here and there, other than that she was quiet.

When I had finally finished, I threw the noodle packaging out and waited patiently for her response.

“Do you have a time-turner?” she asked randomly.

“Wha-? No, I don’t have a time-turner, why are you asking?” I asked confusedly.

“Because I shouldn’t have come here! I mean, if I hadn’t of come here, you could be shagging Louis right now! Probably on this kitchen-table!”

“Ellie, I don’t think that would have happened,” I tried to reassure her, ignoring the vivid image Ellie put in my brain. “Anyway, we have a date on Saturday, so as long as you don’t interrupt that date, I’ll be fine.”

“No! I wanted to do something on Saturday!” Ellie moaned, “That’s why I came over here!”

“What did you want to do?” I asked.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go and try on expensive dresses. I know we don’t have a wedding date or anything, but I’m really in the mood to go dress-shopping.”

“Well, my date isn’t until 7:03, so we can do something before that,” I suggested.

“7:03?” Ellie raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, he wanted to be different or something,” I shrugged. “Anyways, what if we go shopping at the beginning of the day, and then I can get ready for my date.”

Ellie’s eyes lit up and she nodded excitedly. “Yes! Yes! Yes! We can buy your outfit! We can get manicures!”

“Wait, no! I have-”

“We can get pedicures too!”

“An outfit-”

“We can buy shoes and other accessories!”

“I’m not going to buy-”

“I have to go; I’ll see you on Saturday! Bye!” she twinkled her fingers at me and disapparated.

“-anything,” I finished and sunk in my seat.

I predict that Saturday will be a very long day.




“Hi, Phoebe, how have you been?” Rachelle asked me.

“Oh, I’m good thanks, how are you?” I replied, grinning at my old dorm-mate.

“I’m good! I think they’re going to let us become Auror’s soon!” she said excitedly.

“Really? That’s great! I can’t wait to quit my other job,” I said happily.

“Yeah, apparently more people are needed and they won’t be able to wait until March,” she shrugged. “And they need all the pros to do the hard task and we get the easier ones.”

“Well, the sooner I become an Auror, the better!”

She nodded and looked like she was going to say something but then Ron Weasley walked in. “Okay everyone, we’re going to do a prac today, so I need you all to partner up. We have about four and a half minutes before the portkeys go off. So get your partners quickly and choose a portkey. I won’t be giving you any more information this time, so you’re all on your own!” He clapped his hands together and looked excited.

Rachelle and I partnered up automatically and we walked towards an old toothbrush.

“Oh, I hope this isn’t used,” she sighed.

“Don’t worry, it isn’t used,” an amused voice came from behind us.

We turned around and saw Ron Weasley smiling gently at us. “Ah, Phoebe! Good to see you again! I trust you’ve been practicing?”

I nodded and he smiled at me. “Well, there’s two minutes ‘till the portkeys go off, I’ll just go around and check that everyone’s prepared. Good luck!”

I smiled at him and Rachelle asked curiously, “How do you know him?”

“Oh, I’m kinda dating- actually I don’t know what I’m doing…” I paused and then shrugged. “His nephew and I met him yesterday,” I told her.

“Ooh, who is he?” she waggled her eyebrows.

“Louis Weasley,” I said with a grin.

Her mouth dropped open comically but before she could say anything, Ron yelled out, “Thirty seconds for the portkey, if you miss it, bad luck! You fail this prac!”

We both quickly placed a finger on the toothbrush and waited for the familiar sensation of getting jerked into thin air.

As soon as we landed, we both sprung up and started circling the empty field. “So what are we going to do?” I asked her.

“Maybe we should start firing random hexes to get the guy to come out?” she suggested.

I bit my lip, “But isn’t that breaking the first rule: ‘Don’t reveal yourself’?”

She nodded. “Yeah! Okay, what if we hide behind this massive tree- ARGH!” she screamed as something (or someone) grabbed her and yanked her back into the darkness.

