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One Night Can Change A Lot by aniipeziins
Chapter 2 : Unconditionally and Irreversibly Married
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 (A/N: Draco<3Mione, Cheshirecat23, granger_, AppreciativeReader Thanks for not deserting me and the story once again & Dr Malfoy. Thank you so much for the review means a lot and gives me the strength to continue... another chapter up you guys, hope it's as entertaining  as the 1st and you end up loving it too. Please Do Read and Review, Love Aniiz. )


‘I shouldn’t be saying this, but it’s not like Malfoy will be faithful to you, so you might erh…get a lover something. You never heard this from me and don’t mention it to Ginny.’

Hermione burst out laughing it then reduced to giggles, Harry was happy she was laughing, the tears were eating at him, he just hated seeing her cry.

‘Why Harry were you ever thinking of doing that to Ginny.’

‘NO! Of course not, I am no Ron.’

‘That I know you aren’t, thanks a lot, I will put your advice to mind, and not tell Ginny were I got the advice from, and also I love you.’

‘Thanks Love you to, but you better get going I remember you telling me earlier you have a dinner to attend with your new family.’

Hermione picked up a cushion and threw it at him, before getting up, hugging him and then walking to his fireplace to go home.

The Dinner

 Hermione arrived outside the manor gates exactly five minutes before seven, the manor looked grand and so huge, someday this was going to be her home, the thought made her shiver as her mind flashed back to the last time she had been at the manor and the torture she had been through, her mind drifts to more comfortable thoughts like she never had to work or fear about going bankruptcy. She was greeted by an house elf, typical Malfoy’s can’t greet their guest by being at the door, she was surprised more or less to see the elf dressed in clean pillowcases and looked well kempt and clean, the elf nervously introduced itself, that how she knew it was female


‘Mrs Malfoy, good evening I am Serfy, may I collect your coat?’


‘Erh…there you go, thank you. Can you show me the way to Mr Malfoy, erh…my husband?’

‘Follow me.’

She felt so small, lost and tiny in the huge manor, her thoughts flashed back once again to the last time she had been here, where she had been crucioued to a point she felt her soul leaving her body, she shuddered and hugged her body, feeling cold all of a sudden as she silently followed Serfy, who led her down a long hall wall full of whispering pictures, up some flights of a grand staircase before coming to a floor and walking down the passage to a large door, Serfy knocked on the door, she heard a voice say ‘Enter’ from within the door, she turned to Serfy and then said


‘You may go now, thank you.’


  She then entered, Draco bedroom, was huge, a little bigger than hers, she couldn’t see him, but she could hear movement coming from an open door, she moved closer to it, and entered the room, to see Draco only wearing, a well-tailored and fitted black trouser, he was shirtless and was about to put on his shirt, when he noticed her looking at him, he snarled at her


‘Don’t you know the meaning of privacy I’m getting dressed, and you are early you have a minute left to arrive.’


‘Privacy…I thought we were married, and that means I am privileged to see any part of your body at my will, I like being prompt…this is my home though.’


He ignored her remark and put his shirt on and went on with putting his cuffs into place and wearing his blazer, he conjured a rose with his wand and gave it to Hermione, before giving her his arm, when she placed it within his, he apparated, taking her by surprised and on their landing she stumbled a little in her six inches heels, now she was wearing, a tight fitted but still loose shoulder sleeve black gown, which had a slit at the side that went all the way up revealing a little of her lap and the upper part giving her cleavage a little push showing just a little, but good enough. Draco looked at her


‘If you don’t know how to wear one, don’t wear the shoes, I don’t understand how you can stand on those stick things.’


‘We go through all this pain for you guys, but what do we get in return, insults.’


She hissed back at him, she tried forcing herself from his arm but he tugged her back, and placed his hand on her waist holding her firmly to his side, his mother and father came out now, he leaned into her ear, and whispered to her, while to his parent it looked like a loving gesture


‘Act like we are in love, and do not call me Malfoy, ferret or any other nicknames you have christened me, as I shall call you ‘Hermione.’


With that he turned and faced his parents, he went over to his mother and hugged her, and then said 


‘Mother my love, you aren’t the only Mrs Malfoy around anymore…I present to you my wife Hermione Malfoy.’


Upon calling her name and feeling weird hearing Malfoy instead of Granger she stepped forward and smiled at Narcissa Malfoy, who looked her up and down before she smiled at her, Hermione glanced at Lucius who looked like he had other places to be but here, Narcissa looked at him, but since he didn’t notice she elbowed him hard in his side, he squealed in pain but caught himself then looked at Hermione and then said


‘Welcome to the family.’


