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Wicked Lies, Wicked Love by luciusobsessed
Chapter 2 : Detention With The Beast
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A few hours and many reprimands later, Narcissa found herself side-by-side Lucius Malfoy in Professor Sophronia Septima’s office, the Charms professor. Lucius stood stiffly, his head high as always, radiating his arrogance out towards everyone within a ten-mile radius. This time, however, his expression was tainted with humiliation. Narcissa could tell because of the slight crunch of his nose. She smiled, unable to hide the euphoric feeling of shunning his pride.


“Ms. Black!” Professor Septima snapped, making Narcissa jump. A stern lady she was, with crystal grey eyes that were enhanced by a long, pointy hat. She held up a bony finger and pointed it at Narcissa. “This is not a humorous matter! Stunning students is not permitted, and after six years here at Hogwarts, you are expected to know that.”


“I’m sorry, Professor. I was provoked.”


“Provoked? Well if I went around stunning every witch or wizard who provoked me, there’d be none left, would there? Now, due to unfortunate circumstances, the Head of your House, Professor Slughorn, is not present at the moment, which leaves me to take action for your behavior. And be thankful it is not Professor McGonagall you’re dealing with,” she pointed out as Narcissa opened her mouth to protest.


Narcissa sighed a subtle sigh. Why did the Head Girl of Slytherin, Cilia Hormitch, who also happened to be her sworn nemesis, have to walk by when she had stunned Malfoy? She could still see the smug look on Cilia’s face as she’d reported her.


“Your actions require consequences, Ms. Black,” Professor Septima said, interrupting Narcissa’s thoughts. “And you, Mr. Malfoy. As Head Boy I would have expected you to observe discretion. This is unacceptable. The both of you will serve detention tonight after the feast.”


“The both of us?” cut in Lucius, speaking up for the first time.


“Yes, Mr. Malfoy. If I recall correctly, you did participate in provoking Ms. Black, did you not?”


“I-” he stuttered, blinking vigorously.


“Did you not, Mr. Malfoy?” Professor Septima interrupted.


Lucius’s jaw tightened as he held back the urge to justify himself. Narcissa began tapping her foot, her patience draining. Her stomach growled, and she grasped herself, famished.


“Yes,” he replied rigidly, swallowing hard.


“Well then, you will both tidy up the Great Hall after the feast, without magic.”


“Without magic?!” Narcissa exclaimed, her mouth hanging open. “But Professor, that’ll take hours!”


“Plenty of time to think about the seriousness of what you have done.” She turned to face Lucius. “Mr. Malfoy, if you have a problem with this arrangement, you may always disregard yourself from Quidditch practice for a week.”


“No, Professor,” Lucius quickly assured her. “I’m quite content with cleaning the Great Hall.”


Narcissa rolled her eyes. Of course, as captain of the Quidditch team, not to mention the most skilled and almost undefeated seeker of the entire school, Lucius Malfoy couldn’t afford to miss out on one bloody Quidditch practice. Narcissa rolled her eyes again, arms crossed.


“Very well, you are dismissed,” Professor Septima said irritably, waving her hand. “Oh, and Ms. Black, don’t force me to take away House Points when term hasn’t even started.”


Narcissa internally groaned and made her way out of the office, eager to get as far away as possible from the pigheaded prat that had gotten her into this mess in the first place. She had gotten detention on her first day back. Technically, it wasn’t even the first day really. As she walked, she remembered when Andromeda had gotten detention two nights in a row last year. Now that she thought about it, she had never even found out why.


She heard Lucius’s footsteps approaching quickly behind her, and she turned to find him staring straight ahead of her while he passed by, as if she were invisible.


“Can’t afford to miss out on your precious Quidditch practice, can you?” she snapped at him, wanting to get a reaction out of him.


He spun around so quickly that Narcissa nearly ran into him. She stood her ground, crossing her arms. Now it was her turn to have a smirk on her face.


“Didn’t think so,” she smiled cunningly at him. “You see Malfoy, I’m willing to suffer myself if it means pissing you off. Then again, I wasn’t the one who was stunned on the train.”


Still, he said nothing. He stared at her silently for a few moments before turning and disappearing around a corner. Hopefully he wouldn’t show up to dinner since he was heading away from the Great Hall. She let her arms fall down to her sides as she let her breath out. Even though she hated him, he could be scary sometimes. She just hoped he hadn’t seen right through her.


Luckily everyone was still chattering about in the Great Hall, which meant that Narcissa hadn’t missed anything. She spotted Nixie’s curls from the entrance and hurried over, not giving them a chance to say anything while she filled them in on the horrifying punishment she had to serve with it. Yes, she had called Lucius Malfoy an it, because that’s exactly what it was. Coincidentally, it had just made its way into the Great Hall as well, that arrogant smirk plastered on its face yet again.


“Wait,” Nixie said, abruptly swallowing a piece of chicken. “You have to clean this entire hall without a wand? By hand?”


