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The Seer by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 32 : Shades of Calamity
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A/N: Ah, probably the most climactic chapter of the whole thing! :P It's all finally here!

I hope everyone has really enjoyed this fic. I have loved writing it so much.

Once again, I have songs that go with the chapter. These songs have inspired me so much to the point that, every time I listen to them, I see what you will read in this chapter. Again, it is your choice if you wish to read the chapter with the songs. I know it can be distracting for some, but it just gives the greatest and most accurate feeling for me when I read with corresponding music.

Again, there will be queued parts within the chapter. This chapter consists of two songs, and they are It's Our Fight and I'm Just the Messenger from Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Original Score) by Steve Jablonsky. Feel free to listen to it as you read!

And enjoy!

*Begin It's Our Fight by Steve Jablonsky*
From Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Only when James' body slumped to the ground, completely limp, was Albus able to drop his wand. Frozen in shock, he relinquished it, and it clattered onto the stone foundation. Albus was suddenly granted to right to move of his own accord. With his job done, he had his freedom back, if only temporarily. That heavy weight lifted from his shoulders, only to be replaced with the guilt of killing his brother.

Albus sank to the ground, shaking, hiccupping, and choking on air and rain. His clumsy fingers grasped his brother's cheek, still warm to the touch, and he turned his brother's head to face him.

“No. No, no, no,” Albus moaned through his sobs. “Jamie! No, Jamie! Wake up! I didn't mean to! I tried; I tried so hard.”

Harry and Norah rose from the ground and ran over to the two brothers. Albus looked up at the two of them, expecting them both to be looking upon him with hatred. They would hate him now that he had killed James, wouldn't they? He just knew they would blame him forever for it. His apology came out as they sank to their knees on the other side of James' body.

“I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, I didn't mean to. I tried to break it! But I couldn't. I wasn’t strong enough,” Albus cried.

Trembling and searching deep within himself for patience and guidance on how to act, Harry reached out and stroked Al’s neck, giving it a squeeze. His tears blurred his vision as he spoke.

“I know,” answered Harry.

Sobbing, Norah leaned over James' body. She took his head into her lap and ran her fingers through his hair. Unable to separate herself from him, she hauled his body into her lap and cradled him like a sleeping child, crying onto his cheeks.

“I'm so sorry,” Albus shouted through his cries, holding his head as he rocked back and forth.

From somewhere behind them, Elias observed the mourning family, and through the mourning of his own son, he found pleasure in watching their pain. Revenge really was sweet; the boy who had killed his son had been taken down.

“How sad,” snickered Elias.

“Elias,” Harry breathed, doing his best to only cry steadily and not let his tears turn into uncontrollable sobs. “What more do you want with us? We have both lost someone dear. Please, set aside your hate and leave us be.”

“No,” said Elias. “I'm not finished yet. One life for my son's isn't enough. You still must pay.”

“If you try to hurt Albus or Norah...” breathed Harry, a threat forming on his lips. The beginning of his sentence was loud enough for Elias to hear, but not wanting to give Elias a reason to worry about Harry beginning a duel with him, Harry breathed out his last words into nothing more than a whisper. “I will kill you.”

“You'll do what?” sneered Elias, strutting over to them. “You're weak and pathetic. You can't do anything.”

“I will kill you!” shouted Harry with an anger he had never possessed before. All serenity or hopes for a peace offering or forgiveness was gone. It was now clear to Harry that Elias would never stop. He would only be fueled with the desire to kill more. He had to be stopped.

Harry rose, pulling his wand from his pocket, and he rounded on Elias with a jinx already on the tip of his tongue. “Stupefy!

Elias was blasted off of his feet and he slammed into the wall of Azkaban. Not giving him a moment to recover, Harry kept his wand raised and pointed it at the stone above Namken's head.


Harry's curse hit the wall of Azkaban, and another chunk of the mighty prison was blown from the wall. It rained down on Elias, pieces of stone flying every which way. Norah ran behind a jagged rock to take cover. Albus, not caring much about his own life, only threw his body on top of his brother's as if James would still feel the pain, and he shielded his head from the rock.

More prisoners began to crawl out of the opened cells. Due to the new blast in the lower side of the foundation, it was evident that the foundation of the prison had grown weak.

