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A Disastrous Delectation by LadyMalfoyx
Chapter 1 : Forbidden
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 My reflection stared back at me in the aristocratic, full length mirror in a parade of black. Black shoes and crisp black dress robes…all contrasting beautifully with platinum blonde hair. I ran a slim hand through it and smirked. The height of elegance and the height of perfection; it’s what was expected of me. Family honour and pride; it was to be treated with utmost importance. I was a foreseeable affluent… however much to my distaste. Tonight would be the last night of the insolent façade. It wasn’t for me, but rather for the family’s dependability and reputation. After tonight, the world was mine.  Europe was beautiful this time of year, maybe Austria, or the south of France. Anywhere but here. Swallowing, I turned away from the mirror, mentally preparing for the havoc about to arise.

She was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, hair curled and knotted up, donning a golden floor length dress. A slit up the side showed an inappropriate amount of skin, and I couldn't help looking. After all, I am a man. Her hands were perched on her perky lips, in a very suggestive manner.  I couldn't deny it, she looked breath-taking. Until she opened her mouth...

'Oh Draky! You look stunning! Are you ready to go?!' The sickening voice stung my ears and I swallowed before replying.

'Yeah, come on then.' I didn't even try to appear excited. Pansy squealed and rushed over to me as fast as her heels would let her. She wrapped her arm around mine and leant against me. Lovely. The dungeons were cold and it seemed to take an unusually long time to get to the Great Hall. Pansy was talking. I wasn’t sure about what though, as I wasn’t listening to her. As we left the dungeons, I started to see the rest of the seventh year. Most of them emerging from corridors in pairs, although there were a few lonesome people who I had to snicker at. The Patil twins wore matching dresses in contrasting colours and glided through the Entrance Hall. Their partners, Thomas and Finnigan looked in awe. It was probably the only they’d ever be with a pretty girl. As much I hate it, being a Malfoy does its advantages. There will always be one that wants me for my money. The Brown girl, Lavender I think her name is… had on a sickly peach dress and was standing with the Weasel. Well, standing… she was practically on top of him already. A smirk on his face showed he was loving every minute of it. I rolled my eyes and dragged Pansy past the crowd of couples to the Great Hall. She totted along unwillingly as she was talking to people, but honestly, I wasn’t in a sociably mood.

The Great Hall looked amazing, I must say. The sky was lit with thousands of twinkling stars and decorations containing all of the house colours were everywhere. The house tables were gone and smaller tables lined the sides of the hall. In the middle was a huge dance floor, which had already been discovered by a few couples. I spotted an empty table and strutted across the Hall with Pansy hurrying behind me. People were staring, but it wasn’t unusual. Malfoy’s tend to turn heads.

‘Draco! What are we doing? I was talking to Millicent!’

‘We’re sitting down Pansy, what does it look like...’ Pansy humphed loudly and took the seat next to me. She crossed her arms and looked around grumpily. It was amusing actually, that she thought I still cared about her. I’m not sure she realises that once we get out of here, I won’t talk to her again, regardless about what the Malfoy’s or Parkinson’s say. I simply refuse to marry a girl like her; annoying, needy, desperate, selfish….No. I was leaving, abroad for a few months. I might even find someone there. A French pure-blood beauty sounded appealing. One that was sensitive and kind and took care of me. We’d have a villa near the ocean and she’d cook breakfast every morning. She wouldn’t be selfish, but put my needs first. And every night, well…. I smirked briefly. To my utmost disappointment I came crashing back to reality at the sound of Pansy’s voice.

‘Are you not even going to get me a drink Draco?’ I sighed. Anything to get away from her. I stood up and made my way through the dancing and mingling couples to a table that bore drinks. I grabbed two glasses, and strongly considered poisoning one but the punch was probably spiked anyway. I turned away from the table and took the long way back, passed the entrance. And that’s when I saw her. Shiny black heels peeked from underneath her dress. And legs. Oh my god. A slit running up the side showed legs that I’d kill to get inside of. The red dress was tightly fitted and showed off all her curves. And wow she had curves. I couldn’t help thinking about how those hips would move. The places I’d like to put my hands. Her hair was swept up elegantly. As sexy as she looked, it wasn’t a slutty appeal like Pansy. Her face was angelic, pale, simple but with bright red lipstick. And then it hit me. This was Granger. But it sure as hell did not look like her. Next to her, walking down the staircase was, of course, Potter. He was smiling broadly at the onlookers and this made my blood boil. I wanted her, I wanted Granger, I wanted to possess every inch of her perfect body. I wanted her to be mine. It was not just any sexual appeal, there was a driving force inside me I’d never felt before. Something longed for her soft skin, her dirty blood. And then she was looking at me. Our eyes locked and I felt something more. It wasn’t just the sexual appeal. All of her was alluring, and I wanted to know more. She looked away and engaged in conversation with Potter and suddenly, I realised I was frozen on this spot. I coughed and brought myself to my senses, noticing I still had the drinks in my hands. Pansy. With one last look at Granger, I made my way back to Pansy, who looked noticeably irritable.