“Yes,” moaned Narcissa, putting her head down once more. The Sorting Hat’s song hadn’t been as vibrant this year for Narcissa. But then again, neither had the actual sorting, or the food…or anything. In fact, she just wanted the feast to end so she could get detention over with.


Now that she thought about it, no sorting ceremony would ever surprise more than the astonishing one that had taken place last year, when her cousin Sirius Black had been sorted into Gryffindor instead of Slytherin. Narcissa remembered thinking that Bellatrix was going to attack Dumbledore, not to mention rip that “pathetic mangy piece of shit rag” Sorting Hat into a million pieces for “not doing its job right.”


“Oh for goodness sake, Cissy,” Vesper said, filling Narcissa’s plate with pumpkin pasties. “At least eat something.”


“I’m not hungry,” Narcissa said stubbornly, pushing away her plate.


“I wouldn’t be hungry either if I had to spend my first day back with Malfoy,” Drew sympathized, popping a pastry in his mouth.


Narcissa groaned at the mention of his name. She glanced over at him. He was sitting a few seats down, his expression much like hers. He sat still and stoic, his plate empty and spotless. He as well hadn’t touched anything.


“He doesn’t seem too bright,” Vesper pointed out, reading Narcissa’s thoughts.


“He doesn’t, does he?” she said, meeting Lucius’s icy stare. He held her gaze, lifeless, until she ripped her eyes away and looked down. She was afraid she might stun him again. “How am I supposed to control myself around him? What if I attack him with a plate or something?”


“Well at least this time Hormitch won’t be around to tattle now will she?” Nixie said as they all stared down the table at Cilia, who was cutting her chicken up with an unconvincing smile.


Luckily, the girls didn’t have to worry about sharing a dormitory with Cilia this year. Since she was Head Girl, she had the advantage of requesting separate quarters, which Slughorn had thankfully granted her. Now the girls had the dormitory all to themselves.


“She must be so proud of herself,” Vesper said softly, an angry undertone to her voice.


“And to think boys actually find her attractive,” Nixie snorted, waiting for Drew to agree with her. When he didn’t, she nudged him hard with her elbow, making him groan in pain.


“What was that for?” he asked while rubbing his chest, irritated.


“Are you attracted to her?” Nixie asked angrily.


“Attracted to who? Cilia?” he asked incredulously.


“Well are you?”


Narcissa and Vesper rolled their eyes as Nixie’s jealousy came into play. They were used to it by now.


“You’re asking me a really stupid question,” he turned back to his plate, ignoring her.


“Well if it’s so stupid then why haven’t you answered?” she crossed her arms.


“Because we both know that I don’t need to answer that question.”


Nixie stared at her plate, upset that Drew hadn’t tried to appease her. Narcissa sighed. She knew Nixie couldn’t help herself. She liked attention from Drew and sometimes she tried drawing it out in a way that wasn’t necessarily productive.


“Drew,” Narcissa sighed again, beckoning him towards Nixie.


After running a frustrated hand through his hair, he turned towards her and said, “No, I’m not attracted to Cilia Hormitch.”


Nixie continued to ignore him.


He snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him, softly saying, “You know I only have eyes for you.”


As hard as she tried, she couldn’t keep a straight face as a small smile began to grow on her lips. And before they knew it, the snogging had begun, making Narcissa and Vesper roll their eyes for the millionth time that day.


The feast finally ended after what felt like years. Lucius and Narcissa stayed seated as the hall emptied. Narcissa sat with her arms crossed, tapping her foot anxiously, glancing at Lucius’s unnerving complexion every few minutes. Nixie, Vesper, and Drew waved good-bye with sorry faces and headed towards the Slytherin Common Room. To make things worse, Narcissa caught sight of Cilia Hormitch’s complacent stare as she passed her by. To make things even worse, Cilia actually approached Narcissa, staring at her patronizingly from above.


“Well Black, I’m guessing you won’t be getting a good night’s sleep,” she smiled condescendingly. She stared over at Lucius, raising her eyebrow questioningly before adding, “Or maybe you will.”


That was the second time today that someone had accused Narcissa of sleeping around, in this case, potentially.


“Get out of my face before I stun you too, Hormitch,” Narcissa emphasized on the “Hor” part of her name as always. It was a little joke the girls and her always used against Cilia. It served its purpose, making her burn with fury every time.


Cilia narrowed her eyes at her before turning and walking down the hall, smoothening her skirt out, trying to play the part of a lady.


Narcissa sighed. There went her friends, off to the cozy arms of their beds where they would be kept warm by the fireplace. She pitied herself. It was terrible. When the hall was completely deserted, she stood up and faced the big blonde beast.


She decided it was best to remain silent and get started straightaway. Where to begin? Should she gather the goblets or stack the plates? Professor Septima had taken both Lucius’s and her wands, so they couldn’t attempt using any magic. Narcissa shook her head. For the first time in her life, she actually felt bad for Muggles. They had to do things like this every day. She glanced over at Lucius and froze when she realized that he still hadn’t moved from his seat.