It was beginning to sway with the wind, waving to and fro, and it was only a matter of time before the entire prison slid down the rock and into the ocean. But none of them paid any mind to that.

Elias came slithering out from under the rock, one of his legs broken just like James’ had been. Harry hated to see anyone in pain, but he wanted Elias to endure it. Just as his son had. He strode over to Elias, trying to form cruel words on his lips, a language that Namken seemed to be so fluent in.

“You won't live through this,” threatened Harry. “You'll die just like my son did. First your leg. Now you wait and see.”

“Albus,” Namken's frail voice began. He coughed, trying to suck down fresh air after inhaling dust from the rocks and rubble.

“No,” answered Albus, dreading another task that would leave a loved one dead. “No. NO!”

The words left Namken’s mouth and left Albus with a chill and wishing he could drive a knife through his own chest. “Kill your father.”

“No,” Harry interjected. Namken's order didn't scare him. In fact, he used it to provoke Namken. “Quit making my son do your dirty work for you. Why don't you be a man and do it yourself? You couldn't kill a seventeen-year-old boy, so you had to make my sixteen-year-old do it? Come now. You're better than that. I even think you're older than me, and you can't fight me like a man? Are you afraid Harry Potter will best you?”

Elias growled at Harry's words.

“Come on!” Harry roared. “Be a man! Are you too afraid to fight me yourself?!”

“Kill him, Albus!” Namken shouted to him.

“Albus, no!” Norah shouted. She let go of James' head just long enough to latch onto Albus. She tried to grab hold of him, to keep him by her side as if that would stop him. She forced him to look her in the eye, and she pleaded with him. “Please! I know you're strong enough to fight it! Look at what you did to your brother. You don't want to do that to your father as well; I know you don't!”

“I have to...” Albus sighed.

“No, you don't,” Norah insisted. She shook her head, her tears clouding her vision, and she forcefully pressed her lips against his. She gave him a deep kiss, holding him there, but even as she kissed him, she could feel him moving away from her.

Pulled with the obligation to fulfill his next task, his body began to move of its own accord. He couldn't stop himself as he rose, picking up his abandoned wand and raising it to his father like the threat it was. Harry stumbled back as he watched his son, and unwillingly, Harry lifted his wand to Albus for defense.

“Al, don't,” said Harry, his wand shaking in his grasp.

“I can't stop it,” answered Albus, stumbling forward with his reluctant feet. He grit his teeth, holding the words in his mouth.

“Don't, Al!” Harry shouted, begging, his wand still raised.

Harry wouldn't let himself die. If he did, what would happen to Albus and Norah? Would Elias kill them as well? Or would he keep them as his own pets or prisoners? Harry couldn't die; he knew he had to stop it. So he knew he had to defend himself against his last living son. “Albus, don't come any closer or I'll have to stop you.”

“Do it! Stop me!” Albus shouted, loving the idea of being taken out of the equation.

He didn't care how his father did it either. Being knocked unconscious or dying—both of them sounded pleasant at the time. At least if he were dead, he wouldn't have to live with the guilt of killing his brother. At least if he were dead, he would see James again.

“Please, Dad. Av—

Stupefy!” Harry shouted before Albus could say any more.

Albus was thrown back into the rubble, where he slouched to the ground, but that Imperius Curse took over him with full force. Albus leapt back to his feet, and when Harry met his eyes, he knew that—in that moment—his only son still living was gone. Instead, something dark and evil was there.

Sectumsempra!” Albus roared as he emerged from the rubble.

Harry shouted in pain as his front was soaked with blood. He could feel the gashes forming all across his chest, and he bent over in pain, heaving. He tried not to vomit from the pain, and he did his best not to keel over. If he faltered for one minute, he knew his son would cast the Killing Curse. Knowing he had to prevail, he remained steady on his feet.

Expelliarmus!” Harry said, expecting Al's wand to fly out of his hand.

But what happened next came as a huge surprise.

Albus was able to hold on tightly to that wand. It appeared that his Imperius Curse and the demand to kill Harry was stronger than the disarming curse alone. Seeing that the wand wasn't leaving Al's grasp, Harry had to try something different. “Stupefy!” he shouted again.

