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Teach thy Parents by Manwe Valarian
Chapter 20 : Bye, Bye
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Lily lay in bed and stared at her ceiling. She couldn’t stop thinking about him. That annoying toe-rag has been bothering her all night, since she realized that Petunia frustrated her just as much.

Petunia was her sister and she loved her. She also angered Lily with her attitude towards people. Petunia liked to be vindictive and judge others. Their father never wanted them to act that way. He was the kindest person Lily had ever met. He didn’t believe in violence. He hated many of the social injustices in the world, and he detested people hurting others whether it was emotionally or physically.

He had actually been upset when he discovered that she was a witch. He had been raised with the fairy tales about the evil witches and how they would harm others. He had almost refused to talk to Lily for about a week after their visit from Professor McGonagall. It took her begging him not to be angry with her for him to finally talk to her.

He told her that he didn’t want his little Lilyflower to grow up to harm others. He was afraid that she would turn evil and harm others less fortunate than her. It was her tearful promise to never harm anyone that made him start talking to her. He admitted before she left for Hogwarts that he was wrong to think she would become evil like the witches in the children stories.

Nothing bothered Lily more than the way Potter liked to hurt other people. He was wrong, but he seemed to think it was his right to hex other unsuspecting students. It didn’t matter that he at times showed concern for some students. There were times when he could almost be compassionate, but that didn’t take away all the times he would randomly hex someone and laugh about it.

Lily growled under her breath as she sat up in her bed. Why was she wasting her holiday thinking about him? He wasn’t anything special to her. He was just another student, another student who accused her of having a reationship with Professor James. Yet, his accusation hurt her like no one elses had ever hurt before.

Thinking about Professor James, Lily started to wonder about him. Were he and his team outside watching over her? She started walking to the window, when she heard two cracks. It was unmistakably Apparations.

Turning to her bedside stand, she opened the drawer and removed her wand. Before she closed the drawer another crack of Apparation could be heard followed by what seemed to be a slight struggle. She peaked through the curtains in time to see Ray disappear with two immobilized wizards.

They had been watching her. Where were they that Ray could respond so quickly? She felt both comforted that she was being protected, but it also worried her that she could be watched so easily without her knowing it.

Another group of Apparations brought her out of her thoughts. She again peaked through the curtains to see three wizards standing in front of her house. They were waving their wands and walking towards the house.

Stopping by her front steps, they were moving their wands in an intricate pattern. It was the exact location that Ray had disappeared with the two wizards. She wasn’t sure, but they seemed to be casting some type of a Charm.

The three wizards pocketed their wands and started towards the front porch. Lily hurried to grab her bathrobe and throw it on, but they knocked on the door before she could get out of her bedroom.

“Who is knocking at this hour?” grumbled her father.

She stepped out of her room and went to tell her father that she would get it, but he was walking out of his bedroom sleeply pulling on his bathrobe.

“What are you doing awake?” he asked her, as he tied the robe closed around him.

“The knocking woke me,” she said.

He looked at her and his eyes locked on her wand in her hand. “I will take care of this,” he said.

Lily followed him down the stairs. The wizards had knocked two more times before they reached the door. Her father pulled the door open and seemed to be surprised to see three wizards in robes staring at him.

“What do you want at this hour?” he asked them.

“We need to speak to Lily Evans,” said one of them. She couldn’t tell who it was because her father was standing between her and the wizards.

“Why do you want to talk to her?”

Lily saw a movement and realized the one to the left was pulling his wand. She stepped past her father and stood between him and the wizards. She had her wand pointing at them. She was now facing three wizards with their wands pointing at her.

“Don’t you hex my father,” she hissed at them. Her voice sounded braver than she felt. She was sure that she was going to be hexed to bits, but instead they lowered their wands.

“Have you been performing magic tonight?” the one in the center asked her.

“No, I haven’t.”

“Someone in this area has. We also found evidence of an illegal Portkey being used leading away from here. You do know it is illegal to use magic in front of Muggles and away from school.”

“Yes, I do. If I had made an illegal Portkey, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

They seemed to be taken back by her statement. “We would like to check your wand for prior spells.”

Lily felt funny about handing over her wand to them, but did it anyway. The one on the right took her wand and touched the tip of his wand to the tip of hers. A gostly image of her bed at Hogwarts being made appeared in the air. They looked at each other, before handing her wand back to her.

“We are sorry to disturb you at this late hour, but we must investigate these incidents,” said the one in the center. He didn’t seem very apologetic.

They didn’t wait for her to close the door. They Apparated away in front of her and her father.

“That was really secretive,” she muttered under her breath. She closed the door to turn and see her father staring at her crossed arm.

“Would you mind explaining why you were wide awake at this time of night and you knew there were wizards at the door?”

