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Give and Take by clumsydolphin
Chapter 12 : Epilogue
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AN: Now that my son's health crisis is a little more settled, thank you for all the well wishes and prayers for his health, I went back to try to re edit the story and see if I could pick up and change it so that the way it was intentionally meant to be written could still be achieved, but I decided to let it stand as it is. However, I am adding this epilogue that I hope you'll enjoy because this is the part of the story I was most excited about and the story won't leave me alone until this part is written. It wasn't ever meant to be an epilogue, but I think it'll work out fine that way! Hope you enjoy! Clumsy!

Disclaimer: Yay! I owned them last night, but then I woke up, boo! JKR still has them, but I can live with it!

Just under a year later….

Ginny was in the kitchen making dinner with Hermione's help, it was a very large group of people coming to dinner tonight to celebrate what was going to happen in a very little while.

"Are you sure Molly is alright with her part of the plan Ginny? I'm nervous she'll be upset with all of us." Hermione asked for the millionth time.

Ginny just sighed, "Hermione, we've been over this, and she's told you herself she's fine. She will do her job. They won't even know she's done it until it's already too late! Remember, this is the woman who raised Fred and George!"

Hermione gave a little laugh at that just as the door to the kitchen at Grimmauld Place opened and in walked the woman in question. She grabbed them both and hugged tightly.

"Oh, this is going to be so much fun! How are my girls?" Molly Weasley exclaimed.

"Good mum." Ginny smiled.

"Nervous." Hermione confessed.

"Don't worry so much dear, I will play my part perfectly. I just want to be present when they find out what is happening to them!" Molly giggled. "They will be here any moment now, that's why I headed over a bit early. Harry sent me a message."

Half an hour later Hermione and Ginny sighed in relief when they heard Harry call down to them. Molly had spent that time grilling them about marriage and babies. Hermione got the wedding talk, poor Ginny had to endure the baby talk.

"Down here Harry!" Ginny answered.

Harry walked through the kitchen door with a smile on his face followed by Kingsley, Bill, Draco, Blaise, Shawn, Chloe, Stella, Jennifer, and Ron.

"Molly!" Kingsley said while he received a very big hug.

"Mum, good to see you." Bill said when he received the same.

Molly made the rounds hugging most, and shaking hands with those she was meeting for the first time. When she was finished, she did the rest of her job.

"I did it! I have them right here." She said excitedly, then held up two wands and sat back to watch the fireworks!

"Hey mum, give it back." Bill ordered.

"My wand!" Kingsley said at the same time.

Harry and Draco stepped forward at this point.

"Do you want to explain, or shall I do the honors?" Draco asked Harry.

"Oh, no lets share I think." Harry answered a big grin on his face.

"What the hell is going on here?" Bill demanded.

Kingsley and Bill looked around flabbergasted.

"Well, we all decided at the dinner to celebrate finishing our retreat that it would be a huge shame if the two of you didn't get the experience." Draco began.

Harry spoke next. "So, we know that as Head of Aurors, and Minister of Magic that a whole month of the retreat would be next to impossible. So we decided that turnabout is fair play, and at the very least a week away won't hurt and is totally called for."

"So, a change of clothes and a book each has been packed and you Minister and you Bill will be treated to the weeklong 'camping adventure' that we all experienced." Draco laughed.

Molly Weasley sat back and laughed and clapped her hands at the looks on her friend and son's faces.

"Fleur of course was informed so she packed a bag for you Bill." Hermione said. Bill looked shocked that his wife knew and didn't tell him. "Kingsley, Percy is taking care of all the work on your end so you can have a nice, 'relaxing' vacation." She smiled innocently when Kingsley narrowed his eyes at her.

Kingsley however was internally laughing at how he'd fallen straight into their trap. He knew they had planned this out for a while and had decided to let them have their fun. He'd not even felt Molly disarm him; he guessed his instincts were getting rusty. This might be an adventure he'd enjoy, it would certainly be interesting. So when he spoke, jaws dropped.

"Alright then, who packed my bag?" He asked as Harry took his arm, and Draco grabbed Bill and apparated them away.

In the kitchen after the guys returned there was much eating and drinking and celebrating their revenge!

AN2: Okay, short and sweet but they had to get their kidnapping revenge! Kingsley and Bill both deserved that horrid campout! That's it folks, see ya next story! Clumsy!


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Give and Take: Epilogue


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