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Task One Challenge: A day at Hogwarts by lady_devil
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Deep within Hogwarts, in the dungeons where the cold reigned supreme over the heat, a man paced around a room. Not just any man, but Salazar Slytherin, one of the four founders of the newly built magical school called Hogwarts. As he paced the only light that came was from the fireplace and a few candles located around the room, it bounced and casted vast amount of shadows. No matter how much heat encased the room it was still cold and no matter how much light filled the room there was still not enough candles to add light and warmth.

Salazar was in thought, about what was anybody’s guess. He was thinking about something. That something commonly was about Hogwarts. Salazar knew it was a top priority amongst him and his friends to make sure Hogwarts stayed long after they were gone.

The sound of something large and loud caused the whole ceiling of the dungeon to shake. The force would have blown out the candles had they not been lit by magic. With a swish to his flowing robes as he turned and headed for the exits, Salazar’s expression resembled a basilisk ready to kill. His heaving footsteps echoed in the corridors until he reached the grounds outside the castle. Salazar was unsure about what about what to feel next when he saw the damage to the grounds. And burning? He narrowed his eyes and searched for three certain people, only finding one person he marched in that direction.

“Helga,” he called out the woman’s name. “What happened?” Salazar rarely showed concern. Only those who knew him well knew he was capable of showing such a emotion. One in particular was his best friend, who took it on himself to tease Salazar for fun.

The plump red haired woman called Helga only shot a glance at Salazar as she was busy with a student. “There you are Salazar, where were you?” she asked as she took a standing position.

He knocked his eyebrows up at her question. “Where was I? Mmm...I was strolling in the woods.”

Helga pointed her finger and shook it. “Don’t you start going all mockery on me. “ She rubbed her hands against a handkerchief, finding it hard to avoid looking at Salazar considering what she had to say next. “It was a dragon, which Godric bought with him.”

“Godric did what?” he asked through clenched teeth. Indeed he had expected something like this of his friend after knowing him all those years.“I must go help him.”

“First I need your help, I have my hands full and Rowena has gone to get someone who has knowledge on dragons.”

Salazar listened to what she needed and took out his wand. Holding it out he cried out, “Accio!” In a matter of seconds he reached with his left hand and grabbed the bottle that contained dragon’s blood. Helga needed more bottles since each bottle has at least 12 drops of usage for almost anything. Dragon’s blood was known to be used for healing, to strengthen potions, as a cleaner – mostly to if there was an odour bad enough that be removed that easily, revitalizing the skin which female witches seem to favour using on special occasions and finally since Helga has her way with cooking food – she’d put a drop in dinner meals to cleanse the body on the inside.

Handing the bottle to one of the students beside Helga whom appeared to be helping her, he ran following the trail left behind by the dragon in search of Godric. .I swear if bravery won’t be the end of Godric, I would avada kedavra on him, thought Salazar to himself. To find a dragon was not hard, just find a large creature that seems to be on a rampage and the person standing up against the dragon was none other than Godric Gryffindor.

“GODRIC, ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?” yelled Salazar to his best friend across the grounds and he wished to take back what he had just yelled. The dragon’s attention had changed to Salazar and began to attack him, narrowly missing the tail he still was able to feel the swiftness of the air as it sliced near so close to Salazar.

“WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT? DO YOU SEE ME NOT FIGHTING!” Came the yelling reply of Godric who was back to swinging his sword trying to keep the dragon back away from him as it had returned to attacking Godric.

“Just making sure...” he said to himself out loud. Salazar Slytherin was one of the most talented wizards in this era; he knew who he was and was proud of himself. But facing this Dragon had left him with the greatest doubt ever, Salazar was sure he had no bravery to face such a magnificent beast. It was one thing to know you had the skills to face something, but when you come face to face for real it’s a whole different scenario.

