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A Rollercoaster Called Life by missclaire17
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five
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 Three weeks had passed since the fateful party and it was nearing Halloween.

The first Quidditch match of the season was nearing, Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff and the winner would play Gryffindor in November while the loser of the game would play against Slytherin.

That much, I knew because all of my friends had been pounding this information into my brain. Rose was on the team as a chaser alongside James and a nice fifth year girl named Hannah Bell, Sam's cousin.

Lucy, who wasn't on the team, was just as into Quidditch as anyone else and she and Rose had been repeating this information to me nonstop.

"It'd really would be better if Hufflepuff can beat Ravenclaw because Ravenclaw has a stronger team and they're more likely to beat Slytherin, who are shaping up really good under Scorpius's captainship," Rose said at breakfast while buttering her toast.

Scorpius, evidently thought differently as he had said to us in Charms, "I hope Ravenclaw wins. We'd have an easy win against Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw is much more likely to beat Gryffindor than Hufflepuff is."

"Everything comes down to Gryffindor wanting Slytherin to lose and Slytherin wanting Gryffindor to lose because it's almost guaranteed that it's going to be Gryffindor vs. Slytherin in the finals," Al concluded at dinner time.

"And we're most likely going to win, even despite what Scorpius thinks because there's no way James will let us lose," Lucy stated confidently as we changed for the night.

I just gave Rose and Lucy a flat look while Grace giggled before climbing into my bed without another word.

Even without their talk of Quidditch, these days I have been feeling very tired all the time and I was even more prone to mood swings.

Hopefully, there was nothing a good night's of sleep couldn't cure.


I woke up the next morning feeling like complete shit.

While I was usually the last one up, this time I was the first up one up and woke everyone in the dorm up by my frantic running and vomiting anything and everything in my stomach.

"Are you okay?!" Lucy said worriedly as she and Rose were up and out of their beds in a flash. Even Grace lingered by the door with a worried expression.

I nodded as Lucy came over to my side and pulled my hair out of my face.

True friendship right there, watching your friend throw up and dutifully holding her hair behind her face.

"Did you eat something bad last night?" Rose asked as I collected myself off of the floor and flushed the toilet. Rose handed me a tissue and I took it gratefully.

I shook my head and said weakly, "No not really. I mean, I ate everything that you guys ate. Maybe it was because I ate too much. Merlin knows I've been getting really hungry these days."

"Yeah maybe. Just be careful, okay?" Lucy scolded as I shot her a grateful smile.

The rest of the day didn't exactly go my way, despite Lucy and Rose keeping a close eye on me afterwards.

When I was running to Defense Against the Dark Arts after having left behind my essay on Dementors, I had the unfortunate experience of having bumped into someone and spilling everything in my bag and in my arms.

I whined silently to myself. Was this seriously happening?

I bent down to start picking up my things and looked up, ready to give whoever had knocked into me a right piece of my mind when I went red.

James bloody Potter.

We hadn't been alone the night and I barely had a civil conversation with him without Lucy or Rose or an unsuspecting person there as a catalyst.

"Sorry about bumping into you," he mumbled as the two of us began quickly collecting my things and stuffing them back into my bag.

Even though I didn't look at him, I could feel him looking at me every so often and his gaze lingering. This did nothing to help my reddening cheeks.

When everything was finally back in my bag, I couldn't not look at him so I took a deep breath and took my chances.

I looked up at him, mistakenly looking into his eyes. He had a strange and far off look in his eyes and I couldn't help but get sucked in.

When I noticed that I was slowly leaning into him, I let out a very embarrassing squeak and backed away, clutching onto my bag as if it were my life line.

Rather than disappearing, the look in his eyes strengthened, and James had a very amused expression on his face.

"Yeah I'm going to go… I probably already have detention because you know, that's how that's how Professor Viridian is…" I laughed nervously, edging away slowly.

The tension, or as Lucy would unhelpfully say the sexual tension, between us was so thick in the air that you could slash it with the dagger that Bellatrix Lestrange threw at Dobby the House Elf. 

