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Did you hear what Ron Weasley did to his wife?!? by Ginger Lust
Chapter 2 : Intervention-
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Chapter 3: Intervention-

“HERMIONE… look what you’ve done! This is all wrong! I swear Hermione… I could just kill…”

Ron stopped in his tracks as he entered his and Harry’s office to find himself surrounded by his family. Arthur, Molly, George, Percy and Ginny and Harry. Hermione’s parents were there also. As well as Draco Malfoy!

Everyone was seated on the couch and various chairs around the office placed for business partners, associates and guests.
Arthur and Molly sat next to each other on the couch as well as Hermione’s parents. Ginny sat on the arm next to the Grangers. Harry sat at his desk which was opposite Ron’s. Percy and Draco had claimed two of the chairs across from the couch.

George sat at Ron’s desk.

“Hello.” A puzzled greeting from Ron.

“What are you all doing here? Are we having a party then?” Ron

“You could just kill.. who, Ronald?” Molly asked him.

Oh oh.’ Ron thought. ‘She only uses my full given name when I’m in trouble. This can’t be good!’

“…this bloody fool that Hermione assigned to.. complete a project.. What’s this all about anyway?”

Arthur rose from his seat next to Molly.

“Ron, we’re received some disturbing information about you, Son.”

“What? What information?”

Molly remained seated but moved forward to the edge of the couch.

“Ron, why does Hermione have all those bruises on her body? She’s bruised almost completely from head to toe.” His mother asked him with such sadness in her eyes.

“Bruises?” was all Ron offered.

“I’ve seen them, Ron! I’ve seen every one of the bruises. They’re all over her body. And I’ve seen the ones on her thighs also."

Ron’s mouth dropped open and his eyes widen to their fullest as he realized what she were suggesting.

“NO…NO! How could you even think that?!? I love her… She’s my wife. Are you mad?” Ron said as he looked at all of his family.

“Calm down Son.” Arthur told him.

“I will not calm down! You’re all barking mad to think such a thing?”

“Ron, it’s just that you do have a bad temper… sometimes dear.” Molly looked about to cry as she spoke.

“Mum, you don’t really believe that, do you? I love her!”

Molly sank back into the couch, not answering him. She didn’t want to believe it.

“Ron, you’re my brother now and I love you mate but I will haul your arse off to Azkaban myself if it's true!” Harry told Ron, barely able to look him in the eye.

“Harry… you, of everybody here know me better than that! If you don’t believe me than…” Ron held out both his closed hands, palms down and side by side to Harry.

When Harry didn’t move, except to lowered his head, Ron continued.

“ I did not put those bruises on her… She did it!... Well, she didn’t actually but it was all her own fault!…“

“What are you saying?” Hermione’s father stepped towards Ron but Arthur blocked his advance.

“…that she did that to herself? What rubbish!” he said, his anger growing.

“No, of course not. It’s just that… I can’t… She’ll have to explain. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Ron, we’re here to help you, Son. If you have a temper problem then we will work with you to over come it. To contr…”

Ron looked at his father.

“I don’t have a temper problem, Dad. Believe me. Hermione can explain..” Ron was trying to control his temper now. They were right about that. He had a bad temper.

“And what about the marks on her wrist, Weasley? The handcuff bruises.” Malfoy spoke up, though not voicing his exact suspicions in front of Ron’s family.

“What?!?” Ron turned to Draco for the first time.

“What the hell is he doing here?”

“He’s the one who brought the bruises to my attention, Ron.” Ginny told him.

Ron turned back to Draco and glared at him.

“Well?.. the handcuffs???” Draco repeated.

Ron turned his gaze back to his mother and father.

“That was all Hermione.” Was all he offered.

“WHAT?” Hermione’s father put his hands onto his hips.

“It’s true!” Ron hoped that Arthur would not let Hermione’s father beat him to a bloody pulp. He continued.

“Hermione bought home these.. these muggle trick handcuffs, she called them..”

“Nonsense!” Hermione’s father interrupted.

“No, there is sure a thing in the muggle world. I had a pair when I was younger.” Harry explained.

Ron looked gratefully to Harry for backing him up but the look on Harry’s face didn’t comfort him. Harry still waited to hear his explanation.

“She said that they were a joke, muggles try to fool their friends and family into thinking that one could get out of them without a key… like it were magic… you know… in the muggle world. It is like magic.. for them… Anyway, she put them on to try them out before I got home. But she couldn’t get out of them.”

