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James' ploys by Rose_Red6
Chapter 3 : The sorting
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 “oooh, what do we have here?” Said the hat.

Lily gulped, she was worried what the hat might tell her about herself.

“Relax child. I know you’re uncertain on whom you are…but I see here that you embrace new things everyday. That is a rare quality and would fit well with the Gryffindors. Your heart is in the right place, despite what the misery your sister put you through, you still manage to crave her acceptance”

Lily bit her lip and held back her tears.

“You are very sensitive my dear and you stand by those you love, Hufflepuff is also a good match. Yet I can’t help but notice how incredibly bright you are, you’d be a fantastic Ravenclaw….Yes…Lily Evans you are tough to place…”

What about Slytherin?

….I see here in your mind, a dear friend….that Ms. Evans is not a good reason to be placed in a house…although if you really want to be there-“


I need to do what is best for me…it’s not like Sev and I won’t be friends anymore. I trust your judgment. Place me where you think is best suited for me.


Lily sighed, and stepped down, and began to approach the table of loud Gryffindors. They welcomed her, for the first time since she got the letter she felt truly happy. People here are just like her, she wasn’t any different than any of them. She caught eye of Severus who was staring at her with disappointment. She gave him a tiny smile, and walked faster towards the table `I'm sorry Sev I can't change who I am` she thought. She had almost reached the end of the table and had neglected to find a seat, the sorting was still going on, and so she had to find a seat quickly. When she noticed a boy made room for her, she received charming smile from the boy. It was the boy from the train, Sirius Black. She gave him a fierce glare and kept walking and sat across from a quiet shy looking girl.

Lily was a bit bored, but her head perked up when the hat said Severus Snape. She knew he was going to be with the Slytherins but she wanted to prove that she could be happy for him (and maybe encourage him to be happy for her). When the hat exclaimed "Slytherin" Lily cheered almost as loudly as the Slytherins, she even stood up.

It didn't go unnoticed.

Both the Slytherin’s and the Gryffindor’s stared at her.

 The Gryffindors in disbelief, and the Slytherins, in disgust. Even the professors stared. It occurred to Lily that she might have done something she shouldn’t have.

There was silence.

There was a cough that contained the word "Mudblood" in it.

The next thing Lily knew there was hexes and curses everywhere. She along with a lot of other first years hid under the table. She looked over and saw that a lot of first years were also fighting. Among them James and Sirius. She noticed a boy, a first year just like her was throwing hexes like there was no tomorrow. 

Lily gasped when the brown haired boy’s wand flew out of his hand. Another boy appeared, he was a bit older, wore Slytherin robes, had long blonde hair and displayed a shiny badge on his chest. He was about to hex the brown haired boy, but instead received a punch right in the eye. Lily chuckled the boy had punched the blonde right in the face.

Lily turned to look at the girl in front of her and bluntly asked.

"What is a Mudblood?

The girl laughed "I thought you'd be the first one out there, since the remark was aimed at you" Lily's face was blank.

The girl gasped "You really don't know? ...well it basically means that your blood is filthy....see there are some wizards who consider themselves better because their blood is "pure". The Slytherins over there really care about breeding and blood."

Lily was angry, Hogwarts was supposed to be the only place where she wasn’t going to be considered a freak. It wasn’t fair that something as silly as being a muggle born would make her be treated differently. She was happy to see that her fellow house members agreed with her.

 "Oh I'll show them blood!" she said getting up, but her hand was grabbed, by the girl in front of her "Stop! You'll get in trouble!" said the girl Lily smiled. 

"What is your name?"

The girl was timid but answered Lily "Mary Macdonald"

"Well Macdonald, you don’t agree with this either right? You should always stand up for others and yourself" Lily said getting up and joining the fight!

Mary watched Lily in amazement, Lily knew very little magic, but along with her swiftness and desires, she really helped the fight along for the Gryffindors.

Mary was about to go and help when she saw professor after professor ending the fight.

When everyone was sitting down Professor McGonagall shouted "I am very disappointed...You are lucky we cannot deduct house points will be punished....You are not defined by who your parents are or where..." Lily wasn't listening.

She smiled and laughed and turned to Mary "That'll teach them!"

Lily's hair was ruffled and she had a scratch on her cheek, but she wasn't damaged.

Mary and Lily just laughed.

Lily wanted to go speak with Severus but she had to go to the dormitories. She would speak with him tomorrow.

As Lily was walking she felt an arm around her shoulder "Good job out there!" It was James Potter. He winked and smiled "A true Gryffindor through and through, it’s a good thing you were sorted with us. All the Slytherins are arrogant, stuck up, toe rags. Including Snivellus" He laughed.

Lily roughly removed his arm from her shoulders and said "sounds like you described yourself!" and stuck her tongue out.

She felt another arm around her shoulders, it was Sirius. "Didn't we make a good team out there?" he said coyly.

She also roughly removed his arm from her.

While the two boys were distracted Lily slowed down her steps and wound up walking next to the boy with brown hair, who was amazing during the fight.

"Well aren't you the Shiny new toy" he said staring at James and Sirius play wrestle. 

"Nice to meet you, my name is Remus Lupin" He said. Lily appreciated his politeness. She smiled back and said "My name is Lily Evans, nice to meet you"

Both Sirius and James realized she had gone and found her next to Remus.

James put his arm around Remus and said "I know you! You're the one who busted up Malfoy face! Anyone who can do that is okay in my book!"

"Well I'm not proud of it but I must admit it felt good. The Malfoys really look down on others…and they’ve tormented my family. I’ve been wanting to leave a mark on Malfoys pretty face" Remus responded a bit shy to the praise and yet he couldn’t help but laugh a bit.

"The Malfoys have always been so stuck up, I'm glad someone finally did something like that" he said putting his arm around Lily again.

"Yes, but he is a prefect, I'll surely get detention..." He said sadly.

Lily elbowed James in the ribs and he let go of her, hugging his chest. "Don't worry Lupin I tripped him, so we can have detention together" she smiled. It cheered Remus a bit that he had made a new friend.

“Ah Lily dear wouldn't you rather sit next to me in detention?" He winked.

"Potter you toe rag! Don't call me that!" and Lily stomped off.

Remus said "She sure is feisty" Both James and Sirius sighed dreamily "Yeah".

“As fiery as that hair of hers” James said blushing silently.

The Next morning Lily woke up early to look for Severus. She found him eating breakfast in a table with some questionable company, whose eyes turned into slits when they saw lily approaching, which consequently encouraged Lily to approach the table more.

She tapped Severus on the shoulder.

"Hi Sev, Sorry we didn't get a chance to chat last night, but would like to walk to class after breakfast?"

Severus looked at the people in front of him, then turned to Lily and said "I'd love too" Although a bit uncertain.

Lily smiled sweetly and said "Great ill meet you outside the hall in ten minutes"

and she ran off.

One of the Slytherins sneered "You're not really going with that Mudblood are you? Thanks to her that Third year hexed you, it was lucky we were around to help you."

They said "But she is my friend." he responded.

"Didn't you see her fighting? She is no friend of yours, especially if she is a Gryffindor!"

Severus looked solemnly at his breakfast. He had a choice. He had a tough time in the common room yesterday, especially with Malfoy.

Lily would understand if he did not show up to meet her....she would....if he could explain to Lily in private what was going on then maybe she would understand. He knew at first that she'd be upset. She does have a gryffindor attitude. He sighed. 
"Alright." he answered "I wont go" 

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James' ploys : The sorting


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