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Task One Challenge: A Name To Live Up To by xelha horse
Chapter 1 : The Bedtime Story
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“So how was your first year at Hogwarts?” Cho smiled cheerfully at her son. They had just returned from King’s Cross station, and Cho was eager to hear about Hogwarts through her young son’s eyes.

“It was great. Lots of cool teachers—and I really like Professor Longbottom. We were talking about the twelve uses of dragon’s blood in his class one day—did you know that you can use dragon’s blood as an oven cleaner, to create a more potent Sneakoscope, to cure dragon pox, create a dreamless Sleep Draught, and for fixing Secrecy Sensors? Well, Professor Longbottom called on Al Potter, and said ‘I hope you know some of the uses!’ We all looked ‘round, confused—were we supposed to have read them over the summer?—but Professor just said, ‘With Albus’ namesake, of course. Albus Dumbledore discovered the twelve uses of dragon’s blood.’ We were all shocked—of course we knew Dumbledore, and to think—Al’s named after not only him, but Severus Snape too! It would be so cool to be named after a famous person…and Albus is lucky enough to be named after two!”

“Are you sure it’d be ‘cool’? Imagine what Albus has to live up to, with names like that. Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore were both Hogwarts Headmasters, and both brilliantly talented wizards. With a name like that, and a father and a mother like Harry and Ginny, Al has a lot to live up to.” Cho Chang smiled at her eager, stubborn son, who clearly wasn’t listening to her. His eyes were glazed over, with a dreamy look on his face, as if he was fantasizing about what he would do if he had a famous name.

Cho felt the need to try and press the issue—thankfully, a creative solution came to her. “I think I have just the right bedtime story for you.”

“Mum! I’m eleven; I don’t need you to read to me!” Ever the independent young boy, Cho simply soothed his obstinate pride with “How about I tell you a story that I’m planning on telling your sister, that way you can tell me if it’s appropriate?”

Cho’s son was very protective of his younger sister, Elena, and promptly agreed to this plan. He dived into his bed, and his mother gently lowered herself next to him. She cleared her throat, readying herself for reliving her past.

“Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there were three wizards and one witch competing against each other in an epic tournament. The prize was eternal glory for their country; and of course for themselves. The witch represented France, one of the wizards was from Bulgaria, another from Scotland, and the last from England.

“Now, in order to win the tournament, the champion had to survive a battle with a dragon, rescue someone from the Merpeople of Ireland, and make his or her way through a magical maze full of Magical creatures like Blast-Ended Skrewts and giant spiders.

“The Englishman went first in fighting a dragon, and he defeated a Swedish Short-Snout. He Transfigured a rock into a dog, which distracted the dragon. He barely got away—he received a nasty burn, but was well enough to compete in the next task. The witch fought a Common Welsh Green; the Bulgarian a Chinese Fireball, and the Scot a Hungarian Horntail. That was the scariest battle of all, for the Horntail is the most vicious dragon ever discovered. Using the Accio charm to get his broom, Har—the Scot fought the dragon in the air and barely got away, but like the Englishman was fit enough to compete in the next challenge.

“The Second Task was probably the most interesting—all of it was accomplished underwater, and the spectators could not see anything until the champions surfaced. Fl—The witch never rescued her sister, who was in the depths of an Irish loch along with the other champions’ beloveds: the Scot’s best friend, the Bulgarian’s girlfriend, and the English wizard’s girlfriend. He made it out first, then the Bulgarian wizard, and lastly the Scot. This wizard, in fact, brought not only his friend to the surface, but also the Frenchwoman’s sister. For this act of bravery the judges tied him with the English wizard for first place.

“The final task was the maze. The object was to make it to the center of the maze, and be magically transported back to the Winner’s Circle, where they would be awarded accordingly. The wizards tied for first place entered the maze first.” Cho’s voice glowed with pride, so much that her son looked at his mother questioningly. He knew not to interrupt her, though—she had a thing with telling stories, and if he interrupted her flow, she’d probably use a hex to blast him to tomorrow. That was the problem with having a brilliant witch for a mother, whenever she needed to sharpen her Charms’ skills, she usually played tricks on her family. Whenever her husband admired Cho’s skill (secretly regretting that he made fun of her meatloaf), she claimed it was all in the wand: 10 inches, fig, with a unicorn tail. Good for charms—and hexes.

Cho continued, as if not noticing the thoughtful glances her son was giving her. “In second was the Bulgarian, and lastly the French witch. They battled all sorts of creatures, most of which were unknown to the spectators. The Scot and the Englishman made it first to the end of the maze—and although they were competing for two different countries, they decided to go together, an act which united the two countries for centuries.

“However, instead of being transported to the Winner’s Circle, they were taken by Dark wizards to an ancient graveyard. One of the Dark wizards was attempting Necromancy, and had to complete some horrible tasks, two of which was the taking of a wizard’s life and the drinking of a hero’s blood. Since both were equally brave and brilliant champions, it was simply the matter of pointing his evil wand at one of the men and saying the Unforgivable Curse—Avada Kedavra!” Cho’s voice broke on the last word, and her son leaned forward in concern.

“Mum? Are you okay?”

“Yes, dear, I just always get emotional at this bit. You see, my favorite character was the Englishman.” Cho smiled weakly, and forged on. “The Scottish wizard was devastated—seeing someone so brave and loyal, just die—well, it shook him. Before he could react, the wizard attempting Necromancy took some of his blood and completed the spell that would raise the dead master. In horror the champion looked on, and witnessed the horrible event. When he saw his chance, he bravely fought the Dark wizards, and eventually escaped. He returned later on, though, to fight the Darkest wizard of all time, and defeated him in an epic battle.”

“What happened to the rest of the champions?” Asked Cho’s son, imagining all sorts of wonderful things like more tournaments, gory battles, and bloody deaths.

“Well—the Frenchwoman eventually settled down in England, and married into a clan of wizards that are famous even today. The Bulgarian returned to his country, and married a beautiful princess from the royal family. The Scot, as you know, defeated the Dark wizard, and also married into the same clan that the French witch did. For the Englishman, all four countries came together and held a memorial service for him. Cedric’s epitaph read ‘Good. Kind. Brave. Loyal. A True Champion.’”

“Wait! My Cedric? Spelled the same way and, and everything?” Cedric asked excitedly.

“The very same. I named you after him for a reason, darling—he was a brave wizard, ever loyal to his friends, and one of the kindest men of his time. I hope that now that you know your namesake, you’ll be happy to have something to live up to.”

“I dunno, Mum…it seems like an awful lot to live up to…”

The End


Author's Note

• features your House’s champion (5)
• mentions at least 4 species of dragons (5)
• mentions at least 1 Unforgivable Curse (5)
• mentions a Blast-Ended Skrewt (5)
• mentions a Sleeping Draught (10)
• mentions 2 of the following types of magic: a transfiguration spell, a sleeping spell, the conjunctivitis curse, the summoning charm (15 points)
• includes mention of at least 5 of the 12 uses for dragon's blood (canon or made up by the author) (15 points)
• mentions at least 2 of the following types of Dark Detectors: Foe-Glass, Sneakoscope, Secrecy Sensor, or Probity-Probe (15 points)
• mentions the details of your Champion’s wand (25)

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