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My Summer Of Love by potterfan310
Chapter 1 : Summer Begins
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For Puygmee Puff Gals Summer Romance Challenge

Dear Diary,

I'm home and it's nice to be back. I've been back about three days and I am already at Nana and Granddad's. Back to the normality of this house and away from Peeves, away from homework and mostly away from You-Know-Who. Not You-Know-Who as in the 'Dark Lord', You-Know-Who as in Malfoy. Pheeb and Dom have told me to give up on him and get over him because, quoting Dom, "It ain't ever gonna happen". 

 So which is why from today on I am not going to think about him, I am not going to see him unless he is with Al and I am going to move on and get over him. I am going to enjoy this summer before my N.E.W.T's start. This is my summer and I am going to enjoy it no matter what life throws at me (as long as it isn't bricks, because that would hurt and I certainly wouldn't enjoy it).

Love, Moi (Rose) 

I had just finished writing in my diary and had gotten comfy again amongst the branches and leaves of the tree I was sitting in when I heard Nana yell "ROSE MONICA WEASLEY WHERE ON EARTH ARE YOU?"

I shot up and hit my head on the branch above. Great.

"Owww." I groaned, rubbing the spot. That really hurt.

Something caught my eye at that moment. The house that was over the green, which had been empty for years, looked like people were moving into it. How interesting: the windows and doors that had been boarded up for so long had been removed, revealing broken window panes. I noticed the boxes in the garden, lots of boxes. Maybe someone had finally decided to do something with that place and are moving in.


I sighed and then carefully wriggled away from my nice spot and climbed down carefully. Before you ask, I was sat in the old oak tree that stands at the bottom of The Burrow's garden. It's brilliant for watching the world go by and it's also a good place to collect your thoughts, not to mention hide as well.

Once I was finally back on firm ground, I made my way towards the house, rubbing my head carefully again since it was throbbing like mad. I walked in through the back door and into the kitchen, where I arrived just in time to witness a rather funny scene.

Nana was standing in the middle, looking rather mad, surrounded by Lily, Roxy and Hugo who were all covered from head to toe in flour and what looked liked cake mixture.

I was trying to suppress my giggle when Dom walked in, totally unaware of the mess. She went skidding across the floor before landing on her bum. Too late, my giggle had escaped and Dom was glaring daggers at me, not to mention Nana.

"What's going on?" I asked since I was confused about what had happened.

"Well, you see dear, your brother and two of your cousins decided that they would bake some cakes except they didn't know how. So they asked someone to give them permission to use to my special baking tins and ingredients." She emphasised when she said someone.

I bet that 'someone' is gonna be in a hell of a lot trouble when Nana finds out who it is.

"That someone also thought it was appropriate to let James and Fred watch them around the oven. That was not entirely the best idea since they thought it would be funny to put a firework in their cake." She pointed to Hugo, Lily and Roxy. "And a few minutes of having been in the oven, they could smell burning. So Hugo here took the cake out and with that it exploded on the table. Luckily for someone he wasn't still holding it."

She did not look amused and I tried to hide my smirk: James and Fred, Lifelong Pranksters, following in the footsteps of their namesakes and causing mischief at any given point. My life would be so uninteresting without them around blowing things up.

Nana was glaring at me still, and I quickly wiped the smirk off my face. "It was lucky none of them was hurt." She gestured to my cousins again, before asking, "Do you know who that someone is?"

"Umm no." Was my first answer. Then it came back to me I was the someone Nana was tracking down. I had said it was ok for them to bake, and then I had put James and Fred in charge so I could go and write in my diary in peace. Oopsie, my bad.

"Are you sure?" She insisted.

"Yes, I'm sure." I said trying to keep a straight face.

"Very well, now help me clean all this up. All of you." She told us.

I went over to help Dom up off the floor where she had been sat for the past few minutes, still blinking in surprise. She reminded me a bit of those bunnies that get startled when they are in front of a car's headlights.

"Thanks." She mumbled.

We got to work straight away under the watchful eye of Nana. It was kind of my fault; I mean, I knew what James and Fred were like. But I would never have thought that they would try blowing up their own sisters and cousin, would you? I should have known that with James and Fred anything was possible.

