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Insula de Absentis Spiritus by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 5 : Dead Men Do Tell Tales
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So sorry it took so long to update this! School, more computer problems, and a muse on vacation. But not, it’s back and so is this story! And this chapter is dedicated to Len (DarkLadyofSlytherin)! Happy birthday!

Lily Potter -- Georgie Henley
James Potter II -- Skandar Keynes
Albus Potter -- Logan Lerman

Rose Weasley -- Emma Stone
Hugo Weasley -- Will Poulter

Fred Weasley -- Roshon Fegan
Roxanne Weasley -- Katerina Graham

Molly Weasley -- Karen Gillan
Lucy Weasley -- Ellen Page

Victoire Weasley -- Amanda Seyfried
Dominique Weasley -- Saoirse Ronan
Louis Weasley -- William Moseley

Disclaimer – I do not own Harry Potter.

Chapter 4 – Dead Men Do Tell Tales

“Excuse me?” Lily said after a few minutes of just standing and staring at the not-Albus. She glanced out of the corner of her eye at James, who was still staring at not-Albus with a slack jaw and wide eyes. Had he really just said that he was some guy that died in the 1800’s and was now stuck in her brother’s body?

Not-Albus smiled sheepishly. “I know this is hard to believe, but it is the God’s honest truth. I died in 1863 and somehow ended up in your brother’s body.”

Lily glanced over at James, who had seemed to regain his brain and caught her glance. They had grown up in a world filled with magic, but even this was out there. Ghosts were one thing. You saw them on a daily basis at Hogwarts, but never had she heard of a ghost getting stuck in a person. She began to shake her head, her mouth open to deny it, when she stopped. It explains why he’s been acting weird.

His blank stares and how he did not even seem to know his siblings. His reaction to the television and the toilet. And it would explain why he would use his wand as a back scratcher. Ever since he had gotten the thing he had treated it with reverence. Lily sighed. “Okay, let’s say for one second I believe you-“

“What?!” James squawked.

Lily looked over at him to see him staring at her, his eyes wide. “It explains how he was acting this morning. Why he looked at us, even his wand as if he had never seen it before in his life.”

James just stared at her for a moment before looking toward not-Albus and staring at him. After a few minutes he looked back toward Lily. “Oh bloody hell.”

“Um…excuse me,” not-Albus said, drawing the attention of James and Lily back toward him. “What do you mean ‘wand?’”

“The stick you used as a back scratcher this morning,” James said dryly.

Not-Albus’s eyes widened. “Magic. You’re part of the Legion?”

Lily and James glanced at each other before looking back toward not-Albus. “The what?” they asked in unison.

“Apparently not,” not-Albus responded, his face falling slightly. “But if you are not part of the Legion, and yet you have a magic wand, what are you?”

Lily and James looked toward each other. “James,” Lily began slowly. “I’m starting to believe him.”

James swallowed loudly and nodded. He glanced over at not-Albus before looking at Lily. “We should get back to the hotel. We can talk there.”


“Why did you wake us up again?” Hugo asked from his spot on the couch in the living room of the suite the girls shared.

Lily and James stood before the television set, not-Albus between them. The rest of the group, who were not at all happy about being woken up in the middle of the night, were flopped on the couch and arm chairs. Lily sighed and glanced over at James before looking back at their cousins. “We woke you, because we found out what’s wrong with Albus.”

“What was it? The calamari you insisted on trying?” Rose asked from where she sat beside Hugo. She reached up and rubbed sleep from one eye.

James hesitated before speaking. “He’s not Albus.”

Silence. After a moment, it was broken by laughter. Between laughs, ‘good one, James’ and ‘yeah right’ were heard floating through the air. Lily groaned and leaned her head back, staring up at the ceiling, her lips pursed. James sighed and hung his head.

Not-Albus looked between them before stepping forward. “They are speaking the truth. I am not their brother and you are not my family.”

Slowly the laughter began to subside as they stared at not-Albus. Except for Hugo, who continued laughing well after everyone else had stopped. Rose smacked the back of his head. “Ow! What the bloody hell was that for?”

