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How to be Succesful and Not Do Anything Embarrassing at the Same Time by Asteroid_of_Gryffindor
Chapter 1 : Lou.
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A.N. Hey! My first story on here! Wow! I just want to let you know that I hate paragraphs, and they hate me. I don’t own Harry Potter, Marvel, Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, Captain America, or IronMan. I don’t do this for money. I only own Lou and Scott.  

My mother sobbed as we stood on platform 9 3/4.

"My baby!" She sobbed. My father looked at me with wide eyes. I knew he was thinking on how he was going to survive. My mother always cried while seeing me off.

It was horrid.

"I guess I have to let you go," she sighed. She stayed put.

I had a feeling she wouldn't.

I ducked out from under her arms and did an awesome ninja roll, then jumped up, and ran.

"Rose!" I called out, looking for my genius friend.

Rose Weasley had been my friend since year 1. We got into the same compartment on the train and it had been history.



She stuck her head out of a window and I flew onto the train. She smiled.



"Hey, Lou, are you okay?" She asked.



Yeah, Rose, just dandy, because you know I totally always pant and have a red face!



I nodded and plopped down on the seat.



"How was your summer?" She asked, smoothing out her skirt.



Oh, the dreaded question. I really didn't want to sit there explaining how I had my magical aunt over and how I accidentally turned her into a balloon.



I know, I'm the next Harry Potter!



No, really, I think faith is trying to tell me something.



Hugo Weasley, Rose's younger brother, and my best friend burst into the compartment.



"Red alert," he wheezed before collapsing.



I had to restrain myself from jumping out the window, because of that.



Red alert means that my worst enemy is on his way, and I need to hide before he gets any embarrassing stuff about me on my first day.



There was only one thing I could do, and I won't stop until I do it.






"Lou, your arse is sticking out," Hugo grunted.



I was currently trying to hide in a suitcase. I was hoping not even Gandolf would find me, but you know, my arse is apparently to big to fit in the suitcase.



"Uh oh," I heard Hugo gulp.



"What now?" I stuck my head out.






Albus Potter looked at me.



"Really, Louise? What's hiding in a suitcase going to do for you?" He asked with a smirk.



Wait. He used my full name. He said Louise.



Oh, it's on now.



I thrashed around and escaped the suitcase, then lunged at him.



“She’s going all Incredible Hulk and Wolverine on him!” I heard James Potter exclaim.



“Not the time, James!” Albus yelled when we broke away.



I laughed. For the first time ever, Albus Potter had no dirt on me.






“So after five years, he has nothing?” Fred Weasley asked. I nodded.



“After she went all Incredible Hulk and Wolverine on him!” James waved his fist in the air.



What’s with him and Marvel?



“Watch out, James, your inner fangirl is coming out,” our friend, Scott Brown, smirked. James stopped right away. 



Headmistress McGonagall stepped to the front of the great hall.



“Welcome,” she sounded strict, “to another year at Hogwarts. We expect less mischief,” she glared at Scott and Fred. Scott rolled his eyes so I smacked him.



Everyone laughed, and Headmistress McGonagall smiled.



“Haha,” he glared at me. I smiled innocently.



“And not too many stunts,” she glared at Albus.



Oh yeah!



“Now let’s get onto the sorting.”






It was a half-an-hour later and those little suckers kept coming.



Rose is reading under the table, Fred and Scott is planning pranks, Hugo had fallen asleep, and James and I were arguing on who was better:



Iron Man or Captain America.



“Iron Man has a suit made of iron so he is un-beatable, and he has his own company!” I was frustrated at this point.



“Only a loser would state the obvious reasons,” he rolled his eyes.



“Shit just got real, James.”



“Of course.”






An hour later they were finally done.



“That was the longest one yet!” Hugo exclaimed.



“You were asleep for half of it.”



“Shut up, Lou.”



We were in the common room and all very tired.



“Well, I think it’s time for bed,” Rose yawned. We all nodded and stood up.



I turned around and was doused with water.



Oh my god, this stuff was cold.



“Was this how they felt on the Titanic?” I stuttered.



“Oh my gosh! Let’s get you upstairs, love,” Rose guided me up the stairs.



There was only one thing that bugged me.



What was that click?  


A.N. So, whos your favorite? Iron Man or Captain America...

Iron Man: Vote for me! 

Captain America: No! Me! I'm nice...


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