James and Fred are two of my oldest cousins - Tori is the eldest - and have just left Hogwarts. I have a feeling that they think they are finally free. Free from work, rules and lessons. Well, big news boys, you need to work to earn money, you need rules otherwise you will get arrested and life is full of lessons. In fact, life is one big lesson.

"And don't think you two are getting away with it that easily either." Nana announced to the room.

I frowned: who on earth was she talking to? Nana headed past all of us and made her way to the corner of the kitchen. I watched as she pulled her wand out and tapped the air in two different places. I soon realised what she had done because my two cousins who had done this were currently standing still with matching grins on their faces.

Of course, it was unlikely that they would have left the room without seeing their mischief unfold. As they were both eighteen they had cast a disillusionment charm on themselves. I noticed Fred had flour in his hair, so whilst Nana was still glaring at them without paying close attention, I pointed to my own hair and mouthed at him. Fred caught my eye, understanding the message, and shook his black hair, causing the flour to go everywhere, including on Nana.

Let me tell you she was even more unimpressed with that. And don't get me started on James. He walked all the way to Lily, stuck his fingers out and scooped a pile of cake goo off her. He looked over at us, then to Fred, and threw it across the room. At that precise moment, Nana decided to turn around and the dollop of cake hit her full on the nose.

"JAMES SIRIUS POTTER!" She screeched, "Give me your wand now, and you too Fred!"

I noticed James try and push his wand back into his pocket, but Nana spotted him and Accio'ed both their wands.

"Right, you lot are to scrub the kitchen clean, without any magic." She told us firmly. "I will be back in just a minute."

"Phoebe's in bathroom." Dom called out as Nana left the room.

I whipped my head round to look at Dom, "Phoebe's here?"

"Yeah, she turned up before I came into the kitchen" she replied with a shrug.

"Bombs away," Fred sniggered as he picked up a bit of cake dough and flung it across the room. It landed with a splat right in the middle of James' favourite Quidditch team shirt. (Puddlemere United, if you're curious. Ever since he found out Uncle Harry knew the star keeper, Oliver Wood, James had become even more obsessed with the team and actually fainted when he met him. Sad, I know.)

"Fred, you are dead meat." He laughed, throwing goo at him across the kitchen.

James and Fred are named after two Marauders and a great prankster, and they certainly live up to their namesakes. Put it this way, there is never a dull moment when those two are around.

Anyway back to us. We were now scrubbing the kitchen clean with out using our wands. And anyway only James and Fred could do magic, but it was only ever for their benefit more than for ours. And as Nana had taken their wands, she punished us all the same. Merlin help us, it took about half an hour before she felt sorry for us, the cake dough fight having ended just as she walked in. Whipping out her wand, she made the room, Hugo, Lily, Roxy and Dom clean in one swift movement. She didn't clean James and Fred though, she stormed out the room looking very annoyed. I guess Nana wasn't haven't a good day.

I motioned with my head for Dom to come outside as I left the kitchen. Phoebe would soon find us, and I made my way over to my favourite tree, settling down underneath it to wait for Dom. Dom, whose real name is Dominique, is another of my many cousins, and is the same age as me give or take a couple of months.

I shut my eyes and leaned back against the large trunk, wondering who on earth would have bought the house known as the Ghost House, since it had been empty for years and had always had strange noises and creaking sounds coming out of it. The Ghost House was actually a lot like the Shrieking Shack, except werewolves like Teddy's dad didn't go wandering in there once a month.

"Boo!" Someone whispered in my ear.

"ARGH!" I yelled, opening my eyes to see Phoebe, my best mate, standing next to a giggling Dom.

Phoebe is my best friend and I've known her since I was five. Her parents are Adele and Seamus Finnigan, and she has the tendency to blow things up when she is not concentrating (she takes after her dad, so I'm told). She's blonde haired, blue eyed and completely insane. But I love her to bits and I don't ever want her to change.

I shot them both an evil look, causing Dom to giggle even harder as she sat down beside me, and Pheeb to grin, before she let herself fall down on top of me. Great, I'm being squished by my best mate. Fun times.

"Did you see, there people moving into the Ghost House." I informed them as I tried to poke Phoebe off my lap.

Pheeb shot up and it had nothing to do with me poking her. "Come on, let's go explore!" With that she grabbed both mine and Dom's hand and dragged us out of The Burrow's garden.

