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the beginning of the end by Maxton
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Constance Parkinson was what they called in the muggle world a match maker. In the wizarding world she was a Marriage Broker. She worked exclusively with purebred families in the late 19th century matching couples together from families that had large amounts of money. Some with terrible secrets in the past.

The Gaunt family was the oldest wizarding family within 100 miles of Little Hangleton.
They owned a large estate high on a mountain side. The muggle people in the village would never have suspected they were anything but what the seemed.
They had known the Gaunt family to have lived on that land for centuries. Marvolo Gaunt was the only child living in the grand manor. He was a bit of a wild child. He was abusive to the town people.

He had attended school with the children from town until he was 7 years old. Then strange accidents started occurring to the boys and girls that he had altercations with. Finally his parents removed him from the school.

The town folks believed they had home schooled him after that. A small building was erected almost over night on a plot of land on the very outer edge of the Gauntís property. When Marvolo turned of age, seventeen by wizarding world views, he moved into the small shack permanently. He would show up to the manor to visit with his parents from time to time but mostly spent his time with other wizards of his age.

At the age of 20, Marvolo showed up to his parents home with a young girl on his arm. He introduced his new wife to them. Matilda Franzen was just a year older than Marvolo. His parents took to her right away. She was very beautiful and her family was wealthy, almost to the extent of the Gaunts. Although the Guantís did not recognize the name as a pureblood, being the Franzen name was Swedish, it did not concern them. The families got along just fine.

When Maltilda's parents arrived just a few days afterward they all agreed that since the children had gotten married without any of their knowledge that they would have a ceremony for them at the Gaunts estates. The Gaunts insisted on paying for everything. The gathering from both sides was small but all went well.

Marvolo and his bride moved into the small home on the edge of the estate. The Gaunts offered to have something grandeur built for them. But Marvolo said he was working on something Big with his in-laws and was waiting for his own fortune to come in.

In the next year Matilda gave Marvolo a son. Before Morfin was born Matilda had a very difficult time. The Gaunt had to have Healers come all the way from London to help her during her pregnancy and child birth.

The Gaunts were concerned that Matilda's family were not there during this time. All means of contact with them had been returned unanswered. The father Gaunt had not mentioned to his wife or son that he had invested much of the family fortune with the Franzen's. He had not heard from them in some time but was not worried because their daughter was living so close. He figured that they would be around after the baby was born.

Marvolo was just devastated after the death of his wife. He had taken care of his son the best he could while traveling between Little Hangleton and London. At times in the first year, bringing Morfin with him to see his mother. But after the second year, the pain he thought he saw in his sons eyes, looking at his mother in the bed was too much for Marvolo.

His parents tried to speak with him during this time, they had lost all contact with the Franzens. The Healers at the hospital were sure that it was a spell or curse that had effected Matilda's mind. The hospital had no records of any other visitors besides the Gaunts to visit her.

Mr Gaunt had still not told his son about the business that he had with the Franzens. All the money he had was taken by them. His wife had some money from her family but nothing to keep them as they were accustomed to.

The Gaunts had discussed how to get out of the money problems they had and decided to get a Marriage Broker involved. Mr Gaunt was terribly upset that Marvolo had caused all these problems. Marrying this girl without so much as finding out the slightest thing about her or what everyone thought was her family.

He had decided to re coop his losses and leave Marvolo and his son to themselves. Hoping his son could get back onto his own two feet.
Miss Parkinson had come well recommended by an associate of his. After he and his wife had met with her and explained his plan she had started her search. Leaving Marvolo in the dark about it all.

Every few months they would receive an owl from Constance requesting just a few more Galleons to help with the search. Finally after 3 years she had a suitable wife and mother for their son and grandson. They were happy to get the owl because they had just about run out of money themselves and could not have paid her for very much longer.

She gave them the name Figg. A pureblood family they had some encounters with, although they too had gone into seclusion just a few years back.

Marvolo and Morfin still lived in the small home near the Gaunts Manor. Though both properties had come into some disrepair over the years, the villagers understood that the family had an illness and death so they understood. But a few started to question when the Gaunts would be back on their feet.

Marvolo and Morfin arrived at the manor for supper one evening on the request of their parents. Morfin was 5 years old now and had become quite a handful. He was getting no guidance from his father except in magic. He had started to act out to the neighbor children he met.

They sat in the sitting room talking and waiting for supper to begin. A knock at the door had surprised Marvolo. Mrs Gaunt stepped out to the front hall and returned with a couple about their age, followed by a young girl.

She introduced Mr and Mrs Figg and their daughter Arabella. She was tiny and frail looking. She kept her mouth shut nodding her answers when she was allowed by her parents. At one point she sat down on the floor with Morfin and watched him play with his toys. He was causing some tiny blocks and figures to crash and bump into each other by using magic.

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