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Lykis' Gift by melis1907
Chapter 1 : Wood's Family and Friends
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So I think I should introduce myself first. I am Melanie Wood. I'm a 16 years old witch.

I'm in Gryffindor. I was really surprised at first, I don't think I'm brave enough I'm a

classic Revenclaw but you should trust the hat.

Anyway I have a brother who is one year older than me and he is in Gryffindor too. His

name is Jake. He is the quidditch captain. He plays as a keeper like my father. I'm a

chaser. (I’m a better chaser than James. I’m telling the truth.) and yeah, we are pretty

good at quidditch.

I know you want to know more about my brother's muscles...

But first I'm going to talk about me. (Cause I mean I'm the main character. Ok I accept

that I'm sometimes a jealous bitch.)

I don't think I'm soo pretty but I have a nice body. I have light brown hair and brown

eyes. (Nothing special here)But I have loong skinny legs and nice boobs. Ok I should

really stop talking about my body.

Sadly it’s time to talk how perfect my brother is. (I’m a better student than him. And I’m

really proud of myself haha) He has light brown hair and brown eyes but every girl is

after him. He has muscles and he is really tall like me.

Everyone thinks he is the hottest bloke in Hogwarts I don't think it’s true. I mean there

are James Potter, Jacob Finnegan and Fred Weasley. They are all hot as hell and

they're my brother’s best friends. So I can watch them all the time but I can't touch.(I

know it sounds like I'm a bitch but u shouldn't judge me before u see them) I had a

crush on Potter since first grade but now it turned to hate. He makes fun of me all the

time. Git. I still love to shag him but I hate him. A lot.

I should talk about my lovely crazy weird friends. First my stupid old best friend

Dominique Weasley. We are best friends since first grade. We share the same dorm.

She is reeeally beautifull. (Yeah I'm a bit jealous). It’s all because of the veela blood.

She is the queen bee of the school. Every boy is after her. And she has a huge crush

on my brother (It is really weird. But I don't care anymore)

But she doesn't accept it. She is a big fat liar.

Rose Weasley is in our dorm too. And we love her. She is really cute and clever. But

you can't mess with her. She has the granger temper. She is really beautiful, she

thinks she is not but she is just too shy to admit. Her red curly hair looks so sweet and

she has lovely green eyes. (I mean you have colorful eyes and say you are ugly.

Bitches.) And she is in the quidditch team too that's why I love her we're the only girls

in the team. Dom doesn't like any sports. Because she can't fly. (She doesn't accept

that. She says quidditch make her hair look bad. What a drama queen. I don't know

why I love her.)

Our other dorm mate is Allie Longbottom. She has straight brown hair and blue eyes.

(Yeah I'm the biggest loser about eye colours’) She is a quiet shy girl. But she is really

clever. Do I have to mention she is not in the quidditch team? Cause she is terrible at

sports even worse than Dom.

And I know my entire dorm mates' fathers are war heroes and mine is a sexy old

quidditch hero. He fought with them too but people call him sexy not a hero. That’s


We hang out with "The Marauders" aka JJJF. Acctually they are the seconds. You know who I'm talking about. My stupid brother and his sexy friends.

(Ok I should really stop calling them sexy. Whatever! They are sexy)

Today is 1st September. It’s time for Hogwarts. Yaayyy!! I really love my school. And this

year I don't have any exams. So I'm going to just have fun. I want to be a healer, a

quidditch healer (because quidditch players have nice bodies). I'm going to study

really hard next year. Jack is going to be a quidditch player and Puddlemere United

wants him. My father was disappointed when I said I don't want to be a quidditch

player. (Cause I'm too lazy. I can't even handle Gryffindor trainings.) But now he thinks

I'm going to be a great healer.


I woke up because a git poked me. Aghh I hate him.

"Come on lil sister! School day."

"Go fuck yourself."

"Watch your mouth Mel" Ohh great my mum is here too.

"See mummy I told you that she is really rude. Especially to his lovely
brother" Arghh. Did I mention before that I hate him?

"Ok I'm waking up." I gave up.

I changed to in skinny jeans (so that my legs would look amazing) and my favourite

t-shirt with a lion on it. I curled my hair and put a little make up. And I joined the


Here's a little fact about me: I LOVE FOOD. I don't know why I'm not fat maybe it’s

because quidditch. But I eat a looot.

Anyway at the end of breakfast. I brushed my teeth and I was ready for the Hogwarts

express. My dad took us to the platform.

When we arrived there every witch, every fucking witch started to watch my dad. That's

was really disgusting. I didn't want to see this anymore so I hugged him and ran to the


"Meeeeelllll" Someone shouted. I know who it is.

"Dooommmmmyyyy" I cried back.

"Stop calling me that. And I missed you"

"Ok whatever. And I missed you too."

"Don't whatever me. Let's find Rose and Allie"

"Rosiieee and Al. Let's find them"

"You should stop using nicknames"

"Yes melly you should really shut up sometimes" And there he is

making fun of me again. Why he have to be so damn sexy. But I don't care.

"It’s none of your business Jamie. Hi guyss"

I saw Fred, Jacob and Allie. (Rose probably went for her perfect duties)

I hugged all of them even James.

And we went to find a compartment.


A/N: I really hope you like it. I'm a Turkish writer so my English can be bad i hope you dont mind. Please review pleaseee :) 

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Lykis' Gift : Wood's Family and Friends


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