“Why didn’t she just use her wand then?” his mother asked him.

Ron looked embarrassed , hesitant to continue. He knew Hermione would just kill him for telling on her what had happened with the cuffs.

“She was doing laundry in the basement. And there’s this pipe there that runs from the floor to the ceiling… I don’t even know what it’s for… anyway… she cuffed her hands around the pipe, try them out. Then she couldn’t get them to unlock. And she had left her wand upstairs, on the dresser, where she keeps it. She said that she worked for two hours trying to get free before I came home and…’

Ron turned to his right as he heard Draco laugh.

Draco covered his mouth trying to stop when Ron turned to him.

“Do you really expect us to believe that Hermione was stup… that she locked herself to a pipe?”

“But it’s the truth, Mr. Granger… sir.”

Draco burst out laughing. When Ron turned to him again, the Slytherin raised his hands.

“Sorry, mate.”

Ron looked to each person around the office.

George looked about to laugh himself. So did Ginny. Percy merely snorted.

“I know.” Ron chuckled.

“Life with Hermione is never dull!”

But Arthur, Molly and the Grangers were not amazed.

Mr. Granger pointed a finger at Ron and started to say something.

“Ron?” Hermione could be heard calling form the reception area beyond Ron and Harry’s office.

Ron breathed a sigh of relief.

“Mione, get your arse in here!”

“Don’t you speak to my daughter like that, boy!” Mr. Granger practically shouted at Ron.

“I’m sorry.. sir. I didn’t mean it like that. We always…talk to…just joking…”

Hermione walked into the office next to Ron, who hadn’t walked too much further in upon seeing everyone earlier.

“Ron?’ Hermione looked to her husband then saw Arthur and her father.

“Daddy. Mum? Arthur?...” her eyes continue around the room then back to her father.

“What are you two doing here, Mum and Dad?”

“Hermione, we are here to find out why you are… covered in bruises…” her father couldn’t finish.

“They actually think...well, for one thing.. that we argue and fight all the time.”

“WHAT?!? Are you all barking mad?”

“That’s what I said!” Ron added.

“Where would you get such a ludicrous idea?” Then Hermione looked at Ginny.

“How do you explain all the bruises on you, Hermione?” her mother asked.

Hermione stepped back, taken aback. Then she moved back up to Ron and placed her hand into his.

“Ron loves me, treats me like a queen. You have to believe that.”

Ron looked at the parents, nodding, satisfied that that should explain everything.

“That doesn’t answer our questions, Hermione.” Her father said.

Hermione lowered her head and started to pick at an imaginary loose thread on her blouse.

“Tell them Hermione. They’re ready to lynch me!” Ron squeezed her hand softly.

Hermione’s cheeks turned pink then she let out a deep breath.

“OK… About a year ago… when Ron was gone so much with Harry and the rest of the Aurors on hunts… I became depressed. I was missing him.. plus we were trying to get pregnant but couldn’t.” Hermione turned to Molly and Ginny.

“Remember how we tried all those potions and spells and nothing worked. And even the healers didn’t help… and mum, remember how we wanted to go to muggle doctors as well? I felt like I was letting Ron down. I know that he really wanted children. And seeing Ginny and Harry so happy with their own….” Hermione turned to Ginny.

“.. don’t get me wrong Ginny, I love James and.. and you being pregnant again but.. I just felt like a failure.”

Ron let go her hand and wrapped it around her waist, giving her a gentle squeeze this time.

“I started taking long walks… to get away on my own. I started going to events… fashion shows…equestrian shows..the like. Anything to get my mind off... a baby. Then I started to go to sports events… Quidditch, futbol, cricket. But they were so boring. One day, going through a muggle newspaper, I saw a sport that I had loved as a child.”

Everyone turned to look at Hermione’s father when he took in a deep breath. They return their attention to Hermione when she continued.

“I went to see it. It was great fun. I even went to the next one the weekend after, since Ron was still not back. At that game, I got to speak with some of the players. I told them how much I loved it and they invited me to try out for team. They said that since I was small, I should do well!”

Everyone just stared at Hermione. They just couldn’t picture Hermione at any sport. Then they all looked at her father again when he spoke.

“!!!” He covered his face with his hands and lowered his head, chin touching his chest.

“You remember, don’t you Dad?”

“Yes.. I remember… Hermione, what were you thinking? Roller Derby?”

Everyone was quiet.