Before looking at Narcissa as if to say are you happy now, Hermione smiled at this display, she looked at Malfoy, who looked at her as if to say you will never have that power over me, she smiled even more, both knowing the smile meant she was telling him to wait and see. Narcissa looked at her family and then said to them


‘Shall we enter now and proceed for dinner? Where we will get better acquainted.’


They couples entered the dining hall and sat down on the table arranged for four, Hermione sat between Draco and Narcissa in a haste not to end up beside Lucius. Once settled down, house elves, started to come in in groups with different courses of food, serving everyone, Narcissa started the conversation


‘So how come we didn’t know both of you were dating? Last we know Draco was with Astoria and you Ronald Weasley.’


Draco spoke up not letting Hermione talk


‘Mother you don’t like Astoria, neither did I, she drove me to start talking to Hermione, and chemistry developed but we ignored it, and took comfort in each other as friends, knowing we cared for each.’


‘I never knew you were good enough to care for someone apart from yourself.’


Hermione snickered at a corner at Lucius remark, but hide her mouth with her hand, turning it into a cough, when Draco scowled at her. Narcissa ignored her husband and then said to Hermione.


‘Where did you both meet?’


‘In school.’


‘Not that, how did you two start dating? it’s just weird for a Malfoy dating a muggle. No offence meant.’


‘None taken, I know it is weird. At the Harry Potter centre opening Gala, we had an argument and it went from us meeting up more often in private…and on Friday it was a spurn of the moment thing for us to marry each other, and we did, I’m sorry we were both half drunk at that moment so we did not have a grand wedding, which I regretted the next day as soon as I woke up.’


Narcissa smiled now, Draco could see his mother’s brain tinkling away as she had a major thing about to come out of her mouth.


‘Let’s make it formal, have a wedding here in the manor? I would love to do that; it would give me something to do.’


She looked so excited, and was infecting Hermione too, she may be able to have the dream wedding after all, Hermione said at the same time with Draco.




‘Absolutely not.’


Both women turned to look at him, with serious faces, daring him to try them both, Draco gulped visibly, and rephrased his choice of wordings.


‘I meant Absolutely, it was Not good that we just got married without it being a day of our life that we can remember, cause of how it happened.’


Both woman smiled secretly at each other, the power of women. They started discussing marriage, Lucius then said to Draco, when he knew the two women won’t hear him


‘Well, son welcome to my world, where Women will make you putty in their hands, if you don’t abide to their will. Now I get to laugh at you too.’


Draco held a straight face wanting to say something back to his father but restrained his self, although he badly wanted to wipe the stupid smirk off his father’s face. Lucius just looked on contentedly.


Narcissa then said, to everyone, startling the men from their stare down as usual, they both turned to her even Hermione didn’t seem to know what she was about to say.


‘Draco I thought, I taught you well, how could you forget… a Malfoy for the matter, what are people meant to think? Why haven’t you gone for your Honeymoon? Don’t tell me you aren’t going anywhere. That is utterly nonsense.’


Hermione and Draco looked at each other, Hermione was panicking, but as usual Draco had a lie off his sleeves very smoothly


‘Well now mother you just destroyed my gift to her for her birthday next week, anyway you have a wedding planned so won’t it be better if we have the proper wedding before going for the honeymoon, celebrate it with our friends and family.’


Narcissa saw this as a reasonable excuse, but said to Hermione 


‘Sorry for ruining your surprise, your mother and father are going to come right, I would love to meet them, I mean they should be devastated not to witness their daughter’s marriage.’


Hermione was silent and didn’t say anything, Draco cursed inwardly and then, said to his mother quietly


‘Mother, she lost her family in a fire.’


‘Oh, I’m so sorry Hermione.’


Was all Narcissa could say, looking down at her food, even Lucius looked away get uncomfortable all of a sudden, Draco turned to her, she had still not said anything and she was looking down at her plate, when his hand touched her shoulder, she looked up at him, and he could see from the corner that unshed tears were gathering in her eye


‘Don’t worry, we are your family now, we can’t replace them entirely, but you belong here now.’


She nodded without looking up and asked to be excused from the table to go to the bathroom, Serfy appeared out of thin air to show her the way, and she left the original Malfoy’s in the dinning to an awkward silence, now Lucius turned on Draco.


‘Why didn’t you warn us, her parents, died in a fire? How dumb could you get?’


‘Sorry, but I thought you read the newspaper?’


‘Enough. I feel so guilty, what a thing to say, I should go and meet her. She has been through so much, I wonder how she manage to sit in this manor, after the torture she went through here, so comfortably and forgive us for all our wrong doings.’


Lucius went to his wife side to comfort her, as he could see she was tearing herself into pieces, ever since the war ended she had tried to be nice and a different person entirely cheerful more like, since she owed it to Hermione, Harry and Ron for her son still being alive now. Draco then said to her


‘Don’t worry, I will go to her, I’m her husband after all, mother don’t berate yourself to much, it’s just the thought of her parents not being there for her marriage that is eating her, she has come to the face the fact her parents her dead. I should stop talking now, and going to her.’ 


