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Getting There by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 7 : Hope
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“GO GRYFFINDOR!” Marlene screeched as I planted my hands firmly around my ears. It still amazed me how someone who didn’t understand Quidditch one bit could have the most team spirit. She was wearing flashing scarlet and gold sunglasses, a Gryffindor scarf tied around her head as a headband, and some stolen old Quidditch jersey from who only knows how long ago. She looked like an exploding mascot, and not in a good way. 

 “It hasn’t even started yet!” I hollered at her, annoyed. Instead of responding like a normal person, she flung her arms out and screamed:




“It’s not even worth it.” Dorcas Meadows giggled from next to Lily. Dorcas was in our year but a Hufflepuff. She was one of the only Hufflepuffs I could tolerate for an extended period of time. Her best friend, Courtney Bauer, on the other hand, was terribly optimistic. She was like Lily on steroids. Unfortunately Dorcas and Courtney seemed to always be together. Right now she was to the right of Dorcas staring off into space as she twirled her hair. I doubted that she even realized she was at a Quidditch game.

They had chosen to cheer with us because it was Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor today. The Hufflepuffs often split between teams equally. The same went for the Ravenclaws whenever it wasn’t us playing against them. The Slytherins, being the slimy gits that they were, were never on our side. I guess we were never on theirs either to be fair. But who the hell cares about being fair? I was perfectly happy with ignoring the logic and looking at them all in a negative way. It made for much better conversation. Besides, the feelings were mutual. There was more rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin than any of the other houses, and this really showed through when we played Quidditch. Gryffindor was by far the most enthusiastic, just look at Marlene. She was a living breathing psychopathic fan, and she didn’t even understand the reasoning behind it. Idiocy on that level took true respectable dedication. 


“I do hope it’s a quick game,” Lily said as she looked down at her watch. “I’ve got a charms essay due on Monday and I have to study for my Potions Exam.” 


“Oh you don’t have to study.” I said as I rolled my eyes. Lily was a natural at Potions. 


“Yes I do!” She said indignantly. “Not everyone wings it you know! You study, don’t you Dorcas?” 


Dorcas stifled a laugh and nodded. She would often comment on how amazing it was that Lily and I were as good of friends as we were. I supposed that most people thought that. Marlene was understandable, because I was a bitch and she was a whore, but Lily was all sweet and innocent and it just didn’t add up. People like Lily were supposed to have nice supportive friends who never said anything remotely mean to one another. Instead of this she had me, possibly the most negative Gryffindor to ever enter the house, and Marlene, who has seen nearly all the male dormitories of students over sixth year . The only thing Lily and I seem to have in common is that we’ve never even thought about shagging Sirius Black. Not many girls could say that you know. 


“Welcome all to the first Quidditch match of the season!” Sam Jordan’s voice rang out through the stands. “Today we have Gryffindor…” He trailed off as we all cheered as loud as we could. “And Ravenclaw!” On the other side of the stands people in Purple stood up. “For the Gryffindors, we have…FENWICK—BONES—O’RILEY—BARBARY—PREWETT—CLOGG—aaaaand POTTER!” 


I clapped and cheered along with everyone else. Marlene was by far the loudest of all of us. She squealed excitedly as the scarlet uniformed players zoomed out onto the field and began to circle above us. 



I booed as the Ravenclaws and Slytherins cheered. Purple players buzzed out onto the field and took their positions. “The teams now get ready now to battle it out!” Sam Jordan said enthusiastically. He was a brilliant commentator who was a year above me. He was also good friends with Anastasia. 


“It’s not going to be much of a battle; everyone knows that James Potter never loses the first Quidditch match of the season.” Dorcas said. 


“Well you don’t know that,” Lily responded stiffly. “This is his first year actually being captain, he has much more responsibility and I’m not sure that he can handle it.”


 “Oh shut up Lily.” I said with a yawn. 


“I’m just giving my opinion!” 


“But you’re wrong, even you know that.” 


“God, you don’t have to argue with me just for the sake of arguing! And don’t tell me how I feel.”


“I’m just broadening your horizons! You’re terribly biased when it comes to Potter’s Quidditch talent.” 


“Urgh—sometimes I just wish you would—”


But I didn’t pay attention to what she wished I would do because I felt a sharp poke in my back. I turned gradually and groaned when I came face to face with a smirking Black. He always seemed to be smirking. As much as he hated his family, the pureblood trademark of arrogant pride showed through no matter what. Thank god I’m not around my father and his side of the family enough to have it impact me.