James smirked at me and said, "Well then, off you go. I'll catch you later, Bella."

"Yeah… later…" I said, embarrassed before turning on the spot and dashing away.

It took all of my willpower not to turn back and look, though I did when I turned the corner and saw that James hadn't moved at all from the spot we were standing at before.

"Ms. Hart, would you mind telling me why you're arriving late to my class?" Professor Viridian asked sternly as I slipped into class, my face still red.

I froze on the spot as all eyes turned towards me. Today was just a quarry of embarrassing moments for me.  

I answered in a soft voice, "Sorry, someone knocked into me and I had to pick up my things."

Professor Viridian just shook his head at me and said, "Detention with me tonight, Ms. Hart. After dinner."

I let out a mental groan. I hated detention, especially with Viridian.

The Gryffindors in the room must have sighed with relief that he didn’t take off any points so I quickly slipped into the seat in between Lucy and Rose that they had thankfully saved for me.

"So what really happened?" Lucy hissed to me. Even Rose, who was still avidly taking notes, leaned in to listen. Even after six years, I still had no idea how she could do that.

"That's what really happened!" I hissed back as I pulled out my own parchment and quills. "Except I bumped into You-Know-Who."

"Ms. Hart, you are already late to my class and now I find you whispering. Is there something you'd like to share with the class?" Professor Viridian said loudly, his voice seeping of annoyance.

"Uh…" I blushed.

You know how most teachers usually wait for you to say something like, "No of course not" when you're caught talking? Well Professor Viridian doesn't actually do that.

When he asks is there something you'd like to share with the class, what he really means is you-better-tell-me-what-it-is-you're-talking-about-because-you-shouldn't-be-talking-while-I'm-talking.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see Albus and Scorpius shaking their heads at me, silently laughing to themselves. 

Unhelpful gits.

I quickly looked at the board which read Imperius Curse and said with a stroke of inspiration, "I was just saying to Lucy how this Imperius Curse gave the Ministry of Magic a headache back in the days of You-Know-Who, or Voldemort."

Professor Viridian raised his eyebrows at me, evidently surprised, and said, "How do you figure that, Ms. Hart?"

I panicked. Despite all the stories that I've been told, I was in no way an expert I on the two Wizarding wars as I was a Muggleborn.

"Oh… just you know, a lot of Death Eaters claimed that they were under the Imperius Curse and everything so it made it difficult to sort out the liars," I said, half making it up as I talked.

I might have convinced Professor Viridian, however, because he gave me a small wry smile and turned back to his notes.


"That was a good one," Al chortled as us five walked to the Great Hall for lunch. "You should have seen your face."

"I'm so glad to see that you-" I started before pausing in my steps and closing my eyes.

A overwhelming feeling to puke like I had this morning overcame me as I smelled an assortment of different food aromas emitting from the Great Hall.

"Bella, are you okay?" Lucy asked as she placed her hand on my shoulders.

I gave one shake of my head and another moment to recollect myself. I opened my eyes again and saw that all of them were looking at me with worried eyes.

"What happened?" Rose asked anxiously as we continued walking to the Great Hall. The urge to puke felt stronger than ever but I kept it at bay.

I shrugged and said with immense difficulty, "I think I may have caught something. I needed to vomit for a moment."

"Maybe you have. The flu perhaps?" Albus suggested, putting his arms around me comfortingly.

Rose shook her head. "Nah the flu wouldn't make you want to vomit right?"

"Maybe it's PMS cramps," Lucy said, oblivious to the look of disgust on Al and Scorpius's face. Boys. "I know that when I had it two weeks ago, I felt like shit."

Something in my head triggered, however, as Lucy said that.

When I sat down and watched the boys pile food onto their plates, my face started to whiten.

In order to cramps, I'd have to have my period.

Lucy had hers two weeks ago…

"Rose when did you have your period?" I asked in a deadly quiet tone although Al started coughing on whatever he was eating due to the utter disgust he had on his face. Scorpius looked like he agreed too, though less so considering he was Rose's boyfriend.