Watching the dragon and Godric, the sleek touch of the wand was familiar beneath his fingers, as for a moment he remembered the first time he got it when he was just 11 years old from Ollivanders. It was a fine wood made out of Yew with a Dragon Heartstring core, 12.5 inches in length and unyielding. The wand was good for defensive spells and dueling, which became a bonus for whenever he duels with Godric. Salazar knew his wand would never let him down; it was an extension of him.

“SALAZAR!” cried out Godric.

Hearing his name, he came back to the present and began running towards Godric. He was Salazar Slytherin, a founder of Hogwarts. There was no time for weakness, not now and not ever. Salazar would have to use his own skills of cunning and determination, along with everything else the House named after him revered. along with everything he’s built the house named after him.

“Godric, we have to hold him back as long as we can, Rowena has gone to get help,” he told HIS friend as he neared Godric finally after dodging another one of the attacks the dragon sent.

“Right,” he said with a nod and took out his own wand, sheathing his sword back into its place. “Let’s do this.”

Both friends, like brothers to each other, stood side by side by side facing the dragon. Talking was no longer needed as Salazar began to use Legilimency to connect to with Godric’s mind to figure out the next action, in return Salazar will put images of what he wanted to do next into Godric’s mind. Salazar truly would never use this on his friends unless necessarily. Smoke was seen flaring from the Dragon’s nostrils as the fight between and creature was underway.

Spell after spell in conjunction together, they stood their ground against the dragon. As Salazar focused on defensive spells, he allowed Godric to cast the offensive spells. The dragon still came at them with fire, talons and even tail. Heavy panting could be heard amongst the noise surrounding the two men for fighting a dragon was nothing compared to a duel between wizards. Salazar wiped sweat from his forehead as he waited till Godric casts his spell; following with a spell of his own before the dragon was ready to strike. As mentioned, his wand was both good for defensive and dueling, Salazar would aid in offensive stance of fighting the dragon.

Salazar was not prepared for what happened next.

The dragon outsmarted the two wizards by using the rising smoke flaring from his nostrils and the fire that had burnt the grass around them. Salazar moved around a bit till he bumped into Godric’s back. Standing back to back with him, this assured a defensive position that allowed to see at all angles, even the sky, and hear what direction the Dragon will be coming from. The silence was worse than the stillness of the castle when there was no sound to be heard. Fair Rowena Ravenclaw was a better example. When she tells you anything, whether it’s good or bad, she expected you to remember it on a daily basis.

In the midst of this, Salazar was not thrilled about facing Rowena, but seeing her have a go at Godric for bringing a dragon to Hogwarts would be quite entertaining.

No sooner had Salazar been thinking the dragon came from the air, breathing fire at both of them. There was no time to cast a defensive spell. Narrowly Salazar missed being cooked alive. He met the ground with a thud groaned as he sat up. Quickly realizing his robes where on fire he removed, revealing clothing that made Salazar look like a normal muggle man. Salazar narrowed his eyes at the smoke clouding his vision. The fog had just come from the smoke due to the fire, and from the landing of the Dragon, causing the earth to shake underneath him and send rubbles of dirt flying into the wind.

He was just about to begin to Legilimency to find Godric, but that didn’t matter when he heard his voice. “Curse that dragon and the fire, ruined another robe of mine,” he heard Godric say in disgust, Salazar couldn’t help but smirk. With his own eyes he had seen Godric go through more clothing then anyone could count.

His focus returned to the dragon heading his way wand at ready to take him on again. That moment, it hit him what just Godric had just said at the beginning, curses. What was Salazar thinking! Above anything else he had more knowledge in curses and hexes than anyone else. “Godric, get ready!” he demanded seriously as he didn’t take his eyes of the dragon. Salazar looked around the terrain, hoping to see an object that was still intact even though he doubted it would not be burnt. Pointing it at what looked like part of the tree’s trunk, he used transfiguration to change it into a living animal. The sound of its voice did divert the dragon’s attention just as Salazar hope he would, the dragon went after the small animal. Salazar next used the conjunctivitis curse on the dragon, rendering it unable to see properly.