“ROLLER DERBY?!?” Harry almost shouted it at Hermione.

“Are you kidding, Hermione?” he asked her.

“What’s a rolling derby?” asked Ginny.

“Not rolling, Ginny.. roller.. the Roller Derby.”

Everyone looked at Harry confused.

“Roller Derby is a muggle sport. Actually… it’s a very stupid, dangerous muggle sport!”

“It is not, Harry.” Hermione protested.

“Yes it is! I used to watch it when I was young…”

“When you were stupid?” George interjected.

Draco laughed.

Harry glared at Draco.

“Sorry, go on.”

Harry looked at each person as he continued.

“It’s a dangerous sport. Two teams of about four players roller blading around in a circle, trying to be the first to win the race and trying to kill each other as well,.. lots of broken noses, legs, arms, scrapes and scratches.. I thought that sport was banned by now.”

“No, and it’s fun! And no more dangerous then Quidditch!.” Hermione pointed out to them.

“What the hell is ‘blading?” could be heard whispered.

“ROLLER DERBY, Hermione???” Harry began to laugh.

“Shut up, Harry!” Hermione spat at him.

Everyone looked at Hermione as Harry continued to laugh.

“Really… it’s great fun.” She said, looking from person to person as she went on.

“Yes, I acquired a lot of injuries…but that was because I was new…”

“Because you were lousy at it, Hermione!”

“Because I was new, Ron!”

“No Hermione… you played with the team for almost a year. You were lousy at the start… and you were lousy at the end! You just aren’t aggressive enough. Although… sometimes….!”

Hermione looked at Ron with a hurt look on her face.

“I’m sorry Hermione but you don’t know how much it killed me to see you get hurt all the time.”

Harry was still laughing, harder then before now as he started to slide down the seat.

“Shut up Harry or I’ll hex you!” Hermione pulled out her wand.

Harry raised his arms up and out towards Hermione. He tried to stop laughing as he straightened up. But instead of staying seated, he got up and started to walk, pretending to skate actually, around Ron’s desk. He stooped low with his arms out at his sides, swinging them back and forth in opposite directions, similar to skiing.

George jumped up and joined Harry, imitating Harry’s movements and when he caught up to the younger wizard, he began to joist for position.

Everyone watched the two of them for a moment. A sense of relief at finding out the truth behind Hermione’s injuries.

“But Hermione,…how did you get the bruises on your..your thighs then? Ginny asked.

Hermione blushed slightly.

“Well,…at my last event, I was…sort of..thrown onto the railing, straddling it. When I tried to dismount, I was pushed back against it again by the opposing team. I kept trying to dismount and they kept pushing me back... I finally just let myself fall off on the outside of the ring. But I got right back in…” Hermione didn’t want them to think that she was a coward. Then her smile faded and she looked down to the floor.

“ I guess you’re right, Ron. I wasn’t made for..sports.”

After a moment, Draco turned back to Ron.

“Well, if you were so upset with Granger’s chose of sport, why didn’t you stop her? Can’t you control your wife, Weasley?” Draco took great delight in taunting Ron.

“Only a weak woman can be controlled, Malfoy. Hermione is her own person and does what she wants. She can take care of herself! … And she’s Weasley now, Ferret-face!”

Hermione raised her head with pride and smiled at Draco.

“Besides, I did stop her. I made her quit the team!”

“And pray tell, how did you mange that, Weasley?”

Ron smiled and placed his hand on Hermione’s stomach.

“I got her pregnant!”

The room went quiet.

Harry stopped in his tracks as did George, but not fast enough as he ran into Harry.

“What?” Harry wasn’t sure if he had heard right.

Hermione smiled, ear to ear as she looked to the four parents, placing her hands atop Ron’s on her belly.

“I’m pregnant!”

Molly and Ginny were the first to respond. Each raised their hands to their faces and covered their mouths, Ginny letting out a small squeal.

Everyone else just looked surprised, including Mrs. Granger.

Molly was the first to move. She stepped forward, nearly knocked Arthur over onto the couch and walked up to Hermione. She hugged Hermione tightly, causing her to whine quietly, although she tried not to show she was in pain.

Finally, Mrs. Granger got up from the couch and rushed over to her daughter. Molly saw her in her peripheral vision and let Hermione go. Mrs. Granger hugged her even tighter than Molly had. But Hermione enjoyed it. She was so happy. And nothing was going to bring her down, not even pain!