Albus was lifted off his feet and was forcefully slammed into the crumbling prison. He stumbled about, stepping on lumpy rocks. He steadied himself and raised his wand. The fierce look on his face showed that Albus was not there, the words that left his mouth not belonging to him at all. “Stop fighting me and face your death! Crucio!

“No, Albus!” Norah shouted in horror as shock reached Harry's face.

Hearing an Unforgiveable leave his son's lips was horrifying, but he didn't have a second to think before he was struck with the curse and collapsed on the ground. It had been years since Harry had felt that curse be placed upon him, but he relived the pain as if Voldemort were torturing him in that very moment. He remembered the pain, and it suddenly came flooding back to him as he thrashed, biting his lip and drawing blood as he tried not to scream.

Norah continued to scream next to James' limp body, holding her throat in shock as her tears flowed steadily down her cheeks. She shouted to Albus, hoping she could do something for him. “Albus, stop! Stop it!”

Albus ignored her completely and lifted the Cruciatus Curse. Harry lay panting on the ground, shock still lying heavily on him with the fact that he had just been tortured by his son, but Harry didn't have much time to waste. Albus was raising his wand with a new way to harm his father. He pointed it at the rock about his feet and shouted, “Wingardium Leviosa!

The huge pile of rubble rose from the ground and hovered in the air. Albus directed it over to his father, and seeing what would happen, Harry's eyes went wide and he leaped over to Norah. He grabbed her hand and tugged here behind a jagged rock where he forced Norah onto the ground and shielded her body with his own. The heavy clanking noises and the shaking of the ground around them signaled that Albus had dropped the rubble he had levitated, and knowing they were safe from that harm, Harry rose once more.

He faced his son, wondering where the real Albus was, and he said dreadfully, “Albus, please. You're in there; I know you are. You must stop this. I will fight you if I must.”

“Then fight me,” snarled Albus.

“Albus, don't test me,” warned Harry.

“Fight me! Stupefy!

Once again, Harry was sent flying, and weakly, he rose to his feet once more. The strengthening elixir had been useful, and he had temporarily felt his old strength return, but that was quickly diminishing.

“Al...” he groaned painfully. “Albus, please.”

“Enough!” roared Albus, and this time when his wand raised, his original order from Namken was there in his eyes, the words forming on his tongue. “Avada Kedavra!

“NO!” Norah screamed over everything.

Harry knew nothing would stop it now, so he prepared himself to duck behind a rock, but something prevented him from doing so. He began to feel his wand moving within his grasp. He knew what it felt like when one's wand acted of its own accord, and that was exactly what was happening—and that could only mean one thing.

He looked to his hand in horror, where his wand was redirecting itself from the ground to point at Albus. Then a red blast shot out of his wand, and he had to grip it tightly with both hands.

His eyes went wide as the red jet of light bursting from the tip of his wand collided with the green light of Al's Killing Curse. They met with a cataclysmic bang, sending shards of rock flying in every direction and shaking the foundation of Azkaban.

Then Harry knew what would happen next.

Priori Incantatem.

But how?

Harry's wand and Albus' would have to be brothers.

He didn't know how this was possible. Al's wand had been made with a dragon hearstring—not a phoenix feather. Had Albus gotten a second wand he didn't know about? But what were the chances his new wand would be the brother of Harry's? Had Albus, perhaps, been subtly working toward an ultimate plan that involved brothered wands and Priori Incantatem? Had Albus been trying to defy Namken all the while? Questions overwhelmed him, but Harry knew answers would not come until this was over.

“What did you do, Albus?!” questioned Harry in shock.

He looked to Albus across the way and over the raging collision of curses. Albus' eyes met his fathers, and in that moment, Harry knew his son was back—if only for the time being. Harry knew then that Albus had been trying all along to find a way to break Namken's demands.

“I could never kill you,” Albus shouted over the roaring Priori Incantatem in order for his father to hear him. He only wished he had known Namken would revoke James’ immunity…Then he could have tried to stop himself from killing his brother.

Elias, watching off to the side, stood in shock at what was unfolding. His eyes were wide, and he bared his teeth in fury. A growl escaped his throat, and he was screaming to the two Potters.

“What is this?! How could you possibly do this, Albus?!”

“You don't tell me what to do,” breathed Albus.