“Do you not know how to clean a mess without your wand, Malfoy, or are you just so used to the hoard of House-Elves your family has collected over the years?”


“My family doesn’t concern you, Black,” he spit out coldly, standing up. “You have enough scandals to worry about as it is.”


“This is all your fault,” she ignored him, as she continued to pile plates.


“How is it my fault?” he scoffed, staring in her direction.


“If you hadn’t provo-”


“If you say the word provoked one more time I swear-”


“You did provoke me!” she shouted, turning towards him, a spoon clutched tightly in her hand. “You actually insinuated that I had compromised my integrity with my sister’s husband! How dare you?!”


“You could have ignored me and retorted with some silly comment instead of jumping down my throat,” he shrugged casually, making her blood boil.


“I wish I could have jumped down your throat and ripped out your bloody tonsils,” she muttered, turning back to the table.


“You’re just taking your anger out on me,” he crossed his arms, now amused.


“My anger?” she turned towards him again, placing her hands on her hips.


“You’re angry your sister eloped with a Mudblood and I’m here rubbing it in your face-”


She threw the spoon at him, watching it hit the side of his head before he had the chance to avoid it. He frowned at her, obviously not having expected such a reaction from her. He took a few steps towards her and opened his mouth, but she didn’t give him the chance to speak out.


“You don’t know anything about my family, Malfoy!” she shouted at him. “Andromeda is my sister! I don’t understand why she did what she did, and you certainly don’t have the right to ‘rub it in my face!’”


He stared at her with a straight face. She didn’t know if he was as angry as she was (she doubted it) or if he was mentally ridiculing her, but she didn’t care. She decided to continue, “Oh, and next time you confront Drew, don’t you dare use his blood status against him. He may be a Half-blood, but he’s a more honorable Half-blood than you are a Pureblood.”


Surprisingly, Lucius didn’t argue back. In fact, he just stood there, staring at Narcissa, lost deep in thought. She turned around and started to clean again before Lucius suddenly spoke up.


“You don't know the first real thing about Drew. If you knew what I know, you wouldn't be defending him so pathetically,” Lucius gritted, his eyes slashing across Narcissa's taken aback expression.


"Oh please, just because you were friends for a few years doesn’t mean you know anything about him anymore. There’s obviously a reason he stopped being your friend."


"Why don't you ask him yourself? You won't be acting so warm with him once you realize the truth," he smirked, snatching up a goblet.


Narcissa simply stared at him. As hard as she tried, she couldn’t remember anything specific about Lucius and Drew’s relatioship. She knew they had the same group of friends their first few years, but Drew had always been on the outskirts from what he’d told them.


“You’re lying,” she said instead, regretting the words as soon as they’d left her mouth.


His jaw tightened at the accusation. Turning his back to her, he went on gathering the ocean of silverware that lay motionless before him.


They continued on cleaning the Great Hall. They tidied up in utter silence, Narcissa too lost in thought to say a word, and Lucius too angry to.


By the time they had finished detention, it was nearly two in the morning. Narcissa was in an intensely grumpy mood, and she dreaded the exhaustion she would face tomorrow on the first day of classes.


Together, Lucius and Narcissa made their way through the castle. It was pitch black and silent, and embarrassingly enough for Narcissa to admit, spooky. But she felt a strange sense of security, being with Lucius. Probably because if any evil were lurking nearby, it wasn’t as evil as Lucius Malfoy.


After walking through the dungeons, they finally reached the entrance to the Slytherin Common Room. They both stood there awkwardly, waiting for something to happen.


“Don’t look at me,” Narcissa whispered. “I don’t know the new password.”


“Well neither do I,” sighed Lucius, leaning against the wall.


She gaped at him. How could he be so casual about this? Didn’t he know what that meant? It meant they couldn’t get inside the Common Room, which meant they would have to camp out in the dark. The last thing Narcissa wanted to do was spend one more minute with him.


As ridiculous as the notion was, she tried to pry the door open with her bare hands. Lucius chuckled behind her, still leaning against the wall. She didn’t care. If it meant losing her fingertips to get inside the Common Room, she would do it.


“Help!” she shouted, slamming on the wall. “Somebody open the bloody door!”


“No one can hear you through there,” Lucius pointed out.


“I’m sure…at least…one…person will,” she said in between pounds against the wall.


“It’s soundproof,” he added, making her slump up against the wall this time, sinking to the ground.


“This is all your fault,” she said again, shooting daggers at him with her eyes.


He took a few steps towards her, offering his hand to her before saying, “There’s no use in sitting around.”


“What do you mean?” she asked, panic overwhelming her lucid mindset.


“I mean,” Lucius started, pulling her up against him, “we get to spend our first night back in Hogwarts…together.”







A/N: Yay so we finally see some more action between baby boy Lucy and Narcissa. I don't know about you guys but I find Lucius sexy as hell. My sister thinks I'm shallow for doing so but I can't help it! I'm obsessed with him! Leave me a review loves and tell me what you think? Are you as shallow as I am? Haha :))

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