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A Mother's Tale (Task One challenge) by adluvshp
Chapter 1 : A Mother's Tale
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 A/N: This story is written for Task One Challenge of House Cup 2012. I am AditiDraco95 at the Forums and this is an entry for the Slytherin House. This story includes the following five prompts:

1. mentions at least 1 Unforgivable Curse
2. mentions a Blast-Ended Skrewt
3. mentions a Sleeping Draught
4. mentions 2 of the following types of magic: a transfiguration spell, a sleeping spell, the conjunctivitis curse, the summoning charm (accio) (I have mentioned Transfiguration and Summoning charm).
5. mentions at least 2 of the following types of Dark Detectors: Foe-Glass, Sneakoscope, Secrecy Sensor, or Probity-Probe (I have mentioned Foe Glass and Sneakoscope)




It was the middle of the First Wizarding War. Spells, jinxes, and curses were flying everywhere. People were dueling left, right, and center. It was easily seen that the Order members were overpowering the Death Eaters. Among this fighting mass was one lone figure that was focused on getting out of the war zone and not on fighting enemies.

Narcissa Malfoy ran as fast as possible, clutching her wand tightly in her hand, throwing curses here and there at those who tried to get in her way.

“Avada Kedavra!” She screamed at who she assumed was an Order member charging towards her. Not looking back to see if the green light from her wand actually hit the person or not, she continued running, dodging hexes, desperate to get to her barely a year old baby.

She no longer had any interest in who won the war; all she cared about was ensuring that her son was safe. She realized how foolish she had been to listen to her family, to her husband, to partake in this war. She would much rather had stayed hidden with her son. She wasn’t a coward, she just was not one to endanger her son’s life. She knew their side was losing, she could sense it, and all she wanted right now was to get to Draco and make sure he was alive and safe. She quickened her pace as she saw the little alleyway where she had hidden her portkey. She knew she might splinch herself if she tried to apparate in her current state of panic, so she had already prepared a portkey for an emergency escape beforehand.

“Accio Portkey!” She breathed, focusing hard on the broken hairbrush she had turned into a portkey, when she was near enough to grab it and vanish. The hairbrush came flying towards her, glowing blue already, and she got hold of it just in time as she disappeared into the darkness.

Narcissa breathed a sigh of relief as she landed safely outside a building that was almost in ruins. She looked everywhere about her to make sure no one was following her, or even looking at her, before she walked swiftly to the building’s left pillar and tapped it thrice with her wand. The stone pillar shifted to the side to reveal a trap door on the ground which she lifted easily and then dropped inside. Once she was on the stairs inside, she waved her wand in a circular motion twice, shutting the door once again and returning the pillar to its place.

Feeling more relieved and secure with every step she took, she climbed down the stairs and continued on her swift walk towards her child. She had placed a few barriers in the passage just in case someone tried to barge in on her son and now she had her wand at the ready to face them.

As she began walking on with her wand raised high, she met with a huge wall blocking her way. Narcissa had placed the wall there hoping that it would appear as if the passage closed here to anyone who ventured this way and would mislead them to go back. However, she knew that it would only take a blasting curse to reduce the wall to rubble and clear the way forward.

“Reducto Maxima!” She murmured, pointing her wand at the wall, and as known, it blasted into debris allowing her to move on.

Narcissa allowed herself a moment of ease as she looked at the fallen wall. It meant that no one had found her hiding place. However, that relief didn’t stay for long as her mind conjured up the possibility of someone blasting the wall then reconstructing it on their way out. The thought made her heart beat faster and she rushed on, eager to see Draco safe and sound.  

As she scrambled on, the sight that met her eyes next made her heart stop. Her son, her little baby, her Draco was lying on the ground motionless, his eyes wide open. The world began spinning as Narcissa stared at her son’s immobile form. Her hand holding her wand fell limp by her side and she dropped to her knees, tears streaming down her face. The second she touched Draco’s body, it turned into Lucius’ and she stared at her husband’s dead form in horror. Her wand slipped from her hand and clattered to the ground.

The sound of the falling wand stirred something inside her and she stopped crying to notice that she was still in the passageway, and not in the room where she had placed Draco. It dawned on her that Lucius was still in the battlefield, and hopefully still alive. Shaking her head and pulling herself together, she picked up her fallen wand and murmured “Riddikulus!”, sighing with relief as the boggart turned into vapor and floated away.