Draco went to the bathroom door, where Serfy had led her to, he then knocked on the door softly and then said


‘I know you don’t expect me to act this way, but are you alright? Let me in, you don’t have to be alone.’


He heard her move inside, but she didn’t say anything. He sighed and then used his wand to unlock the door




When he entered he saw her standing beside the mirror, heads bowed down, and her shoulder shaking and making her body shake to, he moved towards her slowly, and when he was in close range to her, he put his hand on her shoulders, turned her to face him, pulled her closer to him, and put her head on his shoulder, while he held her body to him, his hand resting on her back, rubbing it up and down in a soothing gesture, as she cried.


Hermione was shocked when she felt hands on her shoulder, then Draco putting her in his arms, and letting her cry on his shoulder, who was he, she wasn’t used to seeing a nice Draco at all, trying to comfort her, she pulled out of his arm cleaning her tears, she then turned her back on Draco. Draco was surprised at the feeling of hurt he felt by her actions, but she turned to give him a small appreciative smile, she then motioned with her head for both of them to go back.


Narcissa was a proud mother, when she saw Draco and Hermione come back, Hermione looking happy and Draco relieved, tears marks was on his blazer, she had thought him well, now she was not worried that their marriage would lead to destroy both of them. When they were all settled Serfy came in to announce the arrival of a guest…and guess who the person was, of course we all know, no other than Ms Astoria Greengrass.


‘Why you all forgot me, now didn’t you? But don’t worry I am here now.’


Draco groaned out loud, Narcissa gave her a cold glare, while Lucius scoffed loudly, only Hermione smiled at her to the rest of the Malfoy’s dismay, Astoria smiled at Hermione and then said.


‘Hey, Hermione…how come you forgot to tell me you had dinner at the Malfoy’s.’


‘I didn’t tell you because you weren’t invited, it is a formal dinner between the Malfoy’s only.’


Draco, Narcissa and Lucius all smirked, Lucius and Narcissa more so because they didn’t know Hermione had such a backbone, Astoria smile faltered a little but she held it in place and then said.


‘Oh sorry then, but I am here now.’


Now Draco spoke up


‘Astoria you weren’t invited here, that’s your ticket to leave, pathetic of you making friends with Hermione, a very weak attempt at getting back at me, I can read Hermione like water, remember I am gifted with Occulmency.’


Hermione upon hearing that turned to Draco and said to him, which started their own conversation


‘How dare you?’


‘Stop feeling betrayed, it wasn’t like you were going to carry out her plans and also, I can read her mind to, her intentions are worse than you think.’


‘Care to explain, because I feel like skinny your behind, for reading me, without my permission you ferret.’


Draco gave her a warning look, he had specially told her not to call him a ferret. Both Narcissa and Lucius watched the exchange, clearly entertained, they both thought finally Draco had met his match someone who wasn’t scared to defy him or scared of him, she had just called him a ferret which made both of them exchange looks before smiling in amusement at each other, Astoria was becoming pale as she knew Draco was about to reveal her secret.


‘Our marriage can never be tarnished, and can be only be tarnished in one way, which is by death, only if one of us is dead can the other choose to marry another person.’


Hermione turned to look at Astoria with rage in her eyes, Astoria started to back away, but Lucius had slyly casted an immobility spell on her to stop her from running away, apart from that she could move, Hermione demanded at Astoria.


‘Is what his saying true? You want to kill me? Well let me see you try it, or come within 15 millimetres of my range, I would personally make your life hellish.’


She then laughed not one that would make you scared she had gone mental but a normal one, Astoria was frightened the threat had a lasting effect and everyone could hear that she meant what she said in her wordings, she said to Astoria


‘You may go now, since you aren’t wanted here anyway. Draco, do not smile because I haven’t started with you yet.’


Narcissa and Lucius kept giving themselves secret glances deriving too much pleasure from the exchange that was going on between the younger generation of Malfoy’s, Draco gave them a cold stare, which made them laugh,Lucius released Astoria who left as fast and stylishly as she could. Draco trying to make amends with Hermione, he could still remember the slap he had gotten from her in their third year.


‘I have good news for you.’


‘NO good news will get you off the hook.’


Narcissa and Lucius got up to leave, having taken enough in and wanting to leave Draco in the hands of his hot fire breathing wife with no mercy.


‘Why see you both tomorrow, Hermione do please stay the night. Goodnight.’


Was all Narcissa said to them, while Lucius nodded a twinkle in his eyes, Hermione smiled at them, as they left, Draco tried again in a weak attempt


‘You are moving into the Manor after our Honeymoon.’


