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Task One Challenge : A Dream by BoOkWoRm24
Chapter 1 : A Dream
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Cho sat up straight in her bed sweat dripping in hot beads down her face. Her heart beat rabidly in her chest threatening to burst at any time. The breath that wisped into her lungs was cold sending chills down her spine. The room around her was too calm to feel real, yet she knew it had to be. The darkness, the silence, the brisk air that flowed through the open window, all of it was things she had come to associate with her dormitory.

But still, if she were just to close her eyes she could feel herself being drawn back to a place that was beyond this reality. A place that only her unconscious was truly acquainted with. A place that knew her heart’s deepest and darkest worries and qualms.

Suddenly, she felt herself there again. The stands around her were packed with a roaring crowd. Students wearing school colors, or in some cases house colors, sat elbow to elbow waiting for the show to start. The ground beneath her was rocky and jagged. Accomplishing the task at hand would be difficult if not impossible for the sole reason of the abundance of natural obstacles sitting in the center of the circle.

Again she could feel her heart beat pick up- a direct response to the adrenaline that was now pumping through her veins.  She was not sure whether it was her eyes or her ears that picked up on its presence first, but all the same she felt her hands ice over with fear.

A humongous silvery blue beast towered above her giving off the most retched bellowing cry that could strike fear into the coldest of hearts. The only thing that prevented it from flying off this moment with its large, powerful wings was the steel chain that bound the dragon to the earth. Its nose seemed to be shorter than most, vaguely reminding Cho of a pug; however, this beast was so much more dangerous than a pug. It wasn’t the large yellow teeth that threatened to dig into her flesh, or the large horn that protruded from the top of its head that which made Cho fear for her life. No rather it was the hidden threat that bothered her.

Immediately she felt the intellectual in her taking over. The beast standing in front of her was a Swedish Short Snout dragon which was notoriously known for the dangerous blue colored flame that it could spit from its mouth at will.

Strategically, it wasn’t the best dragon to have to face. Of the three other choices she would’ve preferred fighting the Common Welsh Green that Fleur fought; however, the Short Snout was by far a better dragon then say the Chinese Firebolt Victor battled or worse the Hungarian Horntail Harry faced. To further things this was the dragon Cedric had faced, the one he had defeated.

In the back of her mind she knew that there was a reason she was battling this specific dragon, in this place inhabited by her unconscious. It was a statement of her feelings towards the Hufflepuff boy. When she was with him she felt confident, anything he could do she could too. She was sure of it.

In front of her the dragon set itself in motion stalking towards her ready to pounce. Immediately she felt the need to run and hide, and so that is what she did. She dove behind the nearest rock narrowly escaping the beast’s approaching fire ball.

She felt herself panicking. What was she to do? Briefly, she considered following Cedric’s suit and transforming the nearest rock into a dog, but she knew that wouldn’t work. She gripped her wand tightly in her palm Olivander’s words echoing in her head. Her wand was Fig, unicorn tail hair, 10", well-balanced. Good for Charms. Theoretically speaking, her magic would be rather consistent as dictated by her wand core. Well she had never excelled at transfigurations the way she might have liked, thus she could not expect such a complex transfigurations spell to work now. No she was much better at Charms.

As stated before, Cedric made her feel as if she could do anything, but her mind said otherwise. She knew she couldn’t do that spell, even if Cedric did it. She had to play to her strengths, the way Harry had.

“Accio broom,” Cho shouted, waiving her wand in an over exaggerated movement. Another few heart stopping moments passed. The dragon had been keeping a steady stream of hot fire trained on the rock that her back was too. It was only a matter of time before it completely disintegrated. She could practically feel the heat going right through it singing her black hair.

She knew the spell had worked when the noise of the crowd mounted in a loud cheer. Closing her eyes she held out her hand. No more than ten seconds passed before she felt the smooth wood in her hand. The heat of the rock was getting unbearable now. She had to get away. In one bold movement she dashed out from behind the rock, jumped, and landed on the broom zooming above the beast into a relatively safe area.

Now she had an advantage. The dragon didn’t seem to know how to approach this new threat. Short Snouts in general didn’t usually come in contact with wizards much, let alone wizards on brooms. No doubt it was at the very least confused right then.

Cho took advantage of the dragon’s confusion flying around doing fancy air tricks. Its yellow eyes stayed trained on her as it stayed perched above the danger. For now it seemed not to be attacking, but the peace wouldn’t last long.

