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Anything for you... by thepottergirl
Chapter 1 : Draco: The fiery ball of Hope!
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A light, vibrant breeze was playing in the warm weather but my mind was far more disturbed, far alone, to enjoy the pleasant gift of a pleasant weather from God.


Perched on the window sill of my dark bedroom, empty as my soul, I was. The thought of what I saw tonight made me shudder, made me feel more depressed, made me feel sadder.


Seeing her in pain would have been the last thing to be replayed in my mind. But it was impossible for me not to think about her, her sound of screaming, her pleading for forgiveness, and her yeaning for relief.


It made me more sad and depressed thinking about that awful incident, but I was unable to erase those dark thoughts from my mind.


I was not able to erase Hermione’s screaming when she was being tortured in my own house, in front of my helpless self, by my evil aunt Bellatrix.


 I felt ashamed of me that I was not able to do anything for her.


I can’t forget that sound of screaming..........



Rooted to the spot, I was standing in the colossal drawing room of Malfoy Manor, when my aunt, Bellatrix dragged Hermione by her brown hair, in the middle of the room.


I knew what will happen next, perfectively.


Other prisoners were shuffled away from the room to the cold prison down in our Manor.


And a second, there was a terrible, piercing scream, which tore my heart into million pieces.

My awful aunt used the Cruciatus Curse, the second awful unforgivable curse on Hermione.

I know how it feels. I have experienced it many times from my father and aunt. Because of this horrible curse, I hate my father and aunt.


She was screaming like mad and I can hear more screams of her name from the cold prison. It was Weasley for sure, screaming his full volume for Hermione.


She was thrashing like mad on the floor, as Aunt Bellatrix kept screaming at her, for that goddamn sword.


Seeing her in pain made me feel more and more pain. I wanted to help her, to release her from this suffering, to protect her from pain and anguish but I was unable to do that, I was helpless.


I was holding back tears, to not turn that evil git to be suspicious about me.


“You are a lying, filthy Mudblood and I know it! You have been inside my vault at Gringotts! Tell the truth, tell the truth.” I heard my Aunt Bellatrix scream to Hermione.


I wanted to say her that she was not a LIAR!  I wanted her to stop using that filthy name. I used it in my previous years but now I HATE it. 


Then, another scream, louder than the previous one, engulfed the room. It shattered my soul into pieces. I could not stand anymore. The scream was like a physical pain that trickled down from my spine to the heels of my legs. It unhinged my soul from my body.


“What else did you take what else? ANSWER ME! CRUCIO!” Bellatrix screamed at her full volume which thundered in the room like a lightning.


Screaming went on and on and I was torn continuously on and on.

Hermione was trying to make her understand tirelessly that the Sword was a fake but she was not going to accept it. She’s too STUBBORN!


In the state of being torn between life and death, my father asked to fetch Griphook, the goblin from the prison cell.


Shaking and shuddering I went to the prison cell, as cold as an iceberg, and bought that Goblin with me to the drawing room.


As questioning was going on with Griphook, I was crushed to death when I saw the frightened and pained look on Hermione’s face.


The frozen grey eyes of mine met the pained caramel orbs of her.


It was like her eyes were pleading me for forgiveness, for relief.


A tear trickled down my face as I saw Hermione, sprawled on the floor as a rag doll.


I was lost in her pained and tortured chocolate brown eyes when I heard Bellatrix say to that werewolf, Greyback, that they were ready to dispose of Hermione.


I was shocked to hear this, and was ready to strike if that werewolf Greyback put his filthy fingers on her, when that Weasley broke out in the room and instantly Bellatrix placed a silver knife to Hermione’s throat.


I wanted to do something, but I was too shocked to move.


Suddenly, Bellatrix ordered me to collect the wands of Potter and Weasley.


I collected them and at that precise moment, the glass chandelier above Bellatrix and Hermione trembled with a creak and fallen directly upon them.


I was horrified to the root seeing this happen and ran to save Hermione but Weasley was faster than me and pulled her from the wreckage


And then, all of a sudden, my mother dragged me out of the way of further harm.


Instantly, my mother looked on the other side and screamed the name of our former house elf, Dobby

 In no time, Hermione in the state of unconscious, Potter, Weasley, that Goblin and Dobby disapparated into sucking darkness as a silver knife flew straight towards the spot were Dobby just disappeared.


At my face, I was looking as frozen as ice in a freezer but I was very happy as a chirpy bird. I was relieved that Hermione was now safe from this hell, was now away from this darkness.


I slowly drifted apart from the drawing room, as Bellatrix was screaming like mad and, my parents were in state of shock, and went to my room which was as cold as Bellatrix’s heart.


I pulled back myself from my thoughts and returned to reality. It was 3:00 in the morning.


I was very happy that Hermione was escorted to a safe place, to a place away from danger.


Despite this fact, I was sad and depressed about the incident that happened a few hours previously, in the colossal drawing room of Malfoy Manor.



As I thought further and further.....

I thought why I was so concerned about Hermione.

I never really cared much about her in the previous years. So why this SUDDEN?

I used to tease her for only one reason – To stop that ATTRACTION towards her.

Why I was so much in pain when I saw her body as a rag doll on the marble floor of my drawing room?

Why I was even thinking about that mudblood? OH! Not a mudblood, a muggle born!



And then, truth hit me like a rogue bludger!!



Thinking about the truth made me shudder more. How can it ever HAPPEN? How can it ever be POSSIBLE?


And then I remembered her sweet smile, her chocolate brown eyes, her once bushy now tamed hair with cute curls, her pleasant aura, in our happier days.


I remembered how she would look at me with revengeful eyes, when I insult her, in our previous years.

I remembered when I got that tight slap from her when we were in our third year.

I remembered how she laughed about me as a white ferret, with her friends when I eavesdropped on her.

I remembered how she would answer back without hesitation, when I made jokes on her and her friends.


These things made me believe in the truth that just hit me seconds ago.


As dawn approached my window, it dawned on me that I was in love with the bossy, know- it all book worm.


She was that fiery ball of hope that ignited in my mind, that can erase all loneliness of mine from my life in one go.


A useless, good for nothing, slytherin son of a Death Eater was in love with the bossy, know- it all, bookworm Gryffindor girl. Can you just believe it?  I think I can’t.









The bold lines had been taken from the seventh book( Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) from page number 377. Both quotes are on the same page.

PLEASE Review! It will give me inspiration.

 I want some suggestions to improve my writing. :-)



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Anything for you...: Draco: The fiery ball of Hope!


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