“It is really complicated, Dad. Can we talk about this in the morning?”

“No, I want to know now. Are you in some type of trouble?”

Lily looked at him. He must have noticed something. Was she too ready to fight? “I am not pregnant.”

“Not funny!” he snapped. “You had a look on your face like you were ready to battle to the death. Why?”

“Because there are witches and wizards that are as evil as the ones in the stories we used to read.”

“Why do you want to stay in that world?”

Lily was surprised by his question. Why does she stay in the magical world? “Because, there are others that make it worth fighting for.”

Her father placed a hand on her shoulder. “Be careful Lily, I don’t know what I’d do if something would happen to you.”

He then enveloped her in a hug, which she returned. They stayed like that for several seconds before walking back upstairs with their arms around each others shoulders.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

In a room deep in Hogwarts, six people sat around a table. It might have appeared to be a standard skulling session to any observer. However, it was an interrogation. Gordon Ridgebit and another man, who refused to reveal his name, sat looking anywhere but at Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Teddy Lupin, and Ray.

“I say we use Legilemancy on them and find out what they know,” said Teddy.

Harry looked at the Headmaster. He knew that the Headmaster was trying to do that now, but they refused to look in his eyes. “That is a possibility, but I would prefer their cooperation.”

“Why, I know you have done it before. We are allowed,” stated Teddy emphatically.

“Only under extreme circumstances where lives are at danger and we are running out of time,” replied Harry calmly. “Time really isn’t an issue here. Is it?” he stared at the Gordon and his accomplice. They continued to stare at the table.

Gordon Ridgebit was an older version of his son. His plain face was surrounded by thinning grey hair. He looked a little thinner than Harry had imagined him to be, but he didn’t look as if he had been starving.

The other bloke was younger than Ridgebit, but was still much older than Harry. He seemed familiar to Harry, but he couldn’t place his face. He had a sallow complexion that had a few age lines. His dark brown eyes and black hair seemed to give him an almost evil appearance. He was almost as tall as the Headmaster, but was much thicker built. How Ray was able to push him so his spell hit Ridgebit is a mystery to Harry.

“If you refuse to answer our questions, we will just leave you here until you do,” stated Albus. “The room in impenetrable and you cannot Apparate out of here. We will bring you food and a chamber pot. Please enjoy your stay.”

Albus Dumbledore stood up from his chair and nodded to the other three to leave. Leaving the two NDEs at the table they walked outside of the room where the Headmaster cast several Charms on the room.

Ten minutes later they stood in the Heasmasters office. They had walked through the empty castle without speaking. There were only a few students in the castle for the holidays, and they were all in bed at this time.

“How long do you want to wait, until we force them to tell us what the potions are?” asked Teddy. “If we play the waiting game, we could be here for months.”

“You really have no place to go until the school year is over,” stated the Headmaster.

“I can return to the future sooner than Harry. I will take those slimeballs with me.” Ray and the Headmaster looked at him. “Harry approved the plan earlier tonight,” said Teddy defensively.

“Yes, I did, if we can calculate so he returns just after we left the future, then it will be acceptable. It will get those two back to the future sooner. I don’t want to take any chances that they escape and do something that will sabotage the future.”

“Before anyone can return to the future, we need to complete the calculation and brew up the appropriate Potions,” stated Albus.

“The calculation is done,” stated Ray. “The Potions are the only thing we haven’t been able solve.”

“The calculation is complete? Are you sure it is correct?” asked Albus. He seemed shocked that she was able to solve it.

“We can use the calculation. We just need the total wieght of the Time Turner including the passengers and the Potion. There are other issues, such as exact time of departure. The Time Turner will only move you in increments of time. To get them to arrive at an exact time of day will be tricky. We will need to be sure they depart at the correct minute for that to happen.”

“Let’s go and use Leglimency on them,” shouted Teddy. Ray and the Headmaster stared at him, but Harry chuckled and shook his head.

“You really want to get back that bad,” stated Harry. “When you perform Leglimency, you sometimes see things you wish you hadn’t when you probe deep into a person’s mind.”

“Yes, indeed,” said Albus Dumbledore softly as a strained expression appeared on his face.

“So how long do we wait?” asked a frustrated Teddy. “It would be best if I disappeared before the hols are done.”

“I agree,” stated Albus. “The question is even if we had everything ready; could you leave during that time period and return home at the right time?”

All eyes turned to Ray.

“It will take me a few minutes to determine if it is possible. I don’t want to return right now. In fact I can’t because Harry can’t be around the female students.”

“True,” sighed the Headmaster.

“I can make an overall estimate on the total weight of the Time Turner with Teddy and the two NDEs. The actual weight doesn’t seem to make that big of a difference; a variance of a few percent. Give me a few minutes,” she said again. She went to a table in the far corner of the Headmasters office and sat down to start her calculations.