‘That’s meant to be good news?’




‘Not good enough.’


She moved closer to him, standing over his sitting form, looking menacingly down at him, she brought out her wand and was ready to cast a spell on him when he said


‘If not for me, you won’t have known Astoria was planning to kill you in order to get to me.’


She stopped and thought of what he said then stood up straight a smug look on her face as she said to him.


‘Fair enough, I told you I would make you do anything for me by just looking at you.’


She smirked as he groaned he then said to her


‘No one will believe you weren’t born a natural Malfoy, you are just so cunning and evil.’


As soon as the words came out of his mouth, he started to make sounds, Hermione smiled at him, she had silently cast a spell making his tongue stick to the upper part of his mouth, she then said to him.


‘Draco dear, can you lead the way to your room?’




‘What? I don’t understand what you’re saying.’


‘You better run, because if I get you it’s not going to be funny.’


Hermione squealed upon hearing him talk normally, and turned to see him holding his wand out and he was smirking now, she ran as fast as her legs could carry her in her heels, ducking as she saw the lights of the spells being cast her way. She forgot to dock and one hit her, she continued running until she caught a glimpse of herself in one of the many glasses in the manor and stopped, she had green skin and her hair was a hideous purple colour, her nose was as big as a tomato and redder than the poisonous red apple Cinderella had eaten. She screamed and turned to look at Malfoy who was admiring his handy work, he flinched at her scream, which left him unprepared for her next attack of spells on him.


He looked at himself in the glass, and saw he was fat and looked like an overblown balloon, plus his perfect face had…is that pimples.


Hermione smirked now, so that’s how the battle of the wands started among them, both screaming and annoyed with each other, until Narcissa came down and bellowed at them


‘This is a manor for Merlin’s sakes it’s huge and can accommodate more than a hundred people, yet we can still hear your childish plays, enough is enough, Draco take her to your room, and when I say you two look Ridiculous you do, for disturbing my sleep time with Lucius, you both will look like this from now till Two o’clock tomorrow’s afternoon and it’s irreversible, so don’t think you’re smart both of you.’


Draco wailed


‘Mother, we aren’t children anymore.’


‘I will believe it when you do not act like one, please go to your room, and refrain from screaming.’


As soon as she was out of sight Draco turned to Hermione and said


‘This is your fault.’


Before he started to laugh taking a full look at her, she now had, in addition to her green body and purple hair, cat whiskers and a tail that was bright yellow in colour, she looked like a clown. She said to him, in order for him to shut him up, while she laughed at him.


‘At least I am not fat with pus filled pimples all over my face with no hair at all on my head, and black spots all over my body.’


Together feeling sour they made their way to Draco’s room, Hermione made her way to the bed and he stopped her.


‘You aren’t sleeping there.’


‘Where do you suppose I sleep then?’


‘On the floor.’


‘I will not sleep on the floor, you sleep on it, I am sleeping on the bed whether you like it or not.’


‘Suit yourself, because I will also sleep on the bed.’


‘Fine, it not as if I want to sleep beside you anyways.’


‘Trust me, you actually want to, but you will not enjoy yourself I promise.’


‘Neither would you. I need a change of clothes and I need to shower.’


He went into his closet room and came back, with a big plain black top and a pair of black boxers and a big fluffy looking towel, before showing her which door was his bathroom, she went into it and stayed there till close to an hour, his bathroom was as grand as everywhere else in the house, when she came out, he entered the bathroom, she didn’t know how long he stayed there because as soon has her purple head touched the pillow, she was already on her way to dreamland.


When Draco came out and saw she was asleep he frowned to himself, slightly vexed at the fact that he was around ball and bathing himself had been utterly disgusting, he couldn’t even see his body well, he thought of adding more to her calamity but when he looked at her peaceful looking green face, he let it go and went to his own side of the bed to sleep, the bed sunk upon his laying down, making him curse the sleeping beauty beside him. 


Lucius had a laughing fit the next morning at breakfast, Narcissa had a hard time also keeping her smile off her face, while Draco and Hermione ate silently scowling at their parents (yes Hermione’s parent now, parent’s by marriage.) Hermione got up as soon as she finished eating and went to the bathroom to have a final look at her clownish self, her hair was still purple, her body green her nose tomato sized and red, no matter what she did her yellow tail kept on popping out, in dismay she cried out for Serfy who took one look at her and thought, how she looked was why she wailed and in a click of Serfy fingers she was back to normal, Hermione looked at the mirror in shock and then looked at Serfy, she hugged the surprised creature, pecking it, Serfy turned red, not used to this much affection, Hermione then said to Serfy.


‘Please do not tell anyone about this, or help Mr Malfoy my husband without my consent.’


‘Yes ma’am, is that why you called me?’