Now that she had the upper hand it was time to start focusing on the real target here. Beneath the dragon sat a golden egg. She knew that she would need to retrieve that egg for this to end. Now she just needed the dragon to move which of course wouldn’t be such a simple task. All dragons were always very protective over their eggs.

“Defindo,” Cho shouted. She hadn’t expected the spell to do anything. Just anger the beast a bit, but to her surprise the spell brushed its shoulder cutting a small gash into the silvery blue skin. A thick red liquid immediately started to leak out.

Somewhere in the back of her brain, Cho felt her intellectual-self kicking in as she watched the thick liquid start to drip down the silvery blue skin.  It was really quite expensive, dragon’s blood, yet it was such a useful substance. Not only was it a good spot cleaner, but it was also a common potion ingredient, a blast ended skrewt deterrent, a component of some fertilizers, and a treatment for several different rashes. That’s only to list a few, the substance is very versatile.

Cho shook her head; she could not let her mind wander at a time like this. 

The dragon had spread its vast wings and started to raise itself into the air, its intentions no doubt violent. Another blue fire ball shot from its mouth directly towards Cho. In another showy twist she dodged the fire and redirected her momentum at the egg.

The dragon’s neck reared back releasing a steady flame that followed Cho charring the end of its bristles.  As she passed it, the beast started using other more physical methods thrashing its horn, and chomping its teeth at her. Cho felt the wind rush around her as she came within inches of certain death. Yet she succeeded. She twisted her body circling around and dodging the dragon.

Only once she had passed it did it realize that her charge was not meant for him, but the egg. By then it was too late. She snatched the golden object from the ground holding it high for the entire stadium to see. The dragon seemed to evaporate, disappear in thin air. She had won, she was the champion, she held eternal glory in her palms, raised it high for the world to see. Cho Chang- Hogwarts’s champion.

Then suddenly the crowd was gone and once again she was in her dormitory. The one that was certainly real yet seemed so illusory when compared to the vividness of her own dreams.

One might think that eternal glory was a happy thing to dream about. She should probably be waking to that feeling of pride, and self-absorption that usually comes with incredible feats. The first time it was exactly that, she woke feeling on top of the world her heart soaring.

Then when the dream repeated she started to consider it at other times, during class, meals, even during that hour before bed that she usually saved for a good book. There was something beneath it all that bothered her. It was a similar feeling to the one she had when Professor Moody had them practicing defying the Imperious curse. It was like your insides felt light and happy, but at this certain point deep deep within your mind, you knew that it was fundamentally wrong.

After a while it began to keep her up, making her restless. A few times she had resorted to using a sleeping draught to induce a dreamless sleep, but even then the dream worried her. She fancied that she was going mad at some point along the way. Briefly she wondered what more experienced wizards dreamed about. She seemed to be a mess after watching four wizards each battle a dragon. No wonder Moody felt the need to carry around countless Sneak Scopes, Foe-Glasses, Secrecy Sensors, and Probity-Probes. He was probably plagued with many dreams of an even darker nature than her own.

Now, after ages of contemplating and re-contemplating she had figured it out. In the challenge she fought a Swedish Short Snout, Cedric’s enemy during the challenge, yet she used Harry’s methods. She had combined them both to achieve happiness.

Real life wouldn’t be like that she would have to choose one or the other. Cedric or Harry. She was not ready for the decision yet. Not prepared to break one of their hearts, yet it was unavoidable.

She let out a deep thoughtful sigh as she lay back down. Cedric or Harry. Cedric or Harry. Cedric or Harry. She chanted the words over and over again as they danced around in brain.

Thus the girl slipped away back into that place inhabited by her subconscious, the names still present ever in her mind. She was not ready to choose. How could she ever be?


So this was written for the first challenge of the House cup (Go Ravenclaw)

Here are the prompts I used

- features your House's Championmentions at least four specific breeds of dragon
- mentions at least one Unforgivable Curse
- mentions the Blast-Ended Skrewt
- features a dragon
- mentions a Sleeping Draught
- mentions at least two of the following types of magic: a transfiguration spell, a sleeping spell, the conjunctivitis curse, the summoning charm (accio)
- includes mention of at least five of the twelve uses of dragon's blood (canon or made up by the author)
- mentions at least two of the following types of Dark Detectors: Foe-Glass, Sneakoscope, Secrecy Sensor, or Probity-Probe
- features a theme of flourishing in the face of adversity
- mentions the details of your Champion's wand, as provided by your Head of House

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Task One Challenge : A Dream: A Dream


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