We stopped behind some bushes that had grown out of control and were in a real need of a trim to hide. From our little hidey hole, I could see a woman with grey hair who must have been about the same age as Nana, and a young boy of around ten, I'd say, playing with a football. A tall blonde girl in a summer dress walked passed us and called to over to the older lady. "Nan, I'll be back soon. I just need to go find a shop, to get some food for Carly."

"Ok love." The old woman replied.

From our hiding place, we had a really good view and I watched as another boy - he seemed to be our age - who was wearing cargo pants and no shirt, headed towards the blonde girl. He was also carrying a baby, maybe a year or so old (I'm guessing it was a girl since she had on a pink dress and her blonde hair was in two small bunches).

"Say bye to mummy." He pointed at the blonde and waved.

I noticed they all had an Irish accent. Well, at least the boy with the baby definitely had one.

"Mumma." Squealed the little girl. She copied the boy holding her and waved.

The blonde kissed her head. "Bye baby girl, Mummy will be back soon. Thanks Con." She added.

"No probs, Kola."

"Must you call me that?" She grinned at him.

"Of course." He replied.

I watched as the blonde left and the boy (Con?), still holding the baby girl, walked over to the older woman who was trying to lift a box that was over flowing.

"Let me do that, you take Carly." He instructed.

"Come to Nana." The older woman said as he passed her the child. "You are a dear Connor, it's to go in Nikola's room."

He laughed, "No wonder it's so heavy then."

With that he moved inside the house, leaving the lady with the baby called Carly (if that was her name?) and the younger boy playing with the ball outside. I felt an arm tug at my shirt. Dom was mouthing something to me before she just disappeared. Phoebe wasn't here either, I guess she had left as well. How kind of them to leave me on my own spying through some bushes. I got up and left the way we had come, careful not to make any noise. I went back to the garden and over to my oak tree where Pheeb and Dom were talking in hushed whispers.

"What?" I demanded as I sat down in the shade. Pheeb had already sat down so I turned to her since Dom wasn't answering me. "Why'd you vanish?" I asked, hoping to get a reply.

"Cute boy, but he's got a kid," She sighed, shaking her head. "No way, ain't gonna happen."

Dom nodded. "She's right, he's got a kid and there is no way I am getting into baby drama, even if he is cute."

That was so unlike Dom. She loved drama. In fact, she's the biggest drama queen I know.

"What did you think though?" They asked together, grinning at me simultaneously. It was quite freaky.

I thought about it for a second. "He's cute. Okay no, he's hot. Did you see his abs? Someone obviously works out."

They both grinned at me again, at the exact same time, which freaked me out a little more.

"Doesn't it bother you he has a kid?" Dom asked. "A baby that sleeps, eats and poops? And cries?"

I shrugged. "Not really."

"Really, it doesn't bother you?" Dom blurted out "A baby, Rose. He's, what, sixteen? And I bet if that blonde is the mother she will scratch your eyes out if she thinks someone is after her man."

Again I shrugged. "I don't care. Who's to say in a few years I won't meet a nice guy and then find out he had a child? Am I gonna turn him down for that? No, I wouldn't because it doesn't bother me. And besides I like children, they're cute."

Dom shook her head, clearly a little annoyed, but then Phoebe started to say "This is your summer and you are going to get over..."

Dom, having perked back up, interrupted. "Get over the ferret that you so call love and start afresh." She then ran across the garden (I'm starting to think that maybe Pheeb has rubbed off on her and that she is now going insane as well) and came back with a freshly picked rose. "A new rose, for a brand new Rose." She told me as she handed it to me.

I smiled at them and gave them a hug. "Thanks, guys."

"Right, how about a makeover?" Dom announced.

"And lots of shopping!" Pheeb chimed in.

I laughed: trust them to think of clothes and makeup. Don't get me wrong, I love shopping just as much as I love reading but when you put those two together it's not just shopping. It's serial shopping.

They decided that they would drag me off to the park just around the corner and we spent the rest of the afternoon gossiping.

A/N - You may recognise Phoebe (My OC) - from my other Rose story if you have read it. This takes place a couple years before When One Story Ends, Another One Begins. It's the summer between Rose's 6th and 7th year at Hogwarts. You don't have to read it to understand this, I just though that with Phoebe you could see their friendship more before they are older.

Also a big THANKS to valwitch21 for beta'ing this chapter. xx


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