Mumbling about how silly she had been, forgetting about her own boggart, she walked on faster. The three-foot Blast-Ended Skrewt that stood in her way made her stop in her tracks once again.

Reminding herself that she had placed this beast there herself and telling herself not to panic, she dodged a jet of sparks that flew out of its end as it propelled forward. Bracing herself, she stepped back a little, pointed her wand at the Skrewt’s soft unprotected underside, and cast a powerful transfiguration spell that only a witch of her kind could cast. A jet of yellow light hit the Blast-Ended Skrewt’s belly and it staggered backward, suddenly transforming into a tiny rat, squeaking terribly. As the rat clambered away, Narcissa was glad for her ancient strong magic that she had inherited from the Black bloodline.

Feeling considerably satisfied, she almost broke into a jog as she rushed forward to the stone door behind which she knew her son was. She tapped her wand twice on the door when she reached it and entered inside quickly as it swung open before shutting it once again.

She took a moment to take in her surroundings which were very different from the rest of the dark and gloomy passageway through which she had just made her way through. The stone walls of the room were charmed to glow a subtle blue, and to turn red in case of any danger. A Foe Glass and two Sneakoscopes were placed in the room as well, along with a moderately sized green colored couch for her to rest on and a small store cabinet in which some of Draco’s essentials were kept.

Narcissa’s eyes shined with tears of relief as she saw her little baby sleeping soundly in the crib at the center of the room surrounded by powerful shield charms of Protego Maxima and Fianto Duri. She hurried forward and took his sleeping form into her arms, kissing his forehead and hugging him to her chest.

Draco awoke at that moment, beginning to wail at the top of his lungs, and his mother was grateful for the Silencing Charm she had cast on the room previously. She cooed to him and rocked him back and forth. Realizing he was hungry, she put him back in the crib and hurried to the little cupboard where she had kept some milk in a bottle with a cooling charm placed on it. She transferred the milk gingerly from the bottle to a cup, and then hesitated for a moment. Her eyes darted to the corner of the cupboard where a small bottle of Sleeping Draught was kept, and then back to her crying son. She wondered if it would be wise to add a drop of the Draught to Draco’s milk, just so he could sleep soundly in case they had to run. She contemplated for a few seconds, and then decided against it. She wasn’t going to give her son a potion that she wasn’t very sure of out of fear. Severus had informed her that adding a drop of Dragon’s blood would make the Draught suitable for a baby but she couldn’t risk harming Draco. Making her decision, she closed the cupboard and walked back over to her little son, helping him drink the milk.

The sight of her son drinking milk was so adorable, Narcissa couldn’t help but smile. For now, she didn’t have a care in the world. It did not matter that about a hundred miles away a war was going on, that she didn’t know whether she would ever see her husband again or not. What mattered was that her son remained safe – it was an only remainder of the love she and Lucius had shared. She still loved him with all her heart and soul, like she had loved him since years ago, but some part of her had accepted that Lucius’ love for her had faded away with the rise of the Dark Lord.

Still, the Lady Malfoy hoped that in the end her husband would come back to her, that she would have the Lucius back who could make a good husband and a better father.

As if in line with her thoughts, suddenly a bright light streaked across the room before assuming the form of a silver Peacock. Startled at first, Narcissa relaxed as she realized it was Lucius’ Patronus.

“The Dark Lord has fallen. Do not await me. I shall find a way for us to escape imprisonment and contact you then. Stay where you are. Keep Draco safe.”

Narcissa’s breath hitched as she saw the Patronus vanish. The Dark Lord was dead. It meant that they would be carted off to Azkaban if Lucius couldn’t find a way out for them. However, it was Lucius and he hardly failed in anything, and that’s what she was hoping for.
And perhaps, just perhaps, if they could escape their terrible fate, then her family may be whole again and Draco may have a future devoid of darkness.

A/N: This story is AU. So please do not inform that Lucius cannot have a patronus or that Narcissa didn't run off during the First Wizarding War. I haven't written this story as canon-compliant. However, I appreciate constructive criticism.Thank you for reading and reviewing (if you do)! 

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