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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 13 : Christmastide
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 Chapter 13: Christmastide

“Come on Students. This way to the carriages. Everybody leaving for home this holiday this way please.” I called out, trying to clear the school and get the students going home out so that none missed the train.

“You would think that there would be excitement over the Holidays, not chaos of trying to say goodbye to their new friends and old friends and delaying getting to the train.” Draco said to me as he waved a few first years forward. I nodded at him in agreement. I glanced at my clock and gasped.

“Okay. Listen up people. The Hogwarts Express is leaving in ten minutes and if you are not on it, you will be staying at school for the Holiday. So I suggest that you all stop saying goodbye and run for those carriages now!” I yelled over all the noise the crowd was making and watched as there was a mad dash for the carriages. I smiled satisfied and Draco and I walked to the Heads Carriage where we met Ginny and Blaise. We all stepped into our own carriage and then got onto the train when we arrived.

When the train arrived at the King Cross Station a few hours later, we all got off and Hugged.

“You better write me, you two.” Ginny said and kissed Blaise.

“I will Gin, I promise.” I smiled and Hugged her.

“I will to baby.”

“Eww, Blaise, really?” I smirked, and Draco laughed.”

“I’ll see you for the Christmas Eve Ball.” Ginny said again.

“And of course the Malfoy’s New Year’s Eve Ball.” Draco said and hugged her.

“Yeah then too.” She laughed, hugged him back and walked away to meet her parents. Draco and Blaise shook hands.

“We’ll see about hanging out in a few days man.” Blaise said and then hugged him.

“Yeah sounds good.”

“Okay well I’ll see you in a few minutes sis.” Blaise said and walked to meet Mum and daddy to give me and Draco a minute alone to say goodbye.

“I’m going to miss you.” I said

“I’ll see you soon Rena.”

“Yeah but I’m still going to miss you.”

Draco leaned down and kissed me.

“I’ll miss you to.”

“I should go. Mum and daddy are waiting.”



We both walked away to meet our parents.


“Mum, Daddy.” I said and hugged them both.

“Serena, princess. How have you been.”

“I have been good. Great actually.”

“So Blaise here tell me that you are Draco have begun a relationship?” Daddy asked apprehensively.

“Umm. Yes, Draco and I are dating daddy. But you don’t have to worry, he is a perfect gentleman.”

“Good, because he better be taking care of my princess.”

“Well let us depart for home now shall we. Blaise you still have to pass your apparition exam. I’m proud of you for passing you first exam in September during your off week before classes Serena.” Mom praised .

“Home. It sounds wonderful now.” I said, and Blaise nodded.

Mom and I apparated home and Blaise must have side-along apparated with dad because they were they a moment behind us.

“Welcome Home Miss Serena and Mr. Blaise.” A house elf, Quinine I believe, who was cleaning the large urn in the lobby squeaked out.”

“Thank you Quinnie.” Blaise said and smiled.

“Yes thank you, it is wonderful to be home.”

“Missus Avery, would you like me to start dinner now?”

“Yes Quinnie, please start dinner. I want it served in a few hours.” Mum said to her. “You guys should go get settled in. You know the requirements for dinner.”

“Yes Mum.” I said and hugged her. I apparated to my room just to tease Blaise and saw that my trunk was already neatly placed by my bedside. My house elf Brinn was unpacking it for me.

“Thank you Brinn.”

“You are welcome Miss Serena.”

I went into the bathroom and ran a hot bath for myself. It would feel nice to just relax before dinner without anything to worry about. I just laid back in the bubbles and closed my eyes. I flicked my wand and my small radio played my favorite Night wish songs. The next thing I knew, I opened my eyes to a voice saying that I needed to get up now. That dinner was in half an hour. I rushed out of the bath and dried off. In my cashmere bath robe I walked into my closet and picked out a knee length white skirt and a baby blue cashmere sweater. I dried my hair and decided since I had time, to do my make up by hand. I picked out a simple pair of white ballet flats to wear to dinner. I added a silver bracelet and my cartouche necklace to my outfit and then went downstairs for dinner. 

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The dark side of love: Christmastide


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