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Reckless Roxi by Hplover1008
Chapter 4 : Transitioning
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And then, without another word, I just got up and left. I walked to the Prefects’ bathroom and turned on the multiple fountains. Different colors of water flowed into making a hot filled bath. I took off my shirt, along with my pants. With taking off my underwear (to be perfectly clear, it was my bra and my underwear), I jumped in.

The hot water sizzled onto my skin. I ducked my head under the water and got some of the blood off of my face. When I came up from under the water, Moaning Myrtle was floating above my clothes. Her ghostly appearance didn’t surprise me as much as most people. She landed into the water and started to swim near me. When her head popped up, she smiled at me.

“Hello, Myrtle.”

“Roxi, what happened to you?” Her high and whiny voice actually made me laugh at the situation.

“Don’t worry about me, Myrtle. I’ll be fine.”

“I do hope so. Oh,” she whispered as she turned to the doorway. “Somebody is coming. A boy, and a handsome one at that.” And with that word, she disappeared.

This just made me even more nervous. It could have easily been one of the Marauders, and I was only in my underwear for crying out loud! As the footsteps grew louder and closer, I dipped my face into the water with ease. But just when there was a shadow, I put my whole face underwater. I meant it could have been Black, Potter, or my brother. Damn, why must they look so alike? Taking a chance, I withdrew my head from the water to find my brother standing before me. I gasped for air, looking at him.

“Mind if I join you?” His voice deeper than before.


“You are a reckless girl, you know that?” He crouched down with him staring down at me.

“And why is that, Darling?”

“You’re only in your underwear and you’re taking a bath.”

“Actually, I am just washing the blood off my hands, literally not figuratively.” I pulled up my hands and shoved them in his face. He shook his head to get the water out of his hair. He stood up and started to walk back.

“So you aren’t coming in?” I laughed lightly.

He gave a friendly wave without looking back at me. As he walked down more, I swam to the floor of the large pool. I sat there for a while. It was quiet and not chaotic. When I swam back to the top, I got out and went out. Bending down to my clothes, I heard footsteps again. I smiled again.

“So, you’re here?”

The person who I thought was my brother didn’t answer. Then, I heard the boy wolf whistle. I stood up and saw Black standing there. His eyes wide and mine cold. He stood there doing nothing.

“Your bra and underwear are soaking,” he pointed out.

“No kidding! I did that on purpose, Black,” I sneered at him. “What are you doing here anyway? You aren’t a Prefect.”

“Well, neither are you.”

I raised my brow at him before jumping back in. I stayed underwater, hoping he would just leave on his own. But that didn’t work. What did he do instead? He started taking his clothes off except his boxers (which I didn’t want to see). I rushed up to the air.

“Whoa, what do you think you’re doing? You wouldn’t want to get contaminated with my blood, would you?”

“True, but James is taking a bath here later and I don’t want to accidently walk in on that sight.”

“Then, I’ll get out,” I muttered to myself as I jumped out of the body of water. As I gathered my clothes, I swear I heard Black say something like, “Now that’s a sight I’ll never forget.” I ran out of the bathroom and into a place where I could hide while I put my clothes on. I heated myself dry and put my hair in a messy bun. I walked all the way back to the Common Room and back to my room.

When I walked in my dorm, the girls who were bunched in a group stopped chattering. And as all of the girls turned to face me, there was Lily Evans in the middle of all of them. My eyes jumped from each girl and them back to Evans She had the same look as everyone else, anger. But she had more compassion in hers. I didn’t appreciate it.

“You shouldn’t stay here,” one of the girls had said. She then looked to Evans, as if they had rehearsed it. She stepped forward and motioned to my bed, or what was of it.

There sat my suitcase with overflowing objects coming out of it. It was tattered and old. My brother and I bought it when we first went to America. But the thought of them touching my luggage made me want to burn their hands right then and there.

“You touched my belongings?” The room shook by the tone of my voice. It reminded me of my father.

“I told you; she should have been in Slytherin,” the whispers among the girls circled.

I inhaled and grabbed my luggage along with the things they hadn’t shoved in my suitcase. Before I left, I looked back at them, but stared at Evans. And just for fun, I smirked and set fire to the bedposts. When I closed the door, I listened to them scream. I scoffed as I went downstairs. I was going to sleep there for a couple of nights. I sat on the couch and sighed. I put my head on one side and my feet on the other, trying to get comfortable.

My eyes started to blink slower and slower until they just stopped.

This dream I had was like no other I had. I was surrounded by nothing but darkness. So I knew it wasn’t the Underworld. There would have been to it and there was no heat to be exact. But somehow, in the darkness, I could sense a figure there. It was a tall woman with lips blood red, like mine. But there was no distinction whether or not it was a lipstick or natural. I couldn’t see her eyes but she was beautiful.

There was another figure. A boy, my brother perhaps. All I could pick up was his black hair. The boy was taller than the woman. Their arms were linked as they walked together. I felt like I had seen the two of them together before. Or maybe it was just another illusion of my imagination.

The beautiful woman looked to the boy and whispered something I could hear all across the room.

“You shall complete what you have been told,” her lips parted as she almost bit his ear softly.

I walked up to them, but the woman had already fled and gone. But the boy remained. I took him by the arms, but his face didn’t show. I smacked his arm, but he seemed unmoved, as if I wasn’t even there.