Poor Ron got pushed back towards the door, almost out of his office. He walked back into the room but couldn’t get near Hermione now as Ginny was hugging his wife along with Molly and Mrs. Granger. But then all the men got up and walked over to congratulate him. Even Mr. Granger was now smiling and extending his hand out to shake Ron’s.

Arthur was first and shook his son’s hand vigorously then stood next to Ron with an arm around his shoulders
Mr. Granger reached him next and shook his hand.

“I’m sorry , Son, I was just worried about my daughter. I hope you can forgive me.”

“Yes, of course Mr. Granger, sir..”

“Oh please, call me Dad.”

Well, Ron didn’t know if he could call Hermione’s father DAD but he did forgive him.

When Mr. Granger moved aside, Harry not only shook Ron’s hand but hugged him as well.

“Congratulation! You’re going to love being a father, Ron. There’s nothing like it… And dah…sorry about the other… I knew it had to be a mistake. Forgive me?” Harry looked embarrassed for that last part.

Harry had lost Ron for a moment, after saying about being a dad… Ron had stopped breathing for a moment there also. But when he saw Harry had stopped talking, his faculties came back online.

“Huh?.. ah.. oh sure, sure… I forgive ya, mate. But I’m still gonna give you a kick in the arse for it!”

“Fair enough.”

George then Percy and Draco each shook Ron’s hand till he felt like he teeth were being shook out of his mouth.

“Congratulations, Weasley. Believe it or not, I too was just worried about.. Hermione.” Draco told him as he shook Ron’s hand.

“Please Malfoy… go back to calling her Granger!!”

They both chuckled.

By now, all the ladies had stopped hugging and were bombarding Hermione with questions.

“How did this happen?..”

“When did you find out?”

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Are you sure?”

“Is it a boy or a girl?”

Ron walked over to Hermione and wrapped his arms around her waist again.

“SO… just when were you going to tell us, Ron?” Molly was the first to ask.

“Well, that’s why we asked everyone to meet at the Burrow this weekend..” Ron said accusingly.

“We were going to tell everyone at the same time at dinner!... I had no idea what you all were thinking about me!”

Everyone looked at each other in different degrees of embarrassment.

“Never mind that! I want to find out more about this ROLLER DERBY!”
George of course, was more interested in the bazaar sounding sport than in anything else.

Molly gave George a look of displeasure and a warning at the same time. Then she turned back to Hermione.

“So when did you find out?” asked Molly.

“Just last week…” Ron answered for her.

“And ah… just for the record..” Hermione looked directly at Draco for a few moments then back to her mum and Molly.

“Ron made me quit playing even before we found out that I was pregnant.

“Touché, Granger.. I mean, Mrs. Weasley.”

“How far along are you, dear?” her mother asked Hermione.

“About a month, the Healers told me, Mum.”

Mrs. Granger hugged Hermione again, wrapping her arms around both Hermione and Ron.

“A baby! I can’t wait… Oh.. do you know if it’s a boy or girl?” Mrs. Granger asked as she released her daughter.

“No, not yet.”

“Would you like to?” Molly asked her.

Hermione smiled and looked up to Ron in question.

“I do if you do.” He answered her unasked question.

Hermione turned back to Molly.

“Is that possible?”

“Yes, of course. Some of us have.. ‘the way’. I knew that Ginny was having a boy before she did. Come sit on the couch, dear.” Molly followed Hermione, followed by Mrs. Granger to the couch. The two sat down, Mrs. Granger stood in front of Hermione. But Molly reached out her hand to the other mother as well.

“Sit next to me and you can join in..”

Mrs. Granger sat as instructed.

Ron sat down next to Hermione on the other side.

Everyone else gathered around the couch.

Molly took out her wand then she took a hold of Mrs. Granger’s right hand with her left. With the wand in her other, Molly placed her wand on Hermione’s stomach and silently spoke two words that Hermione thought might be from the Supersensory charm but never heard of. She definitely needed to look that one up.

Then Molly placed the wand on her lap and laid the palm of her hand onto Hermione’s stomach.

Mrs. Granger gasped as she felt a kind of warmth enter her hand from Molly’s. Then her face lit up with the biggest smile and she looked at Hermione.

“Hermione.. it’s a girl!”

Hermione’s mouth dropped open.

“How do you know, mum?”

“I..I can feel it. I don’t know how but I can feel it. She’s a girl!”
Molly smiled also as did everyone.