‘No, I wanted you to help me go home and get a decent pair of outfit for me to wear to my work place.’




With that Serfy disappeared, Hermione exited the Bathroom and went back to the dinning, still in her night clothes, Narcissa face almost fell off, Draco jumped up and attacked her and his mother


‘Mother how could you? You said it was irreversible…Hermione please help me…I beg of you, don’t let me suffer like this, I mean you do not want your husband to look like this.’


Lucius was enjoying himself, Narcissa still hadn’t said anything in a state of shock, Hermione smiled satisfied, before going back to the room, when she was dressed and ready to go to work, she asked Serfy to lead her to the Malfoy’s, they were in a study conversing, Narcissa and Lucius had bathed and looked clean and fresh while Draco on the other hand still looked bed ruffled, Narcissa spoke to her first


‘How did you do it? And where are you going, dressed like that?’


‘I am going to work, I own my own library, bookshop and café and it’s called DaVita.’


Narcissa looked at Hermione in shock and then said to her quite surprised


‘You own DaVita? I have always wanted to meet the owner, I love spending my time in there, oh my goodness, now you are my daughter.’


‘Oh mother don’t start I already have a feeling, you prefer Hermione to me now, the daughter you never had…you see why I picked her she is independent, a successful business woman who runs her own empire of bookstores and café round the nation, she doesn’t even need the Malfoy money…she is dependent on no one but herself. So Hermione mi’love turn me back, you are the brightest witch of our age to be able to make an irreversible spell reversible.’


Hermione smiled as if she was faltered and pretended to think it over, she then said quietly so no one would hear her, but she knew Serfy would


‘Serfy, change him back to normal now.’


  Within a blink of the eye Draco was back to normal, he smiled at Hermione, before rushing to her and hugging her, he then kissed her on the lips, surprising both of them, Hermione then said in a haste to get out of the manor and from Draco


‘It was lovely staying over, see you later, I am going to work, Draco later.’


She tried to apparate but couldn’t, she turned to the Malfoy’s irritated, they smirked at her she then said to them in an irritated snap


‘What now? Why can’t I apparate?’

‘Only people who live in here can apparate in it, It was fun having you over young Mrs Malfoy.;

Hermione was shocked that Lucius had spoken to her nicely, so was Draco who she heard muttering

‘She spends one day here and she has my mother falling for her and unbelievably my father.’

 Hermione smiled at her accomplishment, before walking all the way to the door and out of the gates before she could apparate to her office, she couldn’t walk there she was in the middle of nowhere, although the Malfoy estate looked green and grand.




The re-make wedding was grand and everything Hermione dreamed of, Harry and Ginny where invited, along with some of their other school friends, Astoria and Ron were excluded from the event, Hermione was wearing a custom made wedding dress by her favourite muggle wedding gown designer Vera Wang. The manor was decorated white, it looked like a wedding from a magazine cut-off, Narcissa cried her eyes out throughout the whole event, so did Molly, Ginny and Hermione, while Draco and Lucius just rolled his eyes at their respective wives, people came to congratulate the already married couples, and the gifts they got for their wedding was far more than what they bargained for, after everyone had left. Hermione had decided she wanted to take a plane to go to their honeymoon destination, although she still didn’t know the place, Draco didn’t want to tell, especially it being her birthday gift, since the re-make wedding was on her birthday.

On the plane, first class, Hermione was comfortable enjoying herself while Draco looked like he was having a heart attack, seriously how was he able to fly on his broom, if he can’t stay still or act normally on the plane.

‘Malfoy it beats me how you fly a broom, when you can’t even stay on a plane.’

‘On a broom you are free and not protected from the sky, and I drive myself I see where I am going.’

‘Still this is funny; I have to take a picture of this.’

‘No you don’t, you don’t even have a camera.’

‘I do, you bought one for me, while we went shopping for your mother…I swear I don’t understands how you Malfoy’s spend your money…the camera cost a thousand galleons.’

‘It did…wow that’s cheap, and you keep going on about Malfoy’s this, Malfoy that, excuse miss but you are already one, so stuff your mouth, do you hear people call you Ms. Granger or Mrs. Malfoy?’

‘I hate it when your brain decides to be smart… it makes me start to think before I talk, when on a normal basis, I can talk to you without thinking and I would make a lot of sense, I’m going to sleep now, please do refrain from squealing and screaming like a frightened little girl and wake me up.’

She smirked at his tortured face, he wanted to attack her and she could see it, but his fear of moving didn’t help things either, they were on their way to Italy, to his own private home there, she turned her back on him and went to sleep. Awoken by a cabin staff asking her what she would want to eat, she first looked at Malfoy who was still awake and in the same position she had left him before she had slept, she asked for two bottles  of water, and something light that she could stomach, she ordered the same for Draco who wasn’t talking, she then realised Draco was on a plane, something made by muggles, surrounded by muggles and he despised them although he was married to one, she looked at him, he was scared he looked deep in thoughts and as if he was about to ask her a question but didn’t know how to ask.

