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Enchantress by Zyii
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two - Emotional Torment
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Chapter Two – Emotional Torment

Her head was still in a whirlwind of emotion. Her heart clenched painfully as she reencountered all that she’d seen. Ten years he said, so this relationship had started in their fifth year of Hogwarts. Even as she thought about it she could see how stupid she’d been. How could she not have seen what was apparently starring her in the face, it was foolish to blame herself and she had to actively stop herself from doing so. She felt worthless and used. Everything in the last five years was such a blatant lie. Were they ever going to tell her or was she to remain forever in her world of impossible dreams.

In her flurry of emotions and tears she hadn’t really thought that the person of the house would be busy and so she burst into the room quite without proper grace and manners, startling both Lord Malfoy and Sirius from their conversation. She backed away startled, she knew she must look a mess, hair running wild and her eyes all puffy and red from her tears.

“I’m sorry” she managed to stutter out. She thought it maybe too cowardly to run out but either way her body seemed to be frozen.

“Princess, what’s wrong?” asked Sirius. She liked that he called her Princess it made her feel safe, like he was a big grizzly bear looking after his cub.

“I’m not getting married” she sobbed the last of her shock ebbing away.

Sirius growled sending Lord Malfoy into confused curiosity. Sirius had to ask her, he couldn’t just blurt out his own suspicions.

“Why not Princess?” he asked slowly dreading the answer she’d give.

“I caught Ronald” she whispered, shocking Lord Malfoy with her words, “With Harry. They’re been together for years”. If possible Lord Malfoy’s eyes widened ever further, making him look like one of those cartoon animals.

It was as Sirius feared; the broken look in her eyes was enough to melt even the hardest of hearts. He could no longer stand watching her quiver and shake where she stood so he carried her onto his lap, stroking her hair and holding her protectively as all the world’s oceans seemed to pour from her eyes.

Lord Malfoy was rarely surprised but even he couldn’t mask his emotions at this particular situation. Lord Malfoy thought back to the conversation he’d had with himself many nights ago and to the conversation he’d just been having with Lord Black. The Weasley boy was foolish to treat Miss Granger thus and foolish boys will always pay for their mistakes thought Lord Malfoy snidely.

Once they both heard the soft snores of Miss Granger, Lord Malfoy silently departed; sharing a look with Lord Black that promised this wouldn’t fade without a written account. Lord Malfoy had left Severus for too long, his taciturn lover was probably hiding away in some corner of the library with a frown on his face. He knew Severus had missed Miss Granger’s company as of late, as had he. She had an incredibly amount of love to give and was always willing to help those in need. And yet those two dunderheads had trampled over her precious heart like it was a stone beneath their feet. By the time he was home to Severus there was so much anger in him that he had no doubts of tomorrow’s daily headline.

“What happened?” asked his taciturn lover jumping Lucius from his angered state. He hadn’t noticed Severus arrive.

“I’ve just come from Lord Black’s, he had the most interesting news but we were interrupted by a disheveled teary eyed Miss Granger”. If Lucius’s reaction to the news way anything to go by, Severus’s was sure to be explosive.

“What happened? Is she alright? Why was she crying? Who hurt her?” Severus demanded his eyes blazing slightly showing the fury in his eyes.

“She cancelled the wedding after she caught the two dunderheads together in a lovers embrace. Apparently, that relationship had been going on near a decade” spat Lucius.

For once in his life Severus seemed lost for words, his vision quickly turned to red as he digested Lucius’s words. They were both very protective of Miss Granger, hell Severus owed his life to her. The Wizarding World wasn’t as judgment as the muggle one and choices of mate weren’t frowned upon. Most Wizards batted for both teams. Severus had been Lucius’s lover way before Narcissa and her death only bought down the last barrier that separated them both from the everlasting comfort of each other.

Severus stood taking Lucius’s hand in his own and leading him to the floo. He had but one destination in mind and the Weasley boy and stupid savior were about to learn what happens when they upset the celebrated Miss Granger.

Sirius watched her sleep for a good few minutes before agreeing with himself that he could use a large glass of firewhisky. Drinking his whiskey and starring deeply into the fire Sirius pondered all that had happened. Thinking of Harry made him wonder what to do, he was his Godfather after all yet he didn’t think he could bear seeing his Godson now. He’d already altered the wards to deny him and Weasley entry; he wouldn’t let them further hurt his Princess.

His eyes delved further into the fire as he thought of what Lord Malfoy had told him. If they did indeed find this hope maker the Wizarding World may well change for the better. They had after all as the Pureblood court promised to protect Mother Nature’s own, Sirius had filed the information away as he’d told Lord Malfoy what he’d learnt in the veil.

There were others hidden in the veil you see, lost souls forever trapped. He’d met the one person there that he’d never expected to see: his brother! There was a lot of amnesty between the two brothers, Regulus was still bitter but at least he’d managed to deviate from his parent’s will at last – it’s what had landed him in the veil and send Kreacher mad. Apparently this true nature wasn’t all he’d kept secret. He’d fallen in love with an outcasted squib from a low Pureblood family. He’d have given her the world if he could. But she found out he’d joined the Dark Lord and she’d run from him. Regulus had asked his brother to find her, find out what had happened to her. Her name had been: Isabella Knight.

Hermione woke in the morning to the unmistakable sound of happy chirping birds. It wasn’t something that made her mood better in any way. Her eyes were sore from all the crying she’d done yesterday and she could feel a strong headache coming on. Someone had thoughtfully put out a pepper up potion on her bedside table. It had Severus’s mark on it so he must have been here recently.

Sirius finished reading the Daily Prophets front story with an air of fear and contentment. The fear was for how Hermione would act to seeing it. In his mind’s eye they’d done the right thing, now there would be no misconception of the facts and those two boys wouldn’t be able to manipulate the facts to cause Hermione any more pain.

Shocking Scandal Destroys the Golden Trio as Wedding is cancelled!

The eagerly anticipated wedding of Miss Hermione Granger to Mr. Ronald Weasley has been officially cancelled. Those of you who read last week’s article know that Miss Granger was seen out and about looking stressed from wedding preparations. Well sources close to Miss Granger have confirmed have confirmed that Miss Granger arrived home early last night and found her former fiancé in bed with none other than Mr. Harry Potter himself! It seems these two lovers have kept their relationship a secret for many years using Miss Granger as a cover.

This reporter is shocked by the betrayal the two Wizards played on Miss Granger and hopes they soon realize what a tragic mistake they’ve made. I’ve been told that Miss Granger’s anger was so great that she blasted apart everything in the house. No news on how the Weasley family has taken their son’s deceit but Mr. Potter has been banned from his Godfather’s house and many friends have begun to shun the two Wizards.

Never fear dear readers, Miss Granger is in strong hands, being protected by great leaders of society; Lord Malfoy, Lord Black and Mr. Snape. They won’t let anymore harm befall Miss Granger. Those rejoicing of Miss Granger’s new single status – beware, remember she’s wicked quick with a wand and heartbroken. Proceed with caution.

He grumbled as he lay down his own Daily Prophet. He’d read the main article and felt relief as well as anger. If she was his girl she’d want for nothing. His crush on her had formed years ago and only grown with time. They worked together at the Ministry and he’d grown to love the banter their friendship held. He’d always been jealous that Weasley got her first not that she’d have accepted his pursuit of her in school. He’d always be her friend first and foremost. She was one of the only people he could trust explicitly, and she’d never once judged him on his mistakes from the war. Yes, if he could do it he’d try his luck and win her heart. 

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Enchantress: Chapter Two - Emotional Torment


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