“What do you want.” I spat at him.


“Oh, hello Daniels, beautiful day for Quidditch, isn’t it?” 


In truth it was, but I didn’t feel like having a heart to heart with Black about it so I turned around before he could continue on with useless small talk that we both knew was just being said to aggravate me. Instead, like the mature girl that I was, I took a deep breath and began to watch the game that was starting. 


“Cadwallader starts with the Quaffle! He passes to Davies—back to Cadwallader—Davies—Cadwallader—INTERCEPTED BY BARBARY! Gryffindor now in possession!”


 “REMUS!” Marlene said when she realized he was standing above us with Black and Peter. “Come down and cheer with me!”


“Oh, I—actually—” He started, but before he could finish both Black and Pettigrew hoisted him by his arms down to where Marlene was chanting some bizarre cheer she had just made up. He looked pretty uncomfortable, I would too if I were him. I couldn’t handle Marlene when she was in hyper mode like this. It was worse than when she was drunk, and believe me, drunk Marlene McKinnon is downright terrible. If Black and Pettigrew seemed to notice Remus’s uncomfortable stance they didn’t do anything to change his situation. Instead they were doubled over laughing. What great friends they were. And here people think that the Marauders would do anything for each other. I now have witnessed first hand that what people think is a downright lie.


“O’Riley has the Quaffle! He passes to Barbary who passes to Bones. Bones passes back to Barbary—back to O’Riley—Bones—O’Riley—Bones—SCORE! Gryffindor leads by ten!” 


“HAH! TAKE THAT!” Marlene said with a painful looking karate move. Remus had to duck so that her leg wouldn’t collide with his chest. 


“Connolly has possession—he passes to Davies—back to Connolly—Davies—Connolly—he shoots but…SAVED BY FENWICK!” 


“Move over Daniels.” Black said as he shoved me to the side and nearly into Lily. 


“You could see better from where you were!” I cried. 


“I know, but irritating you was worth the change in vision.” 


I grumbled my annoyance and stood with my arms crossed away from him. I was very tempted to throw him over the side right now and down onto the Quidditch pitch. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that Id most likely be expelled for murdering a fellow classmate, and then I’d be sent home. McGonagall and Dumbledore wouldn’t understand my reasoning I don’t think. I’d be forced to live with my mother and stupid Brian for the rest of my miserable life all because I killed Sirius Black. So instead, I’d just deal with his never-ending stupidity and be successful in the long run. Besides, knowing that he ruined my life would make him all too happy in death. And we wouldn't want that, now would we?


“Davies passes to Cadwallader—she takes the Quaffle up the field—passes to Connolly who almost gets hit by a bludger! Passes back to Cadwallader—back to Connolly—he’s shooting—SCORE! Tie game at ten!” 


The game went on pretty even for the next fifteen minutes. We were up sixty to forty, but the Ravenclaws didn’t seem to be losing their stamina. In fact, they seemed to be playing better. I watched Potter as he scanned the field so hard his eyeballs looked like they would fall out of his head. Dorcas was completely right when she said that James Potter never loses the first Quidditch match. If he did I’m pretty sure he’d try to drown himself in the showers once it was over. He’s never taken well to losing. Hence why he refuses to give up on Lily. I guess he was focusing on looking too hard because out of nowhere a bludger hit him straight in the face. 


“Foul!” Black shouted angrily. 


“Oh no!” Lily clasped her hands to her mouth. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. 


“He’s fine.” I said, but I cheered along with the rest of my house as Madam Hooch gave Gryffindor a penalty shot. James tried to play it off like it was no big deal, but he looked pretty dazed. Blood was pouring out of his nose; I don’t know how he could ignore that. 


“Shouldn’t they take him out of the game?” Lily asked. 


“No, he’ll be fine.” I repeated.


“But what if his nose is broken?”


“Daniels is right,” Black said as if he were included in our conversation. “Besides, Prongs wouldn’t let them take him out for something like a nose bleed. He’d have to be dead before that would happen.”


“Don’t agree with me!” I said in a shocked voice. Never before had he said such horrid words. 


“Well it’s the truth!” Black rolled his eyes at me. “Get the stick out of your arse, would you?”


“I have no stick up my arse! You’re the one with the stick up your arse you prat!” 


