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Task One Challenge: Dragon 101 by Ashling586
Chapter 1 : Dragon 101
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A/N: I do not own or take credit for the wonderful Harry Potter characters. All credit must go to the Amazing JK Rowling. I only take credit for the changes and creative ideas that I have come up with.

Task one Challenge: Dragon 101

House cup competition 2012


Neville sat at the old oak desk at the front of the Defense against the Dark Arts classroom wondering how he had gotten himself into this situation and wishing he was back in his green house.

He had planned to use this time to get the mandrakes ready for tomorrow’s classes, and instead he was here covering Professor Blackthorn’s last afternoon class of 4th years.

Unfortunately for Blackthorn, Peeves had decided to make him the object of his afternoon pranks. Just as Blackthorn was coming down the Great Hall stairs towards his classroom Peeves decided to drop a bucket full of green glop right on top of his head. Losing his balance, Blackthorn tripped down the stairs and broke his left leg.

Although Madam Promfrey had assured them that she could fix his leg, it was going to be about two hours before he was up and about again, which would leave his class without a teacher.  Unfortunately for Neville he had the class period free and knew a bit about the subject that Blackthorn was going over with the class, so he was asked to fill in.

Unable to say no to Headmistress McGonagall, he had reluctantly agreed. He was a Herbology instructor what good was he at filling in for Defense against the Dart Arts.

Taking a deep breath, Neville shook off his gloomy thoughts and pulled himself together. He was a war hero, he was a Hogwarts teacher, and that meant he could do this. I just have to treat this class the same way I would in my Herbology classes.

Looking around the room, Neville noted that the room was quite bare of anything that could be associated with Blackthorn. The only personal items that Blackthorn kept here in the classroom was a sneak-o-scope, a foe-glass, and a secrecy sensor that he kept on the left hand side of the oak desk.

It reminded him of when in his fourth year at Hogwarts the Moody imposter had littered both the classroom and his office with dark art detectors. That year sure had been exciting and frightening.

The sound of laughter drew Neville’s attention to the classroom door. The fourth year Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw students were filing in. He grinned at the puzzled looks the students were giving him as they realized that Blackthorn was not there.

Picking up his 13’ inflexible Mahogany phoenix feather wand from the top of the desk Neville stood up to greet the class. Although his wand was great for defensive spells, which would come in handy for this class, today's lesson didn't require the use of his wand so he placed it inside his pocket before addressing the class.

“Due to a small accident, of which he shall be recovering quickly, Professor Blackthorn has asked me to take over for this class. He has informed me that you all have been discussing Dragons and the defense against them. Who can tell me five breeds of dragons?”

A small blonde haired Hufflepuff girl raised her hand. Neville nodded his head at her to indicate that she should answer.

In a small squeaky voice, “Chinese Fireball, Common Welsh Green, Norwegian Ridgeback, Ukrainian Ironbelly, and…” she paused a moment before continuing, “Hungarian Horntail.”

“Very good, Smith, 20 points to Hufflepuff. Who can tell me one way in which dragon handler’s deal with dragons?” Neville walked down the aisle of desks.

“They can use a sleeping draught to put the dragon to sleep.” A chubby black haired freckled Ravenclaw boy, James Calhoun, answered from the back of the room.

“Correct, 5 points to Ravenclaw.”  Neville had always felt that by giving out plenty of positive feedback and rewarding correct answers prompted the students to participate more in class. “Now, who can tell me why some wizards are known to hunt dragons?”

Neville pointed to the tall dark skinned Hufflepuff boy at the front of the class named Zackary Bane.

“They hunt dragons in order to harvest and use the different body parts from it for their magical uses.”

“Can you name some of the magical materials that wizards use from dragons, Mr. Bane?” Neville moved back towards the front of the room. He had never been very good at just standing still in front of a classroom. When working with the students in the green houses he had gotten into the habit of walking among the students to check on their work.

“Dragon dung is for fertilizer, dragon Heart strings are used in wands, powdered dragon horn is used is a variety of different potions, and their hides are used in clothing.”

“Very good, 15 points for Hufflepuff. Which unforgiveable curse can dragon hide cloak’s reduce the effects of for the wearer?” Neville pointed to a red haired freckled Ravenclaw girl on the opposite side of the room by the window.

“The crucio spell…?” she replied unsure of her answer.

“Correct, Miss Jones, 5 points. For five more points, Can you tell me one more magical material that is taken from dragons?”

She took a moment to think about the answer before speaking. “Dragon’s blood.”

“Correct. Considering the fact that Professor Blackthorn mentioned that your homework assignment that is due tomorrow was on the uses of Dragon’s blood. Whoever can tell me five uses of dragon’s blood I will reward them with 15 points and I will let the whole class leave early to go work on those papers.”

Neville smiled at the class. He knew that only half the class would actually go work on their papers, but by letting them leave early it would give him time to get some work done in the green house before dinner. It was a win win situation for him.

A slim brunette young girl on the far left side of the room raised her hand.

“Yes Miss Lawson.”

“Dragon’s blood can be used to promote healing, stop bleeding, reduce swelling, cure magically induced blindness, and can be mixed into a potion to increase bravery.”

“Very good, 15 points to Ravenclaw, and with that you all are free to go. Don’t forget to finish the foot long paper on the 12 uses of dragon’s blood that is due tomorrow, and make sure to study Professor Blackthorn will be giving out a test tomorrow.”

Neville stood by the oak desk at the front of the classroom and watched the students leave the room. Over all he felt pretty good about the lesson.

Guess I can teach more than just Herbology.



A/n: Prompts used

Features your house champion

mention 4 types of dragons

mention 1 unforgiveable curse

mention a sleeping draught

mention 5 of the 12 uses for dragons blood

mentions your house champions wand

mentions 2 types of dark detectors





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