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Falling by HiddenFace
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Falling has connotations of danger, of accidents, of damage, of pain. When you fall, some measure of pain is often associated with that fall; perhaps you bruise yourself or scrape a knee, perhaps it is worse, perhaps you break a leg or damage your head. When an object falls, it is often expected to break or acquire some amount of damage. Signs like ‘Mind the Gap’ seek to prevent people falling between the train and the platform; railings are often put in place to prevent people falling from heights; hygiene law are passed to try and prevent people falling ill. Falling appears to be something that we always aim to avoid…



So who on earth came up with the idea of ‘falling in love’. Love is meant to be a wondrous thing that picks us up and gives meaning to life. Love is supposed to heal wounds and mend damaged hearts. So surely we should not fall in love. Surely that defies the point of love. Falling is damaging. Love is healing. Is that not how it is meant to be?



Unless of course, the person responsible for the seemingly ridiculous notion of ‘falling in love’ was actually trying to tell us something. Perhaps they were trying to warn us. To protect us. Maybe falling in love is not what it appears to be. Maybe love is not so perfect, not so healing and uplifting. Maybe, just maybe, falling in love can break us in the same way an object breaks when it falls. Maybe falling in love can bruise us and hurt us in the same way that simply falling does. Maybe the person responsible for the idea of ‘falling in love’ was trying to tell us that love can cause pain. Can cause suffering. Can hurt.



The word ‘fall’ suggest an inevitably, a loss of control, something irreversible. It makes the object that is falling seem vulnerable and defenceless. Love is supposed to strengthen a person. Love is supposed to give a person the ability to confidently take control of their lives. Love is supposed to be a feeling of joy and elation. How can the two become one in the act of ‘falling in love’ if this is the case? Surely they cannot coincide. How can love strengthen a person when falling makes them vulnerable and defenceless? How can a person lose control and yet confidently take control of their lives? The two cannot exist together, so therefore the concept of ‘falling in love’ is impossible… Unless either ‘falling’ or ‘love’ actually means something different. Unless ‘love’ is not the strengthening, confidence giving, elation inducing emotion it is thought to be.



So ‘falling in love’ cannot possibly mean what it is often thought to mean. It cannot be the positive and glorified action we understand it to be. Whoever invented the concept of ‘falling in love’ was either foolish enough not to see the error in the idea or was wise enough to try and warn those to come that love is not what it appears to be. It is not a perfect state of bliss but rather a damaging and painful experience… Then again, perhaps if the latter was the case, they were deliberate in their attempts to make it seem like falling in love was something beautiful and magnificent because maybe, just maybe, it is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives so that they might fully appreciate that falling in love is not all that it promises to be and that they will almost inevitably get hurt and damaged in the process.



My name is Rose Weasley and this is the story of how I learned that falling in love is not always what it appears to be… That, more often than not, it will hurt. That, despite this risk, we all allow ourselves to fall in love anyway because, in doing so, we learn things about ourselves and about the world that nothing but love could teach us.

I've been wanting to write a ScoRose fic for ages now so here it is, obviously this is just a Prologue but I would love to hear your thoughts. If you have any questions, or are just interested in my stories, check out my blog for them (link is on my author's page) but thanks again for reading, 

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