“At least I’m not constantly acting like the world is about to end or something else completely dreadful is about to happen, darling.”


“I do not act like the world is going to end!” 


“Whatever you say.” He smirked and leaned over the side to look down at the Quidditch pitch below. Idiot, did he not realize that the game was above us? And did he also not realize that this was the perfect angle for me to shove him over without much effort on my part? No, of course he didn’t. He was Sirius Black, the stupidest bloke to ever live in Gryffindor tower. 


“You’re such an animal, I can’t believe they even let you into this school.” I muttered to him angrily. 


He laughed a genuine laugh and turned to me. “Daniels, you have no idea how much of an animal I really am.” And then continued to laugh like a lunatic. This time, instead of responding, I shoved him as hard as I could sideways. Instead of falling out of the stands and to his death instead he staggered a little to the right but was able to keep himself upright. I flashed him my own smile and faced back to the game. It was then that I felt something hard collide with my side. I almost fell to the ground but was able to hold myself up. I glared at him, completely shocked that he would shove me back. So this time I jumped at him and kicked his shins.


Before I knew it I was hitting every part of his body I could possibly reach and he was defending himself without really trying. This only aggravated me more. “You—stupid—arse!” I shouted as I punched his stomach. The third punch he grabbed my arm and threw it back with his stupid bark laugh. So I shoved him hard again. This seemed to cause the most damage. He fell into Frank Longbottom and I smiled triumphantly. 


“Sorry mate,” He said to Frank as he stood up and turned to me. “You’re a bitch.”


“I am not a bitch!” I screeched as I lunged for him again. 


“Bridget! Sirius!” Lily hollered at us. “Stop this right now!”


“You’re right, I’m sorry Daniels. You’re a psycho bitch.” 


“I’m not PSYCHO!” I grabbed onto his back and attempted to strangle him. He staggered a bit but managed to throw me off.

“Can’t keep your hands off me, can you?”


 “Would you two stop!” Lily pleaded. “You’re making a scene!” 


“Shut up Lily!” Both Sirius and I shouted at the same time in the same annoyed voice. This caused us to stop, look at each other with mortified glances, and then resume fighting as if it had never happened. This time he shoved me harder than he had before and I went right into Lily. We both staggered into Marlene who took no notice to it. She was too busy holding Remus’s hand and swinging it back and forth like she was still in preschool. Lily straightened herself upright with a deranged look in her eyes. I backed up as far as I could without touching Black. Then, she was exploding in all ways possible.


“You’re both such annoying, immature people!” She screeched louder than she had in a while as her hair stood up on one end like it was electrocuted. Her breathing was heavy as if she had just ran the length of the Quidditch pitch below us. “Here we all are, just trying to watch a damned game like civilized people, and of course Bridget Daniels and Sirius Black have to fuck it all up!” 


My mouth dropped open at Lily’s cursing. She only did that on special occasions when she was really pissed off. Sirius gave a low whistle from behind me. “Wow Evans,” He said with a mock serious voice. “I’m sexually aroused.” 


Before could register what was happening Lily was charging at us. The next thing I knew I was on top of Black face down on the floor of the stands. There was an eruption of cheers from all around me, I was confused. Were people on Lily’s side of the fight? I groaned as I tried to move.


“Daniels, get off of me.” Black growled as I slowly got up, not bothering to help him along the way. Arse. It was his fault Lily lost it. I stood up and fixed my messy hair and decided to listen to the announcer. 


“GRYFFINDOR WINS!” Sam Jordan yelled happily over the stands. I clapped and cheered even though I had no idea how this had happened. Lily was still giving both Black and I a look to kill. I decided that right now it would be best to ignore this look. Either that or my face would most likely meet Black’s elbow once again. So instead I ignored her and I ignored him as I should have done the entire time. Damn my inability to ignore.



“Did you see it! Did you see my catch?!” James asked us all happily once we were back in the Gryffindor common room. I looked sideways to Marlene for help, but she was too busy pouring herself Butterbeer mixed with some sort of alcohol. I wasn’t sure if Lily had seen James’s catch, but she was still staring at me stiffly so I assumed she wouldn’t help me even if she had. 


“It was brilliant Prongs.” Black finally responded. Apparently this was the appropriate reply because James beamed and threw an arm around his shoulder.