Hermione looked to Ron. He was grinning, ear to ear. Then she happened to look in Draco’s direction. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Squinting her eyes, she didn’t return the smile.

Hermione stood up and hugged her mum and then Molly.

Instead of standing up, Ron moved forward off the couch and kneed down onto the floor, placing his hands on Hermione’s belly, facing her.

“’ello, little Mione. My little Mione…. I’m your daddy.” Ron laid his head against Hermione’s still flat belly.

Hermione looked to both of their mothers. She reached down and placed her hand on Ron’s head, stroking his hair.

“So… would you say that you’ll have your own Mini-Mione, Ron?” Harry said then laughed.

Hermione laughed also. Her mum and dad both chuckled.

All the others just stared at Harry and Hermione. Ron raised his head and looked at Hermione, dumbfounded.

Harry looked at Ginny and her parents.

“Don’t you get it? Mini-Me! Mini-Mione?” He continued to laugh as did Hermione.

“Well, how about… eanie meanie Mione moe!” Hermione’s dad said.
Harry and Hermione laughed even harder. More because that one was a bad joke. Her father was infamous for his bad jokes.

Hermione sat back down on the couch.

Arthur, Molly, Percy and Ron continued to stare. George and Draco did smile though they didn’t get it.

Ron rose from his kneeling position to sit next to his wife. He placed his left arm behind her on the couch and placed his right on Hermione’s belly.

“A girl.” He was all smiles.

“How about ‘Molly’ then, Hermione? For a name, I mean. After Mum.”

“Yes…I like that.” She answered him.

“But…” Percy sat up, suddenly distressed.

“Ron, Hermione. You know that Audrey is pregnant as well. Percy already chose ‘Molly’ as she’s having a daughter. He told me months ago, my dears. Said he owed me for that little… episode years ago.” Molly told them.

Percy sat on the edge of his seat, worried that his little brother would not take this well.

“ problem then, Percy.” Hermione was the first to reply.

“Of course, Pers, there are plenty of names to go around… Let’s see…” Ron looked from person to person, thinking.

“Well, I’m glad that everything turned out well. Congrads again Weasley, Granger. I’d better get back to work or they’ll sack me.” And with that, Draco left.

”Same goes for me. I’m so happy for you, little brother…and Hermione.” Percy said as he rose to leave. He walked over to Hermione, bent over and hugged her.

“I’ll see everyone this weekend.” And he left.

Next George rose from his seat at Ron’s desk.

“I’d better get back to the shop myself…before Shane destroys it. Congratulations again Ron, Hermione.” He also bent down to kiss Hermione on her cheek, then buried his hand in Ron’s hair and jiggled it around until Ron pulled away.

“Way to go, little bro, I knew you could do it!”

“GEORGE!!” Molly lightly slapped him on the arm.

George, already expecting a slap from his mum, rubbed the spot, feigning severe injury as he left the office.

Ron watched George leave when his eyes settled on a vase of beautiful flowers. Carnations of different colors sitting on a side table just by the door. Their assistant brought fresh flowers for their office as well as her own desk every few days.

“ about naming her after a flower?”

“OK… we can certainly talk about it, love. What did you have in mind?”
“How about… Lily?” Then Ron turned to Harry when he heard a gasp from his friend.

“Oh… sorry mate. I forgot. You wanted to save that one in case you guys ever have a daughter! No problem… ummm” Ron looked at the vase of flowers again.

“How about… Petal, Hermione? That’s cute.”

Hermione’s eyes furrowed. Was he joking?

“Ron, that’s not a flower.”

“It’s a part of …” Ron defended his chose.

“It’s not very pretty though, Ron. ‘Rose Petal’ would be better. Just Rose, even better.”

“OK… let me think..”

“Ron, we don’t have to think of one right this minute, my sweet.”
Molly sat down next to Hermione.

“We have so much shopping to do now… Both my girls are having a baby!” Molly smiled.

“Ginny pretty much has all the boy things she needs, but she needs more of them. We can go together, the four of us Hermione and start your nursery… if..if you and your mother would like too.. that is.”

“Oh yes, Mum… I welcome my Mum, you and Ginny for all the help I can get!“

Ginny sat down in the chair Percy had vacated with a huff.

Harry walked over and kneeled next to her.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?”

“Yes, I’m just a little tired now.”

“Ron, I’m going to take Ginny home. She needs to rest. I’ll be right back.” He said as he started to help Ginny get back up. Arthur rushed over to her other side and offered her a hand up.

