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Drowning Down Under by AussieLottie
Chapter 24 : Chapter 24: Letters
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A/N: I'm baaaack :D With another Chapter, FINALLY!! It's school Holidays at long last and I am hoping to get back into the writing zone! :P I have days to fill and I am sure that my story would love to be finished. Hope you guys enjoy the update. Do R/R!! I only own the plot and my own characters. All other rights go to J.K. Rowling. This Chapter was Beta'd by anythingbutmuggle (Check out her Dramione story!!) Enjoy!


I lost track of time after this, days went by without any real meaning, I still took notes in class, studied for tests, did my homework and continued with steady grades. To those who didn’t know me, nothing would have appeared amiss. Ginny had been horrified when I had finally calmed down enough to tell her what had happened. She had sent Ron a howler and written to Molly, she even sent Harry home early. I had been chuffed that she had chosen me over Harry but even that feeling slid away from me, then I went into a downward spiral of depression, I was lonely and upset. Draco would blatantly ignore me and even dropped his Quidditch seating idea so as to stop all of our private meetings. I was no longer hungry and lacked the enthusiasm to do anything that wasn’t essential. I was in the great hall 2 weeks before the Christmas Holiday’s were due to start when I received an owl. I glanced at the letter in my hands in surprise. Who would owl me? I turned the letter over and began to shakingly open the letter. I paused as I realised who the letter was from, Molly.


Dearest Hermione,

I am absolutely disgusted with the behavior Ronald displayed towards you. I had expected much better from him. I only hope that you do not harbor any ill feelings towards Ginny or myself. I hope that you will be joining my family for Christmas this year, it has become something of a tradition. If you would like, I would be happy to accommodate Draco as well.

Lots of Love!

Molly, xx


I stared at the letter in disbelief before the tears started. I stood up from the table and ran from the Great Hall. I heard echoing footsteps and turned to see Ginny rushing to keep up, I continued until I was in the bathroom before stopping. Ginny put her hand on my shoulder comfortingly. I handed her the letter wordlessly. As her eyes skimmed over the page, she grimaced.


“I haven’t had a chance to tell Mum that you and Malfoy broke up.”

I scoffed in response.

“Are you going to come?”

I frowned

“Please.. I really want my girl friend there..”

“I can’t.” I finally said.

“Is this because of Ron? Because I swear I am gong to murder him when I see him and then I’ll-“

“-I’m not coming because I hate him.”

“You don’t HATE him.. You just-“

“-Hate him.” I finished.

“You didn’t say before.. Hell Hermione, this is the most you’ve said to me in weeks.. You need to cheer up. If you won’t come to the burrow.. Go home.”

“I can’t do that either!” I said tearfully.

“What? Why?”

“Then I have to explain to my Parents why I am depressed.. I just can’t face anyone. Everyone knows me too well. I need to be on my own.”

“Alone? But not for Christmas!” She said shocked.

“ESPECIALLY for Christmas. I can not face Ronald.. I told him I hated him.. That I never wanted to see him again, I can’t just spend Christmas at your house.. I can’t do it! I am going to stay at Hogwarts for the break.. Who knows.. It might make me feel better.. I just.. I need to be by myself.”

Ginny stared at me in disbelief, she shook her head at first but slowly stopped. “If this is going to make you feel better, and more like your old self.. Then I agree. Do it. Get better. Okay?”

I nodded sniffling. I turned to her and caught a glance of myself in a mirror and groaned in frustration, “MY EYES!”

“Oh calm down Hermione!” She pointed her wand at my face and I felt a flash of coolness. A look in the mirror confirmed my thoughts. I no longer looked like a wreck.

“Lets go to class then Hermione.” Ginny smiled, grabbing hold of my arm and marching me off.



I woke up from an amazing dream in which Hermione and I were still together, I groaned in pleasure as I woke up, if only.. I felt a weight on my body and opened an eye, there was a body, a girls body atop of mine..


“BLOODY HELL PANSY! NOT AGAIN!” I yelled in anger, pushing her off.

“You didn’t seem to mind, you were enjoying it..” She purred as she collected herself.

“I thought you said you wouldn’t sneak in here again.. You promised.” I growled

“Now now, darling.. Narcissa and Lucius want us to get married so you might as well get used to having me in your bed..” She giggled

“What the HELL are you on about?” I roared.

She held out a letter, I flicked on my light and snatched the letter from her, it was addressed to me.. “YOU READ MY MAIL!?” I screamed in irritation.

“It was just sitting there.. BEGGING to be read.. I mean come on! You would do the same Draco,” She smiled.

I shot her a glare and read the letter.


Darling Draco,

How are you dear? Well, I certainly hope. Your Father and I have been talking and we have a proposition for you. Astoria Greengrass or Pansy Parkinson. You need to get married, our family is already being held questionable about a number of things in the war and you getting married will certainly take the spotlight off of us. This is an essential sacrifice you have to make for the well being of your father and I. I know that you will not approve of the suddenness of the situation but it has to happen. Therefore I ask you, who would you rather marry? Astoria or Pansy? I expect your reply promptly. You will bring your choice home with you over the Christmas break. You know who your Father and I would prefer, but again this is your choice, it is up to you.


Your Mother,



“SEE I TOLD YOU!” Pansy’s whiny voice cut in.

“Get out Pansy or I will hurt you.” I growled threateningly.

“Hmmpf!” She huffed.

“GET OUT OR FOR THE LOVE OF MERLIN I WILL KILL YOU!” Screamed Blaise through his closed curtains.

Yells of agreement and threats echoed through the dormitory from my room mates.

Pansy got up and sticking her nose in the air, stomped from the room. I glanced at my watch and groaned. It was 3.In.The.Bloody.Morning. I rolled over and pulled my curtains shut. Thoughts of hatred for my parents flashed through my head, how selfish of them, how cruel of them. Putting pressure on me to marry. Did I have no freedom? There was one thing I knew for certain that I would NOT do.. I was not returning home for the Christmas break. My letter explaining who I would choose could get lost too. With a loud, pondering sigh, I finally fell into the clutches of sleep.



A/N: Worth the wait? Like it, hate it? R/R and make me happy? :P 

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Drowning Down Under: Chapter 24: Letters


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