Elias opened his mouth to retort, but what happened next silenced him completely. The giant orb that had emerged from the two connected spells gave a powerful shake and sent the ground quaking. The entire far side of Azkaban slid into the ocean, and blindingly white blasts shot from the middle of the Priori Incantatem. Harry's wand gave an abrupt jolt, and a white wisp emerged from the tip of his wand. It whirled around the two men before settling in peacefully in between them. It elongated and started to take the shape of human, and finally, its identity was known as his face formed.

“Oh my god…” Harry whispered. “Alaric Rousseau?”

Alaric's ghostly silhouette turned to face Harry. His expression was blank, his eyes full of something Harry couldn't quite comprehend, and then his face formed a smile. Alaric inclined his head, and a metallic voice left his lips. “Mr. Potter.”

Harry turned back to face Albus in horror. “You really killed him, didn't you, Albus? You killed Alaric...”

Alaric was the one to intervene. He faced Harry, a look of pity and forgiveness washing over him.

“Don’t blame Albus for my death. He cast the curse, but he had no choice. Namken held me prisoner for a long time. I knew what would happen at the end of it all…”

“I'm sorry, Ricky,” Albus cried, tears leaving his eyes as his guilt overwhelmed him. “I’m so sorry I killed you. I never wanted to hurt anyone.”

“It’s not your fault,” Alaric said with a smile. Then his smile turned cruel. “Just avenge me. And give them all hell.”

Harry and Albus both nodded and looked to the other, and simultaneously both Potters yanked their wands free of the connection. Alaric's silhouette dissipated, and the jets of light veered off in different directions. One shot out toward the ocean, and the other crashed into Azkaban's side. Panting, Albus tried to resist the overwhelming force to continue his attempt at killing his father.

Harry though, knowing this still remained inside of Albus, turned toward Namken, who was still frozen in shock.

*Begin I'm Just the Messenger by Steve Jablonsky*
From Transformers: Dark of the Moon

“What was that?!” Elias demanded.

“My son cannot kill me. Our wands are brothers,” snarled Harry. He didn't know how the wands were brothers, but he could spare Namken the minor details and find out from Albus later—assuming they would both make it out of this. “Our wands refuse to fight one another. So now's your chance, Namken. Release my son and fight me like a man! If you wish to kill you, you must do it yourself!”

Snarling, Elias rose to his feet, and with one simple look toward Albus, Al was able to falter back and stand aside. His orders to kill his father had been revoked, but he could still feel the pull of the Imperius Curse deep within him. Elias Namken wasn't releasing him just yet.

“Very well,” he sneered. He wiped his palms on his jeans and pulled out his wand.

Honorably, Harry opened up his arms and gave a small bow. However, Elias rejected all honor, respect, tradition, and fairness and avoided his bow. Instead, catching Harry while his eyes were temporarily averted, Elias cast the first spell.

Stupefy!” he roared.

After being flung backward and violently slamming into the stone ground, Harry grimaced and crawled to his feet. Grunting, he commented under his breath before throwing his first curse. “Playing dirty, are we? Conjunctivitis!

His spell rendered Namken's eyesight compromised. Shouting in pain, Elias groped his eyes. He pushed his eyes into their sockets with his fingers, rubbing vigorously as if it would make the spell wear off.

Shouting again before he could recuperate, Harry raised his wand. “Flipendo!

Namken was thrown back, and at his impact with the walls of Azkaban prison, the snapping of bone was evident. Namken's head lolled back and forth, growing groggy, and with his eyesight still damaged, he moved his wand in a straight line, firing in all directions with his next curse, “Incendio!

Fire erupted from Namken's wand and set the place ablaze. The water surrounding the prison roared to life with the flames. Prisoners who had been en-route to their escape were set ablaze and fell screaming into the roaring ocean where more flames engulfed them whole. Albus, able to move more and more of his own accord, leapt forward and grabbed Norah from the ground. She was too frozen with shock to protect herself, and Albus dragged her out of the way of the growing flames. He held her against the wall, sheltering her from the flames as they raged on around them.

From their safety against the prison, Albus raised his wand and pointed it toward his brother's body, saying, “Mobilicorpus!

James' body raised from the ground and levitated away from the flames and to the safety behind the rock.

The left arm of Harry's shirt caught fire, and he abruptly put it out. Then he didn’t waste another moment before yelling, “Reducto!