Victoire was staring at not-Albus. “You’re telling the truth…”

He nodded. “My name is Aron Stover and I died in 1863.”

Stunned silence once again filled the room, but this time it was not broken by laughter. Just a few soft mutterings of shock.

Lily glanced around at her stunned family before looking toward not-Albus, or rather Aron. “You mentioned something about the Legion, earlier. What is that?”

Aron looked toward her. “The Legion was a group dedicated to riding the world of evil, stopping those who delved into dark magic.”

“Sounds kind of like the Order,” Louis said after a moment, breaking the silence that had followed Aron’s words.

Aron frowned at Louis. “What is this ‘Order’ that you speak of?”

“A lot like your Legion from the sound of it,” Victoire responded.

“You explain first,” Lily said, causing Aron to look toward her. “Then we’ll answer your questions.”

He looked at her for a moment before nodding. “As you wish. Anyway, you must be born into the Legion. You cannot just join it. My parents were in it, and so was I.”

“Those voices were heard at the dock,” James said after a moment. “Did they have something to do with this Legion?”

“What voices?”

“You went down to the dock?”

“QUIET!” Lily screamed. All the talking and questions ceased. She gestured to Aron. “He snuck out to go down to the docks, and James and I followed him. And down there we heard…voices. Screaming for help,” she said quietly, looking at the coffee table without really seeing it. She lifted her gaze and looked toward Aron. “Who were they?”

Aron looked toward the doors leading out to the balcony, beyond which the ocean was visible. “They are like me. Spirits pulled from their peaceful afterlife for some unknown reason. Though for some there was no afterlife. Like myself,” he added a few seconds later, hanging his head.

“What do you mean?” Lily asked.

He lifted his head and looked toward her. Albus’s deep green eyes held a sadness that Lily knew was not her brothers. “A few months before my death, the Legion captured a necromancer named Soren Bigsby. We had been searching for him for years. He had been a simple dairy farmer, happily married. Until his wife passed, and he turned to dark magic to try and bring her back. The power corrupted him and over time it was less and less about getting her back, and more about using his magic to get more wealth and power. For his actions, he had been sentence to die by the hand of the only one that could use the Book, an ancient text with spells so powerful very few could handle the power. But he escaped, and to stop him she killed him at the price of her own life.”

“You loved her, didn’t you?” Molly asked, breaking the silence that had filled the room for several minutes.

Aron looked down and nodded. “Her name was Kara. She was the only one in my lifetime that was strong enough to handle the power, for every year the Legion grew smaller and smaller, and I was hoping to one day make her my wife.”

“You killed yourself,” James stated, staring at Aron with a blank expression.

Lily glanced toward James and knew that her brother was right well before Aron nodded. He had been so lost without Kara, that he had killed himself. Lily looked down. She loved her family, every single one of them and could not imagine life without them. But to take her own life because of it? She just could not get the thinking.

“I lasted three months before I could not take it anymore. Kara had sacrificed her save the Legion, which fell apart after her death,” Aron said. “No one else could handle the power of the book. To protect it, we split it into sections, each going to a different member to protect and hide their part. After that…we just stopped meeting.”

“Okay, so we know how you died. But how did you come back?” Rose asked.

Aron shrugged. “I do not know. One moment, there was nothing. Just darkness and silence. The next, I’m pulled back into the world where there was this…presence. And then a voice, pulling me away and into young Albus here.”

“Presence?” Lily asked, frowning. “What kind of presence?”

“It felt like,” he sighed, shaking his head. “It’s not possible, but it felt like the magical presence of Soren.”

Lily looked away from Aron, staring at the coffee table but not really seeing it. He had killed himself, was somehow pulled out of wherever he had been and back into the world, and somehow escaped the one who had pulled him back, instead going into Albus and getting stuck. A voice had called him away from the presence. She looked up. “You said a voice called you to Albus. Do you know who’s?”

Aron gazed at her for a moment before nodding. “After hearing him speak, the voice undoubtedly belonged to your brother,” he said before looking away from Lily and toward James. “Your voice pulled me away from the presence.”

James gaped like a fish, opening and closing his mouth. “What?” he managed to squeak out after a moment.

