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Task One Challenge: Dragon's Enemy by kalkay
Chapter 1 : More Then Dragons
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Romania. Salazar Slytherin could not think of anywhere more…boring to be right now. At the age of thirteen the young wizard found his lessons with his father to be a waste of his time. He didn't understand why they had to come here when there were dragons roaming the land back home. Their small village had yet to get the population under control like the larger towns up north had done.




However dragons had taken over the Slytherin's homeland so it was no longer there. The Slytherins had lost their house, mother and wife to a group of dragons. According to Salazar’s father they were, Peruvian Vipertooths. Their unnaturally large size brought his father to the conclusion that they had bred with Ukrainian Ironbellies since Peruvian Vipertooths rarely get over fifteen feet long.




That, Salazar decided, was the reason that they took this trip. While they could have done his lessons at home, and right now they could have done them in their home, his father needed to get away.




The dragons seemed to be flying all over the horizon in Romania. There was not a direction in that you could turn where a dragon wasn’t present.




“Salazar.” Incatasi beckoned his son to follow him so they could start the lesson. "Dragon's are very powerful creatures, spells do not last very long on most of them and they are even immune to the Imperius curse." Salazar walked a few paces behind his father towards a dragon that appeared to be either asleep or stuck.




Years of defending against giants and other creatures and enemies made Salazar’s father’s his movements rigid and body stiff which he informed Salazar was better for dealing with dragons. They don’t see you as a threat that way.




The dragon’s eyes opened slowly at the sound of footsteps approaching. They were bright purple. “Hebridean Black. Aggressive towards other dragons.” It’s nostrils flared as they got closer. Steam came out in a sudden burst forcing both Salazar and Incatasi back.




“No threat to humans,” Incatasi added, “easily bred and trained as long as you stay away from the steam. Unlike all other breeds Hebridean Black’s are unable to produce fire. They’re often found by water as that’s where they draw their energy from to be able to make steam.”




They continued to approach dragons one by one for the rest of the day. Antipodean Opaleye, Chinese Fireball, Romanian Longhorn, Swedich Short-Snout, Portuguese Long-Snout…the names spun around in Salazar’s head as he continued to soak up the information that his father provided him. 




“Draconifors is the spell that brought us dragons. Every bred of dragon was once a statue and therefore wizardmade. The spell Draconifors will transform any dragon statue into a living dragon. The wizards that originally used the spell tried to control the dragons and use them as means for war. The strong spirit of the dragon refuses to be tamed, this caused them to become vicious towards humans as a mean of self- preservation. This is why we continue to capture the dragons and send them here for further study. It allows the dragons to be free and they are not threatened since there are no wizards trying to control them.”




By this time the sun was at high, which is when the dragons become most active. “Study them Salazar.” With those words his father left him to watch the dragons.




Salazar made sure to make small movements and to stay away from the dragons. He kept his wand tight in his hand. His wand seemed to be stronger here among the dragons. The yew wood seemed to pulse as though the dragon heartstring at it’s core was beating. The unyielding wand continued to beat against his palm as he approached a Hungarian Horntail. They were connected.




Salazar realized that this must be the dragon that his core came from, or at the least the same breed. The dangerous beast landed in front of the young wizard who seemed unfazed by this occurrence. He stood straight and thought of his lessons from today.




Respect a dragon and it will never harm you. Fear is not acceptable. Only respect.




He extended his arm and he could almost touch the dragon with the tip of his 12 and a half inch wand. He knew that he would not need his wand, though it did help him knowing that it was good for dueling and defensive spells. The dragon turned and walked away as though asking him to follow. Salazar did and soon he was walking around bodies of many fallen dragons. Some appeared to still be alive but merely frozen in preparation for attack.




The dragon approached a creature laying in the sun that was coiled around it’s self like a snake. It wasn’t a dragon, but more of a serpent. A very large serpent.




The snake like creature moved it’s head around upon hearing the dragons heavy footsteps. The dragon started to lung for an attack but before it even got close, it fell to the ground lifeless.




“SALAZAR!” His name rang through his ears and he slowly turned to his father, overly aware of the snake like beast moving behind him. “Keep your eyes closed you stupid boy. Don’t you know not to mess with a basilisk? Even dragons are threatened by them.”




Salazar’s father, Incatasi Slytherin was a man of very few words. He was a man of stone that couldn’t be broken. This sudden outburst could mean only one thing; Salazar screwed up and was in possible danger. Incatasi was a fighter and anger seemed to be the only emotion that his body was able to demonstrate.




Salazar closed his eyes and spoke calmly listening to the sound of the basilisk moving behind him. “I was unaware of what the creature was.” The basilisk was moving faster towards him.




“Salazar!” Incatasi’s voice held little patience. The basilisk was fast approaching when Salazar started to hiss.




The beast stopped immediately. Just as Salazar had instructed.




“Sopor!” Incatasi shouted the sleeping spell and soon the basilisk was on the ground and the greatest threat to Incatasi and Salazar, it’s eyes, were closed.

Prompts included:

- features your House’s Champion

- mentions at least 4 specific breeds of dragon

- mentions at least 1 Unforgivable Curse

- features a dragon


- mentions 2 of the following types of magic: a transfiguration spell, a sleeping spell, the conjunctivitis curse, the summoning charm

- mentions the details of your Champion’s Wand, as provided by your Head of House

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Task One Challenge: Dragon's Enemy: More Then Dragons


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