With the fog of smoke and dirt subsiding increasingly, it was easier for Salazar to see around him, and the dragon that was not able to see was moving about angrily.

“Let’s stop it from moving, it won’t be causing anymore trouble,” commented Godric coming up to him, dusting himself from the dirt and ash.

Before Salazar could cast a spell with Godric, flashes of light whizzed in his line of vision towards the dragon. With a quizzical expression they looked around to find witches and wizards heading their way, some on brooms, but importantly Rowena and Helga coming to them, beside Rowena was a man.

“Godric, Salazar,” greeted Rowena with a sweet smile. “I want you to meet Edward Baldwin. He and his team have been studying and handling Dragon for years.”

“It is a great pleasure to meet two of the finest wizards and the rest of the founders of Hogwarts,” he addressed with a slight bow of his head. “I must congratulate you though on handling this dragon by yourselves?”

“It wasn’t all that fun and easy,” commented Salazar looking towards the dragon being taken care by the witches and wizard who had come.

“Lord Salazar, dragons are extremely dangerous for one person alone to face.” Edward looked at all four of them. “Excuse me; I have to go help them.” With a bow to four of them he walked way.

It had been a few hours or so of watching, now Salazar was walking back to the castle. The atmosphere had changed from chaotic to peaceful except it would be a long time before Salazar could ever forget this day.

“Salazar thank you for your help. Didn’t think I would get out of there alive,” complimented Godric as he clapped Salazar’s back with such force he coughed and stumbled a step forward.

“Honestly, I didn’t we would either. But it was when you mentioned curses that I came up with a plan and hoped it would work.”

“Indeed you were brave Salazar,” commented Rowena, after the story of what happened had been told to her and Helga.

“From this day you will known as Salazar the Brave!” as Godric whipped his hand in the air, to emphasize the title. “And who knows maybe you’ll have maybe there will be some bravery in your House as well.”

Salazar’s eyes widened he looked at him and shook Godric’s arm off. “So they turn out like you, on my name as a wizard no way!”

“Speaking of you, Godric I hope you learnt your lesson,” piped in Rowena.

The talking had stopped when Helga began to laugh; the three of them looked at her.

“What’s so funny?” asked Rowena.

Helga turned around, for she was walking a head of them, with a huge smile. “I was just thinking about our time since we built Hogwarts...” she began before turning around so she could watch where she was walking. “Each of us is so different right? t? Well Hogwarts is like our child. It’s made up of all our traits.”

They came to a stop on a hill that looked towards Hogwarts, standing side by side.

Helga looked at them then back at Hogwarts. “I think the dragon may not be the last thing that graces the grounds of Hogwarts.”

Salazar couldn’t help but smile at what Helga was saying, his smiles were left to be seen by his friends. And what Helga was saying made sense; Hogwarts possessed a part of him when it was built. “I think I could use a sleeping draught before tomorrow comes, if Hogwarts is anything like Godric in adventures.” He ducked down to avoid being hit by Godric and began to descend to the castle; the laughter from behind him could be heard.

AN: I enjoyed writing and hope you enjoy reading it!

The following prompts have been used:
- features your House’s Champion (5 points)
- mentions at least 1 Unforgivable Curse (5 points)
- features a dragon (10 points)
- mentions a Sleeping Draught (10 points)
- mentions 2 of the following types of magic: a transfiguration spell, a sleeping spell, the conjunctivitis curse, the summoning charm (accio) (15 points)
- includes mention of at least 5 of the 12 uses for dragon's blood (canon or made up by the author) (15 points)
- features a theme of flourishing in the face of adversity (25 points)
- mentions the details of your Champion’s Wand, as provided by your Head of House (25 points)

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Task One Challenge: A day at Hogwarts: Chapter 1


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