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From Hogwarts to High School? by Dashaaugust7
Chapter 3 : Granger Manor
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot and OC's everything else is owned by the Spectacular J.K. Rowling <3


A/N I’m so sorry for the horrible time in between updates but I was on vacation with no internet (I know scary right!) and by the time I got back the updates were closed. So once again so sorry.

Here it goes...


Chapter 3: Granger Manor


          Draco stepped out of the fireplace and stared around in awe this room was absolutely amazing it had black and white marble floors with white walls and red tapesries with gold edging. 'Granger must have decorated this room' he thought.


             “Blaise!” he heard someone sreak and turned to the source of the sound. What he saw astounded him. He saw Granger running full force at Blaise and throwing her arms around him and Blaise returning the hug.

“Hey Mione how have you been?” he said pulling away from the embrace.

“Good, but why havent you been over lately Mother has been asking about you and Em and Lindsey still want to hang out with us before school starts, although I havent told them we'll be going to school with them yet.

“Sorry but Ive been doing a lot lately and havent had time to come over but I'll say hi to your mum and call Em and Lindsey later. Okay?”

She laughed slightly “Okay but why dont you explain things to Malfoy over there he looks like he's going to have a heart attack.”


They both turned and looked at Draco he was standing there open mouthed looking extemely confused .


“H-H-How? W-W-When?” he tried to say something but it all came out as stuttering.


Blaise and Hermione looked at each other and fell over laughing at how ridiculous Draco looked.


“Well it's nice to know you all find this rather funny but would someone like to explain what the hell is going on here?” Draco stated rather angrily.


At this Blaise started to explain-

             “Well as you know my Mum was never prejudice against blood so before Hogwarts started she sent me to a Muggle Elementry School. There I really didnt know how to do any of the stuff the other kids did so I had no friends. So one day I was sitting down at a table by myself and Hermione came and sat next to me she introduced herself to me and we instantly became bestfriends.After that I made a lot more friends since Hermione was the most popular girl in school the other kids thought if I hung out with her all the time then I must be cool too. She started to notice that I was different than other kids and asked me about it. I had learned over time that I could trust her with anything so I told her how I grew up and about magic. We were even closer after that when we were about 9 I noticed that Hermione could do some of the things I could do. I told her that I thought she was a witch she was estatic and we went to tell her parents. They werent at all surprised turns out Mione had a Witch grandmother about 4 generations back so it was only a matter of time before someone had magical powers in their family. When we got our letters we were happy but we agreed that her being a muggleborn and me being a pureblood as friends wasnt safe so we decided that we could not act like friends at school and when it was safe we could be friends out in the open. If you notice I never made fun of her with you in school. We still saw each other in the summer and on brakes but other than that we didnt speak much. When Voldemort died we decided to wait a while to come out with our friendship until all the Death Eaters were caught. So we were planing on telling everyone at once but I couldnt miss the opritunity to mess with you so here we are.” He finished and looked at Draco who looked uterly shocked.


          They sat in silence for a moment until Hermione remembered why they were here. “ Well since you came here for a tour lets get on with it. And yes Blaise I relize you've been here and know where everything is but you still havent seen the new edition to the west wing.” With that she got up and began to walk out the doors with the boys trailing behind.


              They walked out the doors and into the foyer and Draco looked up and marveled at the sight. There above them was a glass dome that allowed all the sunlight from outside to shine onto the marble floor the sight was uterly breath taking. 'Wow.' Draco thought 'This is better than Malfoy Manor, not that I would ever tell her that'


                They continued through the house and up the staircase. She showed them the upstairs East Wing (please keep in mind that this just upstairs there is also wings downstairs where the living rooms,dining sooms,kitchen and etc. are) where the girls including herself would be staying, then the South where the boys would be staying. She skippped the North being as that was her parents quarters. Then all they had left was the West Wing. “I have to go to the restroom!” Blaise screamed suddenly and then ran off to the nearest one. Hermione led Draco to the nearest sitting room and they sat to await Blaise.

“So Malfoy why did you want to come see the house?” Hermione asked breaking the silence.

“Well being as Potter and the Weasels have seen it and probably know their way aro-” but he was quickly cut off.

“Dont worry about feeling left out Ron and Harry dont know anything about the Manor or that I even have one for that matter.”

“They're your best friends right?”

“Yes well they like everyone else you included I might add thought I lived in some shack somewhere and I didnt feel like taking the time to correct them so they know nothing about my life outside of Hogwarts really.”

“Well what are you going to do when they get here?”

“I have no idea I thought about telling them before hand but I mean look at me do I really look like the girl I was at Hogwarts?” At that he looked at her and she was right gone was that bushy headed buck-toothed girl. Here was a young woman a beautiful one at that she now had straight her that flowed down to mid back, had filled out in all the right places, and had eyes you could get lost into.

“No you dont.” He said after a long pause.

“Exactly I’m still the same person dont get me wrong but at the same time I’m very different.”

At that moment Blaise decided to pop back in. “Well lets continue shall we?” Hermione said as she got out of her seat.

 A/N Dont worry the tour isnt over yet but I wanted to leave off here until next time. 

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From Hogwarts to High School?: Granger Manor


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