‘What in Merlin’s name took you so long?’

‘I got distracted…’ I replied weakly. What was happening to me?!

Oh, well-‘ I didn’t hear the rest of her sentence. Or much else for the rest of the hour. All I could think about was Granger. I watched her closely on the dance floor. How her dress flicked when she spun. Potter’s hands on her waist. Potter. I wanted to push him out of the way, and take her myself. But I couldn’t, I knew that. The controversy it would cause. But the danger was appealing to me. I was attracted to the dark side. If I couldn’t have what I wanted, I only wanted it more. And I wanted Granger, badly. More than I had ever wanted anything in my life. Maybe I could have her. If I played my cards right. We could leave this place together, go abroad together. Forget the French beauty; I wanted the mudblood.

The night dragged on. The minutes felt like hours and the hours like days. I zoned out for most of the night. Pansy had left me alone at the table and was dancing with a Ravenclaw but I paid no attention to her. Even Blaise had tried to talk to me, and I had shrugged him off. I couldn’t think straight, only to plan my attack. It was usually easy. Get them alone, compliment them, touch them, get them to come with me. But this was different. Granger despised me. She wouldn’t let me get to the compliment. I had to approach this differently. But I needed her alone. Why wouldn’t Potter leave her?! Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea. It was wrong, completely wrong and I hadn’t done it in months, but I had to have Granger. I had to do this. I spotted them amongst the crowd, standing alone. Drawing my wand out, I pointed it carefully at Potter under the table.

‘Imperio.’ I whispered. I looked carefully at Potter to see if it had worked. It should have done, I was an expert by now. Tell her you’re going to talk to Weasley. He watched as Potter followed his commands. Tell her you’ll be right back. Walk away. Now go over to the corner and hide behind the pillar. Good Potter, now stay. I was highly amused, and couldn’t help having a little fun. It was Potter, after all. I looked back at Granger and saw her standing alone at the drinks table. Perfect. I walked over, not really thinking, and before I knew it I was standing close enough behind her to touch her.

‘Hello Granger.’ I murmured in her ear. She whipped around and caught sight of me, her brows creased slightly.

‘What do you want, Malfoy?’ she spat. The drive inside me was unbearable.

‘Come with me…’ I spoke softly, and alluring. I grabbed her hand gently and pulled her out the Great Hall.

‘Malfoy! What the hell are you doing?!’ She fought had to get away as I pulled her into the court yard. I spun around to face her and let her go. She had her back against the wall, and I towered over her.

‘Malfoy… what are you doing?’ she spoke calmly.

‘I can’t keep my eyes off of you, Granger. You look breath taking. This sounds crazy, but I…’ I lost it. I didn’t know what to say. The force inside me died as I looked down at the beautiful girl. Her pale skin, her perfect red lips, her golden brown eyes and slightly flushed cheeks. She looked nervous, but curious too. 

‘Malfoy, I…’ I raised my hand to her face and gently stroked her cheeks. Her eyelids fluttered and I felt the blood rush to her face. Mudblood. This was Granger. Who was I kidding, this could never work. She hates me with every fibre of her being. It must have been a sexual appeal, right? Nothing more. She was insanely hot, I wanted to completely destroy her. That’s what this was. But this was Granger and she would never do something so scandalised. Those golden brown eyes, so huge, stared desperately into mine, but I looked away. I let my hand fall from her face.

‘I’m sorry, Granger.’ And with that, I walked away.

‘Malfoy, wait!’ she called after but I didn’t turn back. I couldn’t. If I looked at her, I’d want her again and I couldn’t let that happen. I was a Malfoy. As much as I hated it, I had to accept it. I didn’t go back to the Ball. Instead, I went back to the dungeons and started packing. France was nice this time of year, and I surely had a pure-blood beauty waiting for me somewhere.

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