“Padfoot,” He said with a mischievous glance. “How about you and I go and get more Butterbeer and other illegal substances?” Black nodded and the two of them left the common room. I glanced after them curiously. They would always disappear after Quidditch matches or during parties and come back with bottles of firewhiskey and Butterbeer. 


“Where are they going?” I asked Remus. Instead of responding he just shrugged and made his way over to get some of the food that Peter had snuck from the kitchens. Whenever the Marauders threw a party Pettigrew was in charge of the food. I dunno if it was because he was a bit pudgy or if it was because they didn’t want to be bothered with it, but regardless he always seemed to pick out good stuff. Either that or they sent him down with a list. I wouldn’t be surprised, he is by far the one lacking the common sense in his friend group. 


“Look at Amos Diggory.” Marlene said in a disgusted voice. Lily and I followed her gaze to where he and Lisle Jacobsen were sucking each other’s faces off near the cushy armchairs. How dare they do such obscene things near the cushy armchairs? They were the best damned armchairs in the entire school. 


“He’s a slimy git and she’s a coldhearted bitch.” I said with a smile as I sipped my Butterbeer. Lily gave me a look but Marlene just giggled.


 “Thanks Bridgey.” She said. I nodded. Personally I had no problem with Lisle or Amos, but if you fucked with Marlene unfortunately I had to get involved. It was part of the best friends thing. Marlene got into the trouble, I fought the people off with words or violence (it depended on the situation), and Lily cleaned it all up. That was why we worked.


“They shouldn’t even be in here,” Lily said haughtily. “This is our common room.” 


“Look around.” I said, gesturing to all of the people. “You think these are all Gryffindors?” 


“Well—no…” Lily grumbled some words under her breath which I’m sure weren’t very prefect appropriate and grabbed some of the alcohol on the table. I raised my eyebrows at her but she pretended she didn’t see. 


“I like him.” Marlene said as she pointed to a tall guy talking to Benjy Fenwick and my sister. I noticed Benjy’s arm around Anastasia’s back. I tilted my head sideways and wondered what exactly they were now. Anastasia looked really uncomfortable. Maybe it wasn’t working out? Whatever, very few of her relationships did.


“Marlene!” Lily chided. “You’re with Remus right now, aren’t you?”


“I don’t know.” Marlene sighed and plopped herself onto the nearby couch. “He’s so quiet and I don’t even know if he likes me. Half the time he doesn’t even pay attention to what I’m saying.”


I wanted to tell her that it was very hard to keep up with what she was saying while in a conversation with her, but I decided to keep my mouth shut. I would let Lily handle this. 


“But you can’t just leave him hanging!” Lily exclaimed. “How do you think he would feel if you just went off with another guy?”


“Christ Lily, he’s a bloke! He doesn’t express his feelings!” 


“Well then why does Potter feel the need to express his love for me every day?!” 


Marlene just shrugged and continued to stare at the tall guy. I wondered if James was taking my advice and laying off of Lily. Not that she would notice right away, I doubted that they had even had a substantial conversation since she did as much as she could not to. To be honest, I don’t know if they’ve ever had a substantial conversation. Or at least one that didn’t end with sharp objects being thrown in James’s general direction. It really was a sad state of affairs. 


“I think Remus is a very nice guy.” Lily said.


“Why don’t you date him then!” Marlene snapped.


Lily gave a hollow laugh. “Right, because Potter wouldn’t kill him if that happened.”


“You’ve thought about it?” I asked her, surprised. Lily had never voiced any liking for Remus before, but it would make sense. They were both incredibly smart and liked by most people. They only reason some didn’t like them was because of their asshole friends and their annoying capacity to learn things.


“No,” She stopped. “It would never happen anyways.”


“You don’t know that.” I said. I was beginning to wonder if I was on Potter’s or Lily’s side of their love-hate relationship. 


“Yes,” She gave a small smile. “I do. Besides, we’re just friends. He’s a really nice guy, but he’s just my friend.” 


“At least he talks to you.” I said grumpily. “He’s always dead silent when I’m around.”


 “Because you’re always yelling or cursing when he’s around you!” 


“Well that’s just because Black’s near.” 


Lily just rolled her eyes. She didn’t understand. It was a shame, I think the only person who understood my relationship with Black was Black himself. The rest of them just didn’t get it. They thought he was an arrogant arse and I was an immature brat. They had it so wrong. For my part at least, Black was universally arrogant. 

