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Right In Front Of Their Faces by ScoRose4eva
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Harry woke with a start, wand in hand he glanced around pointing it at the first person he saw. As it slowly dawned on him that his ex-girlfriend was standing over him he considered putting the wand down, a small part was hoping that the wand in her face would dampen any ideas she had to climb into his bed. Harry sighed as he thought back to the last month at the Burrow. After being forced to return to the Burrow by the distraught Molly Weasley he realised that he had no idea what to do while he was there. Usually he would spend time with Ron and the twins and have fun. This time was going to be completely different after the loss of Percy. Even Fred and George were acting strange they were no longer laughing a joking but Fred seemed shocked that Percy had pushed him out of the way and in turn was struck down.


Harry had spent the past month slowly coming to terms with the fact that he could now live a semi normal life, a wish he thought he would never have again. He had never thought he would see to live after the demise of Voldemort. The things he could do now seemed endless. He could find a girl, fall in love without risking their life in fear of Voldemort finding out. He could fulfil he deep seated wish to have a family not just a surrogate family where he would never truly belong. His possibilities were endless, he didn’t know where to start. Should he go back to Hogwarts and finish his N.E.W.T.S or try to find a job  without them. He no longer wished to be an Auror after the year of hunting down Horcruxes and living in tents for days on end.  He didn’t want to face dark witches and wizards and his hopefully future loved ones worrying if he was going to come home.


He knew whatever he would do that the press would follow him trying to get yet another glimpse of the famous Harry Potter. He realised in that moment that whoever he was going to with in the future may only want to be with him for his name, which shook him out of his thoughts and refocusing on the redhead in front of him. “Ginny” he sighed “you should know by now not to wake me like that, I swear I’m going to blast your head off if you’re not careful” Harry said consciously pulling the covers higher.

“Oh Harry, you would never do that to me” Ginny simpered with an attempt at a seductive smile on her face.

“Gin, we’ve been over this, I’m still jumpy over the war I used to sleep on edge the whole time, I’m not the happy-go-lucky Harry you once knew, and I’ve changed.”

“Well you changed once you can just change back, you’re the-boy-who-lived you can do anything”

“What did you want anyway?” he asked temper rising. ‘How dare she call me the-boy-who-lived, doesn’t she know that I don’t want to be the-boy-who-lived or the chosen one I just want to be Harry?’

“well mum said you have to come to breakfast, she’s not going to let you waste away up here and Ron told me to remind you that Hermione will be back today after her parents decided they were staying in Australia.”

“Ron said all that?” Harry queried with a bemused expression on his face.

“No of course not, I elaborated so you would know the whole story. You’ve been kind of distant lately so I didn’t know if you would know what happening. Was” she said and bounded to the door, “You know Harry you should go topless more often.” And with that she left.


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