“Harry, take Ginny to the Burrows. I want her to spend some time with me. And that way I can keep an eye on her while you’re at work.”

“OK. Good idea.”

Suddenly, Ron’s eyes lit up.

“HERMIONE!...DAISY!!" He almost shouted.

“OH Ron… that’s brilliant!!... “Sunshine, DAISY!, butter, mellow…”

A big smile grew on Ron’s face. He loved her so much.

“You remember..” Ron was thrilled.

“Of course I do, Ron. That was the most important day for the three of us!!!”

Ron leaned towards Hermione and kissed her.

Molly and Arthur looked at each other then at Harry, confused.
Harry smiled.

“That was the first day they met. Ron recited that…” Harry chuckled.

“…to Scabbers!”

“The first day that the three of us met, Harry.” Hermione added. She rose and walked up to Harry and hugged him. Then she turned to Ginny.

“This is going to be great, Ginny. I’m going to learn so much from you… and our mums. I can’t wait!”

While everyone was talking about babies, George poked his head back into the office.

Harry and Arthur were the first to see him. Then everyone else turned to see what they were looking at.

“You forget something, George?” his father asked.

George stepped completely into the room.

“Well.. no, but I have something to tell you.”

George actually looked nervous.

“Mum, Dad. You know how Angelina and I have been dating?” George said then stalled.

“Go on, Son.” Arthur said.

“Ummm.. We’ve been talking about our future together…”

“George.. That’s wonderful..” Molly didn’t think this day could get better.

“That’s not the part I wanted to tell you about. I was going to tell you at dinner Saturday…”

“Go on.”

“I er.. asked her to marry me… even before we found out that… she’s pregnant.”

All were quiet.

This was not what they had expected.

All the other Weasleys had gotten married before they became pregnant.

One by one, everyone looked to Molly.

Molly just stood there.

No one could tell what she was thinking.

Arthur slowly walked over to her.


George didn’t know weather to continue or not. He couldn’t tell if his mother was upset or not.

“Mum?... We thinks it’s a boy. We want to name him Fred.”
Utter silence.

“Oh my! I thank this 'Merlin' person, that we have only one daughter!” Mrs. Granger was the first to speak.

Suddenly, Molly started to laugh.

Then she walked up to George and hugged him.

Everyone else sighed then laughed also, although still wondering if Molly was really truly OK with this news.

“Oh but you’re part of the family now, Polly. You have no chose but be involved. My grandbabies are your grandbabies now. Albeit by marriage. I’m going to need help… Isn’t this wonderful.”

Molly turned back to George.

“When is she due? When did you plan to marry? Oh my gosh… Another wedding. Well, we still have some…..”

And so, everyone once again rallied around another Weasley and hugs, kisses and handshakes were exchanged.

This was a good time for the Weasleys, the Grangers and the Potters. It just didn’t get any better. And for now, everyone was going to enjoy it while it lasted.

Everyone knew that the danger hadn’t just disappeared. They would not let down their guard. But they wouldn’t just stop living either. Life begets life. Constantly fearing, constantly hiding from life, was no life at all. They would deal with it as it came along. And they would be happy.

Molly stopped talking and stepped back a bit, looking at all the young people. She smiled. She was happy.

Arthur walked up beside his wife of thirty three years and wrapped his arm around her.

“Four new babies, my love…. You’re going to be very busy this year!” He smiled at his Molly.

‘Thank Merlin, I have to work!’ He thought to himself.

“Five, dear!”

Molly crossed her arms against her chest. She never took her eyes off of her children.

“Arthur, love….. I have something to tell you!!!”

Arthur’s face went white.

“Kidding, Arthur!!! You can breath again!” Molly laughed to see his face.


                                              Epilogue.. Or rather.. The missing scene..

                                     The fight with a tarantula or.. 'Arach-attack'! 
What actually happened when the tarantula crawled into Ron and Hermione's room.-

While Ron was reading the owl delivered letter that had just arrived, a  tarantula crawled into their room through the open window. Ron had his back to the window but Hermione was facing it. She saw the eight legged arachnid crawl in then stop just below the ledge. Her eyes opened wide and she began to pull at Ron's sweater sleeve. Gently at first, then more urgently. Finally, Ron looked at Hermione, annoyed.

"Mione, I'm trying to read, love." But when he saw his wife's look of alarm, he turned to see what she was looking at. 