The stewardess came back with chicken and corn soup with bread and butter, with the two bottles of water, she dropped it on their tables, and reminded Hermione that if she needed anything more she just needed to ask or call her, Hermione smiled gratefully and turned to Draco and said.

‘Well aren’t you going to eat something? I know you haven’t eaten anything all day long…’

‘I would if I could move without having any fear that any movement can leave me dead or cause me real grieve.’

‘Suit yourself, I am eating.’

‘I didn’t know muggles acted like elves, or were this intelligent, what is that you are putting on a picture or what it’s has sounds?’

Hermione laughed out loud, she had put on her TV, and it was playing an advert, Draco looked at her irritated he couldn’t see what was so funny, he looked at her inquiringly she laughed some bit more calming down a while later, she then said to him

‘It’s not a moving picture, it is a TV television, it plays previous recordings, or it can show you what actually going on if it a live recording, it’s like a pensive just more modernised and electronic…I can’t explain that get a dictionary or something.’

‘You are meant to be a living dictionary, so tell me.’

‘When I’m done with eating.’

‘I am so hungry, yet if I move I am going to faint.’

‘You know nothing would happen if you move and if you are so hungry you would eat.’

‘Feed me.’

‘Excuse me?’

‘You heard me, beside you are my wife and we are honeymooners so they is no harm in doing that we will look like loved up couples.’

‘I think sitting still for so long has affected your brain and way of thinking.’

‘Granger, just help me.’

‘I no longer go by that name remember I am a Malfoy.’

‘Feed me, please.’

‘Wow, you sure are desperate; you’re turning to begging me.’

‘I am at your mercy; alright just feed me, my stomach feels like it’s going to eat me in.’

‘I can’t believe I am doing this, for the great Malfoy.’

‘You are?’

‘Yes. When I am done eating, and you do not interrupt me.’

Draco groaned but she just smile and ate her food, feeling Draco death stares boring into her face when she was finally done taking her time, she grabbed his spoon and feed him chicken soup, she took him by surprise he opened his mouth in hardly enough time making the soup pour a little on his face, he threw her a glare which she ignored and simply said


‘You did that purposely.’

‘No one said when to feed, and I said when I was done eating, which you can clearly see I am.’

She feed him some couple more, before she grew tired and thought of a good idea, she looked at him, he looked at her waiting for her to feed him, so he was surprised when he saw a malicious look on her face, he wasn’t prepared for her next move. Hermione pushed him, making him scream in fright, she pushed him so hard he fell from his seat, she looked down at him on the floor and started to giggle, he wasn’t moving at all his eyes were closed, was he dead?

Draco was on the floor his heart pounding he was he alive, he was lying flat he didn’t dare open his eyes, it then hit him, he was on the floor he had moved yet he was still alive and he had just be overreacting, he was about to finally open his eyes when he felt something liquid pouring on his face, he opened his eyes and used his hands to protect himself from the thing, he saw Hermione giggling and holding a half bottle of water, she stopped when she saw him move and sat down back on her seat, she said

‘See you aren’t dead, although I thought you were for a moment, so get up and move about I can’t feed you anymore it’s not like you are a baby, and I hate being patient that why you don’t see me fanning over babies. Too much stress.’

‘Why are you talking about babies, look I will never in my right mind think of sleeping with you, and although I may have done it with you I can’t remember. Thank Merlin.’

Hermione did not make a reply to that, because although it was expected, the way he had said it bluntly could injure someone’s pride and it did hers bad, Hermione couldn’t even remember how she lost her virginity, and the person she had lost it to was happy about the fact he couldn’t remember, it hurt her ego so badly, tears started to form in her eyes, but she stopped herself, ever since her parent died she had willed herself not to be a cry baby and always stay strong, never let anyone bring her down to the point of tears but holding her standings and defending herself no matter the cost, Malfoy wanted war so shall it be.

Ever since they landed Hermione hadn’t said a single word to Him and it was getting on his nerve, he missed their arguing although he would never admit it, he tried in every single way to coax her to talk, the little annoying things that would normally get a snide response from her did not even work, yet she ignored him, they went through the process of checking out of the airport, before they were allowed out of the airport, Hermione then looked at him impatiently, he said

‘What? It’s not I who has been acting like a bitch.’

‘Can we go to your house now? It’s not like we brought any baggage with us.’

‘Oh. I should get a taxi?’

‘What are you? A wizard or muggle?’

‘Wizard? Why?’

Hermione rolled her eyes in exasperation at his sheer dumbness and nonchalant attitude, it was clear he was lost and didn’t know what to do.

