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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 5 : lucky
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'just go with this is what they had in mind'  Hermione  thought as they stood infront of the weasley's front door, Fred's hand in hers.

"Ready to give it our best my sweet little cupcake?" Fred cooed as her pinching her cheek.

'cupcake?' her eye twitching annoyance to the cheesy nickname. Hermione turned and smiled at him with a face stuffed full of suspicious innocents.

"of course my wittwe cuddwie puff." she said in a very high pitched voice along with a remarkably hard pinch to the nose ....Hermione 1, Fred 0

"OW! ok snookums I'd like to keep my nose If its alright with you!" Fred said as he desperatly tried to pry his helpless nose from her cruel unforgiving hand. Taking notice to how small her hands were.

"of course." she smiled letting go of his nose .

"ok you love-birds your giving me the oogies!"  George said feigning a gag. Hermione's eyes narrowed as her eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

'i hope he hasnt forgotten who created this mess.' she thought to herself. Hermione looked over at Fred who returned the mischievieous-annoyed-who-does-this-guy-think-he-is look. Hermione raised an eyebrow and Fred smirked. they knew what to do.

Hermione began by turning toward the unsuspecting twin with a piteous look.

"ohh Freddie! i think our wittle Georgeie is lonely!" she said. Fred continued.

"aw! Georgie it's okay you'll find someone...something may take a while. but someday you wont be a lonely wart!" he said with determination. Hermione hid a chuckle. George glared at his brother and Hermione

"ok guys I get it!" he put his hand up in surrender. just then Mrs. Weasley opened the door with a wash cloth in hand.

"OH! Fred, George, Hermione dear!" she latched on to Hemrione

"Ive been worried sick! Where have you three been!? grasping hermione by the arms. all three of them just stared at her insure of what to say. they had spent so much time looking for th key they had forgotten they were suppose to be there.  Fred grasped Hemione's hand and Molly who, havig so man children noticed this small movement. she opened her mouth to say something when a crash was heard from the kitchen. Molly quickly forgot about the gesture and turned with lightening speed. Hermione, Fred. and George leaned in to see what was ocurring. Molly walked swiftly toward the kitchen leaving the three outside. she quickly came back and ushered them inside.

"now you three head straight for the living room do not I repeat DO NOT! go any where else am I perfectly clear!?" she said firmly in a motherly way. the three nodded as she turned to go.  Hermione began to head toward the living room but was soon held back by the hand holding hers. Hermione looked up knowing very well the two were set on not doing what they were told. 

"oh no we are going to go straight to the living room!" Hermione said as they wagged their eyebrows at her suggestively. Hermionelooked at hem determinedly.

"but!.." they said in unison which quickly was returned with a quick no. Herminone grabbed Freds hand in a firm grasp leading him toward the living room knowing they wouldnt dare do it without the other. especially if their mother was involved. as Hermione stepped through the doorway and turned on the lights however she wasnt expecting what ocurred.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU THREE!" several people jumped out with a large banner wishing happy birthday on it.

'three?' Hermione thought to herself. as Harry and Ron came over patting her on the back.then the twins. 

"three?" she voiced her thoughts.

"yes Hermione three!" Harry said laughing. Hermione looked at him in confusion

"your birthday past too remember? We wanted to celebrate your birthday we all decided that with all thats happened espcially to you you could do with a little cheering up. we are really grateful to you and are happy that you were born." Harry and Ron said exchanging smiles. Hermione felt the tears well up in her eyes.

"Hermione dont cry!" Ron said

"we know your happy and all about the speech but dont cry" Harry said hugging her.

"im not crying!" she said stubbornly wiping the tears away never once letting go of Freds hand. Both Ron and Harry noticed this but kept quiet knowing Hermione would tell them sooner or later. laughter arose and Hermione watched the group of people.

" alright everyone Dinner's Ready!" Mrs. Weasley came in. everybody began to file out but Fred wanting to get in there first began to move quicker than Hermione could keep up with.

"Fred!" she said stopping him. everyone quickly went by.

"Fred we got to do something about the length of this chain! " she said holding up there connected hands and tapping the chain with her wand.

"alright" he said happily pulling out his own wand and muttering something. a light shot out of the wand and hit the chain once again making it invisible.

"what did you do?" Hermione asked.

"stay right here." he said releasing her hand and walking away a bit.

"you got rid of it!?" she asked shocked. then she felt a tug on her wrist when he was 5 feet away from her.

"no, love, I only stretched it a bit. Me and George figured this spell out when we were creating one of our better pranks.." he smiled walking back and grabbing her hand. Hermione followed him in the kitchen but only to find it completely empty.

"where..?" Hermione began when they heard a noise from the back yard. they went out through the back door and found everybody seated at a very long table. it reminded Hermione of the scene from Alice and wonderland where they had a tea party.  Hermione chuckled.

"what?' Fred asked with a lopsided smile.

"nothing" she laughed. strangly Fred enjoyed Hermione's laugh it was kinda contagious.

"will you two get over here!?" George called. they began to make their way over there when a gruff voice came from behind them.

"so this is where the party is?" Hermione recognized this voice and turned quickly.

"Hagrid!" Hermione yelled as the great giant came over and hugged her.

"ello there 'ermione! and Appy birthday!" he said and sat her back down.

"ere's your uh present" he said handing her and obviously hand wrapped gift.

"and happy birthday to you two too." he said directed toward Fred and George as he handed Fred their gifts.  Fred nodded in acknowledgement. Hagrid made his way over to the table. Hermione then understood.

"thats why its outside" she said as Fred looked over to her.

"feels like everyones here." she smiled then quickly frowned.

"almost everyone..." she said to herself not knowing Fred was able to hear her. They quicky walked over to the pile of gifts and sat them down then sat down at the table its self where two plates were awaiting them.

"well how is it?" Molly asked looking for approval.

"very delicous Mrs. Weasley." Hermione said Fred and George nodding in agreement.

"Molly dear, just Molly." she said smiling. Hermione smiled at the comment.

"Molly than." Hermione said. before they knew it the party came to an end.

"can i have everyones attention please?" Fred said standing up Hermione glancing up next to him. everyone quickly quieted down.

" I have an announcement I think you all should know. " he began Hermione gave him a curiouse look. Fred smirked

'oh this is going to be good" she thought.

"im...WE have some interesting news to tell you all." Fred said gesturing to Hermione.

"we are ENGAGED" he said with ease. Hermione's jaw dropped 30ft as did several other peoples.

'engaged!? Fredrick Gideon Weasley if i make it out of here tonight i'll make sure you never see the light of day'  Hermione glared at her Fiancee




A/N hey guys um i just wanted to say if there are any mistakes in this chapter that is because i was holding my fat puppy while typing on my computer which is acting up. thats kinda the reason i named this chapter lucky because it was lucky of me to even get the tittle typed let alone the whole story. so i hope you enjoyed this. :)

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Pranksters world: lucky


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