I swore and followed the thing. I saw flashes of red and changed my course to end up behind the attacker. Rachelle screamed and then was abruptly silenced with a charm. That gave me more insight to where he was, so I kept creeping around.

I saw the guy and he was in a black ski mask. I nodded at Rachelle, who faked sneezed to say that she understood what I was doing. A fake-sneeze is our code to show that we can see one another.

I sent a stunning spell to the guy and then another spell to Rachelle, getting rid of the ropes. She found her wand and we both advanced on the guy. He reached for his wand but Rachelle quickly disarmed him.

I sent Petrificus Totalus at him and gave him a kick for good riddance. Rachelle grinned at me and we both pointed our wands at him to shoot ropes at him. As soon as he was safely tied up, I removed the mask and grinned at him.

“Gotcha!” He rolled his eyes and let out a hum.

“Sorry, can’t let you go, gotta wait for the –er… I don’t know what they’re called… Judges? Scorers? Eh, the people that give us our marks,” I shrugged.

He let out another hum, it sounded annoyed this time, but Rachelle shook her head. “I have no idea what you’re saying, we’re just going to leave you like that and I will continue the conversation we had before.”

He hummed angrily again but we ignored him. “Are you seriously dating Louis Weasley?”

“I don’t know… I mean, we’ve had two unplanned dates, actually I don’t even know if they were dates… They were just really two friends getting together… Except on the second one we kissed…”

“What do you mean unplanned?” she crinkled her eyebrows.

“Well, the first one, we met at a pub, and then we ended up going to a theme park. Then the second one, he ended up at my work and he decided to take me to Waterworld because his mates cancelled on him.”

“You’re dating him,” she said in a confident tone. She turned to our hostage, “Isn’t that right?”

He let out an affirmative hum and shot me a look, clearly saying that I was stupid.

How rude.

I rolled my eyes and Rachelle yelled, “Watch out!” She stood up and hexed someone behind me. Immediately I got up and joined in the hexing.

“Expelliarmus!” I yelled. The wand flew towards me and I vaguely recognised it.

The guy swore and I froze. It couldn’t be?

I shot a stunning spell at him and he crumpled to the ground. We both shot ropes at him and when Rachelle pulled the ski-mask off, I saw it was Cameron.


As soon as he recognised me, he smiled but I glared at him. “Petrificus Totalus!” I pointed my wand at him and watched how he now resembled a board.

I then kicked him in the family jewels and watched with pleasure how his eyes were streaming, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

I’m a sweet person, honestly.

Rachelle stared at me with wide eyes and I explained, “This is the boyfriend that cheated on me.”

“Oh, really?” she turned to him and kicked him in the stomach. “That’s for being a prat to my friend!”

He let out a strained hum and I said, “They must be Hit Wizards then, because I know this tosser is.”

She nodded and levitated him to the other guy. We sat down and Rachelle looked towards me with a twinkle in her eye.

“So, Phoebe,” she said loudly. “You kissed Louis, right? Are you going to start dating?”

I stifled my laughter when I noticed Cameron’s eyes had snapped up to look at me.

“Maybe, I have a date on Saturday. And it will be our third date… You know what they say…” I trailed off, winking at her.

“Oh I know what they say. I wonder if Cameron knows this? Does he know that you’re meant to wait at least for three dates before you sleep with someone?” she shrugged and Cameron glared at her.

Oh this is wonderful.

“Oh that’s right!” she slapped a hand to her forehead. “He doesn’t! He thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to sleep with someone before the third date! And when you’re dating someone else! And when they’d been dating for two years!”

“I know! But prats will be prats,” I shrugged simply. I then turned to Cameron and gave him a hard slap across his face. “That felt good.”

He hummed and the other guy stared at me fearfully. “Don’t worry, unless you’ve cheated on me, you won’t get a slap,” I told him.

Cameron hummed angrily so I slapped him again.

“Very nice, Phoebe! I think you’ll make a good Auror!” Ron Weasley and Harry Potter were walking towards us.