‘You are the one who knows the place or has been it, so take my hand and apparate us there, the thoughts of holding hands with you disgusts me already and I haven’t done it yet.’

‘Don’t lie you know you want to hold them badly.’

‘Do not flatter yourself it was you whom spoke about never touching me intimately.’

‘So this is what the bitch is all for, you feel insulted at my sayings earlier on the plane?’

‘Of course I am, is that even a question, you were rude and insulted me in a manner that is so…how would you feel now if I told you…I remember part of that night and how you suck and not the kind I was used to.’

His face turned pale as if insulted, he then knew she was teasing but to be sure

‘You are a joker you don’t even remember the night.’

‘But you see how painfully it was. Point taken.’

‘Yes whatever, I’m I meant to say sorry now or kiss and makeup? I pick the latter.’

‘Neither, you are incapable of doing the first one and it reproachful to do the other.’

Draco held her hand and dragged her to a corner when they were hidden in the corner he apparated to the house, it was on a beach, it look grand like everything Malfoy, there other houses arranged beside it, people were everywhere busy partying or doing their own thing on the beach it was such a beautiful sight, Hot guys and girls, in swimming suit, girls in bikini’s guys in shorts and topless showing off their abs. Hermione smiled to herself maybe Harry’s suggestion might actually come into good use.

Serfy was in the house, so Serfy (yes the house elf) showed Hermione to her own room, the room was comfortable and done in peach and white it looked serene, she sat on the bed and took everything before she changed into a bikini, carrying a beach towel, she conjured a shade umbrella, took a magazine and her iphone5 with her headphones ready to head the beach, once she got to the sitting room, Draco who was there going over some paper work and when he saw her, his eyes gave her body a look over which she ignored, he then asked her

‘Where do you think you are going dressed like that?’

‘To the beach, to get laid and get myself a boyfriend, while I am here.’

‘You are married.’

‘You don’t see me stopping you from getting one, now do me the favour of leaving me alone, I won’t be stuck under the same roof with you doing nothing.’

‘You lied earlier.’

‘Excuse me?’

‘I am the only man who you have ever slept with.’

‘How would you know that, stop praising yourself.’

‘I am not rejoicing as you can see, in my family the ring only accepts the finger of a virgin, how I forgot that detail I do not know.’

Hermione just ignored him and then stalked out of the house, face red ablaze with embarrassment, Draco smiled to himself and said to nobody in particular

‘I conquered the great Hermione Granger, the pants in which Ronald Weasley hadn’t achieved and never would, and  I can date other women, not that I needed it anyways.’


Hermione found an empty spot on the beach and laid everything out, ready to enjoy herself as she read her magazine and listened to music, long ago did the insecure girl she had been disappeared and now she was confident and proud of her body, it wasn’t long before she had her first admire, he was definitely an Italian god, with a lean muscular body no tell tale of fat, he had black curly hair that sat directly on top of his head, in fact he was the hotter version of the guy who played Kyle in Kyle XY (muggle TV series), his eyes bright shiny green, and his skin was pale although he looked clearly Italian and as if he lived in Italy. She smiled at him

 Etienne had been walking pass, when he had spotted her, he liked what he saw at once and instantly was attracted to her, she was so engrossed in what she was reading that she was oblivious to her surrounding reading her magazine and mouthing the words to the song she was listening to, she looked innocent to him and he could see he wasn’t the only one who had noticed how innocent and hot she was, he could see other guys contemplating on how they would start talking to her, he decided to move  before someone else had scored in with her whizzing her off her feet and out of bounds, he had walked pass her before going back and was about to say something when she looked up at him and then she smiled, he couldn’t help but grin back, from his peripheral point of view he could see the other  guys look away dejectedly. He then proceeded to say to her

‘Hi, what’s a lovely lady, doing here all by yourself?’

‘No one said I am here alone.’

‘I can see otherwise, I came here to sit with you to protect you from lecherous guys, who were contemplating whether to approach you or not. Oh I am Etienne by the way, you are?’

‘Hermione, so now that you’ve come to save me, what are you going to do next?’

‘Aren’t you bored, all by yourself, do not tell me you have a companion I noticed you since you arrived. Do you want to go for a stroll on the beach?’

‘I do have a companion, but my so said companion is absent.’

Hermione said, she then got up and smiled at him, ready to follow him on the stroll, the beach wasn’t jam-packed so it would be a lovely leisure exercise she was meant to be on her honey-moon in quote. Etienne held out his hand to her and she took it gladly they went off walking along the seabed, Etienne was born in Italy and he spent a lot of time outdoors, but he didn’t have the tan skin someone who spent his time under the sun did, he was fair white like the British. Hermione told him where she was from and spoke about things and their different lives, both of them where really hitting off until he noticed the ring on her finger, he stopped scared of what he might actually hear she was married, but so young he had to ask

‘This is weird…but are you married?’

