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Getting Past the Nerves by Summers_2008
Chapter 5 : Running to the holidays
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 Addie pulled back slowly. I kept my eyes closed I could feel her studying my face. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry Al I didn’t….” I cut her off pulling her face back to mine. It was… Well I’m not sure how to describe it. Like I was being awkward and weird for no obvious reason. “Wow,” Addie said as she pulled away for the second time. She was grinning like a mad woman. “What just happened?” She bit her bottom lip. “Did you just… wow! You’re an awesome kisser, I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Neither was I,” I said. Addie grabbed my hand and we headed back toward the school. We were half way back when I asked  “Am I really that good of a kisser?”

“Yeah… actually you are.” She said. She let go of my hand and wrapped her arm around my waist allowing me to wrap my arms around her shoulders. This was nice. “So Al,” Addie looked up at me. “Does this mean we’re dating?”

I paused, is that what we were going to be doing from today on? “Yes, I guess it does.”  Addie grinned and things just seemed to fall into place.

The next few weeks Addie and I were like every other couple at school. Well sort of, we decided that we should keep public displays of affection to hand holding and maybe a quick kiss. It wasn’t till around the holidays that things really got hectic for us I guess.

Rose had planned for her and Addie to spend the last Hogsmead trip before Christmas, shopping together. Leaving Scorpius and I to fend for our selves. And I know for a fact that Scorpius has never gone out to do his Christmas shopping he’s got catalogues that he orders gifts out of. And my Mum does most of my shopping for me, because she knows how much I don’t like picking things out for people. I always feel like I’m getting them something they don’t like. Rose and Addie left early in the day to get started. “Hey Al, what are you going to get Addie for Christmas.” I hadn’t thought about that. And I definitely didn’t tell my mother I had to get a gift for a girl. “Let’s go Al, we’ll find something awesome for her.” He grabbed my arm and we headed to Hogsmead. “And If Rose and Addie ask us what we’re doing, because Rose Knows I don’t shop and she knows your mother does you’re shopping, we’re going to tell the them that we didn’t want to sit in our dormitory staring at the walls or doing our homework.”

“I don’t think that’s how healthy relationships work, we can’t lie every time we forget that we need to get their gifts or something,” I pointed out.

“You think you’re parents never lie to each other?”

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “Maybe, I don’t think my dad could lie if he tried; at least to my mother, maybe me and James possibly Lily but to my mother that seems impossible.”

“I can see that,” Scorpius agreed with me. “Well, you still need to get something for Addie, so let’s go Potter!” he said leaving me standing in the dorm room.

“Bite me Malfoy,” I said following him out down to the common room.

We arrived in Hogsmead a little later, it took me two hours to find something that was perfect for Addie but not too over the top for a first Christmas together. Luckily for us we didn’t run into Rose or Addie when we were out shopping. Although I did see Lily and she acted like she was going to tell Rose and Addie that she’d  seen me picking out a gift for Addie. But she didn’t as far as I can tell.  Rose invited Addie to stay with her over the break and as usual Scorpius would be spending the holiday with me. Sometimes he’d go home for a day or two but he’d always end up crashing at my place at some point.

We were all sitting in a compartment together anxiously awaiting out arrival at Kings Cross. I was nervous. Addie was going to be meeting my parents for the first time and I wasn’t sure how my mother would react. Some of the girls James had introduced to her she didn’t like or take to very easily. I’m not sure how any of the family is going to react toward Addie, there’s only few who actually know that I’ve got a girlfriend now. I was also nervous because even though I was no longer awkward (well most of the time now) around Addie, how would I be around James fiancé, Jenny? Would I be able to talk to her like she’s Lily or Rose? I don’t want my awkward weirdness to make her feel off about being around me.

“Hey Al, you okay?” Addie asked me. I smiled and nodded toward her.”Good because we’re here.” She took my hand and we started to follow the crowd off the train. As usual Uncle Ron and my dad were chatting and keeping a vigil eye out for trouble while Mum and Aunt Hermione waved their children over. I squeezed Addie’s hand slightly. We walked over to the group. “Mum, Dad, Aunt Hermione, Uncle Ron, this is Addie my girlfriend.” I swear Ron almost passed out or had a heart attack.

My mum eyed me and then she grinned widely at Addie and pulled her into a tight motherly hug. “You are much prettier than Lily described” she said happily. “you have no idea how excited I was to finally meet you!”

“No really you don’t,” Dad smirked making Ron snort in amusement.

“It’s nice to meet you too Mrs. Potter,” Addie said trying to hide laughter,

“Nonsense, call me Ginny,” Mum grinned. “I have a feeling you and I will get along famously.” That settles it I think my mother is insane. My mother pulled Addie into another hug.

“Ginny, let the girl breath,” Dad said shaking his head. Maybe he’d come the realization that she was just as loony as Luna. “Addie it’s wonderful to meet you.” Dad shook her hand once mum finally let go.  Mum started on me next.

“Mum, need… air…can’t… breath,” I choked out. 





AN: so I know this chapter is a little all over the place but I think right now where I'm at in my head with this story is all over. I promise that the next few chapter won't be as bad but I make no promises. and thank you to those of you who have reviewd in the last chapters they really made my day when I read them. I'll try to be update more often but I've been really busy lately working long ass shifts at work but I promise I'll work on it more. have a wonderful day. thanks for reading. ~Summers

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