“And you too, Rachelle. The two of you make a good duo,” Harry Potter said kindly.

She blushed and we both stood up. “You two can go, we’ll fix these two up and then on Thursday we’ll give the results out. You’re free to go home,” Ron said.

“Really? Is that it?” I asked incredulously, normally we’re there all day and by the time we get home, it’s nearly seven or eight!

“Yup, maybe you can pay Louis a visit,” Harry suggested.

I’m sure my blush mixed in with the colour of my hair.

At least I can cross off being monochromatic of my to-do list.

Ron and Rachelle snickered and Harry was grinning evilly. Who would have thought that the Saviour of the Wizarding World was so evil?

“Okay, here’s your portkey to take you back to the Ministry. It goes in about thirty seconds,” Ron handed us an old shopping bag.

We both reached for it and got pulled into the nothingness. As soon as we landed Rachelle burst out laughing. “Y-your face! Oh my God!” she bent over holding her stomach.

I flicked her on the arm and said, “Well, you can continue laughing but I’m going home. See you on Thursday?”

She nodded, still laughing and waved as I apparated out of there.

“That was a very interesting prac,” I heard a voice say from behind me.

“Go away Cameron. I don’t have time for you,” I groaned.

“Come on, Fee, can’t I ju-”

I whirled on him and pointed my wand in his face. “Don’t call me Fee. You lost that right!”

He put his hands up in the universal sign for surrender. “Okay, okay! I’m sorry! Can you just explain what happened in the forest?”

I put a finger to my chin. “Well, I beat the crap out of you and kicked you – and slapped you – multiple times. What’s so hard about that?”

“No, the other thing! The Louis thing? Who is he?”

“That is none of your business,” I replied snottily.

“I think it is,” he folded his arms.

“You’re right. It was your business before you cheated on me with that whore!” I yelled, outraged.

“I apologised for that! Get over it, Phoebe!” he yelled right back at me.

“Well, I’m sorry if I’m holding a grudge! It’s not like I loved you or anything!”

“‘Loved’?” Cameron frowned at the past tense.

“Yes, ‘loved’. But not anymore!”

“Do you love that Louis bloke?” he asked curiously.

“What the hell is wrong with you?! I’ve been on two dates with him! And as my ex, you have no right to ask me that question!”

He was about to retort something when a loud crack rang through the room.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY SISTERS FLAT, YOU ARSEHOLE?!” Matt yelled at him and pointed his wand at his throat.

Cameron cowered and said, “N-nothing! I just wanted to know something! Calm down!”
Matt glared at him and dug his wand even deeper. “Get out right now before I hex two things very important to you!”

Cameron nodded and ran to the front door, like the little coward he is. As soon as he left, Matt turned to me.

“Who’s this Louis that Ellie caught you kissing?” he asked bluntly.

I rolled my eyes. “A guy I’ve been dating. What is it with you two apparating directly into my apartment? There’s this polite thing called knocking!”

Matt waved it off. “I’m your brother; I can do whatever I like. And Ellie is your best friend so she can do whatever she likes.”

I sighed and shook my head. There was just no getting through to them.

“Mum and Dad want to know if you’re free on Sunday. They feel like they haven’t seen us enough,” he rolled his eyes.

“I’m free Sunday; do I need to call them?”

“Nope I already said you were free. And you’re bringing that Louis bloke,” he ignored my protest and waved. “Bye!”

After he disapparated, I flung myself on the couch to have a nap.

What? Twenty-one year olds aren’t allowed to have naps?

Too bad.

thanks for reading guys :D i hope i did the auror training justice, i really didn't know how to write it :s
hope you all liked it, please review on your thoughts :D
disclaimers: nothing you recognise is mine

and just to put it out there, i dont mind danielle as a name, just majority that ive met are quite 'popular' with guys :P
so if you're name is danielle, i dont think you're a slut, i promise :D

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