“You seem to have recovered your strength, Harry,” said the Headmaster.

“I still feel a little weak, but most of it has returned. Evidently my mother must be warming up to my father. I have heard that absence makes the heart grow stronger, or in Teddy case it is something else growing randy.”

“Oh, sod off Potter,” retorted Teddy. “Does that other NDE seem familiar to you?”

“Yes, he does. Is he from the Ministry?” asked Harry.

“He must be, but we thought he would be an Obliviator. I know all of them and he isn’t one of them.”

“Could he have been one before and was demoted,” responded Harry. “I wonder if he was with the Ministry during the dark times.”

Teddy’s eyes widened, when he mentioned the dark times, or otherwise known as when Voldemort took over the Ministry. Harry looked at Albus Dumbledore. The Headmaster’s expression seemed to become one of pain.

The Headmaster seemed to pale as the expression of pain appeared on his face. Harry wasn’t sure, but he seemed to wipe gently at his mustache almost checking to see if his nose was bleeding. Harry remembered the Headmaster’s nose bleeding on several occasions since he met him in this time period, but he never remembered that happening in the future. It also seemed to correspond with the mentioning of the future.

“I have the final calculation,” shouted Ray from the table. She rolled up the parchment that she was working on and walked to them before saying anything else. “We will need to wind the hourglass seventy-two and three-quarter times, and you will need to depart on the second of January in the afternoon.”

“The students will be returning that afternoon,” said the Headmaster.

“He will need to depart from the exact location that we want him to return to,” said Harry.

“We will need to give this some thought,” said the old Headmaster. “I would suggest that we eat a good breakfast then get some rest. It will not make a difference if we solve this mystery in the afternoon today.”

“After we wake up, then can we force them to reveal what the Potion is?” asked an anxious Teddy.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry shivered as he walked to the Headmaster’s office with Teddy and Ray. Earlier they didn’t notice the bone chilling cold. Everyone was too excited about capturing the two NDE’s. The storm that struck earlier in the week had brought colder than normal temperatures to the area. The normally cold hallways of Hogwarts were almost the same as walking outside without the wind.

“Why is the most magically powerful place in the world so cold,” groused Teddy. “You would think that they would cast the same Charms here as they do in the Ministry.”

Harry stopped walking causing the other two to turn and look at him. “I solved it. I know what the Potions are. Let’s go tell the Headmaster.”

Harry took off at a brisk walk. The other two had to pick up the pace to keep up with him.

“You should slow down Harry,” ordered Ray. “You still haven’t fully recovered.”

“I’ll be fine. We are only walking to the Headmaster’s office, not the Ministry in London.”

“Do you mind telling us about your epiphany?” asked Teddy, as he caught up to Harry.

“I will tell you at the same time as the Headmaster. I can’t believe you two don’t know the answer. You two are Ministry employees,” he said with a feral grin.

They walked the rest of the way in silence. Harry was enjoying watch Teddy and Ray thinking about what he said. There is a distinct possibility that they don’t even know what the Potions are. That fact wouldn’t stop him from taking the piss out of them later.

They finally reached the Headmaster’s office. Harry walked in and drew up three chairs. He sat down in front of the Headmaster and stared at his former mentor until Teddy and Ray sat down on each side of him.

“Is it safe to assume that this isn’t a normal ritual of yours,” asked the Headmaster.

“Only when we have solved something,” replied Harry.

“And what did you solve?” asked the Headmaster. He was looking rather annoyed at Harry.

“I know what the Potions are and where we can get some today.”

“Well congratulations,” cheered the Headmaster. “Where are they and will you have enough?”

“They are in the Ministry,” said Harry dramatically. “They are the potions to control the temperature of the building.”

“What?” exclaimed Teddy and Ray at the same time.

The Headmaster leaned back in his chair and stared at Harry over his steepled fingers. The penetrating blue eyes crinkled and a hidden smile formed on the Headmaster’s lips. “Well done Harry,” he said. “I had forgotten about the use of Potions to control the temperature of the Ministry.”

“Really?” asked Ray. “Potions to control the temperature. I thought they used Charms to do that.”

“You can Charm the stone to be warm or cool, but the stone won’t affect the air unless it is extremely hot or cold. The air you can’t Charm because it will float away or get mixed up and lose it effectiveness. The only way to control the air temperature is by using Potions that activate to regulate temperature,” explained the Headmaster. “Hogwarts isn’t configured like the Ministry. The Potions would be ineffective.”

Harry noticed Ray’s puzzled expression. “They put the potions in the lifts and several locations on each floor. You have walked past them going into the Auror department. That ugly sculpture has them located inside.”

“That ugly one of the fish?” asked Teddy.