Elias was quick, though, and at the ready, countering the curse with one word. “Protego!

Seeing the curse bounce back toward him, Harry ducked to the ground and covered his head with his arms. The curse smacked into a large solid rock behind him, and that object was blown to pieces, showering over him. The rubble landed on him, cutting holes in his clothes, scratching any of his exposed skin, but Harry just grit his teeth and waited it out.

When there was no more rubble falling from the sky, he emerged from the rock, wiping the dust off of his face. Harry was ready with a slur of spells ready to leave his lips.

“Enough! Let's put an end to this! Stupefy! Locomotor Mortis! Impedimeta! Diffindo!

With each jinx, Harry took bold steps forward, forcing Elias to scurry backward until he had nowhere to run. His heels were over the edge of the foundation, balancing on what little rock he stood on, just like his son had before the ocean engulfed him. Rendered immobile, Elias stood there, his eyes wide and unmoving.

Harry raised his wand to release one final curse that would end it all, but his son's voice shouted from behind the duel. “Finite Incantatem!

The spell was pointed directly at Namken, and as soon as the orange blast engulfed him, all of Harry's previous jinxes were lifted.

Horrified, Harry glowered at Albus and shouted to him. “Albus!”

“I'm sorry! I couldn't help it! He made me,” Albus declared with fear and worry. After he had released the counter curse, Norah had snatched his wand from his grip and held his arms steady by his sides.

But Harry's brief turn toward his son as Namken regained movement was enough to give him the advantage. Namken raised his wand and snarled.

“Yes. Let's end this. For good. Crucio!” Namken roared. “You die now!”

Harry screamed in pain and terror as he collapsed to the ground, thrashing once more. It seemed to last for ages, for an entire lifetime, as he was tortured. Finally Namken lifted the curse and strode forward to Harry, peering over his weak form as Harry lay panting.

Harry weakly looked to his son, pleas for the two of them to run away forming on his lips.

“Albus, Norah,” moaned Harry, “run.”

Albus tried to jerk free of Norah's grip, and he tried to convince her he was doing good. “Please! Norah, let me go! I can save him!”

“You'll kill him!” she shouted with tears.

“No! I WON'T!” Albus roared. He was a boy, and Norah was a girl. He felt his superior strength come forward. Knowing he would regret what he would do next but believing it to be his only option, he swiftly yanked free of her grasp and punched her with as much force as he could muster.

She screamed in pain and shock, falling away from him as blood spluttered from her nose. Albus reached into his pocket and called for his father.

Hearing Al’s his frantic and desperate voice, Harry tried to quickly scurry away from Namken, distancing himself from him as much as he could.

Elias raised his wand, preparing to kill the man he had longed to kill for so long. The acidic words were on the tip of his tongue.

“DAD!” Albus screamed. “Catch!”

Harry rose to his feet just as he whipped around to see what Albus was doing. He saw his son pull another wand from his pocket and throw it with all his might toward Harry. He immediately recognized the long, fine wand—its unique physique and knobbed embellishments.

The Elder Wand.

Harry reached out as far as he could, his palm opening, welcoming the Elder Wand into his grasp. His fingers wrapped around the fine wood. Raising the Elder Wand in his grasp, Harry whipped around to face Elias just as the first word of the Killing Curse formed on Namken’s lips.

Knowing that the wand would not fail him, Harry knew he could win this fight. The Elder Wand was loyal to him; it wouldn't let him fail.

Avada Kedavra!” Harry roared, the first time he had ever spoken the true words of the Killing Curse.

Two jets of green light erupted at the same time. One from Namken's wand, the other from the Elder Wand in Harry’s grasp.

The spells met in the middle and battled for dominance.

Grasping their wands tightly, both Harry and Elias fell to their knees. Determined, Harry kept his teeth bared and his wand steady. He could feel his spell pushing against Elias. Slowly, he could feel the Elder Wand gaining power and taking over until, finally, Elias' weak Killing Curse dissipated and Harry's slammed into the man's chest with full force.

Elias Namken was struck by the green light as a look of sheer horror reached his eyes. His wand was the first thing to fall. It fell from his limp fingertips, and Elias Namken sank to the ground. Dead.

A/N: Edited 9.13 for grammar and accuracy.

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