‘Excuse me?’

Hermione said, that was out of nowhere, she hadn’t let anything slip about Malfoy did she?, she looked at him, he thought she hadn’t heard him and repeated himself

‘You are wearing a wedding ring on your finger…are you married?’

‘Oh, the ring, it’s my mother’s the only thing that hers that I have left, I wear it because I feel closer to her and my dad.’

Hermione blinked at how smoothly her lie came out, Malfoy was infecting her in a negative way, Etienne relaxed now and then they continued talking relief showed on both of them faces, as they were enjoying flirting with each other, they were engrossed in each other in the middle of a mid-flirt when, they were interrupted

‘Granger, well who do we have here?’

Hermione faced turned into a sulk and she looked at Malfoy in the eye and said scornfully

‘Buzz off Malfoy.’

‘Why? You left as soon as we got here, you didn’t even settle down in the house.’

‘I didn’t want to be holed up with you Malfoy leave me alone.’

Etienne watched the exchange interestingly, from what he heard he started feeling threatened by the Malfoy, because he could see Malfoy oozed money, power and respect. Hermione then turned to Etienne and then said

‘May we continue before we were rudely interrupted?’

‘Granger won’t you be nice to introduce me to your friend and won’t you tell him who you are to me?’

Hermione gave him and evil glare she now smiled nicely to Etienne and then said

‘Etienne, this is Draco Malfoy, my brother…half brother, I found out about him when my parents died, and his parents decided to send us together on a trip here to get better acquainted with each other because we have hated each other right from secondary school, yes we were in the same school unknown to our parents or us so much and only recently started to tolerate each other on a bearable level.’

Etienne was taken aback by what she said, so was Draco but held his tongue when she threw him a look that made him shut up and not talk, he only said to her before leaving and heading on a different direction of the beach.

‘You have a lot Slytherin and Malfoy blood in you.’

Hermione ignored him, but understood what he said, lying became easier the more she used them to get them out of trouble; Etienne turned to her and then said

‘Wow, your family is so interesting?’


Draco walked around the beach aimlessly, he was bored to the core, and Hermione had used his name to lie like running water, the Etienne guy also looked weird, to perfect very suspicious…he was so lost in his thought that he didn’t notice himself walk into someone. A woman with blonde hair, blue eyes he could sink into and a body that could make Kim Kardashian’s (Muggle Celebrity) look small. He regained his ability of speech and quickly said

‘I am so sorry.’

‘It’s alright; I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.’

‘Me too, we are both alike.’

‘Where are you off to you? You look aimless.’

‘Wow that’s nice to say, I’m Draco. Draco Malfoy, you are?’

‘Samara Brown, I simply was just telling you what I observed about you as I spoke to you.’

‘Where are you off to then?’

‘No were, I was swimming before.’

‘Swimming where?’

‘The sea.’

‘Care to join me on my aimless roaming?’

‘Since I have nothing to do now, and I do not want to go home yet.’

‘Where is your home?’

‘Here on the beach Caperville 13.’

‘Really mine is Caperville 9.’

‘We are practically neighbours.’


‘I know right, so can we continue moving. You do not sound Italian nor British, more American?’

‘I am American. You are definitely British and girls love British guys.’

‘Are you serious…anyways I am tired of walking…’

‘Well finally, he made a friend.’

Draco and Samara turned around to see Etienne and Hermione behind them, it was now Draco turn to give her an angry glare which she shrugged at indifferently and said

‘Disturb my paroles, I disturb yours. Hi I am Hermione Granger Malfoy…his sister.’

Hermione said nicely to Samara, whom smiled back at her before replying and saying

‘HI I am Samara, Hey Etienne.’

Hermione and Draco said at the same time

‘You know each other… well it’s a beach… but.’



Samara and Etienne just laughed at them, he then said to Samara before turning to Hermione.

‘Samara hey, didn’t know you were back…Hermione I live at Caperville 8, and I think we should head back, so we can grab something to eat and leave Malfoy and samara alone.’

Although Malfoy was thankful to what Etienne said, he still was suspicious about him, but let it rest, Draco now said in order to annoy Hermione before she departed

‘Caperville 8, Hermione why you should know our house is Caperville 9... I’ll be right next door with Samara since she doesn’t want to go home and I am exhausted.’

The two couples made their way to the various houses they were going to, at the door Hermione and Draco gave each other one finally look before looking the opposite way and entering the houses.
(A/N: I know it's took me a long time to update but they rejected this chapter 3 times they should make it clear what they want me to change seriously x(. Well they have come to accept that they are married I guess. :) will try and put up another if it doesn't get rejected, that's why this is just came up...  Please review, Later xoxo. )




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