“He’s coming over I think!” Marlene squealed, sitting up excitedly and making flirtatious gestures. I rolled my eyes and Lily groaned. Here we go again…Indeed the bloke was coming over. I had seen him before. I think he was older and a Ravenclaw, but I couldn’t be sure. I never paid enough attention. I surveyed him when he made his way to us. He was tall and somewhat lanky, but he had a nice face. Marlene cared about the face, so it made sense that she had taken the interest. She honestly would get so gaga about boys sometimes. 


“Hello.” He said when he had finally made his way to us. I was too busy watching Marlene make a fool of herself to actually look at him. She stood up and touched his shoulder. 


“Hello to you!” She said with a giggle. “I’m Marlene!” 


“Oh, er—I’m Seth.” He paused as Marlene giggled some more like an idiot. “You’re Bridget, right?”


I looked up sharply. What was happening? Marlene’s giggling stopped suddenly as I stared at him with wary eyes. This had never happened before. Even Lily looked shocked. Boys didn’t come over to the three of us and ask me my name. I was the last choice by far. Unfortunately my reputation of being a psycho was far spread so most knew to stay away. Also, Marlene and Lily were obviously prettier than I was. I blushed a little before responding. “Yes.”


 “Do you want to get a drink?” He asked with his hands in his pockets. I looked over to Lily quickly to see her reaction. She was beaming in a way that made me think she approved more than I wanted her to. Marlene on the other hand looked rather stunned. Of course she did, competition was a foreign idea to someone like her. 

“Er—sure.” I said, moving away from my friends and over to the drink table. On the way I shot a look in Anastasia’s direction. Was she putting him up to this? It didn’t seem so. She was laughing with Lara Jenkins and a few other of her annoying friends. I looked up to tall bloke Seth but quickly looked down when he caught my eye. 


“How did you know my name?” I asked him. 


“I know your family.” He said with a shrug of his shoulders. I felt my stomach give a flop and waited for him to go on, but he didn’t. So instead I continued.


“How do you know my family?” 


He sighed and handed me a drink. I took a small sip and stared at him. “You really don’t know who I am, do you?”


I blushed again. “Should I?”


He laughed a little and shook his head. “I dunno, I remember you. We went to the same support group meetings for three years. You’re the girl who always says something really sarcastic when you’re forced to share with the leader. You’re practically hated by everyone who goes, no offence.” 


This time my stomach really dropped. I took a long sip of my drink and thought of an appropriate response. I now remembered him. “Seth Andrews.” I finally said, putting it together. My worst fears were confirmed when he nodded. I remembered him from Anastasia’s support group meetings, not from school. His older brother had Lutador De Sangue. He was in the same group. I hadn’t been to a meeting in ages, but I guess my big sodding mouth stuck in his mind. Shit. This was worse than I thought it could have been. No wonder Anastasia looked so uncomfortable earlier. She was afraid he was going to go and ruin her life. 


“Hey, listen,” I told him as I got closer so we couldn’t be overheard. “I don’t know about you, but I’m not into the whole pity party thing. So if you came over for that, I’m sorry. I think I made that clear at the stupid meetings. I don’t want to talk about the disease or my feelings about it.” 


“I know.” He said. 


“Well, then why did you come over?” I was starting to get irritated. This was mixing my home life with my school life, and I never did that if I could help it. 


“Jay died in August.” He muttered. 


Shit. Shit shit shit. “Oh, I’m really sorry.” 


“Yeah.” He paused and I wondered if I could leave now. Right before I decided yes he continued. “Your sisters in denial you know.” 


“Excuse me?” 


“She’s in denial. She’s still looking for a treatment isn’t she? Well, that’s all a scam I think. At this point she should start really living, traveling and doing stuff that she likes to do. Jay never got the chance to do a lot that he wanted to do.” 


“Alright, c’mon.” I said in an angry voice. I grabbed Seth by the arm rather violently and started to drag him out of the common room. I heard Lily cautiously call my name but I ignored her. No way in hell was I having his conversation in the middle of the sodding Gryffindor common room. The nerve of some people. Once we were out I let go of his arm and marched to the nearest broom closet. I grabbed him again and threw him inside, slamming the door behind me. “What the hell is your problem?!” I hissed. “Who do you think you are?”


“You don’t understand, I’m just trying to help—”




“No, you don’t understand!” He shouted this time. I shut up. “Listen, you and I aren’t that different. Would you just hear me out?”