I didn't want to know what sort of things Scorpius knew about Rose's body.

Rose looked at me weirdly as she said, "Around the same time as Lucy, how it usually is between all of us, remember?"

Al started hacking and Scorpius grunted in displeasure. Probably more information than they ever needed to know.

I whitened even further but just nodded in appreciation.

I had asked because usually the three of us have it around the same time as each other, weirdly enough, as we had realized a few years ago.

Rose had said this was because we lived in the same dorm together, spend nearly all of our time together, and she and Lucy shared the same blood.

Lucy and Rose were always dependable to know when they had their last periods because the two of them always remembered these things.

Most of the time, I based my cycle on theirs, though mine could be as far as a week behind which Rose accounted to because I wasn't related to them.

I had never been two weeks behind and the last time I had my period was near the beginning of September.

Bloody hell, I was overdue.

And I hadn't even noticed because of everything happening.

NEWT classes getting busier, everyone talking about Quidditch all the time, feeling sick..


Feeling sick…

The throwing up in the mornings and all around the clock queasy feeling,

Fatigue and mood swings were almost a constant in my life now,

My period was two weeks late,

Three weeks ago I had a night of drunken sex.

I started to hyperventilate at the table as Ethan, James, Louis, and Sam sat down.

James's presence made everything all the much clearer and suddenly, I remembered that I had no wand with me that night at the party.

All the details came flooding back to me as it always did and came at me in full swing.

This time, however, rather than focusing on how nice it felt to have James's body touching mine, I remembered how there was no Abortivum Praeverto spell was cast.


I didn't even notice that the others were calling my name until Lucy shook my forcibly, saying, "BELLA HART!"

I snapped out of it as I looked to her and Rose back and forth with wide eyes.

"What is it?" I asked wildly.

Lucy jerked her head to someone standing by us and I glanced and noticed a Hufflepuff seventh year, Jack Turpin standing there.

"Yes?" I asked impatiently. Honestly, I didn’t have time for this!

There was only one conclusion that I could come up with, given my condition.

Jack smiled and said, "It's Hogsmeade weekend next week. I was wondering if you wanted to come with me."

It seemed glaringly obvious to me now that I had put together all the facts. I mentally slapped myself for not noticing it earlier.  

I was completely distracted as I said, "Sorry Jack, I can't."

The entire table seemed to be in shock as Ethan's mouth dropped wide open, James who I didn't even notice was clenching his fists with hard eyes relaxed, Louis gaped at me, Sam looked surprised, Al and Scorpius shocked, Lucy and Rose indignant because Jack was fairly cute.

Jack seemed visibly disappointed and said in a disheartened tone, "Oh. Right."

Bloody hell, I can't deal with being nice right now! I had other issues to worry about!

"Sorry Jack. I'd love to go with you but Lucy, Rose, and I already made plans because it's my brother's birthday coming up in November and I have to get him gifts," I invented widely.

Ethan opened his mouth to say that Charlie's birthday was in April, not November but I kicked him hard under the table. His eyes got slightly watery from the blow.

Serves him right. That should teach him to keep his mouth shut at the right times.

Jack seemed to brighten, however, and nodded. "Sure, of course. I understand. My sister would kill me too if I didn't get a present. I'll catch you later?"

I nodded, still distracted and smiled to him before he went off to catch his friends.

My mind was swirling with thoughts, however, not of Jack but of the conclusion that I had reached.

I started to panic and hyperventilate once again.

I stood up immediately, my eyes looking all around me but not really seeing. The full effects of what I had concluded was overwhelming me as I grabbed Lucy up by the shoulder and jerked my head to Rose.

"Where are we going?" Lucy asked indignantly as I dragged her away from the table. "I'm mad at you, Bella. First you reject Jack freaking Turpin and now you are dragging me away from my food."

I couldn't hear any of her babblings at the moment because I quickly shoved Lucy and Rose into a broom stick cupboard outside the Great Hall and dropped the bomb.

“I think I'm pregnant." 






A/N the little box down below is very lonely! (;


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