“How could he have done that?” Fred asked.

Rose sat up as if she had been shocked. “I’ve got it. The summoning charm. You cast a nonverbal summoning charm to get Albus’s book,” she said, pointing at James. “Perhaps that did it.”

“Summoning charm?” Aron asked, gazing around at all those in the room before his eyes settled on Lily. “I believe it is time for you to give me an explanation.”

Lily nodded, fiddling with her hands. “Well,” she began, looking at Aron. “To start off, we’re all witches and wizards.”

Aron said nothing. He just stood there looking at her with a blank expression. Lily shifted on her feet. “Um…”

“We’re part of the magical world in Great Britain,” Molly said, causing everyone to looked toward her. “It’s been hidden from the regular world using powerful enchantments since the Statute of Wizarding Secrecy since…1690….something.”

“1692,” Rose added. Molly nodded her thanks before Rose continued. “We use our wands to cast spells, and a summoning charm is a spell that can bring an object to us. James used it to summon Albus’s book.”

“Yeah, since he didn’t remember me talking about hiding it from Albus,” Fred muttered, crossing his arms over his chest and sinking back into the couch cushions.

Aron stood there, looking between them all. “So you all belong to a world of magic, much different than mine.”

James nodded. “Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.”

“I knew there were many different brands of magic in existence, but this is my first time encountering another,” Aron said, shaking his head slightly as though he was processing what they had told him.

Lily stared at Aron and had a feeling her family was as well. Different brands? She had spent her whole life around magic, and yet had never heard anything about there being another brand. Though the way he had described the magic used by the Legion…this book of power. What he said sounded impossible, and yet the more she thought about it, the more it made sense. There were some things even the magical world had no explanation for.

“How many brands are there?” she asked, breaking the stunned silence.

Aron shrugged. “I do not know. Hundreds…thousands.”

Lily nodded slowly, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. “So…the magic that brought you back, is a different branch from ours.”

“It appears so,” he said, nodding.

“And those voices we heard at the docks,” she said, gesturing to herself and James. “Were they brought back by the same magic?”

He nodded slowly. “I believe so, and that the same brand is being used to keep them there.”

“Keep them where?” Lucy asked slowly.

Aron turned toward her. “The island that you can see from the docks.”

Lily remembered being curious about the island the first day they had been here, and the man at the docks that she had a bad feeling about. “Monk Island,” she said. Aron looked at her and she could feel the eyes of everyone else on her as well. “I saw it our first day here and a street vendor said that its haunted by an old monk that was murdered there.”

“So that presence you talked about,” Rose said. “That brought you back and those voices back is on that island and is keeping them there?”

“It would appear so,” Aron replied.

“Then we need to go there and figure out what is going on,” James said, Lily and a couple others nodding in agreement.

Molly and Victoire, however, were not among those nodded.

“Sorry guys,” Victoire began. “Not happening. I’m going to call mum and dad in the morning and they can come figure this out.”

“But,” Lily and James began at the same time. Hugo looked put out and Fred seemed to be pouting.

Molly shook her head. “I agree with Vic. This is way over our heads. We should let the professionals handle this.”

“Now, I suggest we all get back to bed,” Victoire said. “I’ll call home after breakfast.”

There was a lot of groaning and muttering as people got up and headed back to bed. The boys headed back to their suite while the girls headed off to the bedroom, the room slowly emptying until only James, Lily, Aron, and Victoire remained. The blonde smiled sadly. “Sorry, guys. This is beyond us.”

Lily nodded hesitantly, glancing toward James. “Right,” she said. “Go on in. I’ll be in in a minute.”

Victoire watched them for a moment before nodding and she turned and headed down the hall. Lily watched her disappear into the girl’s room before she glanced over at the Aron and James. “Wait until everyone’s asleep and then meet me here,” she whispered. James smirked and nodded. Aron studied her for a moment before nodding. Lily smiled.

“I’ll see you in the morning,” she said at normal talking level before she headed down the hall. She glanced back at them and saw them still standing in the living room and winked at them before she disappeared into the girls bedroom.

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