“I don’t even know you!” I shouted back. 


He laughed. “Oh, yes you do. I’m a lot like you. I hate my family, I don’t get on well with my friends, I wish time would just stop every once in a while. The only real difference is that you still have your sister. By brother’s gone. Pretty soon we’ll be exactly the same. Lost.” 


“Why are you saying this?” I stomped my foot. “What would make you think I want to hear this?” 


“I didn’t want to hear it either.” He said in a quiet voice this time. “I didn’t have anyone to warn me. Not that many people have LDS, do they? So no one told me the truth of it. So when the end came all I had was shock.”


“Anastasia’s going to get the cure.” I said in a positive voice.


He just shook his head. “That’s what I thought about Jay. Listen Bridget, there is no cure. If there was they would’ve found it by now. I’m trying to help you out before it’s too late for you too.”


“Shut up. “ I crossed my arms around my chest and inhaled deeply. I couldn’t look at him. I couldn’t think about this. “Please don’t ever talk to me again.” 


And then I bolted. I opened the broom cupboard door and started to speed walk out of there. I couldn’t deal with this sort of thing. Why would he tell me that? Why would he try to strip me of my hope? What kind of person would be so cruel? In the back of my head, I thought “me”. But I didn’t allow myself to think on that. All I knew right now was that I would never talk to Seth Andrews again if I could help it. 


“…And then I fell into the mud. Isn’t that awesome mate? It was the sticky kind of mud too, not the hard kind. You know what I mean?” 


“Er—sure Prongs, I get it. Wait—Daniels?” 


I ignored Black and walked faster than I had been before. 


“No way. It was you I saw coming out of that broom cupboard?” 


“It wasn’t like that.” I heard Seth say.


Well fuck. 


“Who the hell are you?” Black asked him. I groaned, deciding it was time to turn around. Either that or Seth might decide to spill my sisters deepest secret to my enemy. That was never good. 


“He’s nobody.” I said in a small voice before turning to Seth. “Please, leave.” 


He stared at me for another few seconds before looking down and placing his hands in his pockets again. He was right, he looked so lost. He nodded to me and turned around silently to walk in the opposite direction to the Ravenclaw commons. I took in a deep breath and put a hand to my head. I couldn’t’ even think right now. 


“Did you just say please?” Black said in an astounded voice. I looked up at him sharply. “What? I’ve never heard you say the word before. This is a big moment, Bridget’s first time saying please. You must really like him. I didn’t think it was in your vocabulary.” 


“When are you in the mood.” He grumbled. “Even after a snog you’re still the same.” 


I turned sharply again. “We didn’t snog, do you hear me?” I pointed a finger at his chest. Both James and Black looked surprised. “I would never snog him!” 


“Nice to know you’re passionate about something…” He muttered more to Potter than to me. I made a strangling noise but decided not to act upon my instincts. I was too tired. 


Instead of going back to the common room I turned left. I couldn’t deal with Lily’s questions or Marlene’s denial right now. Also, I didn’t think that I could look at Black without wanting him dead. He was right that I didn’t understand what it was to really hate my family, but he didn’t understand so much more about life. He thought that I had it easy. I was a spoiled rich kid to him, but in reality he just didn’t get it. He didn’t understand how it felt to wake up every morning in the summer and know that your mum would probably cry at least twice during the day. He didn’t understand how it felt to go to stupid support meetings and talk about my feelings towards a disease I didn’t want to acknowledge. He didn’t understand the responsibility that came along with being the brave one who never broke down. He didn’t understand any of it. And although I hated him sometimes, I would never wish such understanding upon anyone. No one deserves that sort of life, wasn’t given anyways, and it’s just the way things were. We lived with fear that things wouldn’t get better, but we also lived with hope that they would. And that was why I couldn’t listen to Seth Andrews. Because if I gave up on hope I’d be giving up on everything. 






Dramatic chapter! It was also pretty long, which I hope you guys like! We had the first Quidditch match which is kind of a biggie, then we met Seth! He's not a huge part in this story, but he'll come back later on. So don't forget him! Did you like Marlene's crazy side? I promise you that she won't be like this for the entire story...just on special occasions:) Dorcas will pop up from time to time. And don't forget about Alice! She hasn't been in the past few chapters but she's still here. Please review if you can, and favorite parts are the best! I read and answer all reviews!

Love, Izzy



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