Ron froze. Once more, the scene that haunted him from his childhood came to him. His teddy bear and spiders.

The tarantula began to crawl slowly further down the wall. 

Hermione looked to the dresser, ten feet away... her wand atop it.

Ron wanted to reach behind him and pull out his wand from his back pocket. But he remembered that his wand was next to his briefcase on the bedside table, across the room. His breathing became fast and shallow. He was sweating now. 

The tarantula stopped just before reaching the floor. Apparently, it was watching them and Hermione's movement, when she turned her head, alerted it.  

"Ron, I know it's big... but it's just a spider. Just step on it."

Ron slowly turned his head to face Hermione.

"ARE YOU BLOODY MAD???" He whispered, barely moving his lips.

"You step on it!!!"

The tarantula started towards them again.

"OH BLO..."

Ron jumped when Hermione clapped her hands loudly in front of her.


The Tarantula continued to advance.

"OH, that was bloody brilliant, Hermione."

Ron snapped out of his frozen stance and stretched his right hand to the side towards the desk that they were standing near and grabbed a large book that was within his reach. This took all his effort but he was not going to let the arachnid get any further into their room. If it had, they would have to sell the house and move!

Hermione let out a loud breath.


Then she lowered her voice.

"Not my 'HOGWARTS: A HISTORY!!!!" This one was her special, leather bound , very expensive copy she had treated herself to her last year at Hogwarts. A tribute to her very first book purchased when she started school. She was going to read it to their kids when it was their turn to go to Hogwarts. She was not going to let Ron...

Ron threw the book at the spider.


But it missed.

The tarantula saw the book sailing towards it and scurried forward then continued it's path further into the room. 

Next, Ron grabbed  a portable radio off the desk and tossed that as well. But it was still plugged into the wall.

Bang! went the radio, hitting the floor just short of the spider. 

When that missed the spider, Hermione quickly reached across and grabbed her wand off the dresser. She took aim and whispered.

"Wingardium Leviosa..."

But Ron had stepped in front of Hermione, intending to get something to place over it and was caught by the spell on it's way to the tarantula. He began to slowly rise.

"DAMMIT, Hermione!!!"

"Oh, Ron... I'm so sorry. I was aiming..."

"I know... just let me down.... AND NOT near the bloody spider..!"

Hermione levitated Ron back to where he had been and lowered him to the floor.

Ron looked at the tarantula as it got closer to crawling under the bed. This was his last chance. He would never sleep in that bed again if the insect disappeared under it.

When Hermione turned back to face the tarantula and saw that it was now just two feet before her slippers, she instinctively jumped back onto the bed, her wand sailing through the air to land on the floor by the head.

Ron took a jumping leap over the tarantula, towards the dresser again and landed right up against it. He let out a shout of pain when his knee hit the side, knocking over a couple of framed pictures, one falling to the floor and breaking the glass. Still, he grabbed the small trash receptacle along side the dresser, turned it over and laid it over the tarantula.

Hermione let out a squeal and started laughing.

"Ron, that was so brave... You saved me!" she meant it as a joke but the look on Ron's face was hilarious, sweaty and fear-stricken. 

Grinning, Ron quickly got up and sat on the bed, panting. Hermione came up behind him on her knees and squealed again as she hugged him.

"Yeah..." was all he said. 

Hermione grabbed her wand and got off the bed. She levitated a magazine towards the can covered spider and slipped it under and then levitated the whole thing out of the window. With a final swish of her wand, she closed the window.

"Do we have any super glue, Mione?"

Hermione laughed and sat down next to Ron and hugged him. 

                                            the end

AN: OK… so the last part, George announcing his news, is not that good. I really rushed it. I have been awake for more than 24 hours now (just got off work, can’t sleep) and may be a little delusional. I will come back to it on my days off and see if I can fix it. Or eliminate that last bit totally.

I picked the most outrageous sport I could think of for Hermione to have played in. I used to love watching Roller Derby myself. And I thought that would work for this piece.

I was trying for more of a drama in this but I am not good at dramas. But it is my first attempt.

I do have Hermione call Molly ‘mum’, after she marries Ron.

And yes, I gave Hermione’s mum the name, Polly. Can’t you just imagine that?

As to the tarantula scene, it is very close to real. I have owned many spiders and tarantulas and speak from experience. All spiders have 6 to 8 eyes and can see the most minute movements. 
                                                             Hope you liked.

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