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Task One Challenge by EverDiggory
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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 Author’s Notes: Slytherin for eternal glory! House Cup 2012! I’d also like to wish a good luck to all other participants, whether in Slytherin or any other house! Oh! And my prompts: mention the champion, mention of an unforgivable curse, champions wand details, mentions a sleeping draught, the transfiguration and accio charm, mentions four breeds of dragons, features a dragon, and flourishing in the face of adversity.



My rage was quickly escalating. How dare he talk to her that way? How dare he? Who does he think he is? To speak to my lady in such a way! He should have known that I, Salazar Slytherin, often called the greatest dueller of my generation, would come after him and make him reap the consequences of his actions.


I turn to Christianna and grab her shaking hands in mine. Her dark hair is curled elegantly all the way down to her hips and she’s shaking it out of her face. Her eyes look full of anxieties. Her pale skin is flushing red with worry.


It was odd in the sweetest of ways. I had seen this short and petite girl approach and agitated dragon, yet she was fretting at the idea of me going to duel on her behalf.


I would never forget the day she approached a dragon with such ease.


The large beast was blowing fire everywhere and it sounded it was screaming. It strained to break free of its chains, keeping it close to the ground and incapable of moving much.


 She approached it with ease, yet we were still a good fifty yards away. I grabbed her hand, not even dragging my eyes away from the colossal beast. “I’m fine,” she said, turning to me and offered me a bright smile.


She approaches the dragon, her left hand extended carefully. The thing let out an ear shattering roar and she jumped back into my arms. I chuckled and began leading her away from the dragon.


“I’ll be back, I’m just going to go make him pay,” I promise her and press my lips to hers. Her small hands grip my arms tightly, holding me close for as long as she could.


I pull away from her and take my wand out of my pocket.  “Accio pocket watch,” I call. From a drawer on the other side of the room, the pocket watch comes flying into my open palm. “Geminio,” I whisper, and points my wand at the loket. I put on of them in my pocket and I hold the other out to her and after a moment, her long, shaking fingers take it from me. “I’ll be back by midnight, darling. There’s a sleeping draught on the bedside table, if you need it.”


She nods, but the worried expression doesn’t leave. I squeeze her hands, and then let go. I throw her one last glance before I apparate outside the pub to where that filthy mudblood would be.


The 12.5 inches of yew wood with dragon heartstring core wand practically hummed in my hand, as if anticipating the duel. Anticipating the winning of yet another duel. Perhaps I could crucio him, that would surely teach him to never speak to a lady in such a manner ever again.


My fury worsened as I replayed the situation in my mind; That disgusting little sneer on his face, the words that rolled off his tongue, and the look on Christianna’s face. I snarled and stomped through the snow. The snow was piling on the ground quickly now, as it was falling so rapidly from the night sky.


Oh, the pleasure it would bring me to see any sort of dragon, whether it be a Hungarian Horntail, Norwegian Ridgeback, Romanian Longhorn, or a Chinese Fireball, set on that disgusting excuse of a man.


What a bastard! How dare he try and talk in such a filthy way to her? I storm up to the door of the pub and yank it open.


I stomp into the room lit only with a few dreary candles, and slam the door behind me. I spot a lone figure sitting at the bar and I swiftly approach the man. He doesn’t turn when he hears me approaching but continues staring down at the wood counter top. His long, dirty fingers are twirling his short wand.  I couldn’t identify the man because of the lack of light.


“You,” I call out. My voice echoes through the pub and the man still does not look up at me. I close the last few feet of space between us and push his shoulder back. He stands up now, chuckling under his breath. The candle light flickers on his face just enough to reveal his identity.


It is him, the man who’s name I didn’t know, the one who had insulted and belittled my Christianna.


I raise my wand and point it directly into the man’s face, which reveals no sign of fright.


How ignorant.


“I have come to teach you a lesson about talking to any lady is such a way! Especially mine,” I growl. The man laughs again and he raises his wand at me as well.


He runs his free hand over his thick, black moustache and laughs again. “You’ve really got some courage, showing up like this,” he laughs. I watch him carefully, observing his every move. His left eyes twitches, his right hands curls tighter around his wand.


He laughs even more, I suspect at my rigid and unmoving stance. Three men enter the bar, and the shortest remains by the door as if to stand guard.


I raise my wand towards the two approaching me now and prepare myself to duel. They both already have their wands drawn and are cornering me. I barely dodge a stunning spell and then send it right back at him.


The man goes flying backwards and I turn to the other man. He hits me with a spell I didn’t catch, but it sends me falling to me knees. I slam to the ground as even my knees give out, and my face hits the floor painfully. I stand up slowly, and block two of the spells sent at me. I send another one flying back as the first man had, and stun the guard at the door.


The original man I set after stumbles toward me, tripping over several chairs, just long enough for me to disarm him. I rip him over to me by grabbing the collar of his shirt and drag him close to my face.


“Mess with Christianna again, and it will be much worse,” I spit, and throw him to the ground. I pick his wand up off the ground and snap it like a twig. Push the door open, storming into the snow and apparating as fast as I could.


Christianna was waiting for me and I wanted to be with her.



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Task One Challenge: Chapter One


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