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The Pureblood and the Mudblood [Dramione] ♥ by Stellee123
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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 Here is chapter 4! I hope everyone likes it. Drama and [almost] Violence take place in this chapter so please, only read if you can handle a bit of [almost] violence. Thank you very much to everyone who reviewed. Can I please get 10 reviews this time?! It would mean the world, honestly! 



Chapter 4s song is Battlefield by Jordin Sparks. Please listen to it on Youtube or somewhere else you can find the song. :p




That's all for this author's note! Oh, and here's a disclaimer: I unfortunately do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters. Anything you recognise from the book goes to JK Rowling.
























Hermione's POV








It had been a long and very uneventful week since Draco had called Hermione a Mudblood, earning himself a hard slap across the face. The two heads had chosen to stay as far away from each other as possible, never speaking. And though Hermione hated Draco with everything she had, she couldn't help but glance at him every so often. Once she could have sworn he had even looking at her when she looked at him. 








The first Hogsmeade trip was scheduled for today, Monday, exactly a week since Draco and Hermione had fought. Hermione was planning on going to hang out with Ginny while exploring the many shops. Ginny had been talking to her nonstop for the last seven days about Harry, that is, whenever Harry wasn't around of course. This morning’s breakfast was another round of stalk and tell. 








"He looks so cute in his Quidditch uniform!" Ginny squealed, looking up at Hermione from her plate of scrambled eggs. 








Hermione had to admit, Ginny and Harry would definitely make a cute couple, but she didn't think Harry felt the same way about Ginny, and Ginny didn't either, but Ginny was not the type of person to let that discourage her. She nevertheless had hope. 








Hermione half smiled. "You watched him during Quidditch practice?" she asked. 








Ginny blushed furiously. "Well, I was the only girl there that wasn't a player's girlfriend or boyfriend… you don't think that was wrong to be there, do you?" she raised an eyebrow. 








Hermione didn't dare say that if it her been her, she wouldn't have gone, but she spared her friend's feelings nonchalantly. "I'm sure it was fine, Gin." Hermione mumbled, glancing down the table where Harry was talking excitedly with Neville. She wondered if Harry had even the slightest of feelings towards Ginny. If he did, he was the master, hands down, of hiding his emotions. 








"Mione! Helloooo?" Hermione snapped out of her trance to see Ginny waving her fork in front of Hermione's face with a bemused expression. 








"Sorry." Hermione said, standing up. "Shall we go?" she asked. 








Ginny nodded, getting to her feet also. The two girls summoned their money and sweaters before exiting into the Entrance Hall, where Filch was checking off names for Hogsmeade. 








"Next devil child!" Filch yelled, which the 'devil child' just so happened to be Hermione. 








Hermione stepped up, hiding her annoyance as Filch checked off her name with a glare, then proceeding to wave his wand up and down in front of her. 








"No dark magic." he concluded, mostly to himself, as he scribbled on his clipboard. Glancing up, he found Hermione still standing there with a quizzical look. A sneer appeared on Filch's face as his cold eyes met Hermione's. "Go, before I write that you had poisonous Firewhiskey on you!" he barked, causing Hermione to hurry forward. 








Ginny went through, earning some nasty comments as well before the girls set out on the grounds. 








It was a very beautiful day. The bright rays of the sun shone down across the grounds making the castle glimmer slightly, and the grass shiny green. A slight breeze rustled the leaves on the trees, which were slowly turning warm and definitely fall-liked shades of red, orange, and yellow. Students were scattered across the grounds, some right by the castle, some down by the Black Lake whose rippling water seemed to be a little clearer today in honor of the wonderful weather. 








The two girls set off across the grass, towards the path that lead to Hogsmeade. They walked in silence for a bit, falling into a rhythmic step. Finally Ginny broke the comfortable silence. 








"Mione, where do you want to go first?" she asked, looking at Hermione and shielding her blue eyes from the sun, which beat down against her red hair, making it stand out even more than usual. 








"Can we go to The Three Broomsticks?" she asked. 








Ginny laughed lightly. "Sure." She said, grinning. 








Hermione and Ginny chatted about their classes and how hard Snape was when they reached Hogsmeade. Waving at people they knew, the girls crossed the street and walked into the small pub. They noticed a few only classmates already there as they ordered their drinks and sat down. Hermione was just about to talk a sip of her Butterbeer when a very familiar voice made her almost drop the glass. 








"'Ermiome!" The thickly accented voice called. Hermione's eyes snapped up and almost popped out of her head. 