“Yes,” replied Harry. He looked at the Headmaster. “Do you think you could pull some strings and get enough heating Potion here from the Ministry?”

“I am pretty sure I can, or we could brew it. I could inquire with Professor Slughorn and see if he has the formula and reagents.”

“Why didn’t either of you see that before? You saw the list of reagents,” questioned Teddy.

“They used an abbreviation for the reagents,” said Harry. “If we brew it you will see that the letters we thought were words were actually acronyms.”

“So does this mean I will be leaving on January 2nd?” asked Teddy cheerfully.

“Yes, Mr. Lefevre it does,” said the Headmaster.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

The afternoon sunlight was cold and grey like the sky. The grey light cast a strange hue on the snow, making look as if it was some strange stone landscape. It may be two in the afternoon, but it looked more like dusk. In the cave above Hogsmeade where they had slept when they first arrived, Harry, Ray, and Teddy had assembled and prepped the Time Turner that Gordon Ridgebit and Maxwell Newcomer had arrived on.

Harry had remembered Maxwell’s name after he realized that the Potions were temperature control Potions from the Ministry. He realized where he had seen Maxwell before. He was as a maintenance worker at the Ministry. He had been an Obliviator during Voldemort’s reign and was demoted for not resisting the Dark Lord. It had been rumored he had joined the Death Eaters, but he didn’t carry the Dark Mark.

Teddy and Harry had brewed the Potions, while Ray went over her calculations three different times. She wanted to be sure that Teddy arrived in the proper time. The Potion was actually a simple one that required a couple of Charms to be cast on it, so it would activate on its own. They needed one to heat up the air. When traveling forward in time, the air around the Turner gets cold and the travelers might actually freeze to death.

Gordon Ridgebit and Maxwell Newcomer were tied to the Time Turner after Teddy had Petrified them. All that was needed was for Teddy to secure additional Potion to the Turner and then to activate it in ten minutes.

“Are you sure about this,” asked Harry.

“Never been more sure,” Teddy replied. “The longer I stay here the greater chance of ruining the future. Besides in a few minutes I will be back to a time that will take you two another six months to get to.”

“What did you say?” questioned Ray taking the piss out on Teddy.

“You know what I meant. Are you sure about these calculations?”

“Yes, I am positive,” she replied. “We will be using the same calculation when we return. If I am wrong find your way back and I will recalculate them.”

“You are such a prat, Sunshine,” laughed Teddy.

Harry had enjoyed watching Teddy and Ray banter back and forth with each other. They acted almost like brother and sister at times. He was going to miss Teddy. With only two minutes to go, Harry wrapped Teddy in a hug. He squeezed as tight as he could, but he was sure that he couldn’t hurt Teddy.

“You take care of yourself, Teddy,” he said while trying not to get emotional. “If things go wonky while you are gone, tell Ginny I love her.”

Teddy pulled away from him and stared at him. “Harry, you will make it back.”

“Just promise me,” Harry said to him.

Teddy stared in his eyes for several seconds. “Sure, but you are to meet me back here. So be there when I reappear.”

Teddy stepped onto the grate of the Time Turner. He took hold of the handle that encircled the center structure that held the actual Turner. He stared at Ray and Harry, before tapping his wand on the center structure. The Turner started to click.

“You know it is going to take some time to for this to activate,” Teddy said to them.

“We will wait. The train doesn’t come until five,” said Harry over the clicking.

“I want to see what it looks like when someone disappears,” said Ray enthusiastically.

They continued to talk for several minutes as the Time Tuner would itself up. They had already programed it to turn the exact number of turns to move him to the proper time in the future. It seemed to be taking forever for the machine to finish winding and activate.

“Did it take this long to come back in time?” asked Teddy.

“It was one turn longer,” said Ray.

“Shouldn’t it be activating soon,” Teddy whined.

“Just like when we went on Muggle car rides; are we there yet, are we there yet,” said Harry.

“You drive like a….”

Whatever Teddy was going to say was never heard. The Time Turner stopped winding and vibrated for a second before it disappeared. There was a spectral image of him for a second before he just disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Harry stood and looked at the spot where Teddy had disappeared.

“I supposed we should go back to the school and tell the Headmaster it was successful,” said Harry.

“Yes, I supposed that would be courteous,” said Ray.

”Yeah it would be, but we need to get ready for the avalanche of students that will be arriving in three hours.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

James Potter was anxiously waiting for the train to arrive at the Hogsmeade station. He was going to eat his dinner, pretend to get his bed ready, and then spend most of the night exploring the castle. There was one thing he had to do while exploring. He had finally found a spell that will cause people to be identified on the map. He couldn’t wait to try it out tonight. He would not only know that someone was coming through the halls, but exactly who it was. Tonight would be the start of something big!

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