Then the scene shifted. I was at school, but I was somewhere I wasn’t familiar. The dormitories were the same as Gryffindors, but somehow different. But as soon as I opened my luggage, I knew what was different. I was in Slytherin. Gryffindor was much more cheery than Slytherin and I hated it. The room was much more dark and had trinkets of dark magic all around. There, I felt like I fit somewhere. This was house was based on dark magic—and believe me—I’m dark magic.

There with me was Bellatrix Black and her sister, Narcissa. The two seemed inseparable. They hated almost everyone except for Malfoy, but Bellatrix hardly liked him. That was to say the least. They were acting as if they liked me. But no one liked me. I knew that for a fact. There was a hissing sound in the air. A snake jumped up from under the sheet and bit me on the wrist.

My eyes shot open as I jolted up from the couch. The Common Room was quiet and dimly lit from the fire’s low glow. Sweat dripped down my face and onto the couch. I gasped for breath multiple times as I sat up from my side. Swiping my face with my hands distracted me from someone watching. But I didn’t know that yet. As I clapped my hands together, fire emerged from my hands. I shot the fire into the fireplace, causing sparks to fly. A pain seared in my right arm. As the light of the fire grew, I saw a huge gash on my arm. Blood dripped down drying on my skin. I inhaled, causing the blood to go back into the wound. Another odd power of mine.

“Do you do that often?” a voice asked.

I turned to the top of the stairs to see Evans. She stood there in her green nightgown, her hands on the stone railings. At first, I didn’t answer. She had gotten people—who didn’t even know me—to kick me out of my room. I looked at the window; the sun wasn’t up. Even from a distance, I could shoot her a deadly look and she saw it. I held out my hand toward the fire, causing it go out. She couldn’t see me. I could see she became uneasy. As I came up behind her, I watched her search the Common Room for me.

“Do you spy on people often?” I growled.

She literally jumped a foot in the air as I appeared behind her. She clutched her nightgown as she caught her breath. I crossed my arms over my chest as I cocked my head to match the expression. I didn’t know for sure but I could feel the redness in my eyes had almost taken over.

“I wasn’t spying on you,” her voice low.

“Really? ‘Cause I think watching someone without their knowing is either spying or stalking. So, which one is it?” My voice cut through the air.

She stayed silent and still. I did the same, but unlike her, I disappeared again. I walked back downstairs and watched Evans became nervous again. She stood there, that is, until she realized I was gone. She actually scurried up the stairs as fast as she could. I was glad that I was alone. But I had a small urge to set fire to their dormitory. How fun that would have been. I tried to lie down and go back to sleep. Then, I remembered about whatever cut was made on my arm. I sighed, deeply.

When I heard a door open and footsteps coming down the stairs, I stiffened. If it were Evans, I would have an answer to why she was watching me. The footsteps stopped, as the sound was closest. I didn’t look up because I wanted to be surprised.  I jolted when the figure finally spoke.

“What are you doing down here for?”

As I looked up, I saw my brother standing over me. He was wearing his black sleeping wear but his shadow was overpowered by the moonlight. I squinted my eyes as I say up, groaning as well.

“That’s attractive,” he remarked sarcastically. “So what are you doing down here?”

“I, uh, kind of, got kicked out of my room.” I put my hand in my hair, putting it back into a ponytail. When I looked back up to Lucifer, his head was tilted in a way that had disappointment and anger written all over it. He seemed too tired to speak, so I did it for him.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

“Why don’t you stay with me, in my dorm?”

“I don’t think that will work. Besides, how could I get up there without falling flat on my face?”

He took my hand and dragged me down the halls of Hogwarts. Of course, the paintings weren’t all that grateful to us for waking them up at one in the morning. Multiple ignored us whereas a few bold ones told us to ‘bugger off’. But Lucifer acted as if he didn’t hear them. He didn’t look back at me; he just kept going. Then, he stopped in front of a stoned phoenix. It was the entrance to Dumbledore’s office. Lucifer whispered the password and the phoenix started to turn. My brother grabbed a hold of my arm and jumped onto a moving stair. Once the stairs had stopped moving, we were there. There, in the center of the room, was Albus Dumbledore. He looked as if he had been sleeping yet waiting for us. He had a purple and cerulean nightcap on. His half-mooned glasses were off making him appear older.

“Well, if it isn’t the Romulan twins. I’ve been expecting you two,” his voice sly. He walked over to his large desk and sat down. Still looking at us, he motioned us to come over.

“Professor, the girls of Gryffindor have thought they have the authority to banish my sister. Most of who, don’t even know her. With this situation, I have come here to ask permission that my sister stay with me, in my dorm.” Lucifer exhaled a breath as if he had rehearsed it in his head.

Dumbledore had said nothing, but stared at me. A twinkle appeared in his eyes from the dim lightning. Looking back to Lucifer, he tilted his head at us. He looked at me, as if he were waiting for me to say something.

“Roxi, am I rightly informed that you were the one who set fire to the Gryffindor Girls’ bedposts?”         

I closed my eyes. After a few small breaths, I nodded my head. But what Dumbledore did next was something I didn’t expect. I thought he would scold me, say no to Lucifer’s suggestion, or worst of all, send me back to the Girls’ Dormitory to spite me or teach me a lesson. But all he did was laugh. It confused both my brother and I. When the laughing ceased, we both stared at Dumbledore.

“Yes, Roxi can stay in the Boys’ Dormitory. I will arrange the staircase not to activate for you and only you, Roxi. And when you go back, you will already find an extra bed and drawers for you, Roxi. Now go get some sleep; it’s late,” he said with a kindness in his voice.


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Reckless Roxi: Transitioning


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