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Twenty-Six Stories by fluffball
Chapter 5 : E is for Ernie
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 Disclaimer:  I do not own Harry Potter or any characters.

E is for Ernie

I fastened my dress robes and headed out the door.  It was a big day.  I mean to say, not every day is a wedding day.

I got to the church far earlier than anyone expected me.  But I, personally, believe that on time is late and early is on time.  I make a point to always be where I’m meant to be exactly when I want to be which is, of course long before anyone else.  That way, no one can fault me for punctuality.

I went to a mirror to check my tie.  It was slightly crooked.  That wouldn’t do.  After all, it was a big day.  Not every day is a wedding day.

I was greeted as soon as I left the bathroom by an ecstatic Hannah Abbott.  “Ernie!”  She pulled me into a tight embrace.  When she backed away, she beamed up at me, “I’m so excited!”

I noticed how pretty she looked in her dress, but pushed it to the back of my mind.  Personally, I believe it wrong to have such thoughts about someone you are not romantically interested in and I could not allow them to wreck today.  The day had to be perfect.  Not every day is a wedding day.

Hannah ran into the next room, saying she thought it was where she ought to be, anyway.  

I nodded my agreement and walked down the aisle toward the front of the church.  The last time I’d been here was for a funeral.  In fact, I’d been here for many funerals, following the Battle of Hogwarts.  While it had been a victory, so many lives had been lost.  Fortunately, I had put long hours into studying dueling techniques so I was ready.  But really, I supposed, I had gotten lucky.

I mean to say, the last funeral I’d been here for was Professor Lupin’s and he was the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher I’d ever had.  And I’m sure even all the studying wouldn’t have made me better than him.

But I had to get my mind off those things.  This was a time of happiness, not depression and self-doubt.  Because, really, not every day is a wedding day.

It felt odd, sitting under the alter.  Not quite right, of course, but I supposed that was only normal.  Especially with all the painful memories attached to the church.  Some place for a wedding!  I wondered...

But my thought were interrupted by one Neville Longbottom.  It had been so long since I’d seen him.  “Neville!”  I got up and pulled him into a big, brotherly hug.  “It’s been quite a while!  How are you doing?”

Neville was positively radiant in a way I had never seen him in all our years at Hogwarts.  “I’m so excited!  And--and a bit nervous,” he laughed slightly.

“Yeah, me too.”

He nodded towards the door Hannah had gone through earlier.  “You’d better get over there.  I reckon they’re waiting for you.”

I had become so accustomed to the reverie I had been in sitting under the altar that I had quite forgotten where I was supposed to be.  I hurried through the door.

I silently reprimanded myself.  I couldn’t allow myself to ruin this with mistakes like those.  Just one day without any mistakes.  After all, not every day was a wedding day.

“Ernie, hurry up!” Hannah called when I walked in, “You were the first one in the building and somehow you still managed to be the last one in here!”  There was a hint of a laugh in her voice.  “Come on, you’ll be walking with Luna.”

Especially not the wedding day of your best friend.

I found my place next to Luna Lovegood.  It was strange that she was the bridesmaid I was to walk next to.  I mean to say, it took Hannah ages to admit her feelings to Neville because she thought he was with Luna and Neville almost as long to admit his feelings to her because he thought she was with me.  But here we both were, excited to see the two of them marry.

We stood around the middle of the processional, the Maid of Honor, Susan Bones, and Best Man, Harry Potter, towards the back, followed by Hannah’s niece and nephew as flower girl and ring bearer and, finally, Hannah and Mr. Abbott.

The wedding was beautiful.  I was proud to see a woman I considered a sister to me marrying such an honorable man.

And, at the end of the day, the church was not just a place for funerals.  I personally believe that weddings are a time of beginnings, a place for new hope.

This wedding rung in a new beginning for all those scarred by the war.

I saw it as redemption.

A/N:  Reviews are always appreciated!  =D

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