"Viktor!" she said, pleasantly surprised. "What are you doing in Hogsmeade?" she asked, smiling as he walked over. 








"It is Durmstrang's Hogsmeade day too, today!" Viktor Krum said. 








Hermione nodded, sipping her drink. "How ironic." Hermione's gaze shifted to Ginny, who looked rather uncomfortable. She was watching Hermione with flashing eyes and she sat stiff, her Butterbeer long ignored. 








"Viktor, I think you have met my friend, Ginny Weasley," she said, looking back and forth between the two. "and Ginny, Viktor Krum."








Ginny nodded. "Hello." she greeted him, smiling politely. 








"Hello, Ginny. How are-" but Viktor never got to finish. For at that moment, a rather angry Ron Weasley burst into the bar and stormed over to the other three. He rounded on Viktor Krum, his face livid. 








"What are you doing?!" he yelled, shooting daggers at Hermione between glares at Viktor. 








"Visiting with 'Ermione and Ginny." Viktor said, hesitantly looking at Hermione. 








Now Ron turned to Hermione. "How could you? Fantasizing with the enemy- again!" he yelled, drawing attention from everyone in the pub. Even the bar tender stopped in mid wipe of a glass to stare. 








"Ron, stop.  You're gathering attention." Hermione mumbled, looking away. 








If looks could kill, Hermione Granger would have been dead 1000 times by then. And if on cue, and much to Hermione's dismay and dread, another unwanted boy walked in, immediately sizing up the scene with his signature smirk pasted on his face like road kill on a highway. 








Draco Malfoy walked over, studying each of them. "Let's see. We have the Weasel; the Weaselette," Ginny glared fiercely at Draco. "The Duck, and none other than Hogwarts' own Insufferable Know-It-All." he sneered. 








"Oh shut it, Ferret." Ron growled, disbelief and anger etched on his red face; matching his hair. 








Once again, Ron turned on Hermione, making her wince. "How come you never tell me anything? You never confide in me! I am your boyfriend!" he yelled, his hands in fists now.  








"She doesn't have to /confide/ in you, Ronald! She has her own life, you know. You sure are stupider than you look, I should know, I'm your sister." Ginny hissed, clutching her glass of Butterbeer so hard her knuckles were white. It was a wonder the glass hadn't shattered by then. 








Draco was obviously enjoying himself. He had an idiotic grin on his face, cold and hateful amusement carefully written in his stormy light-grey eyes. 








Then there was Viktor. He didn't seem to know what to do, froze on the spot, gaping at Ron and Hermione who were staring each other down, both on their feet now and inches apart. 








"You know what, Ron? Just go! You apparently do not trust me enough to visit with friends I haven't seen in /years/ so why am I even with you?! We are over. Now leave me alone!" Hermione said in her most confident and dignified voice, all the while standing her ground. 








Shock slowly washed over Ron's face. Hermione had really just ended their relationship. Anger boiling inside suddenly flowed over, rapidly filling his veins with hot hatred. He raised a hand and brought it back, almost connecting it hard across Hermione's face. He stopped, staring into her eyes, realising he couldn't hurt her. He still loved her.








Giving the notion that Ron had slapped Hermione, which he hadn't, gasps were heard across the dead-silent bar, along with two yells of "Hermione!” Ginny, Viktor, and the bar tender rushed forward to Hermione's side; leaning over her and trying to help her. She quickly moved away from them, mumbling something along the lines of 'I'm not hurt!' 








And any sign of sneer, amusement, or the well practiced and well-known signature smirk were instantly wiped from Draco's face like a windshield wiper had been brought across it. These facial expressions that were so often used by Draco, as if his only, were all replaced with a shockingly horrifying anger and blood chilling maliciousness. 








In a sweeping motion, Draco has gathered a handful of Ron's shirt, yanking him up by the former's face. 








"YOU!" he yelled, his face contorted with rage. "You dare hit her?!" 








Ron pushed Draco back with disgust. "Bloody hell, what's with you? Since when do you care about Hermione?" he spat. 








Draco froze, thinking. The Weasel had a point. He had never cared, nor did he. What was he going on about? Instead of answering, Draco acted spur-of-the-moment like always. He brought back his own fist, connecting it with Ron's jaw. 








Ron stumbled back a few steps, shocked. When he gained his senses again, he kicked Draco hard in the stomach. Doubled over in pain, Draco fell, where Ron continued to brutally beat him, causing a numb pain to wash over. Just before unconsciousness took control, Draco was aware of a familiar feminine voice screaming out to him. Then, everything went black.

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The Pureblood and the Mudblood [Dramione] ♥: Chapter 4


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