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Task One Challenge: Reminiscence. by reverie
Chapter 1 : one.
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He takes a sip of coffee, and turns a page of the Prophet delicately, his sapphire irises skimming it for any important news. Soon, he is so absorbed in the latest happenings at the ministry, It doesn’t occur to him that his thirteen-year-old daughter has joined him on the couch.

‘Daddy,’ she begins, prodding his shoulder to get his attention. ‘How was your fourth year at school?’

He realises that his little Suzie is starting her fourth year in a mere four weeks. She was becoming a young woman.

‘A unique experience,’ he chuckles, as everything comes back to him, including his dread that Harry might not make it alive out of the lake, and then the maze. Though it could hardly be called worry in front of Hermione’s panicking.

The way Harry had gotten past that Hungarian Horntail had been quite superb as well. Even Krum didn’t think of using accio to retrieve his broom to dodge the Chinese Fireball, and he was a renowned Quidditch player! Instead he had used a conjunctivitis curse.

‘Daaaaaaddy,’ Suze whines, waving her hand in front of Neville’s face. ‘Earth to Daddy.’

He is immediately woken up from his reverie. ‘Sorry, hun.’

His daughter frowns. ‘So how was your fourth year then?’

‘The Triwizard Tournament took place then, and Uncle Harry’s name was entered by someone, and he was chosen. He won though,’ Neville tells his daughter, coffee lying forgotten upon the table he had put it on.

‘Oh yeah, I read about that in History of Magic! Is it true the champions had to face dragons though?’ she says eagerly, and the eyes she has inherited from her father widen.

‘Yep, I watched it.’

She looks at him in awe. It’s not often Susan thinks of her father as someone ‘cool’. ‘Woah, that’s pretty amazing! I love dragons.’

‘Do you really?’ Neville smiles. ‘What’s your favourite breed?’

She thinks for a while, her expression calculating. ‘It’s got to be a tie between a Welsh Green and Japanese Lightning. They’re both extremely fascinating. I’ve never seen any in person though, but Hagrid did secretly show Albus and I the hatching of Norberta’s – his dragon – babies. I loved them since then.’

‘Wait a minute!’ exclaims Neville, shocked. ‘He showed that to you? Suzie, it’s illeagal! Next thing I know you’ll be in the hospital wing because you were playing around with a Blast-Ended Skrewt.’

She sighs. ‘Relax dad, I’m not two years old.’

‘I know hun, but I worry about you,’ says Neville exasperatedly. ‘Speaking of, you’ll be fifteen soon. What do you want for your birthday?’

‘Oh, oh, I –I want, maybe, well Albus got a sneakoscope from his brother last month! Could I get one? Or what about a Foe glass? It’ll be so cool!’ she exclaims in excitement.

‘That’s a reasonable present, but it’s something you don’t need. How about some nice book?’

‘That’s so lame dad! Please can I get a Foe glass?’

‘Suzie, I’m telling you, they’re no dark wizards trying to use unforgivable curses, god forbid the Cruciatus Curse, on you at the moment!’

‘But Dad….’

And just like that, Neville forgot to tell Susan about everything that happened in fourth year.

A/N: this story contains the following prompts:

-Four specific breeds of Dragons 

-Two of the spells - accio and conjunctivitis 

-features Neville (Gryffindor house's champion)

-Mentioning of the Cruciatus Curse / unforgivable curse

-Mentioning of a Blast-Ended Skrewt

-Mentions two dark detectors (Foe Glass, Sneakoscope)


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